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List of Digimon Adventure episodes
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes54
Original networkFuji Television
Original releaseMarch 7, 1999 –
March 26, 2000
Season chronology

Digimon Adventure is an anime series produced by Toei Animation.[1] It began broadcasting in Japan on Fuji Television on March 7, 1999, and ended on March 26, 2000.[1][2] The series was directed by Hiroyuki Kakudō and produced by Keisuke Okuda, featuring music composition by Takanori Arisawa and character designs by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.[3] The story revolves around a group of elementary school students known as the DigiDestined, who are transported to a parallel Digital World and find themselves in a quest to save it from evil forces with the help of their partner creatures. The series was followed in 2000 with a sequel titled Digimon Adventure 02.

Watch Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Bokura no Mirai full episodes online English Sub.Other titles: Digimon tri. 6, Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Our Future. Synopsis: Sixth and final Digimon Adventure tri film. Digimon Adventure triSEASON 1. E1 - Reunion Part 1. It's been six years since that summer adventure when Taichi Yagami and the rest of the DigiDestined crossed over to the Digital World. And nearly three years have passed since the final battle between Hikari Yagami's group and BelialVamdemon. This is a list of episodes from the anime series Digimon Adventure tri.

Digimon Adventure was broadcast with English dubbing in the United States on Fox Kids and in Canada on YTV.[4][5] The series premiered on August 14, 1999, in the United States.[6] Overall licensing of English-language material of the series was managed by Saban Entertainment,[6] which was eventually acquired by The Walt Disney Company. Digimon Adventure has been compiled into DVD box sets by Bandai Visual and Happinet in Japan and by Cinedigm in North America. On August 1, 2013, the show became available for streaming in both its English and Japanese versions on Netflix in North America.[7]


Two pieces of theme music were used in the original version of the series. Kōji Wada's song 'Butter-Fly' was used as the opening theme for the series, and Ai Maeda's (credited as AiM) songs 'I wish' and 'Keep on' were used as ending themes.[8][9] The English opening featured an original composition by Paul Gordon.

Digimon Adventure was licensed by Saban Entertainment in North America under the name Digimon: Digital Monsters. The show initially aired on Fox Kids and Fox Family Channel before distribution rights were sold to Disney thru BVS and ABC Family Worldwide, later airing on Toon Disney and the rebranded ABC Family.

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Episode list[edit]

