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Big Ideas MATH: A Focal Points Curriculum. Middle School Math Textbooks Written by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell. Math Textbook answers Questions. Don't see your book? Search by ISBN. We hope to add your book soon! Ads keep Slader free. Please reload the page. Printable worksheets and online practice tests on Full Year 8th Grade Review for Grade 8. Full Year 8th Grade Review - All topics.

May 16, 2016 EOG Review 8.G.9 8.SP.1 Work on SchoolNet assignment on Geometry: DA2TU5 8.G.9 Know the formulas for the volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres and use them to solve realworld and mathematical problems. Aesha Abdul-Rahman, Apr 25, 2016, 5:32 PM.

Chapter 1

Real Numbers

Are You Ready?p.4
Understanding Vocabulary p.5
1.1Rational and Irrational NumbersYour Turnp.8
Guided Practicep.12
Independent Practicep.13
1.2Sets of Real NumbersYour Turnp.16
Guided Practicep.18
Independent Practicep.19
1.3Ordering Real NumbersYour Turnp.21
Guided Practicep.24
Independent Practicep.25
Ready to Go On?p.27
Mixed Reviewp.28

Chapter 2

Exponents And Scientific Notation

Are You Ready?p.30
Understanding Vocabulary p.31
2.1Integer ExponentsYour Turnp.33
Guided Practicep.36
Independent Practicep.37
2.2Scientific Notation with Positive Powers of 10Your Turnp.39
Guided Practicep.42
Independent Practicep.43
2.3Scientific Notation with Negative Powers of 10Your Turnp.45
Guided Practicep.48
Independent Practicep.49
2.4Operations with Scientific NotationYour Turnp.52
Guided Practicep.54
Independent Practicep.55
Ready to Go On?p.57
Mixed Reviewp.58
Study Guide Review: Module 1p.60
Study Guide Review: Module 2p.61
Performance Tasksp.62
Mixed Reviewp.63

Chapter 3

2015 8th Grade 8 Math Textbook Page 666

Proportional Relationships

Are You Ready?p.68
Understanding Vocabulary p.69
3.1Representing Proportional RelationshipsYour Turnp.71
Guided Practicep.74
Independent Practicep.75
3.2Rate of Change and SlopeYour Turnp.77
Guided Practicep.80
Independent Practicep.81
3.3Interpreting the Unit Rate as SlopeYour Turnp.84
Guided Practicep.86
Independent Practicep.87
Ready to Go On?p.89
Mixed Reviewp.90

Chapter 4

Nonproportional Relationships

Are You Ready?p.92
Understanding Vocabulary p.93
4.1Representing Linear Nonproportional RelationshipsYour Turnp.95
Guided Practicep.98
Independent Practicep.99
4.2Determining Slope and y-interceptYour Turnp.102
Guided Practicep.104
Independent Practicep.105
4.3Graphing Linear Nonproportional Relationships Using Slope and y-interceptYour Turnp.108
Guided Practicep.110
Independent Practicep.111
4.4Proportional and Nonproportional SituationsYour Turnp.113
Guided Practicep.117
Independent Practicep.119
Ready to Go On?p.121
Mixed Reviewp.122

Chapter 5

Writing Linear Equations

Are You Ready?p.124
Understanding Vocabulary p.125
5.1Writing Linear Equations from Situations and GraphsYour Turnp.128
Guided Practicep.130
Independent Practicep.131
5.2Writing Linear Equations from a TableYour Turnp.134
Guided Practicep.136
Independent Practicep.137
5.3Linear Relationships and Bivariate DataYour Turnp.140
Guided Practicep.144
Independent Practicep.145
Ready to Go On?p.147
Mixed Reviewp.148

Chapter 6


Are You Ready?p.150
Understanding Vocabulary p.151
6.1Identifying and Representing FunctionsYour Turnp.154
Guided Practicep.158
Independent Practicep.159
6.2Describing FunctionsYour Turnp.161
Guided Practicep.164
Independent Practicep.165
6.3Comparing FunctionsYour Turnp.168
Guided Practicep.170
Independent Practicep.171
6.4Analyzing GraphsYour Turnp.173
Guided Practicep.176
Independent Practicep.177
Ready to Go On?p.179
Mixed Reviewp.180
Study Guide Review: Module 3p.182
Study Guide Review: Module 4p.183
Study Guide Review: Module 5p.185
Study Guide Review: Module 6p.187
Performance Tasksp.188
Mixed Reviewp.189

Chapter 7

Solving Linear Equations

Are You Ready?p.194
Understanding Vocabulary p.195
7.1Equations with the Variable on Both SidesYour Turnp.197
Guided Practicep.200
Independent Practicep.201
7.2Equations with Rational NumbersYour Turnp.203
Guided Practicep.206
Independent Practicep.207
7.3Equations with the Distributive PropertyYour Turnp.210
Guided Practicep.212
Independent Practicep.213
7.4Equations with Many Solutions or No SolutionsYour Turnp.216
Guided Practicep.218
Independent Practicep.219
Ready to Go On?p.221
Mixed Reviewp.222

