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Hi Lee, Thanks for your helpful comments. The vendor had e-mailed me directing me to the FTDI website to download the drivers - you were correct! I had opened the dongle and the chip is an FTDI 232BL. I run XP, so downloaded the driver 2.00.00 However, I still can't get it to run: Having plugged in the cable, On the VAG-COM options menu, selecting USB and 'Test' returns
Port status: OK
Interface: Not Found!
If I unplug the cable from the USB port, then the report says 'Ross-Tech Interface Not Found!' So, this seems to suggest something is working OK. Also, in the 'Add or Remove Programs' facility, the 'FTDI USB Serial Converter Drivers' is listed, so this looks encouraging..
I've discovered that if I select COM3 and then press Test, the window says:
Port Status: OK
Interface: Found!
Type: Serial Pass-Through
Opto/ISo: No
Ross-Design: No
However, the above happens even if the cable is unplugged..
With the dongle plugged in (the led lights up) and turning on the ignition to the first setting, clicking on the OBD-II returns 'Interface Not Found!'
As I mentioned, the CD-ROM was cracked when delivered - although no sign of any damage to the Jiffybag or to the cable and dongle..
Would be very grateful for any suggestions.. Cheers, Ian

AutoDia E327 OBD2 Diagnostic Interface for ELM327 Software (USB) [Item number #38054]. Autodia K409 Treiber Group AutoDia K409 wird unter WIN8 nicht erkannt. Erstellt von 10010405, Sep 20 2013 16:13. Posted on February 7, 2014 by vindstittuled. AutoDia K409 Profi USB KKL Diagnose. Diagnose Interface OBD 2 II KKL USB V1,4a. Version dabei gewesen und funktionieren mit dem Kabel unter Windows 7 (3. This newsletter looks to ‘trim the fat’ and includes only the most popular, useful and informative articles, blogs, and resources. Autodia K409 Usb Treiber Windows 7 Danach einmal den Test- Knopf dr. Wenn VCDS danach wieder verwendet werden soll, muss diese Prozedur r. Autodia K409 Usb Treiber Download. Autodia K409 Usb Treiber Samsung. AutoDia K409 Profi USB KKL Diagnose Interface.

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