No.English version title / Translated titleDirected byScreenwriterOriginal air dateEnglish version air date
01'And So it Begins..' ('Adrift? The Island of Adventure!')
Transcription: 'Hyōryū? Bōken no Shima!' (Japanese: 漂流? 冒険の島!)
Hiroyuki KakudōSatoru NishizonoMarch 7, 199914 August 1999
At summer camp, Tai Kamiya, Matt Ishida, Sora Takenouchi, Izzy Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa, Joe Kido, and T.K. Takaishi are each given a Digivice and are swept off into the Digital World, where they are found by seven other Digimon. When they are attacked by Kuwagamon, the Digimon Digivolve into their rookie forms and defeat him. However, Kuwagamon causes the cliff to collapse underneath them and they fall into the river.
02'The Birth of Greymon' ('Explosive Evolution! Greymon')
Transcription: 'Bakuretsu Shinka! Gureimon' (Japanese: 爆裂進化! グレイモン)
Hiroyuki KakudōSatoru NishizonoMarch 14, 199921 August 1999
The children find themselves at a beach, where they find non-functioning telephone booths. Hoping to find a way home, they are suddenly attacked by a Shellmon. Agumon is the only Digimon capable of fighting due to eating, and when Tai is captured by Shellmon, Agumon Digivolves into Greymon and throws Shellmon into the ocean.
03'Garurumon' ('The Blue Wolf! Garurumon')
Transcription: 'Aoki Ōkami! Garurumon' (Japanese: 蒼き狼! ガルルモン)
Takenori KawadaReiko YoshidaMarch 21, 199928 August 1999
The group discover a trolley car by a lake, where they decide to spend the night. Tai accidentally awakens a Seadramon by burning its tail, who pulls the island that the trolley car sits on into the middle of the lake. Sensing that T.K. is in danger, Matt confronts Seadramon and is captured. Gabumon Digivolves into Garurumon and defeats Seadramon, rescuing him.
04'Biyomon Gets Firepower[Note 1]' ('Scorching Heat! Birdramon')
Transcription: 'Shakunetsu! Bādoramon' (Japanese: 灼熱! バードラモン)
Takahiro ImamuraGenki YoshimuraMarch 28, 19994 September 1999
The group leaves the forest and reach a desert, where they find a village of Yokomon. They are taken to a nearby water spring, which his connected to Mount Miharashi, but they discover that the spring has dried up due to Meramon coming under control of a Black Gear. Biyomon Digivolves into Birdramon to protect Sora and the village, destroying the Black Gear and restoring Meramon's usual self.
05'Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker' ('Lightning! Kabuterimon')
Transcription: 'Denkō! Kabuterimon' (Japanese: 電光! カブテリモン)
Hiroki ShibataHiro MasakiApril 4, 199911 September 1999
The group explore a factory, with Izzy uncovering coding while Matt, T.K., and Mimi examine the assembly line. Tai, Sora, and Joe find Andromon caught in machinery, who attacks them after a Black Gear enters his leg from when the group frees him. Izzy uses the coding to Digivolve Tentomon into Kabuterimon, who destroys the Black Gear. As an apology, Andromon shows the children the exit, which takes them to the sewers.
06'Togemon in Toy Town' ('Togemon Angrily!')
Transcription: 'Togemon Ikari' (Japanese: トゲモン怒り!)
Tetsuo ImazawaYoshio UrasawaApril 11, 199920 September 1999
While escaping the Numemon in the sewers, the children are split up. Mimi and Palmon end up Toy Town after being attacked Monzaemon, and they find that the other children have been put under a spell to play with the toys while their partner Digimon have been captured. Mimi confronts Monzaemon, and when the Numemon are hurt trying to protect her, Palmon Digivolves into Togemon. Togemon destroys the Black Gear controlling Monzaemon, returning the other children to normal as well.
07'Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo' ('Roar! Ikkakumon')
Transcription: 'Hōkō! Ikkakumon' (Japanese: 咆哮! イッカクモン)
Harume KosakaAkatsuki YamatoyaApril 18, 199921 September 1999
When Tai and Matt argue about climbing Infinity Mountain to get a better view of their surrounding, Joe and Gomamon decide to climb the mountain by themselves. While on the mountain, they are attacked by Unimon. Tai and Sora come to their rescue, and Gomamon Digivolves into Ikkakumon to save Joe and destroy the Black Gear controlling Unimon. The three children soon reach the peak and learn they are on an island.
08'Evil Shows His Face' ('Devimon: the Emissary of Darkness!')
Transcription: 'Yami no Shisha Debimon' (Japanese: 闇の使者デビモン!)
Hiroyuki KakudōSatoru NishizonoApril 25, 199922 September 1999
After the children regroup, they are attacked by Leomon, who has fallen under the control of a Black Gear, and Ogremon. After escaping, the children and their Digimon find a mansion to stay for the night, which they discover to be an illusion created by Devimon. Devimon separates the children by breaking up File Island, and when Tai's Digivice frees Leomon from the Black Gear, Leomon sacrifices himself to allow him to escape.
09'Subzero Ice Punch!' ('Clash! The Freezing Digimon')
Transcription: 'Gekitotsu! Reitō Dejimon' (Japanese: 激突! 冷凍デジモン)
Takenori KawadaAtsushi MaekawaMay 2, 199923 September 1999
Tai and Agumon land on a snow-covered island and free Frigimon from a Black Gear. Frigimon proceeds to help Tai and Agumon cross over to the island where Matt and Gabumon landed. Meanwhile, Matt gets hypothermia from searching for T.K., but Gabumon nurses him back to health. Tai and Matt reunite the following day, but they get into a fight over their next course of action. When Mojyamon attacks them, Agumon and Gabumon are able to Digivolve and expel the Black Gears Mojyamon and the island, causing them to move back towards Infinity Mountain.
