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Mw3 Zone

1352828530.0380i.imgur.com134qihWell done Treyarch4345447
1362213705.0373imgur.com19ikddMy actions while playing Call of Duty4305715
1356684639.0297imgur.com15kdycWho knew 3 letters could trigger such OCD3485117
1351528841.0269i.imgur.com12a69dMath class. (X-post from /r/funny)324559
1357856121.0268i.imgur.com16c985Poor guy..37110325 first time I played Black Ops 23155415
1343403465.0260media.rofls.comx91rzCall of Duty Logic3034328
1356274409.0239imgur.com15bsc1Does anybody remember the gore of World at War?2693034
1348863350.0233imgur.com10mwj3Dear CoD Black ops creators. Please DO NOT get rid of this feature2663316
1352053221.0224i.imgur.com12mdg1Not cool Activision. (X-post from /r/imgoingtohellforthis)2805611
1360550954.0217i.imgur.com18a9bjAnyone else have this issue?2543718
1359928756.0217imgur.com17tu5qNew attachment LEAK2988112
1361049395.0194i.imgur.com18nmnpStory of all our lives..2626821
1356717891.0182imgur.com15kyfgThis probably makes up 2/3s of the achievements on any CoD game212306
1370061024.0183i.imgur.com1fg6enJust saw this. Looked at my copy of COD3. Was not disappointed.2284516
1358854333.0186imgur.com171ttoTHE Most Frustrating thing about COD2163019
1356803190.0181i.minus.com15mqk1Cross map combat axe triple rc car2082711
1353361352.0175i.imgur.com13gzmfHow I feel about Treyarch removing Nuketown 2025 (the pre-order bonus) from playlists.2103547
1369774749.0167i.imgur.com1f81yoWent on the original Black Ops for the first time in months.. This guy was in my game.1973017
1334094506.0165i.imgur.coms38jbAfter Black Ops 2..(x-post from r/funny)1902512
1359074004.0166cloud-2.steampowered.com1783n4So i tried MW2 Today.. this was the first lobby i got into1952945
1351442477.0159self.CallOfDuty1282pcThe Call of Duty Cycle1943565 1:Omfg Black Ops 2 is so epic!Week 2:Dude, someone got a nuke!Week 3:Dude, someone got a double nuke!Week 4:Patch the game already!December:I can't wait for the Christmas noobs!January:Modern Warfare 3 was better.February:Finally, a map pack(1 good map, 2 crappy ones)!March:Dude, Call of Duty 4 is still the best.October:I can't wait for the next game!November:This game is awesome!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1282pc
1346335537.0155i.imgur.comz2sn4So I turned on my computer to find this as my background(My bro hates CoD)182279
1352944155.0151imgur.com137rlwMy emblem in hopes to scare the underage kids off.192416
1359585696.0142quickmeme.com17l8xkGood Guy Treyarch 1925020
1355010686.0141i.imgur.com14isb8Can this be a thing the first Saturday of every month?1702936
1348356903.0143i.imgur.com10bhukAfter playing MW-MW3, this always makes me laugh. 171286
1353070143.0135i.imgur.com13ao38Took me more than an hour to finish it but I'm actually proud of it. 160258
1336106052.0135images.wikia.comt6de6Is it me Or am I the only one that misses this1521740
1353972059.0136i.imgur.com13u8czDamn you for this Toys R Us1551917
1356974438.0133i.imgur.com15qb9mNoticed this while playin zambies1754220
1368993553.0132imgur.com1enchtCall Of Duty Ghosts Maps (By NobodyEpic)1653335
1357607870.0132imgur.com165kufI fucking did it!1713936
1337645008.0131qkme.metydicSeriously guys, STFU about it1572630
1353702533.0126i.imgur.com13ojs3My new emblem..1472116
1352740210.0126i.imgur.com132iz8Saw this guy trying to blend in at my local games store143173
1357262348.0122i.imgur.com15x81gI think I teared up a bit. Was so happy!1452311
1364849917.0120i.imgur.com1bgdyqSo this was the menu is Modern Ware fare 3.1644416
1351178504.0124i.imgur.com122hkbRemember back when world at war wasn't full of hackers? :(1411733
1365028069.0117i.imgur.com1bmb3pPretty simple but cool project I just finished. 6 Perk-a-Colas from CoD Zombies.1402318
1363810990.0119i.imgur.com1aookqMy first opposite hate mail!145264
1353446931.0121i.imgur.com13j34aAny Breaking Bad fans around here?154339
1367717870.0119i.imgur.com1dpkitBeastly sentry gun spot on Nuketown 20251412228
1360468887.0107i.imgur.com188b8eOne day.1292211
1368776228.0105i.imgur.com1ei8bgNew Highest!1241916
1361392112.0108i.imgur.com18wnc2It is extremely overrated 1746634
1358261865.0109i.imgur.com16mbh7This scene got to me more than and of the modern warfare's 'disturbing' scenes (BO2)1241565
1355888740.0107i.imgur.com15393hEven the bullet casings are diamond..1272016
1350953066.0104i.imgur.com11wykvSo I was playing Hardcore Headquarters on Rust..1292515
1357443915.0105i.imgur.com161jvzBlack Ops 2 doesn't think I'm very cool. (This was a glitch)133285
1357104871.0104imgur.com15t7ubEnemy attack dogs incoming.119159
1356859220.0104quickmeme.com15o29fPlaying zombies, all i wanted was the executioner..1423819
1354927244.0104i.imgur.com14h35aReal Life Ghost (xpost from r/ThingsThatAreBadAss)116124
1352854832.0100i.imgur.com135kfxOnly $5.00 Guys, its not that much1313117
1321138362.0104i.imgur.comma61sAnyone Else?1262210
1367385659.0101i.imgur.com1dgrvkI prefer missions where I am not only not expected to hurry, but encouraged to slow down.117168
1342574119.096quickmeme.comwqfueScumbag Mystery Box1151911
1357709767.094i.imgur.com168fa0Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man In The Revilution DLC!112186
1356157712.095i.imgur.com159rakI know it was all luck, but I feel damn special. 1293439
1368584195.093imgur.com1ecvoySeems like every damn time.120279
1346709684.094qkme.mezavq3This just dawned on me121274
1359341061.091i.imgur.com17el7hHijacked (X-post from /r/minecraft)124332
1370472767.095forgifs.com1fr4hkYou have no idea how many times I hear this when i get into a sniper battle.120253
1355801890.089quickmeme.com1516yqHow I feel playing Kill confirmed124355
1368827152.090cod4central.com1ejkdjThe good old days..104145
1365164264.087imgur.com1bq8abComparison between Studio and Firing Range1041722
1353942098.090i.imgur.com13tbfqSo this just happened..1213119
1358995883.087i.imgur.com175zr7Finally got it1092223
1354595306.090i.imgur.com148tq8Till' Death Do Us Part106167
1370570997.086i.imgur.com1fu39xSo I tried playing MW2 today.1112524
1366818830.083i.imgur.com1d0kriHigh Definition image of the supposed 'Ghosts' cover.1082530
1360022571.088i.imgur.com17wdojI think that might be a little inaccurate..106185
1353116698.088imgur.com13bxteI love this little guy. So he's now my emblem.106182
1352924009.085media.pcgamer.com137581Black Ops 2 weapon damage chart971217
1359867206.087i.imgur.com17sjzmI am beyond happy with my Saturday accomplishment.1082119
1360208155.085i.imgur.com181kvmcallofduty problems142577
1369968679.083qkme.me1fdq9dPlaying any COD game not made by Treyarch.1213880
1357172076.081i.imgur.com15uu7jIf there are any fans of Black Ops 2, they may appreciate my lock screen100198 emblem is done.108278
1368902673.081i.imgur.com1el7ftThis may take a while.961520
1358798752.079i.imgur.com1709zrPlanking, CoD style. 96173
1355191346.079i.imgur.com14n2duI guess you can say this may be getting a lil out of hand.. 1173812
1357022130.080i.imgur.com15rgvtI'm sure you hate scoreboards, but after not playing CoD4 for a year this was the BEST feeling. 951511
1344720398.081imgur.comy2bluSniping in Modern Warfare 3.1062510
1367194569.080qkme.me1dayanWhen playing Drop-Zone on MW31032311
1360898622.078i.imgur.com18k6maCoD Monthly Active Users (from ATVI investor report)85713
1340328274.081imgur.comvevd2Ochocinco picking COD over love91102
1363069058.078i.imgur.com1a4uupApartment walls are thin, I'm sure my neighbors have heard me screaming at the TV.103255
1354169499.076imgur.com13zcapAlso, Camping helps out a lot1002434
1359514746.075imgur.com17jdrhI always buy used to save money! 96216
1352476916.074imgur.com12x1bkPerk-A-Colas I made for BO2!84107
1353140708.071i.imgur.com13cfb6Inspired by a few of you here. How did I do with my emblem design?952411
1354970019.075i.imgur.com14huu0'So we thought of a cool game to play during a match of COD: Zombies. We call it,'Zallot' - x-post from /r/gaming85103
1354669635.073i.imgur.com14amf9Any Breaking Bad fans playing black ops 2?108353
1354230007.070youtube.com140q7qBest spawn system ever.. 77717
1352991552.075imgur.com138p2fThis is as far as my artistic abilities go85106
1354264923.070i.imgur.com141majHow did I pull this off?902027
1352861956.070self.CallOfDuty135sleAnyone else wanting a WWII again?1013155't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Black Ops and will def be playing BO2 for a long time, but I cant be the only one who feels like it wants one of the future CoD games to take a step back from modern/future and go to its roots. World War II. I feel a solid WWII shooter with current engines and formats would be amazing. Anyone else agree?EDIT: I know about World at War, i was more referring to their Call of Duty regular gamesFalset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_135sle
1316567324.069i.imgur.comkm7v3I know this is isn't a very active subreddit but /r/Gaming didnt like it. How is my BO emblem? Nailed it?892011
1352777144.067imgur.com133pvgIn honor of the Call of Duty Midnight Release, I made my boyfriend his own care package983111
1368210616.070self.CallOfDuty1e3074Who was the first person to hack Call of Duty on Consoles? [History you never knew]952528 everyone remember the The Prestige hack? The Leaderboard hack back in MW2? Well finally, I can show you guys who the first person to hack call of duty on consoles was. It was me.I exploited MW2 the first few days it came out, and now that my youtube account has been unbanned I can bring proof to my claims. My YouTube account possessed a valuable gaming history, I talked with Google and got it unbanned.Most of you guys will not appreciate the content I am about to show you because you have been spoiled by the riches of Modded Lobbies, disagree with hacking/modding in general. But understand, this was the history. The roots of the modded lobbies, this is how everything in call of duty modding started (for consoles), the reason for many changes in call of duty.**Modern Warfare 2 Release Date: November 10, 2009****Uploaded on Nov 15, 2009**[Prestige hack released by Me]( hacking buddy and I at the top of the leaderboards before anyone knew anything about the possibility of hacking it:**[Uploaded on Nov 26, 2009](**Immidiately, I knew this was a threat. This knowledge that my friend and I had could destroy the game mechanics in a heartbeat if people found out. So what did I do?I tried my best to contact infinity Ward, I sent them emails, tweets, everything I could to get in contact with them.**[December 2 2009](**This tweet was to the community manager Robert Bowling, he was the last resort basically, and after being ignored by them, I figured, if they won't listen to me.. they will listen to thousands of people.After an exclusive release on a website I used to go to, I decided to make a public video and show everyone how to hack the leaderboards.**[Uploaded on Dec 5, 2009](**I also released the prestige hack shortly after:**[Uploaded on Dec 12, 2009](****I decided to send Robert Bowling a message of the hacks:****What was the response from Activision?** bad I knew what I was talking about, they released an update that patched the leaderboard hack, and it was mildly successful. But guess what? Like I previously told them, I knew other ways of exploiting this, and I proved it to them when I made this video after the patch:**[Uploaded on Dec 21, 2009](**Activision's response? My youtube account was suspended due to Activision/Infinity Ward, and everything was lost. I had to create a new youtube account: only was my account suspended. I was contacted by Activision attorneys several times, and I was threatened with a legal lawsuit for the 'damages caused' I was only 16 when all of this happened, so I was pretty terrified at the idea of being in debt and possibly in prison. They gave me the opportunity to stop everything I was doing or I would get sued basically. After that everything went downhill and I had to stop modding/hacking. It was fun while it lasted, but when you get companies pissed, they will go out of their way to fuck up your life, no matter who you are or how old you are.If you guys have any questions feel free to ask.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1e3074
1366241262.070i.imgur.com1ckh90This emblem almost turned me 'mad', but it was worth it.95257
1361321966.068self.CallOfDuty18usdaWho would love to see a new WWII COD game?912349 is just something.. call it 'romantic' about the WWII theater. The greatest generation, the justifiable presence in the war, etc. -This is not a place to bitch about WAW shortcomings, this is a place to discus why or why not you would love to see a new WWII COD. -Feel free to discuss what WAW did right. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_18usda
1349041874.068self.CallOfDuty10q91jSearch & Destroy fans, I'd like to see this feature in future COD games791122 is all I play, and I've often found it annoying to have to keep hitting select (I'm on PS3) to see how many opposing players there are left alive. I think it'll be pretty cool to just say in the bottom left corner next to the score how many players are left on each team. Happy days.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_10q91j
1320701489.069i.imgur.comm3z27How I feel about the DEW XP promotion7459
1361070909.065i.imgur.com18o8q1Still have better songs than Bieber and One direction1266110
1363648873.065youtu.be1ak1rkReally cool TED Talk about how playing first person shooters like COD affect the brain88233
1357250430.065imgur.com15wu0tAll of my teammates ever.80155
1361293587.061imgur.com18tr74Surely this can't be right?? On Black Ops 1 now?771640
1353047179.066self.CallOfDuty13acx3Used up all 37 emblem layers781210 perfect, some squares are missing because of **32*** layer limitation, but the RGB values match current Steve :)
1348264966.065self.CallOfDuty109r2zI finally bought EVERY SINGLE THING you can buy in Black Ops.781326 accomplishment of my life. That includes: every face paint, every clan tag color, every reticle, reticle color, and lens, every attachment, and camo, including all the gold camos, for every single gun, every clan tag and emblem for every gun, AND I have every 'Pro' Perk. I did this by playing high roller and winning many, many, many times. My total winnings from high roller are almost 5,000,000 cod points. LolFalset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_109r2z
1368023443.064i.imgur.com1dxlosLot of people on today821812
1360281944.064imgur.com183johNuketown in Mw2. Info in comments.771343
1353004875.063imgur.com139373What time is it?!933013
1331431526.065quickmeme.comqr0bwHow I feel during any given match on MW3912613
1324208869.066i.imgur.comnh9nb*sigh* this is what happends when you let cod get to your head6936
1361404984.064self.CallOfDuty18x48fI've calculated how many Zombie rounds there are801619*WARNING: MATH AHEAD*We all know that technology is limited, no matter how advanced it seems. So, one question that I asked, that I'm surprised no one else has asked, is how many rounds of Zombies are there?You may say 'Well, it goes on forever', but you forget Pac-Man.For those who don't know, Pac-Man, back in the 80's, had a limit to the levels you could play. This was because the arcades worked on 8-bit computers, so they could only store an amount of levels that didn't exceed 8-bits.What are bits? Bits are the number of places in the Binary code that computers use to count. Binary, itself, is a Base-2 counting system that is only allowed to use 2 symbols: 0, and 1.Say I want to count in Binary. First, I would have 0, then 1. This is great. But, then I want 2, so what do I do? Well, I carry over. So, 2 in Binary is 10. Not ten, but one, zero. Then I add 1 again and I get 11, which is 3.Now, notice I have 2 digits. That’s what bits are. Suppose I had a 2-bit computer, and each level represented 1. If I kept adding one, I would run out when I hit 3. So, a 2-bit computer can only hold 3 levels.Forgive me if you already know this stuff, but I’m just trying to be precise to show I’m correct (it’s a math thing).But anyway, what if I ask again how many levels can an 8-bit computer hold? I could count the number of combinations, yes, but another neat trick is to remember that each digit represents a power of two. The way to notate that is saying 2^nThe first digit is represented by how many 2^0’s I have. It’s crucial that you start with 0 rather than 1. Well, what is 2^0? It’s 1. And the number in that spot tells me how many of those I have.So, back to Pac-Man. Since we’re using an 8-bit computer, we only have 8 digits:00000000That’s the number 0, obviously, but how many levels could I store until I couldn’t add anymore?Well, if we add 1 to the very left, we remember the power of 2’s, and we find that we have 1 2^7. Then we add another 1 to the digit right of it, and we find that we have one 2^6. In fact, we can keep going and to figure out how many levels an 8-bit computer can hold we just do this: (2^7)n + (2^6)n + (2^5)n + (2^4)n + (2^3)n + (2^2)n + (2^1)n + (2^0)n , where n represents how many of those you have; and if we do that calculation, we find that an 8-bit computer can only hold 255 levels. It can’t hold more because the next digit doesn’t exist to this computer.So, this is where we find Zombies. The Xbox 360 works on 64-bits, so there’s 64 digits. So, what would happen if we added 1 to each spot?Well, that would be 2^64 + 2^63 + 2^62 + 2^61 …and so on, until you reach 2^0, and then you add ALL that up, and you get how many levels a 64-bit computer can hold.So, now for the big finale. I did the calculation myself, and the number of total Zombie rounds there are (until the game starts wigging out) is this:36,893,488,147,419,103,231I also did another calculation. Even if you beat a round every single second, it would still take you over a trillion years to get to the end.I ♥ math.Falset5_2rcq21361405281.0Truet3_18x48f
