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While I haven't used Erlang, I have used other systems with nice messaging systems (PX4 autopilot and ROS) so I will try:

Until QNX 6.5, there was a full windowed desktop environment, with the Photon window manager. I used QNX on the desktop when developing a DARPA Grand Challenge vehicle from 2003-2005. Back then, at QNX 6.21, you had the window manager, the Eclipse development environment, Firebird (Firefox before the name change), and Thunderbird.

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1) Data is passed between threads/processes using a message bus (essentially, a queue). This means, no need to synchronize data access, as every subscriber gets it's own message copy.

6 3 Keygen Qnx Rtos Interview Questions

2) Suddenly, you need access to certain data from another module. If the program was architected as regular class hierarchy, you would somehow need to pass the reference to that required class instance or use a global function call. If there is a message bus where the required class is already publishing messages, you can simply subscribe to data from the required module and it is delivered via message bus.

6 3 Keygen Qnx Rtos Tutorial

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3) You can replace modules easily. The only interface to other modules is via message bus, so you can replace the module with one that publishes the same type of messages.

4) If the message bus is designed correctly, you can move the modules/process to different machines, and they can access the message bus over network. Bus broker just sends the messages over TCP instead and that is totally transparent for both involved nodes.

6 3 Keygen Qnx Rtos

Cas software ag. Btw, I am still looking for an infrastructure library just like that: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14222202

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