10'A Clue from the Digi-Past' ('Kentarumon the Protector!')
Transcription: 'Shugosha Kentarumon' (Japanese: 守護者ケンタルモン!)
Keiji HayakawaGenki YoshimuraMay 9, 199924 September 1999
After freeing Sukamon and Chuumon, Mimi and Palmon locate Izzy and Tentomon. However, Izzy is busy decoding the writing in the ruins, causing Mimi to run off and get lost in the labyrinth with Tentomon. They are attacked by Centarumon, but Izzy and Palmon find them and help destroy Centarumon's Black Gear. When Centarumon tell Izzy and Mimi about their Digivices, Leomon attacks them, but they use the Digivices to drive him off. Mimi causes the island to move back towards Infinity Mountain.
11'The Dancing Digimon' ('The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon')
Transcription: 'Odoru Bōrei! Bakemon' (Japanese: 踊る亡霊! バケモン)
Hiroki ShibataYoshio UrasawaMay 16, 199925 September 1999
After an encounter with Ogremon at sea, Joe and Gomamon find themselves on an island with Sora and Biyomon before they are captured by a cult of Bakemon intent on eating them. Gomamon and Biyomon manage to escape and Digivolve to fight Lord Bakemon. Joe uses a Buddhist mantra to weaken Lord Bakemon. After Birdramon and Ikkakumon destroy Lord Bakemon, they ride across the sea to find their friends.
12'DigiBaby Boom' ('Adventure! Patamon and Me')
Transcription: 'Bōken! Patamon to Boku' (Japanese: 冒険! パタモンと僕)
Takahiro ImamuraHiro MasakiMay 23, 199930 September 1999
T.K. and Patamon arrive in Primary Village, the place where all Digimon are born. When the baby Digimon start to cry, T.K. and Patamon are confronted by Primary Village's caretaker, Elecmon, which they settle with a tug-o-war match. Patamon wins and earns Elecmon's respect and trust, as he allows the both of them to stay. Meanwhile, Devimon sends Leomon after T.K, considering him a threat.
13'The Legend of the Digi-destined' ('Angemon Wakes!')
Transcription: 'Enjemon Kakusei!' (Japanese: エンジェモン覚醒!)
Hiroyuki KakudōSatoru NishizonoMay 30, 19991 October 1999
T.K. is attacked in Primary Village by Leomon and Ogremon, until Tai, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, and their Digimon arrive to his rescue, where they use their Digivices to free Leomon from the Black Gears. Leomon later explains the prophecy that the children, as 'DigiDestined', are to the saviors of the Digital World. The group fights Devimon, who absorbs Black Gears and Ogremon. Devimon defeats the DigiDestined, even when Joe and Sora rejoin them. Patamon Digivolves into Angemon when T.K. is in danger and sacrifices himself to defeat Devimon. Angemon's data reconstitutes into a DigiEgg, and File Island begins to reform itself. The DigiDestined are then suddenly contacted by Gennai.
14'Departure For a New Continent' ('Departure For a New Continent!')
Transcription: 'Tabidachi Shintairiku e!' (Japanese: 出航・新大陸へ!)
Tetsuo ImazawaReiko YoshidaJune 6, 19992 October 1999
Gennai urges the group to travel to Server in order to defeat another enemy, informing them about Crests, which will allow their Digimon to Digivolve even further. While traveling on the ocean, the DigiDestined are swallowed up by Whamon, who is under the control of a Black Gear. Tai frees him with his Digivice, and as gratitude, Whamon takes the DigiDestined into an undersea store where the Crest tags are located. They fall under attack to Drimogimon and free him from a Black Gear. After recovering the tags, Whamon proceeds to take them to Server.
15'The Dark Network of Etemon' ('Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil')
Transcription: 'Etemon! Aku no Hanamichi' (Japanese: エテモン! 悪の花道)
Keiji HayakawaSatoru NishizonoJune 13, 19994 October 1999
On Server, the DigiDestined arrive at a Koromon village, only to find Pagumon living there. Despite the Pagumon's warm welcome, they are allied with Etemon and abduct Tokomon at night, imprisoning him with the Koromon. The DigiDestined rescue them, but Etemon uses his Dark Network to defeat them and destroy the village. The group take refuge in a cave, where Tai finds the Crest of Courage, allowing them to escape from Etemon into the desert.
16'The Arrival of Skullgreymon' ('Dark Evolution! SkullGreymon')
Transcription: 'Ankoku Shinka! SukaruGureimon' (Japanese: 暗黒進化! スカルグレイモン)
Takenori KawadaHiro MasakiJune 20, 19995 October 1999
Joe's tag leads the DigiDestined to a coliseum, where Etemon traps them and forces Greymon to fight another Greymon. After Joe finds the Crest of Reliability, the group escapes and Tai forces Greymon to Digivolve to his ultimate form by putting himself in harm's way. Instead, Greymon Dark Digivolves into SkullGreymon, attacking everyone before eventually reverting to a regretful Koromon.
17'The Crest of Sincerity' ('Cockatrimon, the Captain of Illusions!')
Transcription: 'Maboroshi Senchō Kokatorimon!' (Japanese: 幻船長コカトリモン!)
Hiroki ShibataYoshio UrasawaJune 27, 19996 October 1999
After getting lost in the desert, the group is taken aboard a ship traveling in the desert, headed by Kokatorimon. Kokatorimon captures all the boys and petrifies their partners. Biyomon and Palmon Digivolve and defeat him, and his ship crashes into a giant cactus. Mimi finds the Crest of Sincerity on top of the cactus.