1349098034.064imgur.com10rcdxIf you have played Black Ops..831914
1353668506.059imgur.com13nw4rI see your Ron Swanson Emblem, and raise you mine711210
1370149926.063qkme.me1fi7e0The most annoying thing ever892617
1355364760.058i.imgur.com14rff6Best Tranzit map so far IMO (Post from r/blackops2)71136
1353604522.059self.CallOfDuty13mktcAnyone want nuketown to be its own playlist again?1004147
1320744850.058i.imgur.comm4noqMy coworkers and I at our MW3 launch tonight.76188
1364774796.061i.imgur.com1bdyo1I tried so damn hard. [Kill Confirmed][PC]812010
1360106044.061self.CallOfDuty17yo5fWould you guys want a Anniversery Edition Of COD4?761588
1359652322.057i.imgur.com17myt3'To improve the human condition.' 70138
1355611058.058i.imgur.com14wwnqI was at the zombies menu screen when my brother brought up a good point.943626
1343284963.058imgur.comx6f6iPre-Ordered Black Ops II, here's the HD 1920x1200 wallpaper they gave me for you all to use, in case you're too lazy to Google it. Enjoy.74168
1341015144.058imgur.comvtkv8The Office doorman plays cod? - Imgur68107
1366557293.059youtube.com1csvxaINSANE TOMAHAWK PRECISION792010
1319085384.058xkcd.comlid8fThis is pretty much how I see Call of Duty haters. 65712
1362019203.056imgur.com19dd89My emblem.89337
1363816438.059i.imgur.com1aovxpWe have all been here.6789
1333878949.057imgur.comrz2xvThis. This is why it's great to play old games and make sure that modders know that they've been reported721516
1360346474.057i.imgur.com1855i9Love it when i join a game and this is their emblem.85289
1355355897.055i.imgur.com14r5m2Call of Duty Black Ops 2 DOUBLE XP WEEKEND! Dec. 14 @10 a.m. - Dec. 17 @10 a.m.62717
1349157436.058i.imgur.com10syt9You know you play too much Call of Duty when..79216
1344870475.055youtube.comy5ar9Every CoD montage video in a nutshell [NSFW, EPILEPSY WARNING]681312
1376503482.052self.CallOfDuty1kd2bnNew Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Trailer!619110 it out.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1kd2bn
1370319595.056self.CallOfDuty1fmr4dLet's reboot MW2762061, I've started playing Modern Warfare 2 again. I was blown away by how fun it is. Then I realized, this game is more fun than every cod game after it. I genuinely enjoyed it more than any other game in the series. Personally, I can't really play Black Ops 2 or Modern Warfare 3 for more than an hour at a time. It's just tedious, the same thing over and over. The balancing is ruining the games.Unbalanced games are the best games. Remember Quake and Quake 2? Those were incredible fun. The unbalanced weapons make it fun. You spawn with some crappy machine gun that does nothing and get gibbed all the time by guys with rocket launchers and rail guns. The fun comes from killing those guys with the top-tier weapons, being better than them. MW2 is the same, it's not balanced. The newer, balanced games, are just bland. They've been balanced too much. Every weapon feels the same. They feel like they all do the same damage per second as every other gun, except in special circumstances like gun classes. All the SMG's feel the same to me, as do all the assault rifles and machine guns. It's just tedious. MW2 is much more varied. Of course there are the classic overpowered guns like the UPM-45, the SPAS-12 and the Barret .50. However, the people using them are only people, not tanks. With a tiny bit of thinking power and maybe some teamwork, they're easy to take out, even if they're using the cheapest weapons. It's just more fun and satisfying taking them out.So, who wants to play some MW2? It is easy to boost the community again. All you have to do is play. On any console or gaming platform, just play. Ever player is one more person needed for a game to start. There are people playing and lobbies form rather quickly (at least on PC), but it could be so much better. I have hundreds of hours invested in this game for a reason. It's just so good, so much fun. Let's play a few rounds.**TL;DR:** The cod franchise has become boring due to balancing. Let's go back to mw2 and have some fun.Falset5_2rcq21370322857.0pcTruet3_1fmr4d
1369000333.057qkme.me1enl1hEvery time6692
1368475413.051facebook.com1e9k6bTippmann, a paintball company, made a real-life mock-up of the map 'Nuke Town'. Saw it on Facebook and I thought you guys would like it62117
1364965502.055i.imgur.com1bkja2I haven't played in a while and now what is this?64913
1354014417.057i.imgur.com13vaa5Any fan of Pink Floyd here ? 86298
1367459316.051i.imgur.com1diusuFrom the Ghosts teaser trailer..what is it?712029
1362430024.051imgur.com19nqx8Sabotage Win streak in black ops 1, can u beat it?691815
1360839205.049imgur.com18ib2zOne of my proudest cod moments83342
1360720953.054memecrunch.com18f12iDead bodies84306
1352227434.052i.imgur.com12qqxfI got a M.O.A.B last night. This dude sent me like 25 game requests after that game72205
1350860818.055i.imgur.com11v6s9They should have named this new perk 'Badass Motherfuckery'711614
1346259994.053imgur.comz10uoI got this wallpaper for pre-ordering BLOPS 2 on Amazon671412
1367797662.050imgur.com1drcqoAnyone know what this 'warrior' is in the 'Ghosts' teaser?742411
1367427888.052joystiq.com1dhp26Call of Duty: Ghosts announced; next-gen powered by new engine621029
1358879017.052i.imgur.com172fytGo get 'em, tiger!722018
1358658843.051i.imgur.com16wzi8I think this should be illegal 964526
1358114153.054i.imgur.com16ig24I think I broke it..69155
1370356735.054i.imgur.com1fnj2tHow's that possible?!? 6/4/2013701629
1358199754.051i.imgur.com16kpovI beat my all time zombies record. 661517
1342506858.053imgur.comwouk3Not much.. Just hanging5851
1368139408.050imgur.com1e15qdx-post from /r/tattoos - Call of duty Zombie Tattoo73236
1366078042.048i.imgur.com1cfmm3Hit master prestige tonight and checked my stats on the xbox 360 Elite app. I noticed my icon was quite different.. (x-post from r/gaming)621411
1363908641.050youtu.be1arkx9Call of Duty: Ghosts - MW4 Leaked Info & Title 651533
1354217595.051surveymonkey.com140bthCould you guys fill out my survery on Call of Duty to help me with my University project (Open to people who play, used to play and haven't played at all)56527
1336019675.051i.imgur.comt4lz7So. I'm guessing that means zombies are confirmed? [BO2]5873
1335761468.051i.imgur.comszaqeDid you know?863519
1332795657.049twitter.comrerimFourtwozero resigns.611223!/fourzerotwo/status/184384024368783360
1361653322.045youtube.com193hnxThis is by far the best Call of Duty montage I have seen yet it isn't that popular. I'm posting this here so that more people can see how amazing it is. All credit goes to booman61. Enjoy!581322
1352794242.051i.imgur.com13442oWell that was unexpected 5762
1369602436.045codblackopsblog.com1f3m5lHidden Black Ops 2 Camo Found61169
1369248466.049self.CallOfDuty1eun0h[HOAX ALERT]People claiming to be 'testers' of Ghosts are lying61129 reddit, with out proof nothing said on this sub should be taken as fact. If someone is claiming to be 'leaking' information they should be able to provide proof as they are breaking the terms of their NDA and are going to be fired anyways. Ask for proof before anything. Mods Please take care of these posts right away as we don't need any more misinformation floating around this sub than is necessary. Thank you redditors. Have a nice day!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1eun0h
1359423170.048imgur.com17gtraMy CoD: Black Ops II emblems.81338
1346517679.049collegehumor.comz6ttrModern Warfare Soldier Comes Home5564
1369839179.049i.imgur.com1f9rdkHappened me today. My connection-2mb d/l, 130kb u/l5897
1369678791.045youtube.com1f5du8'Next Gen Fish AI Tech' in Ghosts.641916
1367506234.050i.imgur.com1djxe3Whilst searching through the CoD Ghosts Teaser Email I Found this772712
1367439973.046imgur.com1di5lmThe executioner was originally called the 'Raging Judge' resembling Taurus's Raging Judge54823
1361668790.051i.imgur.com193xsjHas anyone seen this? Saw this somewhere on the Internet. Does anyone know about this? 742336
1353821645.048imgur.com13qysuIs it too late to post my emblem? 621410
1352792528.050i.imgur.com13437qDid you guys get any cool free midnight release stuff? 55545
1352791249.046self.CallOfDuty1342i1Why the heck do you guys like tiny maps so much? Doesn't anyone like large maps where you aren't constantly getting shot in the back, and where you can effectively plan attack routes?581254
1352749199.046imgur.com132t1jGot Black Ops 2 a little bit early. Spent some of my time making this! (xpost /r/TorontoBlueJays) 54817
1375913000.044self.CallOfDuty1jwwrbI think I know what really bugs me about quickscoping5713101 of all, I don't think it's an 'exploit' or 'lame' but I do think it changes the character of the game, and not necessarily for the better. I don't do it (just not my thing, I'd rather run around with a Tac .45 or move more moderately with an AN-94, personally), but I finally was able to put my finger on why it's so bothersome.Gun fights are whats fun about CoD, and quickscopers remove that from the game, mostly. I was recently in a match where there were five or six people quickscoping (on both sides, obviously). There were very few interesting gunfights. A lot of turn, hit someone twice and die, and a lot of getting 'legit' sniped over long distances when sprinting across longer sightlines toward cover.You don't have a gunfight with a quickscoper; you just pray that you can kill them before they get their shot off most of the time. Toughness is kind of irrelevant, since with or without it, doing damage to the quickscoper doesn't seem to hamper them much.I respect the hell out of the guys who are good at it; watching them play is often impressive - but I wish it wasn't in CoD because I miss the actual firefights. I wish there was a way to remove quickscoping from multiplayer - and then add it back in as it's own party game (along with Sticks and Stones and such). There's definitely a place for it, but in 'normal' multiplayer it feels out of balance (though the number of people who suck at it and fail massively make this less of a problem since most of the time, you'll find half of the quickscopers in a given lobby going WAY, WAY, WAY negative).I dunno, just rambling; feel free to ignore me - I just had a couple of bad rounds with quickscopers everywhere and am venting. I'll be back to playing in a little while, I'm sure.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1jwwrb
1362982733.050self.CallOfDuty1a2hveDoes anyone else miss World at War?641446's sad how the game is ruined by hacking. It was my first COD game.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1a2hve
1362498771.046self.CallOfDuty19pm04Local CoD Tournament49335 was thinking that just like the League of Legends subreddit, we could have a local reddit competition, a tournament of 1v1s or even 4v4s. We could figure that out, and every friday we would get a bunch of moderators to host the game (must have good connection) and assign the teams there. Then, the day after we post the results, and we host the games next week, until we get a champion. So each tournament would take a month. We would host the matches according to GB rules, and we could have maybe each month, a different game such as one month on BO2, COD4, MW2, etc. Good idea? This might be a way to help the subreddit grow, and do something other than talk about MLG teams.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_19pm04
1360996401.049gifsoup.com18ml4sThe flash bang grenades I'M issued: no effect. The flash bang grenades my opponents are issued against me:62137
1355286886.043i.imgur.com14pivlI know these are dead, but every redditor I know says it's 'perfect' and that I 'need to upload it'. So for their sake, and for the sake of this subreddit, (there have been some REALLY bad ones) here's my emblem. Enjoy!743114
1349633475.044youtube.com113gwiFavela was apparently removed from MW2 because of this video551150
1358712512.046i.imgur.com16y0vsActivision support sucks big time. This is the fourth time i contact them and the fourth time i get disconnected.571115
1355453928.043i.imgur.com14tmlaHow I feel when a single throwing knife kills more than one person.75327
1332978530.046g4tv.comridltCall of Duty: Black Ops 2 information leaked!49330
1320569366.047youtube.comm2966Kid was bitching. I took care of it in the best way i possible could have.58110
1376403443.044self.CallOfDuty1ka1cuCOD numbers since COD456126
1360595939.042youtube.com18b7vdThe best use of COD in popular media54126
1356458573.045i.imgur.com15fey9Why are these all the same price? 591419
1354866389.044i.imgur.com14fnyjBlack Ops 2 Weapons Chart58149
1353335676.044self.CallOfDuty13g96xOne thing I miss about Call of Duty52811 wish they would bring the xp bar (at the bottom of the screen) back. I liked being able to know how close I am to leveling up in-game, plus I like knowing I was only a few kills away. Can they bring this back?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13g96x
1342999005.043self.CallOfDutywzjj7Who would want to see WaW remade?632032 and my brother were talking and agreed that WaW, besides some flaws (tanks, unpatched glitches, etc) was one of the best CODs. Would anyone else like to see it remade? I think the graphics combined with their new game would be awesome. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_wzjj7
1335714679.040i.imgur.comsy8tvClue. Almost confirming a futuristic setting.501026
1329186209.043self.CallOfDutypofyyAnyone else miss COD4?50760 roommate has recently gone on a MW3 binge and I have been playing with him. What happened to the franchise? How can anyone play this compared to COD4? The maps are the definition of a shitstorm. I miss Backlot, Crash, Strike, Overgrown, Bloc..etc, etc, etc. I hope I'm not the only one.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_pofyy
1369431916.045i.imgur.com1ezvr5So #CODGhosts is being promoted to #1 on Twitter right now.. this is all I could notice..66218
1359535073.043i.imgur.com17jwpoI just want to let everyone know that anything is possible.53109
1340905537.044youtube.comvr1r0The Best Trolling I've Ever Seen in Call of Duty69258
1335917210.044youtube.comt2e0bReveal Trailer - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - YouTube551146
1365193563.043i.imgur.com1br8frMy setup for the 1 million dollar tournament621912
1361595504.043imgur.com192dqxWas playing CoD2, when I realized that the Nazis must have liked palm trees.561317
1359074243.041i.imgur.com1783xhMy emblem!58174
1352908109.044self.CallOfDuty136nsuDoes anyone else feel like Treyarch completely nerfed sound whoring?541042 biggest gripe with the game so far is that I cannot hear footsteps at all. I have a headset with 7.1 surround sound and yet I can barely even make out my team mate's footsteps and only if they are within a 2-3ft radius. Enemy footsteps I think are non-existent. I know there is an Awareness perk at Level 50 or something that increases their volume, but the fact that it seems like everyone has dead silence on without it, has really frustrated me.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_136nsu
1372122518.040self.CallOfDuty1h0a10PSA: Do NOT Play Team Tactical On Black Ops 1.591935 actually read instead of downvoting and moving on) Today I decided to play some Black Ops and I decided to play team tactical. (ps3) The very first game I entered I knew something was up because everyone jumped off and killed themselves. After that I got a kill and I was greeted with -30000. With my newly reset stats I tried a few more game since, you know since there wasn't anything to loose. 4 games in a row I received reset stats. Though every other game mode I didn't get this problem, it seems like we are seeing a reoccurrence of what happened with Modern Warfare 2. Thanks for reading.Falset5_2rcq21372124405.0Truet3_1h0a10
1372043190.037self.CallOfDuty1gy27wPotentially the Worst Modern Warfare 2 Clip Ever by shaun0728 A.K.A. Hutch50134 never gets old.
