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  2. Bbmp Property Tax Paid Receipt Print
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I have paid up-to-date bbmp tax.But all my tax paid receipts were lost in transit.I don't have a xerox copy also.Now how can I take print out of the receipts from the year 2008-2009 to 2016-2017. BBMP – Pay Property Tax Online Guide. The property owners who make their payments in full for year 2013-14, before April 30, 2013 can avail up to 5% rebate. As earlier, Solid Waste Management Cess (SWM Cess) should be paid along with property tax half year or full year as in the case of the property tax. Users can print online receipt for the property tax paid to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), Karnataka. Print online property tax receipt with BBMP, Karnataka. Users can print online receipt for the property tax paid to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), Karnataka.

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This is the time when property owners rush to pay their property tax. Now, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has simplified the procedure by introducing online mode and many Bangalore one centers.

Individuals must pay Property Tax from 1st April of the Assessment Year. Delayed payment of Property Tax results in interest @ 2% per month or 24% per annum. There are many authorized banks in India to collect property taxes from people.

Here are forms which property owners should be aware of:

Form I is for property with PID numbers

These are properties in the erstwhile BBMP area. They have use only this Form I. This form is printed in White colour.

Form II is for property that has only a Katha Number

These are for properties in erstwhile CMC, TMC and the 110 villages that have been newly added to BBMP. This form is printed in Pink colour.

Form III is for property that does not have a PID number and a Katha.

These are unlawful/unauthorized properties that have been built unlawfully and that have come up in private layout without the sanction of the local planning authorities. This form is printed in Light Green colour.

Form IV

Bbmp Property Tax Receipt Print

This form should be used when there is no change in the extent of build up area, usage or its occupancy or categories from the return filed in the previous year. This is a white form.

Form V

This form to be used when there has been a change in the property. Such as if the owner has added a new floor, or demolished the house or the property.

Bbmp Property Tax Paid Receipt Print

Form VI

This form to be sued when the property is exempt from paying property tax. This form to be filled as you need to pay service charge

How to pay Bangalore property tax online?

1. Visit BBMP site and select property tax


2. Click to make online payment for financial year from 2009-10 to 2015-16

3. If there is no change from previous year click below current assessment year on 'Year 2015-16' Click

4. Enter your property details (For reference you can have your 2008-2009 application)

5. Once you enter, select the name from the list and click continue

6. Update your present status of the property (self occupied, rented etc)

7. Agree to terms and conditions

8. Click on' Online payments'

Make sure you keep the receipt generated at the end.

SWM Cess should be paid along with property tax returns through a separate application form which will be available with SAS forms.

BBMP Property Tax 2016-17

1) Log in to BBMP Property website or directly at

2) Enter your Base SAS application No. or PID No. in the space provided. You can see all the details you have entered in the Base SAS application.

3) Make appropriate change in column 3 if there is any change in occupation/age/telephone No. /Mobile No. and e mail address. Mobile number is a mandatory field.

4) Mention your BESCOM & BWSSB RR No.s and ADHAAR CARD Number. These are optional fields, however we urge you to give the details as it will help address issues relating to property tax evasion.

5) If there are any changes made in the existing structure or usage of your property in the current year, please incorporate those changes in the space provided below the column 7a by using 'ADD' option.

6) In the next step there is in-built auto calculator of Property Taxes. If you are paying the entire amount as calculated above in one instalment, you can avail a rebate of 5% of total amount payable.

(The rebate amount is calculated automatically shown to you. In column 26 Solid Waste Management Cess for 12 months is added.)

7) Thereafter you will have to make a declaration certifying the accuracy of the returns you are filing and that you know you are liable for action under relevant provisions of the KMC Act in case of false declarations.

8) Now you have to choose whether you are paying in one instalment or two instalments. Property tax can be paid in two instalments.

9) If you are paying online, you can choose the online payment option by clicking 'ONLINE PAYMENT' and make the payment using your credit/debit card or net banking.

10) If you are paying in cash/DD/cheques. You have to click on the 'CHALLAN' button.

Then generate a challan and take a printout. Take care to see that you also take a print out of your filled in application form.

In the month of April the validity of the challan is valid for 10 days from the date of generated. You can proceed to make a payment in any one of the authorised Canara Bank branches within the BBMP limits within this time frame.

The bank gives receipts immediately for payments received in cash and DD. For payments received through cheque receipts are generated after realisation of payment.

Utilities inc of clermont florida. You can print challans, completed application copy and also receipts after payments are made or realised as the case may be.

How to pay BBMP property tax offline or manually?

Individuals who are interested in paying property tax manually have to calculate the amount that is due and fill up the required forms.

Such as Fill form iv or v which ever is applicable:

Also, individual should fill forms I, II and III.

Form I if you have a PID for your property


Form II for properties with only Khata No

Form III for properties that don't have either.

Once the forms are filled, it should be submitted at the designated banks or BBMP ARO centers or the Bangalore 1 office and make payment.

Pay property tax or lose assets

Furniture and other movable assets in your house or commercial property could be seized if you don't pay taxes even for one year.

There are reports that, the Palike will issue notices to tax defaulters to pay up the arrears and if defaulters fail the deadline, authority will confiscate assets from their houses or commercial establishments.

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Bbmp Tax Paid Receipt Print

Deepika Arwind

By furnishing tax paid receipt you can file your grievance

Filing property tax returns for 2009-10 easy for those who paid taxes

BANGALORE: If you did not pay property tax last year, it is likely that your complaints to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike regarding your property may not be addressed.

As the BBMP tries to induce transparency in filing of property taxes, those who have paid their taxes for 2008-09 will find that they had more than one advantage over the others.

To begin with, only those who have paid property tax will be able to avail themselves of the services offered to citizens by the civic authority, while those who haven’t might find themselves at a disadvantage. Just by furnishing the tax paid receipt of 2008-09, they can approach the civic authority with any complaint. “Only taxpaying citizens will be preferred in such cases,” says U.A. Vasanth Rao, Deputy Commissioner (Resources), BBMP. For those who have already filed their taxes and have made no change as far as their property goes, they just need to fill a one-page form (Form IV), which will be available for download from July 1. The application will be available at the BBMP Help Centres for Rs. 5.

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