18'The Piximon Cometh' ('The Fairy! Picklemon')
Transcription: 'Yōsei! Pikkoromon' (Japanese: 妖精! ピッコロモン)
Takahiro ImamuraAtsushi MaekawaJuly 4, 19997 October 1999
When the group is attacked, Tai and Agumon are hesitant to fight since Digivolving into SkullGreymon. Piximon rescues and trains the DigiDestined at his facility, where Tai and Agumon are stranded in a cave as the others do manual labor. At night, Matt and Izzy sneak away to find the Crest of Friendship and the Crest of Knowledge. However, they are detected by the Dark Network as Etemon sends a Tyrannomon after them. Tai and Agumon regain the courage to fight, leaving to Agumon Digivolve into Greymon and defeating Tyrannomon.
19'The Prisoner of the Pyramid' ('Nanomon of the Labyrinth!')
Transcription: 'Meikyū no Nanomon' (Japanese: 迷宮のナノモン)
Hiroyuki KakudōSatoru NishizonoJuly 11, 19998 October 1999
After T.K. finds the Crest of Hope, Izzy receives an e-mail from Datamon, who asks them to rescue him from Etemon's pyramid in exchange for Sora's Crest. Tai, Sora, Izzy, and Joe infiltrate the pyramid, with Tai being overconfident that the Digital World is a virtual reality. However, once Datamon is freed, he kidnaps Sora and Biyomon. Tai becomes too frightened to pursue Datamon after Izzy warns him that they could die.
20'The Earthquake of MetalGreymon' ('Evolution to Perfect! MetalGreymon')
Transcription: 'Kanzentai Shinka! MetaruGureimon' (Japanese: 完全体進化! メタルグレイモン)
Keiji HayakawaSatoru NishizonoJuly 25, 19999 October 1999
While the rest of the DigiDestined distract Etemon's forces, Tai and Izzy infiltrate the pyramid to save Sora, where Datamon plans on cloning her to use her Crest and Biyomon to enact revenge on Etemon. Tai musters his courage and saves Sora while Datamon activates the Dark Network to absorb data, including Etemon. Etemon, fused with the Dark Network, fights the DigiDestined, but Tai's Crest allows Greymon to Digivolve into MetalGreymon. When Etemon is defeated, a portal swallows him while Tai and Koromon are sent to Tokyo.
21'Home Away from Home' ('Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo!')
Transcription: 'Koromon Tōkyō Dai-gekitotsu!' (Japanese: コロモン東京大激突!)
Mamoru HosodaReiko YoshidaAugust 1, 199916 October 1999
Tai and Koromon arrive home, where they meet Tai's younger sister, Kari, and also learn that not much time has passed since they were in the Digital World. Later, Tai gets a message from Izzy telling him not to return, and he discovers that Digimon are appearing in the Real World. He concludes that they must return to the Digital World and help their friends. After Koromon Digivolves to Agumon to battle an Ogremon, a portal opens and transports both of them back to the Digital World.
22'Forget About It!' ('The Small Devil, PicoDevimon')
Transcription: 'Sasayaku Ko-akuma PikoDebimon' (Japanese: ささやく小悪魔ピコデビモン)
Takenori KawadaHiro MasakiAugust 8, 199923 October 1999
Tai and Agumon return to the Digital World to find Tokomon, who reveals that everyone has split up to find them after weeks since their disappearance. Meanwhile, DemiDevimon causes a rift between T.K. and Tokomon and secretly plans on feeding T.K. amnesic mushrooms. Agumon exposes DemiDevimon, and Tokomon Digivolves into Patamon to drive DemiDevimon away.
23'Weregarurumon's Diner' ('Oh Friend! WereGarurumon')
Transcription: 'Tomo yo! WāGarurumon' (Japanese: 友よ! ワーガルルモン)
Junji ShimizuGenki YoshimuraAugust 15, 199930 October 1999
Matt finds Joe working at Digitamamon's diner to pay off his debt and agrees to help. DemiDevimon bribes Digitamamon to keep them while setting off accidents that makes Matt question Joe. However, once Digitamamon's scheme is exposed, they battle him with Tai and T.K. Joe sacrifices himself to save T.K., leading Matt to see him as a true friend and allowing Garurumon to Digivolve into WereGarurumon. After Digitamamon's defeat, the group splits up and continue their search for the remaining DigiDestined.
24'No Questions, Please' ('Break Through! AtlurKabuterimon')
Transcription: 'Gekiha! AtorāKabuterimon' (Japanese: 撃破! アトラーカブテリモン)
Tetsuo ImazawaYoshio UrasawaAugust 22, 19996 November 1999
Izzy falls into Vademon's pocket dimension and is forced to give up his curiosity. Tentomon snaps Izzy out of his trance, but by that time, DemiDevimon tries to buy Izzy's Crest from Vademon. In the confusion, Izzy recovers his Crest and his curiosity as he causes Kabuterimon to Digivolve into MegaKabuterimon, defeating Vademon. Izzy and Motimon are found by Matt and T.K. soon after.
25'Princess Karaoke'[Note 2] ('The Sleeping Tyrant! TonosamaGekomon')
Transcription: 'Nemureru Bōkun! TonosamaGekomon' (Japanese: 眠れる暴君! トノサマゲコモン)
Hiroki ShibataAkatsuki YamatoyaAugust 29, 19996 November 1999
Tai and Joe find Mimi with the Gekomon and Otamamon, who treat her like a princess hoping that her singing voice will awaken ShogunGekomon. However, Mimi becomes too consumed in being pampered to give it up and imprisons Tai and the others after they attempt to record her voice. After a nightmare, Mimi apologizes and awakens ShogunGekomon. ShogunGekomon, however, attacks Mimi, causing MetalGreymon to defeat him.
26'Sora's Crest of Love' ('Shining Wings! Garudamon')
Transcription: 'Kagayaku Tsubasa! Garudamon' (Japanese: 輝く翼! ガルダモン)
Hiroyuki KakudōAtsushi MaekawaSeptember 5, 199913 November 1999