1365790505.045youtube.com1c7ygxBlack Ops truly had jaw-dropping hit detection.561115
1363126800.040i.imgur.com1a6cdyOn BO1, was level 49 (12th prestige) when something weird happened while playing domination TT. Now I'm level 1 again and my screen looks like this, any ideas?521245
1353552509.040i.imgur.com13lnneSince we're all posting our emblems57175
1353172182.041self.CallOfDuty13cuwdSo, it's been out a few days now, what's Reddit's thoughts on Black Ops 2?443106
1349827663.045self.CallOfDuty1181rkWeather or daylight system?47222 is just a thought that has been on my mind since World At War. In said game there were two versions of one map (one during the day and one during the night - forgive me, I don't remember the name of this map).I would love to have each map during the day and during the night rather than just a set setting. It can change the mood of the maps so well. Imagine Nuketown at night with floodlights or something, right?I have also thought that a weather system would be pretty cool, such as imagine 'Outpost' without snow and 'Mission' with heavy rain.I would really enjoy this if it were a random system for every match so the maps feel somewhat fresh with each play.I highly doubt this will be implemented into a Call of Duty game but am just interested in some discussion on this ide. So, thoughts?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1181rk
1348679967.043theverge.com10ikf9'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' Zombies grows with story-driven campaign, 8-player versus mode4526
1367000938.041ign.com1d63ogNext Call of Duty Game Will Be Revealed May 1st47622
1363404784.039imgur.com1ae4ezI think I Broke Black ops 2..46719
1361132171.036self.CallOfDuty18pg6fRe-Release Call of Duty 4?6731117 activision decided to re-sell a new version of cod4 would you buy it?Personally I think cod4 is the best call of duty game and I would be extremely ecstatic if they decided to re-release it because that would mean more people would be playing it. Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_18pg6f
1359477979.036upi.com17i3xwPasserby hears gunshots and someone screaming for help from inside house. Calls cops, who show up and storm the place, only to find a group of teenagers playing Call of Duty50144
1350584914.042callofdutyanalysis.blogspot.com11pa5bA Brief Look at CoD's Sales History4976
1347169672.041i.imgur.comzlbdgPlaying Spec Ops when suddenly.. (Mw2)53122
1344358852.041youtube.comxtxexBO2 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer!52119
1330619688.040quickmeme.comqd2hsBoromir on leveling up.58188
1367982713.039i.imgur.com1dwqwlAll ur base [Black Ops 2 Easter Egg]59208
1357654272.039en.wikipedia.org166m08Call of duty will be Ten years old on the 29th October 45619
1370153634.041qkme.me1fia5qWith summer coming along.60192
1368399497.042self.CallOfDuty1e7jnaShit that pisses me off in MW2.50881 three times I have been thrown into a server that is hacked. I'm automatically shot up to level 70. Now you may not think this is a problem. But I enjoy earning my way up the ranks. I don't search these servers out, they throw me into them. I never choose a class, I leave game and still get ranked up. It's depressing. In short, fuck the kid who made that server. /rantFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1e7jna
1362666917.038self.CallOfDuty19ugneReddit Clan hosting charity even for Child's Play. Trying to raise money for a good cause in the name of COD, lets make this popular!50125 a second to check out our [open letter]( and see what Child's Play and NAEGold are all about! To whom it may concern,We are Reddit NAEGold, a Call of Duty Elite clan on the PlayStation Network. About seven months ago we embarked on a journey to merge two very active based Modern Warfare 3 Clans (NAE and NAE2) that constantly played together on the PlayStation Network. The new clan was named NAEGold. We started with just over 40 heavily dedicated members. We have grown to a modest 66 members and take pride in being very selective in who joins. We try to have a positive influence on one another and we always try to keep it classy. As for our success, we are currently ranked 9th in the world for win percentage on PSN and have a very diverse group of players, of which we are very proud.As we have grown to know each other, there has been drama, arguments, spreadsheets, tournaments, raffles, giveaways, meetups, rage mics, wins, losses(mostly wins), life lessons and most importantly a sense of belonging and community. Time and time again we get a little cheesy when we talk about what the clan means to us, but the fact of the matter is that for some reason it means a great deal to each and every one of us. It is a very important part of our lives and something many of us look forward to on a daily basis.The sense of community we have in our small group of just over 60 guys is something we certainly cherish, but not something that we want to take for granted. So, we have decided to come together and share that sense of community and try to spread the joy that gaming has brought us. We feel that if we work together and put our efforts into helping and giving back we can spread the feeling of community and friendship that our mutual passion for gaming has provided. We really want to give back in the spirit of what we love to do, gaming.With that said, we have decided that one very important way we can give back is by raising money for a charity. In our search for a charity we found one very special charity that we felt would help us achieve all of our goals at once. We were lucky enough to discover Child’s Play. For those of you that don’t already know, Child's Play is dedicated to improving the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game community and the power of play.Child’s Play uses the funds that they receive to outfit children's hospitals with various forms of gaming equipment and helps to give them a place to gather and spend time together as well as a play various games. To be honest, this is exactly the goal we were trying to achieve. We wanted to demonstrate how the sense of community and friendship that gaming offers can help improve the lives of those around us. We want to put some effort forth and find a way to share with others what we feel and experience, and we truly believe that Child’s Play will help us share what we experience with children who really need community and friendship to help them through a very tough time in their lives.Finally, in order to help Child’s Play achieve their goals, and help them enrich the lives of so many children we have decided to hold a 12 hour Black Ops 2 marathon benefiting the Child's Play Charity on April 6, 2013 from 11:59 am - 11:5 9pm EST.Please take some time to check out the [Child’s Play]( site, our [facebook ](, and our [twitter]( page and help us bring the joy of gaming to the many children who need every bit of happiness they can find!If you decide you want to donate please visit our [donation page]( And please, pass along this letter and spread word.Sincerely,All members of Reddit NAE Gold Donation page:
1358834452.039quickmeme.com171hy4For you OG guys out there.4343
1353872280.039n4g.com13rrq3whats the most offensive placard you guys have seen?45645
1352649264.037self.CallOfDuty130gk6In case you haven't noticed..46918 all this new BLOPS2 stuff going around, I thought that I'd let y'all know that Favela is back on MW2, in case you didn't know. That is all. Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_130gk6
1351604672.040gamesthirst.com12c52iBig Leak – Captain Price Actor Confirms Modern Warfare 4 from Infinity Ward551532
1349202520.041youtube.com10tui9Since BLOPS2 is coming out I decided play Black Ops again.. on the wii. 44320
1341260593.035youtu.bevxw9nCrossbow stick on enemy care package.4161
1336264136.037self.CallOfDutyt91t3Mw3 tips and tricks491224 everyone, I just got my first MOAB today, and I think it was because of all the tips on this community. So I thought I'd give back a little bit. ___***I'd like to start by saying I am not an MLG player, nor do I think I am. I am making this to say what has helped me, and try and give some advice to new players.***___First off, class setup and game type.**Game Mode**Normal TDM on Outpost. Riding solo, no party.____**Class Setup**for those of you who like the IGN creator, [here it is.]( everyone else:*Primary* : MP7 with Rapid fire and suppressor. And of course, attachments*Secondary* : MP9 with suppressor*Equipment* : Semtex and Flashbang*Perks* 1. Sleight of Hand Pro1. Hardline1. Marksman*Kill streaks* : Specialist with blast shield, quickdraw, and stalker*Death streak* : Not important, but juiced.________**Tips, strategies, and tactics.**(disclaimer: This probably offers no new tips to an intermediate - advanced player, but it is what I used and newer players may find it helpful)To start, a little but about myself:*Settings, K/D, and that jazz*I play on PSN, my ID is ffxpwns. I am second prestige, lvl 20. My sensitivity is 8 and I use tacticool button layout. My K/D is 1.2 and I usually don't roll in a party. Was this important? Probably not. But I put it just so people have the info if they want.*Tips and tactics*Okay, where to start? Lets go with button layout. Now, while this isn't important per se, I find that it is far easier to do well with tactical. I'll say why in a second here.Second: To rush or not to rush? Let me start out by saying, I don't camp. I don't have the patience to sit in a corner, kill someone, switch corners, repeat. So, I'd say I rush for the most part. While camping can be effective, you look like a douche and I find it boring as all hell. But a problem lies in rushing. You are constantly moving, so you must be aware at all times to check who's to your sides, and every now and then, you have to check behind you. Every single fork, corner, or building, you have to be aware that there could very well be a person inside. Camping or not, if they are facing your direction, they will probably win that fight. You just don't want to risk it by running blindly into situations like that. You can do some things to mitigate that risk though.1. Prefire. Prefiring is when you start shooting before you actually enter a room / walk around a corner. You can choose to hipfire or ADS. The upsides of prefiring is if there is someone there, you are very likely to kill them. The downsides are you use a LOT of ammo, and if you aren't silenced, people will know exactly where you are. 2. Walking around a corner ADS. Basically the same as prefiring, except you don't waste ammo or give away your position. 3. Stun / nade checks. Simple enough. If you are going to enter a potentially enemy filled room, simply throw your tactical or lethal grenade. This is especially effective if you have recon on, therefor showing your target as a big arrow on your mini map. But be mindful, you can't replenish grenades, so you may be stuck without one when you really need it.4. My method of choice: The jump shot or drop shot. I will explain these next.Third: The jump shot and drop shot. This right here is why I use tactical. The drop shot is when you see an enemy, you press down on your right thumbstick and shoot at them while you are going to prone, thus minimizing your enemies ability to hit you. The jump shot is the opposite. Instead of going prone, you jump when you see an enemy, effectively making yourself harder to hit because you are moving around. If you get used to these tactics, use them in tandem. When you go around a corner jump, then go to prone while shooting. It is extremely hard to hit some one while they are doing this. Try it yourself!**Weapons, perks and killstreaks**Not a whole lot I can say here, seeing as how everyone preference is different. I would very strongly recommend a silenced weapon with attachments and extended mags / rapid fire, or Just a silencer with focus. I really like the MP7 ext mags, silenced and the FAD ext mags, silenced. I would never normally use rapid fire on the MP7, since it only increases fire rate by a mere 11%. Tmartn has an amazing video on the subject [right here.]( Again, all up to your preference. I like SOH, hardline, and marksman. But its totally up to you to decide. *Added by popular request* For SMG's, or faster firing AR's, I would go for scavenger pro as a starter perk, and put sleight of hand as my first attained perk in the specialist package. That way you aren't constantly looking out for scavenger packs (due to the increase in starting ammo)Killstreaks. Ahhh. here we go. as far as killstreaks go, I think the choice is clear. Specialist. It turns you into a walking powerhouse after 8 kills (7 with hardline), and grants you a perk every 2 kills up until that point. So by the time you are at 8, it grants you every perk and proficiency simultaneously. When you get blind eye, assassin, and recon. You are pretty much unstoppable. **Peripherals**I use a standard PS3 controller, for a headset I have tritton AX-720's and I also use [fps freeks thumbsticks]( I find the headset is extremely helpful when you get your specialist bonus, so you have sitrep pro and dead silence and you can soundwhore a little (note: you will only get sitrep pro if you already have it normally, otherwise, you will just get sitrep.) I also find the fps freeks very handy. Maybe ts just phycological, but I have far more precise aim when if come to those little movements to keep your shots on target. Well, that's it for now. I will add more if I think I've forgotten something. But I think I included most things I'd like to have. Comment any cool tips you have discovered!I'm out-ffxpwnsAlso: as proof, you get a shitty cell phone photo of me calling it in. [Enjoy.]( I hate to be a whore, but this took a while to write. if you enjoyed it maybe you could spare an upvote :) If not, Whatever. I don't really mind. I hope you found this useful! Edit 2: User [Gnarlet suggested]( that I add the fire rate and scavenger sections to the article. So I did! He also said I should put a note on having hardline as a specialist perk, now while I don't use that I will still leave [this video]( for your consideration. I understand why he recommended that, but I don't think it's incredibly useful. But you can watch the video and decide for yourself. Falset5_2rcq2TrueTruet3_t91t3
1365022586.035self.CallOfDuty1bm3btWho else thinks the pack-a-punch camo should be available in multiplayer?461114
1364328999.034imgur.com1b29ypGot into a hacked game in WaW, now this pops up and I can't play. :(491513
1356624645.036self.CallOfDuty15iudnMap idea for future Call of Duties40435 was thinking that it might be interesting for each map to have two different environment variants, e.g. Night/Day/Dawn/Dusk/Rainy/Overcast, in order to cheaply create a different feeling map without completely making another one.Maybe its difficult to do the lighting, but I think it would be amazing to have the choice between the two, i.e. what Carentan in COD 2 was vs Chinatown in COD 4.Along with this, I think IW should bring back the night-vision that was in COD 4.Thoughts?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_15iudn
1354467296.038i.imgur.com145lo4Played with this guy last night.. 814326
1354096144.038self.CallOfDuty13xe5mIn remembrance for the Voice Over Announcements from World at War.. Enjoy.45721 felt like the Announcers from WaW made the game feel more intense. It wasn't all whispering and tense growling.Considering whenever I play BO2, its literally like Normandy 2025 up in hurr - grenades, aerial bombardments, huge firefights - I find it hard to believe that the Ground Commander wouldn't be yelling his orders at us.Granted - the other side of that is that its an offsite voiceover (assuming any amount of realism) so he's not in the middle of all hell breaking loose, but that's just boring.I want to be yelled at - and all the Match Beginning and End Match voice overs are awesome. Modern versions of these shouts would just make the game more fun in my opinion.Some of my favorites Quotes:1. Russian - They came for our blood, but *drown* in their own!1. American - A lot of good men died today, all for nothing! 1. German - A teammate has disappointed the Fuhrer, you *will* not see him again! 1. Japanese - The savages send *dogs* to do *their* work!Also, links to all of the announcements just for funsies:1. Russian - American - German - Japanese -
1335983293.035imgur.comt3nieI just realised this..461113
1314424980.036youtube.comjvx15Xbox Ahoy's New Series 'Behind The Lines': FN FAL. X-post from codbo4155
1368829340.036i.imgur.com1ejmusFuck you JAYGUCC195450146
1352155704.035youtu.be12oz70Leaked Black Ops 2 zombie game play. Uploaded a few hours ago.43810
1347298865.040i.imgur.comznunyAmazing Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Cosplay50102
1362170206.034youtube.com19hehiDealing with Campers47135
1358374011.035youtube.com16pl8uYou guys liked my How to Domination: Yemen video, here's one for the map Raid.4056
1354138062.031youtube.com13yea2I made a video talking about map awareness that analyzes a clip in real time. Most people I see in game have bad awareness, maybe this will help.37614
1352915715.036youtube.com136w0hReported a hacker and got a strike on his account. Check this out.44821
1352608690.032i.imgur.com12zw8hI can't wait anymore guys, this is far too tempting. [Steam Pre-Loaded]43118
1351791606.033youtube.com12gu4mWelcome to Nuketown 2025 - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video - YouTube40720
1349742041.033xbox360achievements.org11624hHere, is proof that Favela was removed from MW239613
1337895967.035imgur.comu3fh3Going above and beyond the Call Of Duty. 65304
1317520104.033youtube.comkxzn6Enemy Emergency Airdrop Incoming3850
1370217703.034polygon.com1fjr6aLife size Simon 'Ghost' Riley statue mistaken for gunman by LAPD3846
1369171621.037imgur.com1esgzvThe insignia for what appears to be the enemy faction for the new game43610
1367944741.034self.CallOfDuty1dvc7oShould you be facerolled just because you joined a match?43930 the consoles at least - with the lobby system - I think new players should NEVER be dropped directly into an in-progress game. You should be shown the current scoreboard, time remaining, map and game mode and given a few seconds to Nope! on out of there.I'm getting really tired of searching for games and being dropped into the middle of a dom game where we're trip-capped and down by 50 points with less than three minutes remaining, while the enemy team has a VSAT and Warthog in the air.I don't care if I take a loss by selecting 'no', I just don't want to join the game. I don't care much about my W/L (I think it's under 1.0 but I am ALWAYS playing randoms/pubs anyway so it's a crapshoot no matter how good (or bad) I am doing) but it just plain isn't fun to join a game in progress and proceed to get face-stomped without being able to fight back.And even beyond that - I can't begin to count the number of times I've been dumped into games that are either a mode or a map that I can't stand, and I never even had a chance to vote against them. (TDM/KC on Aftermath, I'm looking at you..)Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1dvc7o