Chapter 8

Solving Systems Of Linear Equations

Are You Ready?p.224
Understanding Vocabulary p.225
8.1Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing Your Turnp.229
Guided Practicep.232
Independent Practicep.233
8.2Solving Systems by Substitution Your Turnp.236
Guided Practicep.240
Independent Practicep.241
8.3Solving Systems by Elimination Your Turnp.244
Guided Practicep.248
Independent Practicep.249
8.4Solving Systems by Elimination with MultiplicationYour Turnp.252
Guided Practicep.256
Independent Practicep.257
8.5Solving Special SystemsYour Turnp.259
Guided Practicep.262
Independent Practicep.263
Ready to Go On?p.265
Mixed Reviewp.266
Study Guide Review: Module 7p.268
Performance Tasksp.270
Study Guide Review: Module 8p.270
Mixed Reviewp.271

Chapter 9

Transformations And Congruence

Are You Ready?p.276
Understanding Vocabulary p.277
9.1Properties of TranslationsYour Turnp.279
Guided Practicep.282
Independent Practicep.283
9.2Properties of ReflectionsYour Turnp.285
Guided Practicep.288
Independent Practicep.289
9.3Properties of RotationYour Turnp.291
Guided Practicep.294
Independent Practicep.295
9.4Algebraic Representations of TransformationsYour Turnp.298
Guided Practicep.300
Independent Practicep.301
9.5Congruent FiguresYour Turnp.303
Guided Practicep.306
Independent Practicep.307
Ready to Go On?p.309
Mixed Reviewp.310

Chapter 10

Transformations And Similarity

Are You Ready?p.312
Understanding Vocabulary p.313
10.1Properties of DilationsYour Turnp.316
Guided Practicep.318
Independent Practicep.319
10.2Algebraic Representation of DilationsYour Turnp.322
Guided Practicep.324
Independent Practicep.325
10.3Similar FiguresYour Turnp.328
Guided Practicep.330
Independent Practicep.331
Ready to Go On?p.333
Mixed Reviewp.334
Study Guide Review: Module 9p.335
Study Guide Review: Module 10p.337
Performance Tasksp.338
Mixed Reviewp.339

Chapter 11

Angle Relationships In Parallel Lines And Triangles

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Are You Ready?p.344
Understanding Vocabulary p.345
11.1Parallel Lines Cut by a TransversalYour Turnp.348
Guided Practicep.350
Independent Practicep.351
11.2Angle Theorems for TrianglesYour Turnp.353
Guided Practicep.358
Independent Practicep.359
11.3Angle-Angle SimilarityYour Turnp.361
Guided Practicep.366
Independent Practicep.367
Ready to Go On?p.369
Mixed Reviewp.370

California 8th Grade Math Textbook

Chapter 12

The Pythagorean Theorem

Are You Ready?p.372
Understanding Vocabulary p.373
12.1The Pythagorean TheoremYour Turnp.376
Guided Practicep.378
Independent Practicep.379
12.2Converse of the Pythagorean TheoremYour Turnp.381
Guided Practicep.384
Independent Practicep.385
12.3Distance Between Two PointsYour Turnp.387
Guided Practicep.390
Independent Practicep.391
Ready to Go On?p.393
Mixed Reviewp.394

Chapter 13


Grade 8 Math Textbook Canada

Are You Ready?p.396
Understanding Vocabulary p.397
13.1Volume of CylindersYour Turnp.399
Guided Practicep.402
Independent Practicep.403
13.2Volume of ConesYour Turnp.405
Guided Practicep.408
Independent Practicep.409
13.3Volume of SpheresYour Turnp.411
Guided Practicep.414
Independent Practicep.415
Ready to Go On?p.417
Mixed Reviewp.418
Study Guide Review: Module 11p.420
Study Guide Review: Module 12p.421
Study Guide Review: Module 13p.423
Performance Tasksp.424
Mixed Reviewp.425

Chapter 14

Math Textbook For 7th Grade

Scatter Plots

Are You Ready?p.430
Understanding Vocabulary p.431
14.1Scatter Plots and AssociationYour Turnp.433
Guided Practicep.436
Independent Practicep.437
14.2Trend Lines and PredictionsYour Turnp.439
Guided Practicep.442
Independent Practicep.443
Ready to Go On?p.445
Mixed Reviewp.446

Chapter 15

2015 8th Grade 8 Math Textbook Page 66 3

Two-Way Tables

Grade 8 Math Textbook Ontario

Are You Ready?p.448
Understanding Vocabulary p.449
15.1Two-Way Frequency TablesYour Turnp.452
Guided Practicep.454
Independent Practicep.455
15.2Two-Way Relative Frequency TablesYour Turnp.457
Guided Practicep.462
Independent Practicep.463
Ready to Go On?p.465
Mixed Reviewp.466
Study Guide Review: Module 14p.468
Study Guide Review: Module 15p.469
Performance Tasksp.470
Mixed Reviewp.471
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