The DigiDestined find Sora, realizing that she had been helping them in secret. Sora is convinced by DemiDevimon that her Crest would never glow, recalling her relationship with her mother. At night, Myotismon appears, defeating the Digimon. Sora tries to stop an injured Biyomon from fighting for her well-being and realizes that her mother's actions towards her were the same. Birdramon is able to Digivolve into Garudamon, and the DigiDestined escape.
27'The Gateway to Home' ('Vamdemon, the Castle of Darkness')
Transcription: 'Yami no Shiro Vandemon' (Japanese: 闇の城ヴァンデモン)
Keiji HayakawaHiro MasakiSeptember 12, 199920 November 1999
Gennai appears and tells them that there is an eighth DigiDestined and that Myotismon is planning to go to the Real World with an army of evil Digimon to find the child. The DigiDestined infiltrate Myotismon's castle to stop him entering the Real World, but they fail when Gatomon distracts them with Devidramon.
28'It's All in the Cards' ('The Chase! Hurry to Japan')
Transcription: 'Tsuigeki! Nippon e Isoge' (Japanese: 追撃! 日本へ急げ)
Takahiro ImamuraHiro MasakiSeptember 19, 199927 November 1999
The DigiDestined travels to Gennai's home, where he unravels secrets about the Digital World. They return to Myotismon's castle to open the gate and battle Dokugumon. The fight causes the castle to crumble as WereGarurumon destroys Dokugumon, but they manage to open the gateway and escape through it.
29'Return to Highton View Terrace' ('Mammon: the Great Clash at Hikarigaoka!')
Transcription: 'Mammon Hikarigaoka Daigekitotsu!' (Japanese: マンモン光が丘大激突!)
Takenori KawadaSatoru NishizonoSeptember 26, 199911 December 1999
The DigiDestined find themselves back at camp, learning they were only gone for a few minutes. They proceed to head towards Highton View Terrace to try to find the eighth child. There, a battle between Garudamon and Mammothmon helps them recall them witnessing a battle four years ago between a Greymon and a Parrotmon. They surmise that the eighth child must have also seen the fight.
30'Almost Home Free' ('Digimon: The Great Crossing of Tokyo')
Transcription: 'Dejimon Tōkyō Daiōdan' (Japanese: デジモン東京大横断)
Junji ShimizuAtsushi MaekawaOctober 3, 1999December 11, 1999
The DigiDestined try to get back to their homes in Odaiba after missing their train stop and spending all their money on food. Eventually they end up getting a ride from Sora's cousin Duane,[10][Note 3] who later accidentally pushes Izzy off a bridge. After Ikkakumon defeats Gesomon at the ocean, he carries the DigiDestined home.
31'The Eighth Digivice' ('Raremon! Surprise Attack on Tokyo Bay')
Transcription: 'Reamon! Tōkyōwan Shūgeki' (Japanese: レアモン! 東京湾襲撃)
Hiroki ShibataHiro MasakiOctober 10, 199918 December 1999
After the DigiDestined return home, the eighth child's Digivice gets carried off by Tai's cat and sets off a signal that brings in DemiDevimon, Raremon and Izzy. Kabuterimon manages to defeat Raremon, but Izzy and Tentomon's search leads them to no results.
32'Gatomon Comes Calling' ('Tokyo Tower is Hot! DeathMeramon')
Transcription: 'Atsui ze Tōkyō Tower! DesuMeramon' (Japanese: 熱いぜ東京タワー! デスメラモン)
Tetsuo ImazawaSatoru NishizonoOctober 17, 199918 December 1999
While DigiDestined continue their search for the eighth child, Sora and Mimi head to Tokyo Tower and encounter SkullMeramon, battling him. Tai and Izzy come to their aid, with Greymon Digivolving to MetalGreymon and defeating him while Kabuterimon saves the Tower. Meanwhile, Gatomon meets Kari and realizes that she is unable to kill her.
33'Out on the Town' ('Pump and Gotsu are Shibuya-Type Digimon')
Transcription: 'Panpu to Gotsu wa Shibuya-kei Dejimon' (Japanese: パンプとゴツは渋谷系デジモン)
Hiroyuki KakudōYoshio UrasawaOctober 24, 199929 January 2000
T.K. and Patamon get into a fight on their way home, and when Patamon flies off, Matt and T.K. follow him into Shibuya. They encounter Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, who are more interested in having fun rather than helping Myotismon. When they refuse to fight Matt and T.K., Myotismon punishes them.[Note 4] Angered, WereGarurumon and Angemon drive Myotismon away.
34'The Eighth Child Revealed' ('The Bond of Destiny! Tailmon')
Transcription: 'Unmei no Kizuna! Teirumon' (Japanese: 運命の絆! テイルモン)
Takenori KawadaGenki YoshimuraOctober 31, 19995 February 2000
With Wizardmon's help, Gatomon discovers that Kari is the eighth child and she is her partner. Entrusting Kari's Digivice to Tai, Wizardmon and Gatomon infiltrate Myotismon's lair to steal the Crest of Light. Myotismon catches them in the process and discovers the truth as well, throwing Wizardmon into the ocean while holding Gatomon captive.
35'Flower Power' ('Odaiba's Fairy! Lilymon Blossoms')
Transcription: 'Odaiba no Yōsei! Ririmon Kaika' (Japanese: お台場の妖精! リリモン開花)
Takahiro ImamuraHiro MasakiNovember 7, 19995 February 2000
Myotismon surrounds Odaiba in fog and has his followers capture all families living in the city. Among the prisoners, Sora and Mimi try to plan an escape, using Joe's Buddhist mantra to weaken the Bakemon. However, Phantomon is unaffected and DarkTyrannomon overpowers Togemon. After Togemon Digivolves into Lillymon to tame DarkTyrannomon, she finds herself facing Myotismon while Biyomon Digivolves into Birdramon to drive off Phantomon.
36'City Under Siege' ('Break through the Barrier! Zudomon Spark!')