1364648605.031youtube.com1bat9vInsane Knife + No Scope Streak!!!48179
1359910512.036self.CallOfDuty17t95qA quick guide to diamond camo for special weapons.4379 so for the combat knife it's pretty simple. Stack your class up with perks and sprint around on an objective game type such as domination. The perks I used were.. PERK 1: Lightweight and Ghost. Lightweight allows you to navigate the map quickly and make your kills swift so you get in and get out. Ghost keeps you of the radar so when the other team is busy trying to get your teammates you can pick them off when their back is turned.PERK 2: Fast hands and cold blooded. Those two perks allow you to be covert and quick so the enemy has a difficult time making the kill let alone finding you.PERK 3: Dexterity and Extreme Conditioning. These two perks allow you to be fast and maneuver over objects faster. You can sprint faster as well.WILDCARDS: Perk greed 1, 2 and 3 of course!At this point you are probably wondering 'Schrammbo what do I do with this last create a class point!?!' Well you do whatever the fuck you want with it. I put a combat axe on my class. So that concludes the combat knife section of the guide. On to the next.The ballistic knife is easy to get. I have no advice other than play ALOT of sticks and stones. There isn't any class setup for it because I played sticks and stoned but if you don't want to play sticks and stones then for your class just use everything in the combat knife portion of the guide and then spend your last point on the ballistic knife.Same goes for the crossbow. PLAY ALOT OF STICKS AND STONES. I cannot stress this enough. Once you get most of your challenges you will probably get stuck on the bloodthirsty challenge. I just got mine in sticks and stones but it is difficult seeing as you have to get 5 kills with the 6 bolts you get. If you don't like that idea then you can go into any playlist (free for all suggested) and put on the Tri-Bolt attachment with your crossbow. Put on scavenger and then whatever else you feel comfortable using. With the tri-bolt attachment you can rush the enemy team and get direct impact kills if you're close enough. Direct impact kills make the enemy drop scavenger packs to replenish your ammo so it will come pretty quick.As for the Assault/Riot Shield I suggest playing hard core. It is a one hit kill in hardcore allowing you to pick up more kills. For my perks I ran the same as my combat knife class, stacking the classes with perks help a lot. There is a camo for the assault/riot shield that says 'get 25 combat axe kills while holding the assault shield' no worries, it may seem hard at first but it's easy. Put on fast hands and danger close and then when the enemy is unloading his clip at you and has to reload you just whip out a combat axe and nail him with it.So that is my guide on how I got diamond camo for my special weapons. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below or PM me. You can also contact me on Xbox under the gamertag: I am Schrammbo. Good Luck and happy hunting!Falset5_2rcq21359918923.0360Truet3_17t95q
1357610532.035i.imgur.com165o08He's 4.511628
1357271475.034i.imgur.com15xik2Been to hell and back an finally came through. Lots of sweat and tears trying to get this.491529
1353621805.034youtube.com13n07bQuite possibly the best kill i've had in any video game4399
1352505610.034self.CallOfDuty12xv64Would anyone else be thrilled if CoD single player put you into the boots of a lowly Private in the Army rather than another special forces team with fancy gadgets?43916 silly, but I always liked the WWII CoD games where you were one man doing his part in a much larger war. Don't get me wrong, the Army Rangers, Delta Force, British SAS, these guys are all cool. But there was something fun about being a small part of a much larger war. The plot might not be as action packed, but the gameplay would be cool. Even if you were a paratrooper or something unique it would be cool.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_12xv64
1350065837.033imgur.com11dksmForgot about MW2. Played some TDM then switched to S&D; consider my pants pooped.47149
1335911152.033i.imgur.comt28e6Well then.45128
1320190751.034youtube.comlx1cdCrashing a booster lobby4173
1370635349.036self.CallOfDuty1fvtwgWas It Nerfed?45915 guys,I made a blog for all the gun updates I'll be updating it with every update to see what was 'nerfed'. Hopefully some of you find this useful. I haven't found any sites specifically for nerfed guns on COD. If anyone has any extra suggestions let me know. I wanted it keep it pretty simple.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1fvtwg
1365918756.033self.CallOfDuty1cbalpWill Call Of Duty ever take us to World War I?471443 there any good videos games where you play in the setting of wwI? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1cbalp
1354540412.034youtube.com1475k2You run into weird moments playing call of duty. Sometimes, it's kind of hard to describe it.40610
1353363798.035i.imgur.com13h2ewYaaay, we're doomed!3943
1352065934.033quickmeme.com12mqmyBLB Plays WaW on XBox!48154
1350012466.032i.imgur.com11cjzvSomeone messed with MW2 on Live tonight, and made it award literally millions of points for each kill and even for just dying. Jumped me from 54 to 70 in one kill. Anyone else had this before? Sorry for shitty pic.39717
1348073478.033youtube.com1056b6Zombies Preview - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video - YouTube33012
1344308487.037i.imgur.comxsxjbA really quick wallpaper i made on ms paint, anyone else excited for Black Ops II?501310
1320897077.031self.CallOfDutym6ztpKarma can rule!!4094 other day they had a contest with a random drawling at the comic shop I go to,and somebody from activision was there for a comic signing. I won two things. On the way out I saw a kid about 5 or 6 crying because he didn't win. I gave him one of my prizes and he seemed very happy. About a week later I get a call. The activision guy saw what I did and has all the makers of CoD signing a poster for me.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_m6ztp
1363304313.028pcgamer.com1abfkuCall of Duty “has almost ruined a generation of shooter players”572945
1359891841.028i.imgur.com17sxwbSo close.45174
1353350834.035self.CallOfDuty13gnlmThe NUKETOWN 2025 playlist is gone!39427 can't we play just nuketown any more!?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13gnlm
1353080019.032imgur.com13av7aA little late but, a MW3 Wrangler4193
1352735469.032i.imgur.com132e91This has been my background for a few weeks now. (the countdown is live) Its almost time!!421022
1348000562.036self.CallOfDuty103j94Why I feel stopping power is a necessary perk in Call of Duty.45957 power, although many people feel it is permanently unbalanced, in my opinion is necessary to the balance of the game.Assuming it stays in the same perk slot as it originally was, it provided alternate options to other perks that have now taken over as blatantly overpowered. In MW3, the only viable perk is assassin. Why is that? None of the other options are a reasonable alternative. Assuming the CoD4 perk setup plus others from MW2, you have stopping power, UAV Jammer, Lightweight, Overkill, Danger Close. Now assuming these perks all have pro version, stopping power has no real use with a pro upgrade. It is just stopping power.Now on the other hand, people who choose assassin (uav jammer) get a noticeable bonus with the pro perk (no red crosshairs). Lightweight also gets a bonus, although that has changed from game to game, as does danger close. Overkill is just a situationally strong perk depending on how it is used. Now if you take stopping power out of the equation of these perks, you are left with a few perks that have noticeable strengths when used in the right situation, but for the majority of players, the only option they are left with is assassin.Now if stopping power is an option, players who aren't looking for stealth gameplay, need the faster sprint, or extra explosive damage, have an alternative perk. And stopping power has served its purpose. It gives people who don't have any other alternative choices a perk that will provide them with a noticeable benefit. In MW3, UAV's are useless. Every player is using assassin.With the reintroduction of stopping power, each perk will return to its primary function and still serve a purpose, while one does not clearly dominate.One might argue that stopping power would then become staple for competitive play, but this has always been the case. In every single Call of Duty game. Ever. But most people don't play competitively. And bringing back stopping power allows for a larger variety of useful perks within normal pub games.TL;DR: Bring back stopping power, other perks all also remain situationally strong and useful depending on the playstyle.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_103j94
1346097101.032stickskills.comyx4gzZombies Invading Nuketown In Black Ops II3317
1345784551.030youtube.comyqm86My Name Is Hutch (Documentary About Hutch)3552
1371194401.033self.CallOfDuty1gbqdyThis picture looked very familiar. (X-post /r/pics)451216
1367291814.031i.imgur.com1ddyosTake this for what you will, but I found an image floating around about the supposed 3rd map pack for BO2.602929
1367259691.030callofduty.com1dcpjeCall of Duty Ghosts Teaser Site Goes Live3888
1362709492.030self.CallOfDuty19vxmeFall of Call of Duty38840 personally enjoy black ops2 and i started at call of duty 1. I agree that black ops 2 is far diffrent then all of the other call of duties but why are people saying that they are falling. I just want to know everybody's opinion.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_19vxme
1358101685.030youtube.com16i1vtFor those of you who enjoy Domination, here's how I like playing games on Yemen.3447
1348455835.031i.imgur.com10dhl9As a gamers wife, this is my proudest moment! I whooped that ass. :) 512013
1334003823.031ravensoftware.coms1cv5Looking for people on PC to test this map at some point in the future. Any interest?38721
1333166463.034imgur.comrlzd4One of the guys I regularly play Call of Duty with asked me to post this on Reddit for him. The lack of punctuation is staggering. 43912
1330357538.029activision.custhelp.comq86ugYour Call of Duty: ELITE premium service will automatically renew itself once your year is up. Here's how to turn off auto-renewal.33417
1323807008.030twitter.comnbdyfNaughty Players will Receive a 5000 day ban!3444!/fourzerotwo/status/146682010423934976
1376604977.031self.CallOfDuty1kg5qpChain Saw in Ghosts?37618
1367427392.032youtube.com1dhof0Call of Duty Ghosts Teaser Trailer4197
1366294061.030self.CallOfDuty1cltnuIm curious. Would it really be so hard for them to patch all the older COD's to get rid of the hackers?37730 know nothing about the programming or how it all works. Im just wondering if it would take them more than a couple hours or months to clean out COD4 and WAW?I understand they want a new game every year to make money but would a week of programmers working to fix the older games really hurt them that much?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1cltnu
1365031066.028self.CallOfDuty1bmf6hAssessment of the old Call of Duty games on Xbox for those who want to go back.33535 thought I would inform you all the current state of the older CoDs on Xbox, since I see a lot questions about hackers.Call of Duty 4- I played for about 3 hours last night at about 7:00 pm Mountain standard time, U.S.A. Everything went very well in the exception of one bout of lag, but that only lasted a couple of seconds. As far as lobbies, Free for all had hackers that floated and got out of the map. Your best bet is TDM. I had no trouble finding a host and with no Hackers. But still be careful. People I talk to reported de-rank lobbies. Still worth the risk in my opinion. Overall, it was a good experience and I had fun with the nostalgia. Highly suggest you go back to it. CoD: World at war- Stay away! WaW is a mess. I tried to play, but could only stand it for about 30 minutes. Hackers everywhere with god mode, flying across the map, aim bots. The only lobby that was even remotely playable still had this thing where your character slid around the map as if on ice. People I talked to on there also reported de-ranking lobbies. I don't think anyone would have fun playing WaW right now. I don't suggest it.Modern Warfare 2- This one still has a strong following, even in S&D. Although I still ran into some boosters in free for all. TDM is the place to be. Had a lot of fun. No hackers that I ran into. MW2 is one of my favorites and I'll be on later tonight. Highly suggested.Black Ops 1- Still has a strong following. Didn't see anything unusual TDM was great, FFA, S&D all have strong followings. I had one report of a de-rank lobby, but the guy said that was 3 months ago and he had not seen one since. Had no problem getting into a lobby. Overall, a good experience.So, there you have it. My over all assessment after playing all these games in the span of about a week. I mostly played in the late evenings, that seemed to have the best results. Although I ran into a couple of hackers here and there, everything else seem to have a positive experience. Keep in mind, this is on Xbox. I don't know the status on PC or PS3. And enter these games at your own risk. There are still hackers out there. TDM seems to be the safest place to be. So, go out and have fun my fellow Redditers! I'll keep coming back to these games periodically and let you all know if anything changes. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1bmf6h
1362083769.030self.CallOfDuty19f0r2Game idea441424, I know I'm not the only one who was a fan of the new option with BOII, where you could pick your load out prior to each mission. Well, I have an idea to better the CoD Campeign mode. Instead of just being thrown into a mission, you need to go and have your CO or whoever is in charge, and they assign you the mission. You choose a small 4 man squad (you and 3 NPC). Some missions might automatically replace a NPC with a storyline-based member. You also choose their area of speciality. Want all heavy gunners? One heavy gunner, a CQC teammate, and a rifleman? Hell, want to sacrifice one of your men to have a sniper to help you out? Go ahead. He will act like McKnight in BOII's mission *Suffer With Me*. After you are assigned a mission, head over to the armoury. Choose your weapon, accessories, whatever you want. Think you'll need night vision? Take it. Only catch, the game won't tell you what you would need for the mission. Want better sights? Well, between missions, hit up the shooting range. Build up experience with the weapons, get items, etc. Enter into a shooting competition to win a special weapon, such as the Desert Eagle or the iconic M82A1 sniper. After you arm yourself, you move over to the camo area, where you choose to go deep cover (civilian clothes) stealth (ghillie suit, wet suit for water based missions), etc. These outfits are mission dependent. Don't think you can do a water-based mission dressed as a middle eastern farmer. Finally, you're ready to leave on your mission. If you find yourself in need of an item you didn't take with you, well, you will learn from your mistakes. There is still a storyline, but you actually get to prep your team. Sorry for the wall of text. What do y'all think? Also, any suggestions to add to the idea?TL;DR: you are of no use to us by being lazy. ***BOOM*** *headshot* Here starts the Redditors ideas. * Your 4 man squad can be 4 player multiplayer online. Edit: To top it all off, the top dog who gives you the missions would be voiced by Morgan Freeman. 'Hello JustxJeff, here is your mission.' Btw, you probably just read that in his voice. Falset5_2rcq21362095273.0Truet3_19f0r2
1360383961.033youtube.com186dj9I got this tomahawk kill awhile ago on black ops 1. By far one of the best revenge kills I have gotten. 3638
1360267928.027i.imgur.com18317wI found the unicorn..58312
1353228203.032self.CallOfDuty13e55oDiamond Camo43116 sure if you all know this, or if its been floating around the reddits, but it is possible to get a diamond camo in Black Ops 2. It is a secret camo and doesn't show up in create a class. To get diamond you have to get gold on every gun in that class. Such as all gold SMGs will grant you all diamond SMGs. Here is a video for proof
1352580758.032youtube.com12z8g8leaked nuketown zombie game footage [1:28]3867
1350260477.032self.CallOfDuty11hieyWhat do you think is the worst thing each call of duty brought the franchise364153 from Cod4, I would say maybe the idea of deathstreaks, WAW I didn't play, mw2 machine pistols and deathstreaks, black ops no stopping and making the game slow paced because of ghost being the only used perk, mw3 I'm honestly not sure the game didn't really bring anything on the table except for brand new gamemodes. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_11hiey
1347720747.029instructables.comzxdssGet Ready For Black Ops 2 With Zombie Perk Cola Bottles ( HOW TO MAKE )40117
1344391541.029youtube.comxuw85Hutch posted a new video!3455
1337365700.032imgur.comttlwfSo, no one's playing MW2 anymore? :/431126
1335479747.026i.imgur.comsub97Another Clue38128
1315068336.032self.CallOfDutyk3lyoMW3 is a continuation of MW2. It's made to be a direct sequel to MW2. Of course they're going to look similar and have similiar features. 441261, the gameplay I've seen so far has been amazing. It looks like IW did a great job with the graphics, improving them from MW2, but still keeping them similiar. Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_k3lyo
1366915388.033gamefront.com1d3ljyRepost from /r/games: Call of Duty: Ghosts is an opportunity for Infinity Ward to do something new with the Call of Duty franchise3969
1355085917.030youtube.com14kagrAbout 2 weeks ago, I posted a video about map awareness. Here's the follow up which talks a little bit about map control.3555
1342517061.030imgur.comwozv3I kid you not, I did this completely legit. NO hacking or boosting, just *really* terrible kids.39910 think Rockstar Games are on to something, Activision and IW should take note.32219
1335307835.025i.imgur.comsqqprPreview Of The Clue Of 4/25/1233812
1331773981.030imgur.comqx2rfWe got a care package at work, says MOAB, but I think shit's rigged.41118
1370295162.028self.CallOfDuty1flwp7What is the funniest gamertags that you have come across while playing Call Of Duty?33593 name, it can be NSFW of course, I can think of any off the top of my head, but I'm sure one will come to mind. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1flwp7
1370198466.027self.CallOfDuty1fj53kWhy didn't they just kill Makarov at the airport?3036 never got this part.Also, the Russians were in the right in every way by retaliating considering an agent of the U.S government killed numerous Russian civilians.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1fj53k