Transcription: 'Kekkai Toppa! Zudomon Spāku!' (Japanese: 結界突破! ズドモンスパーク!)
Tetsuharu NakamuraAtsushi MaekawaNovember 14, 199912 February 2000
Sora escapes, but Mimi is recaptured, while Izzy heads to Fuji TV Station. Joe and T.K. travel back through Odaiba Bay and find Wizardmon, but they are attacked by MegaSeadramon, who is defeated by Ikkakumon's ultimate form, Zudomon. Tai entrusts Kari to Matt before heading towards the convention center, but Phantomon follows Sora to them. Kari sacrifices and reveals herself as the eighth child in exchange for their safety.
37'Wizardmon's Gift' ('Perfects Attack Together! Sparkling Angewomon')
Transcription: 'Kanzentai Sō-shingeki! Kirameku Enjiwomon' (Japanese: 完全体総進撃! きらめくエンジェウーモン)
Hiroki ShibataGenki YoshimuraNovember 21, 199912 February 2000
The DigiDestined reunite at Fuji TV Station to fight Myotismon and Phantomon. Myotismon tries to kill Kari and Gatomon, Wizardmon sacrifices himself to protect them. Distraught, Kari causes Gatomon to Digivolve into Angewomon, destroying Myotismon with a combined attack. However, fog still remains around Odaiba.
38'Prophecy' ('Revival! The Demon Lord VenomVamdemon')
Transcription: 'Fukkatsu! Maō VenomuVandemon' (Japanese: 復活! 魔王ヴェノムヴァンデモン)
Hiroyuki KakudōHiro MasakiNovember 28, 199919 February 2000
Myotismon is reborn as VenomMyotismon, empowering himself by consuming his army before advancing to the convention center for the humans. Recalling Gennai's prophecy from earlier, Izzy discovers that Angemon and Angewomon must strike Tai and Matt in order to bring about a miracle that will allow them to defeat VenomMyotismon. Tai and Matt risk their lives and fulfill the prophecy, allowing Agumon and Gabumon to Warp Digivolve into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.
39'The Battle for Earth' ('Two Ultimate Evolutions! Get Rid of the Darkness!')
Transcription: 'Nidai kyūkyoku Shinka! Yami o Buttobase!' (Japanese: 二大究極進化! 闇をぶっとばせ!)
Junji ShimizuAtsushi MaekawaDecember 5, 199919 February 2000
VenomMyotismon is defeated after he exposes his weak point, which WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon exploit. The fog clears to reveal the Digital World reflected in the sky, and the DigiDestined realize that the boundaries between both worlds have begun to intersect, as years have passed in the Digital World since their departure. The DigiDestined decide to return to the Digital World, leaving their families.
40'Enter the Dark Masters' ('The Four Kings of the Devilish Mountain! The Dark Masters!')
Transcription: 'Ma no Yama no Shitennō! Dāku Masutāzu' (Japanese: 魔の山の四天王! ダークマスターズ)
Tetsuo ImazawaSatoru NishizonoDecember 12, 199926 February 2000
As the DigiDestined return to the Digital World, they encounter Chuumon, who tells them that the Dark Masters have taken over the Digital World while they were in Tokyo. The DigiDestined face the Dark Masters, who overpower their Digimon, and Chuumon sacrifices himself to protect Mimi. Pixiemon arrives to save the DigiDestined, sacrificing himself to allow them to escape.
41'Sea-Sick and Tired' ('The Hardened King of the Seas! MetalSeadramon')
Transcription: 'Araburu Umi no Ō! MetaruShīdoramon' (Japanese: 荒ぶる海の王! メタルシードラモン)
Takenori KawadaYoshio UrusawaDecember 19, 199926 February 2000
The kids manage to escape MetalSeadramon's minion, Scorpiomon. They attempt to escape by sea, but they are immediately stopped by MetalSeadramon.
42'Under Pressure' ('Silent Whamon on the Bottom of the Sea')
Transcription: 'Chinmoku no Kaitei Hoēmon' (Japanese: 沈黙の海底ホエーモン)
Takahiro ImamuraAkatsuki YamatoyaDecember 26, 19994 March 2000
Under attack from MetalSeadramon, Whamon comes to the DigiDestined's rescue and they flee to the bottom of the ocean.[Note 5] Unfortunately, MetalSeadramon and his army of Divermon find them. Whamon and Zudomon destroy the Divermon, while WarGreymon battles MetalSeadramon.
43'Playing Games' ('The Dangerous Game! Pinocchimon')
Transcription: 'Kiken na Yūgi! Pinokkimon' (Japanese: 危険な遊戯! ピノッキモン)
Hiroki ShibataGenki YoshimuraJanuary 9, 200025 March 2000
Whamon sacrifices himself while saving WarGreymon, allowing WarGreymon to defeat MetalSeadramon.[Note 6] The DigiDestined proceed to Puppetmon's forest, where he separates them, causing Matt to become overprotective of T.K. Puppetmon forces T.K. to play deadly game of hide-and-seek in exchange for the DigiDestined's safety, but T.K. tricks him and sabotages his control room. After the other DigiDestined regroup and defeat Kiwimon, Matt becomes discouraged seeing that T.K. has escaped without his help.
44'Trash Day' ('Jureimon of the Lost Forest')
Transcription: 'Mayoi no Mori no Jureimon' (Japanese: 迷いの森のジュレイモン)
Hiroyuki KakudōAtsushi MaekawaJanuary 16, 20001 April 2000
While Puppetmon orders Garbagemon to attack the DigiDestined, Matt withdraws and meets Cherrymon. Cherrymon convinces him to defeat Tai, who he claims is the source of Matt's self-doubt. Matt returns to the DigiDestined and demands Tai to fight him, while Cherrymon is killed by Puppetmon after warning him not to underestimate an advantage that the DigiDestined have over him.
45'The Ultimate Clash' ('Clash of the Ultimates! WarGreymon vs. MetalGarurumon')
Transcription: 'Kyūkyokutai Gekitotsu! WōGureimon bui-esu MetaruGarurumon' (Japanese: 究極体激突! ウォーグレイモンVSメタルガルルモン)
Tetsuo ImazawaHiro MasakiJanuary 23, 20008 April 2000