1360552202.028youtube.com18aavoMe and my friends got bored on Call of Duty 13245
1357871855.028youtube.com16csheSo I shot a crossbow straight in the air just messing around and..3133
1355508549.027self.CallOfDuty14upteNuketown has its own playlist now! 34713 is core, hardcore, combat training, party games, and nuketown 2025! Yay! Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_14upte
1353733310.027self.CallOfDuty13pa1qWould you like to see some old maps as part of DLC?34749 was wondering if anyone else thought it would be a good idea if they released some old maps from previous COD games as DLC.I know they did this in MW1 and MW2, and people complained about being ripped off and Activision recycling maps. But I thought it would be awesome if, when they release the future DLC, they did 4 new maps, and one recycled/remastered map.Edit: Also, what previous maps would you like to see?Falset5_2rcq21353733524.0Truet3_13pa1q
1353181982.030i.imgur.com13d3zxDomino Deadpool Emblem3770
1336812928.030qkme.metjguoIn a Steam conversation with a friend while I was playing Black Ops..46166
1331237880.028qkme.meqnrwoCall of Duty can really piss me off, but I try to think positive.47194
1321402972.028i.imgur.commdqlzPretty much sums up Call of Duty Elite421411'coping with irene' 31310
1373246475.025self.CallOfDuty1hu2g5World at War is abysmal at the moment due to hackers.. is there any way we can make a petition of sorts to ask Treyarch to fix their game?391430 is just sad.. the hackers have made the game completely unplayable. If we convinced Treyarch to fix their game, I'm sure THOUSANDS of people would flock to it. It just seems ridiculous that one the largest video game companies in the world has not fixed an issue that makes the multiplayer (aka best) part of their game unusable.How would we go about trying this? I highly doubt they will listen to us, but we can try. maybe if a CoD celebrity did it then they would listen? This would be excellent.. just amazing if they actually went through with it.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hu2g5
1370051671.026youtube.com1ffxh2[Black Ops] 7500-0 Team Deathmatch3154
1366689736.025self.CallOfDuty1cwy3hWhat is your favorite gun of all time?338123 vote goes to the Commando form Black Ops 1Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1cwy3h
1364908111.027self.CallOfDuty1bigo2CoD4: Xbox 360 Rank Reset Tool is now Live (x-post from r/mw3)34715 all,Over the past few months a number of users from this subreddit have contacted me regarding negative XP affecting their ability to matchmake in Call of Duty 4, asking if there is anything that the IW Online Services Team could do. Last night Activision Customer Support rolled out a Rank Reset Form at [](, which enables you to submit your GT for a rank reset (once logged in). ***Note:*** *This tool resets your rank to Level 1, 0 Prestige -- you will be starting fresh.*Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1bigo2
1364066921.028self.CallOfDuty1avgenFun Custom games?33516 and my friends like playing custom games a lot. My question is what are your favorite custom games that you play. We play a game called VIP, there is a Vip whose load out is a riot shield and pistol with a silencer, the VIP has guards, one with a sniper and one with a machine gun (There can be more guys if you want, add more assasins if needed), and there is an assasin who is trying to kill the vip and everyone has 8 lives Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1avgen
1361046221.025youtube.com18njdgThe Rise and Fall of Call of Duty Trailer411641
1357269023.027i.imgur.com15xfnxTil that there is a pistol aiming at you when you have a throwing knife out in mw23583
1355779069.026shacknews.com150hg9Activision CEO says Call of Duty movie could taint the brand - Shacknews30416
1354322840.028imgur.com142x3cHow'd I do? 54266
1353786830.025self.CallOfDuty13q4rbWorth the money?31633 sure if I should buy Black Ops 2 or NBA 2k13. Which ever one I dont buy will probably be for Christmas. I enjoyed every cod pretty much up until MW3. The maps were bad and I never really developed a favorite weapon. Black Ops 1 zombies and MP were great, MW2 multiplayer was unbalanced but loads of fun, CoD4 of course was amazing, and never got into WaW. Campaigns arent much of my thing but I do enjoy a good singleplayer. Should I get Black Ops 2? How are the maps/weapons?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13q4rb
1353196181.026i.imgur.com13dhixMy ankles are soaked, but my pants are bone dry! Everything's coming up Milhouse3374
1348191980.027i.imgur.com1085t7Anyone else noticed that the TAR and Famas are in the Elite app?3475
1343092945.026youtube.comx1r4eMy best start to any COD game ever..391317
1334346269.029self.CallOfDutys8f2uI just want to remind every CoD4 and Star Wars lover that this mod exists (x-post from /r/gaming)34510 mod is called Galactic Warfare. Im sure most of you have heard of it, but almost nobody play it anymore and it's really great. This is without doubt the most well done mod that have been made for CoD4. I hope a few will see this so we can get more people to play this.Mod link: of servers that run Galactic Warfare: hope some of you guys will play this. If not for CoD4 then for the sake of Star Wars.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_s8f2u
1315423709.025qkme.mek7wsnFor a change of pace, I went back and played some MW2 spec ops. I was reminded of why I don't play spec ops very often.361112
1364426837.025self.CallOfDuty1b55ksGoing back to MW3? 391467 anyone else gone back to playing MW3 multiplayer from Black Ops2? My friends and i recently switched and found it to be a lot more enjoyable. The graphics seem better, the game play is more fluid and we haven't had any issues with host migration? What are your thoughts? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1b55ks
1359231299.026community.callofduty.com17bwkaNewest Black Ops 2 Patch/Update Details33716
1358975554.026youtube.com17593wFail human centipede (Black Ops 2).3156
1358176427.025youtube.com16jxmw'I miss gunfights.' (short opinion piece on recent games over CoD4 gameplay)31621
1357923215.025self.CallOfDuty16dxc0Black Ops II: Game breaking glitch in second mission. Help? [Spoilers and details inside]2948 the Save Woods mission, right after you blow up the helicopter with the valkerie and the barge blows up, you pull Woods ashore. Hudson climbs up a little ledge and beckons you to come. When I walk up to him, he glitches downward, and we're both stuck down there until we get spotted and fail. I've done it 9 or so times, and it happens every time. Help?!This is a game breaking glitch, and nothing will work. Edit: if you don't know, could you please upvote it in case someone else does?Falset5_2rcq21357923704.0Truet3_16dxc0
1357763959.025self.CallOfDuty169ov5Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare31621 recently bought this game for the multiplayer, which i've been playing for a while. it seems like there is still a fairly active community and the game is a blast when the right people are playing. my question is: are there any servers left not overrun by aimbotters? maybe this is coincidence, but over the past couple of weeks, it seems like every game i join has one and it honestly ruins the whole game for me (which i guess is the point for them). Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_169ov5
1357441946.025self.CallOfDuty161hziI feel COD campaigns could take in a ton of improvement.421739, the small things. Whoever is doing their music needs a swift slap up their face and kicked to the street, he isn't doing his job right. Get a new guy. I don't care where, but have him show some demos, and if they're up to fuckin Marty-O-Donnel par, then welcome aboard.Next, new gun designs. We're in the future now, right? Well stop making already existing guns look futuristic, and instead, just actually make some new concepts for weapons. Think outside the box. Not a Neo-M16, but a Gravity Gun. (Not saying rip off the GG, but, you know) This also applies to grenades.Ok but now let's focus on the real bad boys. All the tropes that come with a COD campaign need to get their dick crunched by a steel toed boot. Let's start with um.. erm. health. Health needs a complete redo. No more get shot, hide behind cover, suck your thumb, regenerate health, rinse and repeat. Bother that nonsense. Instead, bring in the doom style health system. That's right, start with the big 100, or maybe have like 10 bars of health, or have, whatever, have a health system that *does not regenerate*, but requires*first aid kits* to gather health back. You could even go as far as to also take the Doom armor system or some variation of. Pick up a helmet off a dead soldier, 25+ armor, idk.Now we're getting good, but we aren't finished turning these unsalted peanuts into a lobster dinner just yet. Next up is redoing the horrid level design. By god, the insurmountable amount of linear paths boggles my mind. Levels need to get creative and involve multiple paths. Not only such, but even should have light puzzle elements. Not necessarily making you solve a puzzle to get by, but maybe, say, exploding a crane that will drop whatever it's holding onto a group of enemies. I know it sort of does this already, but not enough of it. And hell, why not make puzzles that should be solved to get through? They could also be light, like having to shoot an exploding barrel that will set a rope on fire that burns down the door to let you through. But the bottom line is that there needs to be more than one fucking path.Now, this goes hand in hand with the before. I cannot say this enough, and if anything gets through, it's this. STOP. THE. MOTHER. FUCKING. COMMANDS. When there's spotlights shining through, we do NOT need our partner to shout at the top of his longs to avoid the spot lights. We do NOT need our partner to tell us to get down when there is a fucking tank driving near us. We do NOT need our partner to tell us to stay quiet when we are HIDING FROM THE ENEMIES ALREADY AS HAS BEEN DECLARED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MISSION. Teammates need to keep their goddamned mouths shut. They can speak for characterization, or say things like RELOADING, but I swear to god if they even go as far as to *suggest* I take out the guy on the roof, balls are getting tapped. With a brick. A really dirty one.Ah, see, we've dissected the pig and we're ripping out it's organs, BUT, we're replacing them with better, stronger, robotic parts. We HAVE the technology. Let's not stop yet. A big issue comes down to enemies. They aren't varied worth a shit. You've got the military guys with red berets, and the military guy with green berets, and sometimes, once on a lucky moon, you get a military guy with blue berets. The all stand there retardedly and shoot, occasionally ducking, sometimes jacking their partner, but overall, just being human. So why don't we make an effort to make the enemies varied? I'm not talking about introducing freaking aliens or mutants or something, but why not different, unique strands of the military? Ok, say we have our standard army dude with a gun of his choice. Now, let's throw assassins into the mix, similar to the black ops of Half Life. They can be sneaky and use the knife primarily. Now let's throw Juggernauts into the mix. They've been there before, for, uh, um, one mission? Have them as regular as a Hunter in Halo. Let's think even more outside the box. Have special marines that only use pistols but they build up barricades for themselves. They'd be fast too, so it'd be a bit of trouble to take 'em out. And hell, while we're at it, let's throw kamikaze guys regularly. Shoot 'em and detonate 'em before they explode on Y-U-O. I misspelled that. The point is, the possibilities for variation are endless. Variation is NOT different beret types. While we're on that, make sure to give each of these varied enemies color and outfit differences. We don't want all these cool and different enemies to still have the same hair style, do we?I almost wouldn't mention vehicles because after playing Black Ops 2, I am pleasantly surprised that vehicles had a lot of action in the campaign. By god was it fun as hell to drive that car through the highway, or more importantly, lead a horse on a desperate struggle. But I mention this because the vehicle sections are *forced sections*. I don't like that and neither should you. It should almost always (I'm excluding escape scenes and other actual plot specific parts) be optional to go on foot or hop on the APC. Makes for re playability to have it set up this way, and more importantly, gives the player a lot more control.Not even close to being done. That's a lie, we are close. But not done. Characters and the story need a scientifically approved amount: SHITTON of improvement. Black Ops 2 had me laughing so hard because there were so many goddamned betrayals it just got silly. You got to the point where everybody you would meet would betray you at some point. It's ridiculous and makes the player not want to care about anyone, and that's bad for character development. There should be more personal dialogue that extends the characteristics of one. I'm not saying in the middle of a firefight we should have Mason tell us he snuggles with Hello Kitty dolls every Thursday, but by god, I want to be able to tell a character is terrified, or amused, or has conflicting feelings, or just, SOMETHING. I mention story beside my existing argument for characters because I literally have no idea what could be done to fix it. There's little you can do, and I sort of appreciate the story of Black Ops 1 a teensy bit. At this point, the best I can do is shrug.Cutscenes. Cutscenes, cutscenes, cutscenes. I'm so goddamned sick of cutscenes. When it gets to the point where you take 20 steps and have a cutscene, then take another 20 steps forward and have another cutscene, and then take ANOTHER 20 STEPS FORWARD AND HAVE A CUTSCENE, it gets aggravating. Yes, when I plunge into the water, I don't need an automatic swim for me, just give me controller options to swim. Yes, when an explosion happens, I don't need to have to fall down and do the jazz hands maneuver for the fifth time. Yes, when a vehicle is falling, I don't need my controller to be taken away from me because I can very well use the A button just very fucking fine. It's just repulsive how much the game assumes you can't do on your own and initiates a beautifully rendered cutscene of you staring at a dude's mustache. Forget the game and just make a goddamn movie if this is how it has to be done.Oh lordy Lucifer I've typed over 7000 words. There's just so much more that can be done to the Campaign that could make it playable, creative, and.. Dare I say it.. *enjoyable.* Consider and think about what I've just thrown up onto my keyboard, and let me know you're agreeable or conflicting thoughts.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_161hzi
1352675434.028youtube.com1315oyBlack Ops 2 - Nuketown Zombies Gameplay - YouTube3023
1351820004.026self.CallOfDuty12hpcfFrom what I have seen so far, Black Ops 2 looks like it could be one of the best COD's yet, aside from 4. 32625 anybody else agree? Feel free to downvote if you disagree.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_12hpcf
1346774409.027self.CallOfDutyzc9pzThere Should be a Zombies Map Creator/designer tool!3036 I think I share an common opinion with many people that the Zombie game mode is the most fun you can have in a COD game. Despite the game modes popularity, it does feel like a little 'extra' added in along with the SP and MP. Obviously it takes time and money to develop zombies content for treyarch, so why not develop a tool (most easily compared to Halo's Forge mode) to allow players to create there own playable Zombie maps which could be shared with the community. Players could then play and rate maps so the most fun maps can easily be downloaded. I think this added tool would not only help the zombies gamemode, but cod games in general. The opportunity to be creative and bring your own ideas to life in one of your favourite games would appeal to nearly all call of duty fans and newer players alike. I would personally purchase a COD game if it have this feature alone. It would also increase the life of the game with content continuosly being made by COD's huge community. Despite thinking that this idea would improve the COD series, I can see why Treyarch or more likely Activision would not like this idea. This map making tool (assuming it's free as DLC or with the game) will mean huge amounts of content will be generated which the developers and publishers can't profit off of. That's why I suggest that the tool could be sold as DLC with the price of maybe a map pack. You could even have microtransactions for features in the map like new traps/guns the players can put in there maps. Or it could become a feature for the COD elite. Once the tool is made the companies could then continue to profit off the tool while not actually spending time and money on new zombie content. Think of how many more people would buy COD elite! TL;DR I love Zombies and there should be a map designer/editor so the community can make awesome maps for everyone to play. Make it free/DLC/elite, either way everyone wins Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_zc9pz
1342292844.025imgur.comwk5gnAny idea what this means? My friend had these last week and I'm wondering if Reddit can help3056
1341738347.025youtube.comw7sqcXboxAhoy - Weapon Guides - MP735101
1374701360.025self.CallOfDuty1izfkaIf you could go hang out on any 3 maps for a couple hours, which ones would they be and why?30530 get to go hang out for lets say, 3 hours on any 3 maps from any CoD game. You can take stuff, break stuff, and bring your friends. Mechanics of the game do not apply. Which one would you choose?I'd say first off Raid from BO2, I could drive the awesome cars around the driveway, swim, and at the end of the day I could load up all that cash (and possibly cocaine) into one of the cars and drive off. Second would be Hotel from BO1. Again, there is a huge pool, hot tubs, elevators and a fully loaded bar. Plus it's on top of an awesome highrise. [And there is a hell of a lot of gold too.]( and final is Hijacked from BO2. Who wouldn't want to be on that ship (assuming no war is going on there)? Hot tub, spa, pool, and speedboats off the back. Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1izfka
1370805238.026self.CallOfDuty1fzutaCall of Duty Ghosts Riley Dog Gameplay37115
1368592786.025i.imgur.com1ed5foBlack ops 2: just noticed the working nuke o meter in the map3167
1365273783.026self.CallOfDuty1bt3wb[Update] Reddit Clan hosting charity even for Child's Play. Trying to raise money for a good cause in the name of COD, lets make this popular!3370 are streaming, check it out here: started an hour and half ago, 9 and 1/2 hours to go. Help support us! Orignal post with all the info! Thanks again!
1363379085.024self.CallOfDuty1adcduWhat is your favorite secondary from any cod game?29579, I know this will be filled with mw2 spas 12 and cod4 desert eagles. My favorite secondary is the WaW .345 magnum.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1adcdu
1357563179.026self.CallOfDuty1648stAm I the only on who wants more remakes? Maybe even a WaW map re-imagining?35928
1357251607.024self.CallOfDuty15wvfiThe circus is coming! 34103 from [r/blackops2](
1354768867.026youtube.com14d8foA good overview of the series (long though, 45 min)3043
1353464845.025imgur.com13jm3a[PC] Back in the MW2 days I re-skinned some camos and guns. Here are my favorites.35106
1353185573.027imgur.com13d7k9Iron Man 2 Arc Reactor emblem3582
1349700988.026self.CallOfDuty114vseCall of Duty Through My Eyes.33765 I just joined this subreddit and I was just going to give my 2¢ on the community and quality of the games.Firstly, I have been playing CoD since COD4 (Like most of you) and it was fun, but it was still really fresh to me. Then WaW came around and I wasn't totally happy with it. I played it for a few weeks and it got boring so I sold it.Then comes one of the greatest (and most broken Call of Duty's): MW2. Now you cannot lie and say you didn't play the shit out of that game. It was new, everything had been revamped. Basically the biggest change in the franchise since COD4, but it was broken and they did not try to fix it.Months went by and we all eagerly awaited the next game in the franchise, which was Black Ops. We stopped playing MW2 and retreated back to COD4. Our so-called baby, the best there was, until of course October came around. October 2010 was our catch up month, we went back to MW2 to train for the next big game.November rolled in and we fell in love with Black Ops, but it still felt the same. Mostly because it was. But the zombies mode really made the game fun. (But you can't forget the frequent fixes and patches). The game was balanced, which was good and we enjoyed it up until MW3 came out.Now out of the all the Call of Duty's, this one was one the most disappointing ones yet. It was garbage and still is. I sold it a couple of months after it came out. Back to Black Ops.Now Black Ops was the best in my personal opinion. What's yours?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_114vse
1348466028.024self.CallOfDuty10dq78Anyone else getting tired of YouTube commentator's bullshit drama?28457 was in response to WOR telling twitter that he was killing himselfFalset5_2rcq21348515427.0Truet3_10dq78
1347370099.023self.CallOfDutyzpgr2What's everyone's view on 'quick-scoping'/'no-scoping'/'trickshotting'?3411101 do snipe quite a bit (I'm in the top 17,000 on 'Most Sniper Kills', not too shabby) and I've gotten a lot of shit about it from people saying 'quick scoping is so lame' or 'it's such a cheap way to play', and when I do 'hardscope', which I consider the politically correct way to use a sniper rifle, they all say 'HARDSCOPER!'What's everyone on r/CallofDuty's view? Is it cheap, or just a challenging way to play?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_zpgr2
1345558310.024youtube.comykwn1Amazing Throwing Knife Montage by Miss Danielle2956
1375987184.026self.CallOfDuty1jz0nlComparing the standard and downloadable content of the last 6 CoDs2827 had a half off sale on the first two map packs mid-summer, so I included that in the price because it was during the content season. And Treyarch didn't announce that Nuketown Zombies would be included in the season pass until after the game was released so there were a number of people who bought the hardened edition and the season pass who got screwed. Is there anything I should add?Edit, [from Neuvost's suggestion]( MW2 and Black Ops had the most expensive DLC, and MW3 and BO2 have the cheapest, but since a lot more people like zombies than spec ops BO2 is by far the best value.Falset5_2rcq21376070329.0Truet3_1jz0nl
1375131399.023self.CallOfDuty1javwbDo you guys prefer Killstreaks or Scorestreaks?30740 personally prefer Scorestreaks because it encourages people to play the objective and focus less on actual kills. It also seems to help with camping.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1javwb
1374702728.024self.CallOfDuty1izhelCOD players that use hacks, what is your justification?32843 don't bother me at all, but when your actions affect other gamers and their playing experience, things change. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1izhel
1374417308.028self.CallOfDuty1ir1yfSomething I noticed about player quality411312 noticed something that says a lot about the community across varying schedules. To illustrate my point, I'll describe two games and the times I played them. It's noteworthy that I'm a pretty bad player, with just a 1.31 K/d ratio, whose highest scorestreak ever called in was an AGR. If you just want to hear what I noticed, skip to the bolded section 'What I Noticed'.**2:30pmEST** I hopped into a lobby for some Kill Confirmed (pubs, no league play or anything). The lobby fills up, and several people are above me in the Lobby Leaderboards. I see that the top players on the leaderboard prefer rushing weapons like SMG's and the M126 (automatic shotgun, I think?). I was playing with a friend, and about to change my Lightning Strike to an Orbital Vsat, which would be the highest streak I've ever used. He jokingly say 'Run swarm!', so I put swarm on. Poking gentle fun throughout the game I said 'Remember, I'm going for swarm gameplay here, I have to play it safe' as I was rushing with my FAL OSW. Then I noticed that I got a Merciless medal, which I rarely ever do (only ever had about 64 before out of hundreds of games and tens of thousands of kills). I looked, and Swarm was about three kills away. I just about shit myself with excitement, and wound up picking it up and my second Relentless medal. Our team ended up losing, because my teammates weren't having as good of a game as I was and because we were going against a very good team. After the game, we all said out 'Good Games' and did a few more. It was a really enjoyable experience, and my body felt numb after calling in my first Swarm. It was so fun, I decided to play again later in the night.**9:30pmEST** I checked the Lobby Leaderboards in this kill confirmed, and I was the top by over 50 score per minute! I was happy, because I thought I could call in my Vsat, Warthog, Dog combo. It was Drone, which is an inherit sniper-fest, but still an overall very fun map. The first death I had was by two ballistic-knifers zig-zag sprinting with lightweight and cornering me. This was partially my fault, because I paniced when I saw them. There was one guy on my team that continuously killed himself with the SMAW (at the end of the game he had over 200 deaths). There were also two gentlemen with riot shields and party rock shotguns in the building across from the factory. They didn't leave the position the whole game, and only wound up with a handful of kills because of how unpopular the location was (and because we just couldn't get the spawns to flip). I was able to get Vsat, but twice I was within 2 kills of my first k9 Unit, only to get tomahawked the first time (he bankshotted down the stairs in the factory, almost a guaranteed kill) and Noscoped the second (my killer was using a silenced SVU-AS). Frustrating game, but still fun because there were some unusual people.**What I Noticed** Quite the contrary to what I thought would be the case, it seems that the tryhards all play very early in the day, at least for the EST timezone. Then, later in the night all of the 360noscopeyolo#420blazeitfaggot kids come out to troll. So, for the many posts and Youtube videos I see complaining about these kinds of players, try playing earlier in the day. My original hypothesis was that 9:30pm would be too late for them to even be up, but it seems to be just the opposite. I hope this advice helps anyone like me, that just wants to tryhard a bit to experience parts of the games that toxic players don't let them reach.**TL;DR: Play earlier in the day** Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1ir1yf
1367351619.023imgur.com1dfk8aCall of Duty Black Ops 2: Zombies Grief Mode Drinking Game! [XPOST /R/GAMING]43206
1363470535.025self.CallOfDuty1afhymBest call of duty map of all time?316140 curious what you all think. I think Rundown is the best CoD map. It was linear but had a lot of open areas to allow for organized pushes out of a spawntrap.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1afhym
1353302949.024self.CallOfDuty13fqxxHow 'fresh' is Black Ops 2?27360 being very disappointed with MW3, I have mulled not buying BO2. Does this game have the same feel, in terms of freshness, of Black Ops, or is it just building more off of MW3?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13fqxx
1353270750.024i.imgur.com13eunhThis message keeps on appearing since the 1.03 patch. Any idea on why this is happening and how to fix it?32810
1353187967.025self.CallOfDuty13d9vlAnybody else noticing how clear it's becoming that we share a community with some real dickheads?371222 was no secret, Call of Duty fans can be assholes. But so can fans of most other mainstream game franchises. We get painted with a wide brush by the likes of /r/gaming constantly. We're all either unemployed stoners or 12 year olds, right?But lately the trend seems to be that oh, we're fucking Redbox thieves. We apparently have shifted gears from 'Kind of a bunch of douchebags' to 'full-on dickheads'. And that bums me out. I live in a generally urban, crime-ridden area myself. When I went to Halo 4's launch party, though, things went off without a hitch. It was fun times. Real good vibe going on. Then came the Black Ops launch. Holy shit, it was a different group. On the whole it was much louder, much more disorganized, there was a *ton* more litter, people were drinking and by the smell of the place you'd think every last person there was smoking weed (Neither of which I have a problem with anybody doing. At home.)And now it's no secret that apparently Black Ops II is a hot ticket item for scumbags to rip off from Redbox kiosks. You don't see /r/gaming flooded with printed out fake Halo discs. Experiencing both launches back to back the past two weeks, I think I was forced to see how vastly different the two games' communities really are. I always thought it was no big deal, I play both, plenty of people do. It can't really be *that* much of a divisive and culturally different thing can it? I'm starting to think maybe it can.Both cultures have their small pocket of bad apples, but why do you suppose Call of Duty's seem to be so much worse? I've been trying to figure that out for a few days now. Is it a mystery or do you think it's clear?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_13d9vl
1351706521.023twitter.com12erknInfinity Ward about the rumor of MW427410
1350341324.024g4tv.com11jceiCall of Duty Elite Will Be Free For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, DLC Season Pass Announced - G4tv.com29514
1349790131.023i.imgur.com1170xiHow great would it be if this happens 35129
1342805355.022self.CallOfDutywvskyThe Best Call of Duty?321054 my opinion I think that the first Modern Warfare was the best call of duty to come out. It was simple and I liked just having the 3 kill streaks. I feel like with all the new killstreaks, perks, gun attachments and everything just doesn't make the game as interesting/fun anymore. What are your thoughts?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_wvsky
1317686997.023i.imgur.comkzxnoAmazon has slashed the price of the Xbox MW3 bundle. Amazon sure knows how to swing the discount hammer!3075
1315524841.024self.CallOfDutyk9ejgI think Call of Duty games would be a lot better without lifetime K/D and W/L ratios.351118 of these ratios mean next to nothing, yet they have a harmful effect on gameplay. A high K/D basically just means that you can get the high killstreaks with some consistency. I'm not saying that all these people are killwhores who ignore the objective, but a fair number of them are. If K/D weren't tracked, I feel like people would be more inclined to just play the gametype without worrying about slightly raising a number/preventing it from slightly decreasing.I'll concede that K/D is a quick and dirty way to size up pubs, but W/L is totally useless, in particular the win streak. All it means is that you don't go into lobbies alone, you're a dashboarder, or both. I can't count the number of times I've been dropped from a game because the host couldn't handle breaking his win streak/taking a loss. Instead of penalizing quitters by giving them a loss, maybe they could just lock them out for some period of time if they quit repeatedly. Just my two cents.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_k9ejg
1374101169.024self.CallOfDuty1iip09Guy in r/whowouldwin posts a fan fiction story pitting Captain Price against Garrus from Mass Effect in a sniper duel2845
1372706563.023self.CallOfDuty1hg0wtDo you prefer Infinity Ward or Treyarch made games?32970 prefer Treyarch made games just because the look and the feel of the game is much better for me than Infinity Ward games. I didn't even play MW3 because it just felt so weird playing it, so I stuck to BO1. But give your opinion and why.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hg0wt
1372351557.022self.CallOfDuty1h6rkuOverkill for Secondaries???341231 Ward plsEdit: Only launchers that lock on to stuff is allowed, I.E. no RPGs or SMAWs. Falset5_2rcq21372396590.0Truet3_1h6rku
1372286007.022self.CallOfDuty1h50soI stand corrected.321035 BlOps 1 on Xbox and I've just been in my first hacked lobby for this game. Holy shit. The entire map was filled with invisible nova gas that only made you blind. And there was someone who called in a mortar strike that went on for the entire match. This really sucks. I'm not ready to lose this game forever yet.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1h50so
1371377458.021self.CallOfDuty1gg55oI've been playing MW3 Face Off 1v1 in a different sort of way. Details here.3097 recently decided to play some less common game modes in MW3 for a change. When I started playing 1v1, I quickly realized that most of the people on there are either desperate boosters, bad trolls or tunnel-visioned quick-scopers. After playing, I developed a little game. Some of you may have done something like this before, but I thought I'd share it anyways.The goal of my little game is to stay behind someone for as much time as possible without them noticing you. I capture that footage (and other amusing events) in theater mode, and as a I have a few good edited games saved to my vault. My current record is 1:19 behind someone. ----*Some Tips, in case anyone wants to try this:*[Here is the class I use.]( Basically anything like this is fine, the only really necessary things are the Radar, Assassin, Dead Silence, and the Shotgun (because what's the fun without it?)If you don't have the DLC, play on Erosion as much as possible. Throw your radar in the tunnels under the tower in the center and wait for them to stare down the road, then follow as they imminently dash in.If someone's trying to boost with you, make sure to have a Tac Insert on hand, preferably with something that kills quickly, like a throwing knife, to take them out when they get to 23 kills or so.Don't be afraid to wait around for the match to end. If you get a few kills at the beginning of the match when they're unwary of what you're doing, then you'll have a slight lead. At this point, some people like to pull out their MP7 ninja class or the equivalent, which, unless you have quite a bit of skill, is fairly hard to go up against. Since you have a lead, though, you can hide away and run down the clock. Bingo, win's yours.----I could upload some videos if anyone wants and/or if I can get Elite to work. I'd like to see what anyone else can accomplish with this, too, so feel free to share.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1gg55o
1369344441.023youtube.com1exh9gI made a short Call of duty movie with 3ds Max a while ago, thought it put it here30713
1358429055.025youtube.com16r0ibNuketown 2025 Easter Egg (X-Post from PS3)441916
1356256506.022i.imgur.com15blefThe shame..361414
1355529868.023youtube.com14vc1cFunny COD4 edit I made.411812
1355296337.023self.CallOfDuty14pr7oBeen playing CoD on Wii for about 4 years now, but I have yet to actually make contact with someone else who also plays on Wii. Any of you out there??32922
1354172174.023self.CallOfDuty13ze9vWould you guys be up for having 'COD4/5/6/7/8' days, where we all just play these old games?26333 just pulled out WaW, and am sad to see the multiplayer is empty as the game is now 4 years old. How would you guys feel about having a specific day of each month, where we try to get as many people playing the games? Maybe just rotate weekends in order? I don't mean organizing one big Reddit tournament, I mean just getting as many people on the servers in one day as possible. Even an extra 20 people would be kickass! Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13ze9v
1353904257.025self.CallOfDuty13sokvWhat was Robert Bowling's actual job?28311 know he carried the official title 'creative strategist' at Infinity Ward but was he actually a dev working on game design, programming, animation or creating art assets? From what I've read/seen he seems to just be the PR guy for Infinity Ward dealing with all the interviews for game promotion and dealing with the communities vulgar 'feedback' through his twitter account for MW2 & MW3. David Vonderhaar for example is the lead multiplayer designer at Treyarch and happens to be good at or enjoys being the community manager. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13sokv
1352941316.021urbandictionary.com137oj8Gave me a little laugh: Call of Duty: Toilet Terms34131
1352650376.023youtu.be130hfbTrent Reznor's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 theme is awesome2635
1351905903.024self.CallOfDuty12jmm3Just picked up a copy of COD4. Anything I should know before I start?28446
1351697860.025forbes.com12ehzvMinecraft Beats Call of Duty to Become Most Played Game on Xbox Live - Forbes32711
1351558071.022youtube.com12b72oSo glad this won't happen in Black Ops II2426
1343103979.024imgur.comx2259Huh the pictures of those guns look so familiar..31711
1339201449.023surveymonkey.comusg72Quick CoD survey for HW2857
1318017247.022youtube.coml4ggfNew MW3 Singleplayer Trailer - Redemption2752
1314811772.024youtube.comk0dwhCall of Duty XP 2011: Walkthrough with Robert Bowling2623
1371673624.022self.CallOfDuty1goga3Call of Duty: Black Ops II Vengeance DLC Details and Release Date2753
1371519564.022self.CallOfDuty1gk2enThis is why we can't play Cod 4 as much as we'd like31939 happens about 1 out of 5 lobbys on Cod 4 at least for me. Either some guy screws up the whole game, or is just invincible. Shame, I still enjoy the hell out of this game.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1gk2en
1369170093.023self.CallOfDuty1eses5Call of Duty: Ghosts story ending leaked563324 dog dies in the end.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1eses5
1359533990.022i.imgur.com17jw6jI like the FHJ-18 so much I put up with the damn SMAW.3194