Tension runs high as a fight breaks out between Matt, Tai, and their Digimon. Kari's body is taken over a strange entity, who explains why the DigiDestined were chosen to save the Digital World. Uncertain, Matt leaves the group. Upset from the conflict, Mimi leaves as well, with Joe accompanying her. The rest of the DigiDestined continue their journey to fight the Dark Masters.
46'Etemon's Comeback Tour' ('MetalEtemon's' Counterattack)
Transcription: 'MetaruEtemon no Gyakushū' (Japanese: メタルエテモンの逆襲)
Takenori KawadaHiro MasakiJanuary 30, 200015 April 2000
Joe and Mimi rescue an injured Ogremon, while Etemon returns as MetalEtemon to take revenge on them. Meanwhile, Tai's group infiltrate Puppetmon's mansion with the help of two of his playmates, keeping Puppetmon at bay with his own cannon.
47'Ogremon's Honor' ('Oh Wind! Oh Light!SaberLeomon')
Transcription: 'Kaze yo! Hikari yo! SāberuReomon' (Japanese: 風よ! 光よ! サーベルレオモン)
Takao YoshizawaAtsushi MaekawaFebruary 6, 200022 April 2000
SaberLemon rescues Joe and Mimi, but they are found by MetalEtemon again. He destroys MetalEtemon with Joe and Zudomon's help but dies from a fatal wound from protecting Mimi. At the same time, Puppetmon is defeated by the DigiDestined and destroyed by Matt and MetalGarurumon upon escaping. Recognizing Puppetmon's defeat and Leomon's sacrifice, Mimi regains her will to fight as she and Joe decide to gather more reinforcements while Tai's group fights the remaining Dark Masters.
48'My Sister's Keeper' ('Bombing Mission! Mugendramon')
Transcription: 'Bakugeki Shirei! Mugendoramon' (Japanese: 爆撃指令! ムゲンドラモン)
Hiroki ShibataSatoru NishizonoFebruary 13, 200029 April 2000
Kari falls ill, and Tai becomes nearly hysterical as he and Izzy search for medicine. However, the DigiDestined learn too late that the city they are in is under Machinedramon's control. Although they dismantle the tracking system, Tai and Izzy return and are nearly killed by a Megadramon and Gigadramon, but Angemon saves them. Unfortunately Machinedramon fires at the building the kids are in, sending them into the sewers below.
49'The Crest of Light' ('Farewell, Numemon')
Transcription: 'Saraba Numemon' (Japanese: さらばヌメモン)
Takahiro ImamuraYoshio UrasawaFebruary 20, 20006 May 2000
Kari recovers, and, along with Sora and T.K., begins searching for the others. Encountering WaruMonzaemon, Kari frees the Numemon he has enslaved and her Crest re-energizes the Digimon. Tai and Izzy are found by Andromon, and once they are reunited, they battle Machinedramon. After Numemon sacrifice themselves to save Kari, WarGreymon destroys Machinedramon.
50'Joe's Battle' ('Battle Between Women! LadyDevimon')
Transcription: 'Onna no Tatakai! RedīDebimon' (Japanese: 女の戦い! レディデビモン)
Hiroyuki KakudōAtsushi MaekawaFebruary 27, 200013 May 2000
As Joe goes off on his own to find Matt, Tai's group encounters LadyDevimon, one of Piedmon's servants. Sora and T.K. are sent to locate the rest of the missing DigiDestined while Angewomon and MegaKabuterimon face and defeat LadyDevimon. After LadyDevimon's defeat, Piedmon approaches the group.
51'The Crest of Friendship' ('Piemon: The Clown from Hell')
Transcription: 'Jigoku no Dōkeshi Piemon' (Japanese: 地獄の道化師 ピエモン)
Takao YoshizawaGenki YoshimuraMarch 5, 200020 May 2000
Piedmon and WarGreymon battle, but WarGreymon cannot stop him alone. Matt falls into a dark cave, but he escapes once he confronts his feelings. After rescuing Sora from her dark cave, they return with Joe. Matt makes up with Tai, activating the Crest of Friendship. With all of the DigiDestined but Mimi reunited, both WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon prepare to battle Piedmon.
52'Piedmon's Last Jest' ('The Holy Swordsman! HolyAngemon')
Transcription: 'Seikenshi! HōrīEnjemon' (Japanese: 聖剣士! ホーリーエンジェモン)
Takenori KawadaHiro MasakiMarch 12, 200020 May 2000
Piedmon turns the DigiDestined and their Digimon into doll keychains. With T.K. and Kari remaining, T.K. imagines Matt giving him advice, regaining hope and activating his Crest. Angemon Digivolves into MagnaAngemon and saves the rest of the DigiDestined, and together, they defeat Piedmon when Mimi reunites with the group. The DigiDestined are unable to celebrate their victory when they receive an e-mail from Gennai, who reveals that another enemy is the true cause for the destruction of the Digital World.
53'Now Apocalymon' ('The Final Dark Digimon')
Transcription: 'Saigo no Ankoku Dejimon' (Japanese: 最後の暗黒デジモン)
Hiroki ShibataGenki YoshimuraMarch 19, 200024 June 2000
The DigiDestined face Apocalymon, and during battle, he destroys their Crests and deletes them and their Digimon. In the data space, the Digimon encourage the DigiDestined to continue fighting, and they learn that the true Crest power had been inside of them all along. The DigiDestined regain their will to fight and return to the Digital World to confront Apocalymon again.
54'The Fate of Two Worlds' ('A New World')
Transcription: 'Arata na Sekai' (Japanese: 新たな世界)
Takahiro ImamuraHiro MasakiMarch 26, 200024 June 2000
The DigiDestined defeat Apocalymon and save both the Digital and Real Worlds. The Digital World begins reformatting, and since time in both worlds is now synchronized, the DigiDestined have two hours to return to their world, else the portal will close forever and they will cease to exist. The DigiDestined say goodbye to their Digimon partners before leaving.