1359320270.024self.CallOfDuty17dwv7Is anyone else drastically worse at BO2 than other COD games?361254 was consistently a 2 or 3 K/D player ever since COD4. MW3 was easily my best game where I had a 2.9 K/D. I loved the game and had a lot of fun with it because I was so good at it.In Black Ops 2, I am just barely hovering at a 1 K/D and can never get anything more than a Lightning Strike in my pointstreaks. None of the guns have that fluid motion for me that guns like the ACR and MP7 did in MW3. I find myself not having fun with BO2 because I just can't get any good streaks going. My friends all do amazing and have VTOLs and Lodestars up almost consistently every game, while I just lag behind and hover around that 1 KD range.Is anyone else drastically worse at Black Ops 2 or is it just me?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_17dwv7
1356997562.021imgur.com15qyikDon't you love it when this sort of thing happens on Youtube?32111
1356361299.023self.CallOfDuty15dj00Black Ops 2, [360] Ballistic CPU glitch?26314 was just playing a game of S.A.D. on 360 and I saw a guy using the Ballistica with an ACOG with a Ballistic CPU on top of the ACOG, I then saw him using a Ballistica with Ironsights with a floating Ballistic CPU. Both these attachment combinations aren't allowed so I'm wondering if there's any info on this.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_15dj00
1356282613.023imgur.com15by18Sounds like a great game!2853
1351135238.023self.CallOfDuty121ozuHow is it when I am sniping people complain and say I am camping? What other things do people say or call you on COD that dont make sense?25267 does that make sense? Should I run and gun with a sniper rifle, cause thats not what they are for.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_121ozu
1349665365.022self.CallOfDuty114aqrWhat are your opinions on Favela in MW2 being disabled?23141 you didn't know MW2's Favela map has been disabled in public match, because of a Muslim Gaming Group that was offended by picture frames in the bathroom that mentioned Mohammad. What are your thoughts?Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_114aqr
1348445805.020self.CallOfDuty10d7kuIs Black Ops less rage-inducing than mw3?26662 I've had mw3 for about 6-7 months now and I'm about to snap the damn disk in half. It's so frustrating, especially the people who run around with blind eye assassin and dead silence with their acr or mp7. And don't even get me started on death streaks or support killstreaks. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_10d7ku
1341196170.023self.CallOfDutyvwlnuKnife mechanics.thoughts?29628 hearing a couple youtubers mention this, I fully agree. What if you had to simply tap a button to equip your knife? It would be like the knife in any call of duty, only there wouldn't be a panic knifing problem.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_vwlnu
1341133587.023youtube.comvvgt5XboxAhoy - Black Ops - Crossbow3071
1316776726.023self.CallOfDutykoy70A simple request to the community.27418 we as a COD sub-community receive instant disrespect for our less than respectable members (11 year old kids who only talk about no-scoping and poorly named clans) so we can't change the way they act although we need to somehow change that standard on reddit. I propose when someone mentions the COD series outside of a COD subreddit we must try to discuss with the utmost respect and free of grammatical errors and flaming. This is a simple request that people honor on a regular basis and I doubt will change anything but there should be no reason to be ashamed of the call of duty series with its eight year legacy.**TL;DR**: *Act like you have some sense when discussing COD.*Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_koy70
1314967154.022youtube.comk2e1tModern Warfare 3 Multiplayer World Premiere Trailer28617
1314379777.020self.CallOfDutyjvaz9Where do you see the COD series heading?23342
1373898128.021self.CallOfDuty1ic9lrWouldn't it be awesome.361525 they made a CoD4 MW HD Remake on the next gen consoles? Or even a 'Modern warfare' collection which included all 3 MW games + there multiplayers. It could really give life to the MP and it would be nice to play them without hacked lobbies. CoD 4 is my all time favourite game. The simplicity of the classes/game itself is just amazing. Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_1ic9lr
1372560780.020self.CallOfDuty1hcfs0This is a problem I've always had with the multiplayer community.371756, as far back as I can remember playing COD to, which is World at War, there was always one thing that ruined multiplayer for me. That is, clan pubstomping. It's when a skilled clan which has practiced many manuevers and tactics comes into a lobby, and just decimates the other team, who are usually just strangers and players looking to play for a little bit of fun, who are denied this because they end up spawn trapped and painted into a corner by clans taking advantage of simple game mechanics. I always back out of these lobbies when I can, but sometimes I get matched into these games in progress. It's something that's always bothered me. What do all of you have to say?Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_1hcfs0
1371339047.021self.CallOfDuty1gfbopCall of duty ghosts- Kinetic Orbital Strike/Bombardment might be the 'Mass Event'2657 was looking around youtube and saw people speculating the kinetic orbital strike as a new secret killstreak. A kinetic orbital strike is when a rod (with tungsten) is launched from space to earth, and the speeds are so fast it makes a large impact. I was on and saw that the Odin Space Station was hacked and the US was targeted with 'rods' (mainly in capital city's, which one of them was San Diego where the mission 'No Mans Land' takes place). This is just a prediction, but it seems likely to me that this'll be part of Ghosts in some way.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1gfbop
1370918936.021self.CallOfDuty1g3d3sI know they don't, but wouldn't it be cool if..32119 timeline of all the call of duties are one. I know Black Ops and Modern Warfare don't exist in the same universe, but I thought it would be super cool if they did. No specific reason just I like it when plots intertwine. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1g3d3s
1370301979.019youtube.com1fm5qpThe state of Call of Duty 4 in 2013 (iPhone quality)22313
1365616325.019self.CallOfDuty1c2rjpLMG + Target finder?301141 took a few weeks off the play what seemed like a new game coming out every couple days. When I came back, it seemed like everyone was camping in corners using light machine guns with target finders.. When did this become a thing?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1c2rjp
1363439892.023i.imgur.com1aeohp[CoD4 PC] So I got a new killstreak record38157
1357144950.021self.CallOfDuty15tyjwBlack Ops 2 streaming now for a 100 hour charity gaming marathon.2983! We are GaminForCharity and we are streaming games to raise money for child's play charity. We are streaming through right now at []( We have already played Resident Evil 6 and Dishonored. Other games we have planned are Super Mario Bros. Wii, Binding of Issac, Cave Story(race), Walking Dead, BioShock, and more.We are also going to be playing multiplayer games such as halo, COD, playstation all-stars, etc. So come by and chat with, we hope to see you there!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_15tyjw
1356724374.020i.imgur.com15l5i5I think this is a pretty bad ass emblem2881
1355859190.021youtube.com152dqzBlack Ops 2 multiplayer lobby theme on piano2984
1355688738.020i.imgur.com14ydc8Call of grumpy (credit to the owner of the gamer tag)2992
1352600680.022self.CallOfDuty12zpqaHow often do you look at the minimap?25323 find myself constantly looking at it and I seem to rely on it more then my own first person view of the in game surroundings. It's strange because in Battlefield I hardly look at the mini map at all but when i jumped into Black Ops the other day to get myself adjusted to the gameplay style I found my eyes constantly darting to the top left corner of the screen. So how often are you scanning the mini map compared to your first person view of the game world?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_12zpqa
1351034686.020self.CallOfDuty11z3rhModern Warfare Villains2773 really enjoyed the campaigns of the Modern Warfare series, and I'm also really bad at editing videos. Here's a nice combination of those two facts:[Khaled Al-Asad]([Imran Zakhaev]( really doesn't do justice to the game, but maybe some others here will enjoy it anyway. I might find some time to do Shepherd and Makarov in the next week or so.Edit: [General Shepherd](
1346009071.021self.CallOfDutyyv4o8What, in your opinion, is the best possible class in MW3?361537'm looking for getting more kills so I can get more XP. What are, in your opinion, the best guns, perks, attachments, and proficiencies in the game? Thank you and I would appreciate your input.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_yv4o8
1337545449.021imgur.comtwek4I've been playing around with Waffles in photoshop, what do you guys think?2658
1337215514.021images3.wikia.nocookie.nettqvbcThis place doesn't actually exist. Trust me, I Google Earth'd it. For Hours.2215
1336773627.019kotaku.comtitvhKotaku - 48 Things That You Should Know About Call of Duty: Black Ops II2450
1334602283.023self.CallOfDutyscscwMost satisfying thing in Call of Duty29650 is your opinion of the most satisfying part of COD? Mine has to be the headshot noise in World at War.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_scscw
1376062268.021self.CallOfDuty1k13qiTeam mates getting others booted in hardcore24311 anyone else experience this in the last month or so? Basically what team mates do is if you lay a mine or c4 they lay down on it and use their knife to stab it effectively killing themselves. No big deal.. but if this happen 2 or 3 times the game recognizes that you are killing your team mates (since its your equipment) you get booted from the game. Its extremely annoying when your running a huge lead and some ass hat decides to boot you just because. So my question is has anyone else had this happen?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1k13qi
1374896729.020self.CallOfDuty1j54r8If you had the ability to mod call of duty, what is the one thing you would do?27757 in mind, this is a mod, not a hack. so no 'i would make myself have 24/7 god mode!'.. i personally would change the texture of the k9 scorestreak, and make it an adorable chihuahua. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1j54r8
1373940559.019self.CallOfDuty1idu5yWhat annoys you the most in Black Ops 2?278144 personally have a lot of things like knifers and those sitting in corners with their target finders and snipers who brags about their skills and think that they're good because they can do that quickscope, no scope or whatever kind of scopes that they can come up with.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1idu5y
1364828701.023youtube.com1bfbqbCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 teaser50275
1363469513.021youtube.com1afgsbI thought r/callofduty might enjoy a nuke without killstreaks.32119
1362595270.020self.CallOfDuty19sfr8Tip on your Trigger Finger.301030 is how I do it, and I get accused of having a mod every game I use an FAL or MK14. Put your forefinger on your RB, then put your middle finger on your RT. It might feel a little weird at first but so does everything that you try new. Theoretically, your middle finger is stronger than your forefinger. Because you're using it a lot more, for things like flipping people off. When you are using it, take your forefinger off the RB, and let all your center of stress and power go to your middle finger, which will be jamming the trigger. Have fun making people angry.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_19sfr8
1359774050.022self.CallOfDuty17qgbyPSA: Try the Peacemaker SMG for free26423 you want to try out the new peacekeeper SMG available from the DLC pack, just go into a bot match and check if any of them drop it. I don't have the DLC and I got to try it out from bot games.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_17qgby
1359501433.020cdn2.planetminecraft.com17ixssWhat I wouldn't give to have this brought back..2664
1357427782.018self.CallOfDuty1613yyBlack Ops 2 Revolution 'Die Rise' map unconfirmed info.2249 post from someone who apparently has played the map, it looks pretty legit though. What do you guys think?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1613yy
1356119085.019self.CallOfDuty158r3aWhy is Raid so popular?26721 time I play that map it's just riddled with people sitting in the hole in the roundabout or just hiding in one of the two houses by the courtyard.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_158r3a
1351685425.018gamesthirst.com12e7qsInfinity Ward Denies Modern Warfare 4 Captain Price Talk, Will Not Deny Game Games Thirst2243
1348737680.020self.CallOfDuty10k0yyDoes anyone else find the call of duty community to be going downhill?321219 don't mean so much in terms of crappy things people do so much as the number of commentators who are uploading less and moving on to different things.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_10k0yy
1347846576.019self.CallOfDuty1001dkA thank you371817 was playing Modern Warfare 3 today with my friends in search and destroy. We don't normally do this but we wanted to talk to people. We find a match and there is a person who wouldn't stop playing music so my friends mute him. I send a message asking if he took requests and he did. I asked to play Gangnam Style and he did. My friend asked him to play Santeria and he did. This is a thank you to I3illy The Kid for making a good weekend a great weekend!Edit:spelling errorsFalset5_2rcq21347847132.0Truet3_1001dk
1344982175.019self.CallOfDutyy86xvTO ALL WANTING TO PLAY WORLD AT WAR26721 lot of people lately on this subreddit have been asking about WaW. I'm not trying to snitch on these people but people have been showing more and more interest in this game and I want to give them some advice before they join in. So when you join a match look at the gamertags. There is the obvious rainbow thing and the shaking but if the player has a clan tag with 'RAIN','Cycl' or anyothers leave the match. They are some of the hackers. They will change the colour of the maps, use 'God Mode', slow down gun firing rates and make it so you can't move or that you can only fly.These are some of the gamertags of the hackers.BILL MURRAY142 <---He was the worst of them all.jimmy9614TheSn3akyBaboonjaywg00minecr4ft m4nStagierAnimal59Before you think that I am making blind assumptions I do record my gameplays (YouTube) and I wanted to talk about my favourite game in the CoD series. So all of these people have been recorded exploiting them game.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_y86xv
1336610183.018self.CallOfDutytfmv7Worst COD map yet?202108 is your least favourite COD map? I'm thinking Salvage from MW2.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_tfmv7
1334503811.020youtube.comsausxDecided to go back to MW2 to see if there were any boosters about. Turns out FFA is still infested with them.32125
1328246556.019self.CallOfDutyp8vomBlack Ops vs MW3, do you miss anything from BO?21281
1324756838.019i.imgur.comnpeq52 Hour Double XP and Prestige Token Holiday Gifts for founders!2679
1321573154.020imgur.commg9w6Hackers suck. (Steam ID in picture, go report him)28819
1317141837.020imgur.comkt379First time ever.. I was happy321213
1376053316.019self.CallOfDuty1k0u2bWhat are you looking forward to most in CoD Ghosts?24549, multiplayer, the new gamemode, or a new feature?I'm looking forward to the dynamic maps. I wanna see how those play out and dick around with destroying stuff.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1k0u2b
1374191869.020self.CallOfDuty1ilibyWhat is the Nuketown equivalent for the Modern Warfare games?25577 is constantly picked in both Black Ops and is primarily a fan favorite. Which map from the Modern Warfare series (either MW1, MW2, or MW3) had the same situation as Nuketown?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1iliby
1370534707.021self.CallOfDuty1fspn4Mw story line vs. BO story line26551 and my friend argue about Infinity Wards mw campaign and treyarchs black ops campaign i perfer mw cause it seems more realistic. What does reddit think?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1fspn4
1370010419.019self.CallOfDuty1felamI want another CoD where you play as a grunt..25621's what made CoD so special. In every single Call of Duty game before Black Ops, we played as random soldiers of varying rank. We weren't special, and we got to experience the battlefield as any other soldier would have. Now, whenever I play CoD, we play as a special ops soldier who is trained and badass. Don't get more wrong; I really enjoy playing the new CoD games. But I always thought that the best part of these games were the ability to play as an unknown soldier and follow him through whatever fate had in store for him. I think that the best parts of these games were when you took a grunt soldier through the beaches of Normandy, the remnants of a devastated German city, or with an army of modern soldiers through a middle-eastern town. I always loved these sections of gameplay that made me feel like a small piece of the puzzle of war, who occasionally stepped up to achieve heroism when he had to. But now, we play as a badass spec ops dude who fearlessly slo-mo walks into gunfire and blows shit up and hacks enemy computer systems. Let me know if you have any thoughts. Like I said, I still like the game and enjoy the single/mulitplayer, but I really miss the old concepts that connected me to the characters. I don't know about you guys, but I really miss that feeling when you play as a WWII grunt, and right after you capture a crucial command point, your squad leader gets a radio call that forces you to backtrack, or tells you that you're progress was worthless. It made me consider the hardships that actual soldiers face. Tl;dr How do you feel about the way that CoD has changed over the years? I feel that it's become sensationalized and too badass, compared to the concept of playing as a simple soldier in a large war. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1felam
1369410201.020self.CallOfDuty1ez579What are your top 5 favorite weapons from the entire CoD series overall?255104 are mine* 5) Five seven pistol (BO2)* 4) L118A (MW3)* 3) MP5 (CoD4)* 2) G36C (MW3)* 1) M16 (CoD4)Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1ez579
1367369407.021self.CallOfDuty1dg82sIs anyone else planning on letting the rest of the community beta test the new CoD when it comes out before buying?23220 learned my lesson with BO2. Just curious what everyone else thinks.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1dg82s