Volume DVDs[edit]

Japanese release[edit]

Digimon Adventure was released as a 9-disc DVD boxed set by Bandai Visual on July 25, 2006, with each disc containing six episodes.[11] Happinet also released its own 9-disc set on December 21, 2007.[12] And a 8-Disc Standard Definition Upscaled Blu-ray set, in March 2015. Each disc contained 7 episodes. Also comes with a limited edition drama CD, and art booklet.

North American release[edit]

The first 13 episodes were released in 1999 & 2000 by Fox Kids Video Under license by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.The entire first season was released on October 9, 2012 by New Video.[13]

  • Digimon: Digital Monsters, Volume 1 (Episodes 1–21)
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters, Volume 2 (Episodes 22–39)
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters, Volume 3 (Episodes 40–54)

United Kingdom release[edit]

The first 20 episodes were released on four DVD sets by Maximum Entertainment between 2004–2008.[14][15][16] The entire first season was released as one set on October 3, 2016 by Manga Entertainment.[17]

  • Digimon: Digital Monsters - Volume 1 (2004)
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters - Volume 2 (2006)
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters Collection (2007)
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters - Subzero Ice Punch (2008)
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters - Complete Season 1 (2016)

Animeindo Digimon Adventure Tri First Season 1

Australian release[edit]

Collection 1, containing 27 episodes was released on the August 17 in Australia by Madman Entertainment.[18] Collection 2, was released on 11 October containing the remaining 27 episodes of the season.

CollectionRelease DateEpisodes
1August 17, 201127 (1–27)
2October 19, 201127 (28–54)

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  2. ^Episode 25 originally aired with the title misspelled with 'Karoake', which was corrected with 'Karaoke' for subsequent reruns.[citation needed]
  3. ^A stranger picks them up in the Japanese version.
  4. ^In the original version, Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon are killed by Myotismon (their demise is changed to banishment in the English version).
  5. ^Whamon's arrival to save the kids took place at the end of the previous episode in the Japanese version.
  6. ^Whamon's sacrifice and MetalSeadramon's death took place at the end of the previous episode in the Japanese version.

Digimon Adventure


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