1366768025.018self.CallOfDuty1czaspTo all still active CoD 4 players: What makes this game so interesting to you?24620 /r/callofdutyI am not a huge fan of most CoD games. I downloaded CoD 4 recently on steam because my friend bought it and loved it especially for promod. But my question to you is, what makes it so fun? I usually don't have that much fun in CoD 4 simply because of the lack of variety. I don't know if I am stepping into hostile territory here but.. I am a hardcore battlefield fan. I love battlefield games so much. The vehicles and larger maps makes ever game something new. But Whenever I play Call of Duty.. it seems like the same thing over and over. I mean I just don't see the fun in running around with most likely the same gun on a small map over and over..I'm sorry If this post offends Call of Duty players, I'm just trying to figure out a way to enjoy the games more.And if you where wondering, I have played the more recent game titles but only on the Xbox 360, and I don't find them any more fun.. most likely because I much prefer keyboard and mouse to Xbox controller.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1czasp
1365376859.020youtube.com1bvqs0New Replacers Video2551
1364141272.019cloud-2.steampowered.com1ax1otFourDeltaOne Confuses me as to what game i'm actually playing2678
1361913558.017youtube.com19a6akThe Peacemaker in Mw2.331621
1361558057.021onlysp.com1918rmPossible Call of Duty Teaser Leaked Online, Neversoft May be Developing25411 a propaganda video, North Korea took footage from Modern Warfare 3 to depict an attack on New York. (skip to 2:14)2364
1356719919.019i.imgur.com15l0p8All CoD Prestige Emblems2455
1356305310.019i.imgur.com15chapWas playing the last mission in CoD 4 when I noticed that it looks a lot like the last mission in Blops2. Sorry I can't post both pictures, maybe some nice person can do that25610
1353551199.020i.imgur.com13lmjmFinally available in Japan!2558
1353390502.019self.CallOfDuty13hv8kNuketown is Back26726 playlist called 'Bonus' has been added. 'Exclusive to owners of Nuketown 2025.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13hv8k
1353109392.021self.CallOfDuty13bqxeIs there a subreddit for BO and BO2 emblems?2654
1349315521.017youtu.be10wtayChina Luck2148
1349168039.021self.CallOfDuty10t46mBlack Ops 2 PC Features Detailed - No mod tools, no renting servers, server files won't be released21015[Article 1]([Article 2](>Treyarch has posted a new FAQ for the PC fans of Black Ops 2. This time they are discussing how the PC team will handle online security, matchmaking info, and servers info.>**What anti-cheat will be used?**>*Anti-cheat is a top priority for Call of Duty®: Black Ops II. We have developed our own proprietary server-side anti-cheat technology which will work alongside VAC to deliver the most advanced detection and banning capabilities of any Call of Duty game to date. We have also improved our player reporting system to make it the most effective way that you can help us catch cheaters. And starting on launch day we will have a full-time dedicated pc anti-cheat team focused solely on detecting and banning cheaters. We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating. Cheaters bans are permanent.*>**Will Black Ops have Matchmaking or Dedicated Servers?**>*Both! Call of Duty®: Black Ops II PC combines matchmaking with secure ranked dedicated servers. This means that you get into Public Matches or League Play via matchmaking lobbies. It is easy to party up and play with your friends. You can adjust your classes or scorestreaks between matches. It also means that every Public or League match is hosted on a dedicated server running in one of our high bandwidth datacenters around the globe.*>**Will you release the server files?**> *No. We are keeping the server files secure to protect the game from hacking and cheating and ensure the ranking and progression system integrity.*>**Can I rent a server?**> *No. We are providing a huge number of servers around the world at no extra charge – plenty for everyone to enjoy. And we will administer the servers.*>**Will there be mod tools?**> *No. As we continually improve and advance our in-house tools for our own content teams we are unable to provide consumer tools due to increased technical requirements, licensing restrictions, and technology dependencies.*I stumbled on these articles just hours after I pre-ordering my PC copy. I skipped MW3 and had written off the series for being stagnant and repetitive, but the few past weeks I've been getting a little excited about BO2. Branching story paths, a re-worked multiplayer suite, zombies, spectator mode, Treyarch at the actually seemed like they had finally made some changes that were worthy of a purchase. But after reading this news I might actually cancel it. I realize console players won't care in the slightest but this shit is ridiculous. Dedicated, *player controlled* servers, mods, and configuring the game are why PC gamers chose their platform. These are all things that have been restricted in this release and it's a slap in the face to the PC community. COD4 is still going strong precisely because it allowed players to do what they wanted: host their own games, with their own rules, with their own mods. This is just ridiculous.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_10t46m
1348958375.020xbox360achievements.org10opnqCall of Duty: Black Ops II Achievements - Xbox360Achievements.org2115
1347804827.018self.CallOfDutyzyyxyThe Semi-Automatic Rifles20224 most Call of Duty games, there is always at leat one semi-automatic rifle. These were really prominant in WW2 based Call of Duty games, but do they have a place in Modern Warfare/Black Ops? Can they compete with other fully automatic assault rifles? Or should they be their own class (battle rifles)? Is there too many or to little?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_zyyxy
1347225492.019self.CallOfDutyzmavoGot on cod4 today. Why does everyone have low ranks? I thought they would all be 10th prest or something.19025
1340295966.020self.CallOfDutyvdyh7Hear me out guys.301030 yesterday I decided to purchase another copy of Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2. Unfortunately, my friend had borrowed it and scratched the daylights out of it on accident. After MW3 had grinded my gears, I had switched to Battlefield. Switching back to COD is no easy task, but I'm glad I did it. To those of you who don't know, Battlefield 3 is a team-based game, in which getting in-game kills only help your team so much. To get a high score, you MUST play the objective. Don't get me wrong, I have no beef with either game series. Call of Duty has its flaws, and Battlefield has its flaws. Anyway, I was playing Search and Destroy (still my favorite gametype) and trying to win. I had my ACR with FMJ (don't hate, its my class setup, and damn if its effective), and was trying to defend the bombs and help out my team, and then I remembered what had turned me away from Call of Duty. Quickscopers. Don't get me wrong, I love quickscoping. That's the one thing I liked about MW3, the epic free-for-all matches on Dome. I also get why they wanted to do it in S&D. Epic round winning killcams. The problem is with this is that I, and a couple other people, wanted to actually play the objective. These guys didn't help. Always looking for a great kill, but usually if not always screwing it up. It isn't fun when I get killed by someone, and then the only person left on my team is some Optic-Wannabe who tries to get an epic across-the-map no scope while jumping to his death on Highrise when he knows that there are still a few guys on the enemy team. Please guys, play the game how it was meant to be played.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_vdyh7
1339732208.017attackofthefanboy.comv2vv3Developer Neversoft working on Call of Duty title for Activision.2254
1339053341.019self.CallOfDutyupg77Love or Hate the Sniping Community?26749 know some of you might hate the sniping community but I want to know why exactly or why do you love the sniping community?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_upg77
1337433112.019imgur.comtunw4Who I'd like to play as in Call of Duty'a Zombie mode.2895
1336927767.021codfit.comtl4g1My new side project - COD Fit - a way to get some exercise on gaming nights2211
1336140332.017legacy-control.comt6u44How can Treyarch improve zombie mode?321510
1335884482.020self.CallOfDutyt1jquIs the 'black ops 2' trailer going to be during half time of the game?23320
1324657391.018youtube.comno13pKing of the Hill gun sync2684
1321499377.018self.CallOfDutymf80oI just unintentionally found a completely game-breaking glitch281022 on Arcaden, had a care package and a predator. I called in the predator, when i came out of it, i was still holding the laptop, running around with it. I couldn't do anything, finally hit the button to switch to my care package, pulled out the marker and tried to throw it. I didn't have my primary gun, i had dropped it. I then realized I couldn't throw the care package. Played on thinking it was no big deal, got more killstreaks and couldn't use them..The kicker is that about a minute later I realized I couldn't be hit by any weapons, or knifed, and I couldn't take any of the capture points..Has anyone else seen this before?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_mf80o
1314731163.018i.imgur.comjzc1kCan we please get this back?!2468
1371180154.018self.CallOfDuty1gbdk1Do you play the Call of Duty single player?26853 was just wondering how much man hours/money goes into building the single player campaigns compared to how much they actually get played. Would people be open to a 50$/yr multiplayer only experience?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1gbdk1
1368491227.017imgur.com1ea5ewIt was a win for the ages2474
1367388062.017imgur.com1dgtviDid anyone else make it onto the Call of Duty Ghosts mosaic?27107
1367270531.017imgur.com1dd51uParked next to this Black Ops Zombie Apocalypse Edition Jeep today. Wanted to share with you guys. (x-post from pics)2473
1365767780.018imgur.com1c78lxMy favorite map from Cod uo2686
1364739554.018self.CallOfDuty1bcwp0What, in your opinion, is an average K/D?23556
1359915699.016i.imgur.com17teisI made a guide on how to get the special weapons diamond! (Link in comments)2483
1358617700.019self.CallOfDuty16vtsqNext Call of Duty Title28933 think the next Call of Duty game should be titled 'Call of Duty 10.' What do you think? I'm getting kind of tired of Call of Duty titles recently because they are starting to follow a predictable formula (ex. MW2, MW3, BO, BOII).Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_16vtsq
1356945263.018youtube.com15puexIs it true that this is basically the montage that started all montages?321412
1356487827.016self.CallOfDuty15g3ceHey reddit, I need some help choosing a game.18222 have not owned a CoD game since CoD III on the PS2, but have played with friends and still love the franchise. I was hoping reddit can help me choose which game would be best for what I'm looking for. I have a PS3 now. I want one that has a good offline multiplayer (My younger brothers and I like to play against each other/with each other, and our internet at home is complete shit). Also, a long campaign would be a nice bonus. Thanks for your input :)Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_15g3ce
1355413350.017self.CallOfDuty14sehtHow do you ensure you get put in at the start of matches?2149 seems that everytime I try and get into a match that I get put in with two minutes to go and the team is losing heavily. Is there any way to prevent this?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_14seht
1353785270.019self.CallOfDuty13q3e9Wtf just happened? (360- BO2)27825 so I was playing multiplayer this morning.. Working on getting my combat knife leveled up.. I took a break, got back online played one game and after that game a dialog box came up and said something about my persistant leveling has been corrupted and that they were resetting me back to lvl 39 (I was like a lvl 46). So basically all the time I have put into the game since like wednesday has been lost.. What happened? Has anyone elae had this happen? Is there anything I can do?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13q3e9
1353384114.020imgur.com13hp4jGood guy Vonderhaar2666
1353357522.017self.CallOfDuty13gv33I spent the last few days unlocking all the knives in BLOPS 2 and taking in game screenshots so people know what they're working towards, I've also written a short guide. Let me know what you think.2477 all,As someone who has always played COD in a knifey style I was very happy with the camo introduction and have been screen-shotting all the knives in game. This was partly because I found some of the camo's quite disappointing such as Ronin which just looks like a bit of a smear. I couldn't find a resource showing the in game screenshots rather than just the camo previews shown alongside the challenges so thought I'd do it myself.I'm still working on Diamond but will update when I eventually get to it, likely to take a few days.[Link]( feedback and/or requests much appreciated.Falset5_2rcq2FalsepcTruet3_13gv33
1353211609.017self.CallOfDuty13dufw3 favorite and 3 least favorite maps in black ops 2?22536, Plaza, Droneleast:Slums, Aftermath, YemenFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13dufw
1352728657.018self.CallOfDuty13290vJust got Black Ops 2 and need to know something. 301223 I be banned if I play it online or ain't the servers up yet? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13290v
1348613425.018self.CallOfDuty10h50uStill on the fence for BO220224'm still on the fence for BO2. I've had every COD game since MW2 and I have mixed feelings for MW3. I'm not sure if it's a bad game, a boring game or I've lost the passion for it. I haven't been keeping up with BO2 news and I'm not sure what's what. The main reason I'm thinking about getting BO2 is Zombies but I don't know. Can anyone give me a reason or some news on BO2. Any help would be greatly appreciated ThanksFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_10h50u
1347137739.018imgur.comzkkwqMy principle got 500 headshots!40224
1347052434.018self.CallOfDutyzix7vWhat type of gametypes to you typically play?19137 was going to put DAE, but didn't know if this subreddit allowed those posts so I asked it in a different way. What I am really trying to ask is do you find yourself playing only one gametype for each Call of Duty? In Modern Warfare I mostly played headquarters, MW2 I played demolition, Black Ops I played a bit of everything, and now with MW3 I play mostly search.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_zix7v
1343893549.018reddit.comxjy5lwhat's the most overpowering gun in any cod yet?281046
1342682743.017youtube.comwt2p8I got a kill with a SAM..27106
1337835552.020youtu.beu2awnQuite proud of this Superman tomahawk.2333
1335935491.018imgur.comt2uimSome screenshots I took from the trailer [62]20211
1335144426.018fpsgeneral.comsngb5Call of Duty Official Site Updated, All But Confirms Black Ops 2351715
1320360023.019youtube.comlzjwaSUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF by Katha. Could be one of the best frag clips ever made. Cod4 PC2344
1318374978.019imgur.coml8venSome RL Call of Duty Vehicles - Fleet Week San Francisco2457
1315342113.019gametime.biofare.orgk6seaHey r/CallofDuty I recently attended COD XP and wrote an article about it, it'd mean a lot if you checked it out291010
1314806981.018self.CallOfDutyk0b21Is there a mature place to discuss Call of Duty without the flood of news, fanboys, white knights, and irrational insults? 19125
1314652086.018dorkly.comjycesCall of Duty Religious Flyer2244
1314473663.018self.CallOfDutyjwc6rYour favourite and least favourite game in the series, and why?20236
1314395358.019youtube.comjvjsqCall of Duty - Ride of the Valkyrie Rockets -- 'Davis conducts a beautiful symphony of Call Of Duty Valkyrie Rocket kills.'1901
1375937057.016self.CallOfDuty1jxq4xInfinity Ward Posted This On Their Facebook17120 of their comments reads 'HINT: Only two are 'familiar'My guesses are Scavenger and Blast Shield, what are your guesses for all of the other ones?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1jxq4x
1374793713.018self.CallOfDuty1j277sWhat makes you a good player thoughts27934 a CoD player for over 3 years I have always asked myself and maybe you have too, what defines a good player in CoD-Multiplayer? I am not here to critisize a playstyle or judge someone in some way, I just want to share some thoughts that I had some weeks ago!In my opinion a good player should always try to win, be aggressive and of course shouldn't get the worst kd-ratio doing this. The kd-ration is easy to find out in the stats, but my question was, how can you find out if a player is an aggressive teamplayer only from the stats in the barracks? I think the best way to find that out is to look at his kill confirmed stats. To be able to win a lot in kill confirmed you have to collect tags, which often lets you play more aggressive and which also helps your team to win the game. In my opinion you can consider yourself an aggressive teamplayer if your confirmed kills and your denied kills added together are higher than your overall kills in kill confirmed.And here is the thing: It is very rare to see a player who fulfills the point from above AND also has a very good kd-ratio!Being in experiment-mode I decided to try to join these two together and created a so called overall-kd. It would work like this (example for my stats):kills confirmed: 51353; kill denied: 11001; overall kill confirmed kills: 59655; kd-ratio: 1.879[(51353+11001)/59655]*1.879 = 1.964 overall-kdI know that this idea is maybe a bit crazy and I will maybe get downvoted to oblivion, but I just wanted to share my thoughts about the whole topic. Of course there are other factors like the weapon you use or your internet connection that influence all this, but in my opinion iusing this you will get a pretty good idea if someone is a good player or not.I also don't think using your winrate in this equation would be a good idea because it can be influenced too easily by playing with a full lobby of people or just playing one gametype were it is easy to win just by getting kills like team deathmatch.Share your thoughts and opinions!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1j277s
1373406116.018self.CallOfDuty1hyor6My favorite gun in MW2 and MW3 is the P90. Is this a good choice? (I'm new to CoD.)22420've tried classes with the SCAR and ACR and FAMAS and M16, but I do the best with the P90.Although I sacrifice some distance, I still do much better with it, and I love the huge magazine. Anyway, what are your thoughts about this gun? Should I try something else?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hyor6
1370876920.018self.CallOfDuty1g1qiwCall of Duty Ghost Tech Demo Video24610[Call of Duty Ghost Tech Demo Video]( and Infinity Ward have released a new tech trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts, showcasing the graphical effects that will be supported in this next-gen version of this popular franchise. Call of Duty: Ghosts will support displacement mapping, SubD, sun-shafts, HDR, volumetric lighting, and high-resolution textures. To be honest though, apart from the SubD technique, these techniques have been used in other current-gen titles such as Crysis 3 and Metro: Last Light.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1g1qiw
1370189688.019self.CallOfDuty1fivlpWhat guns/perks would you like to see make a comeback in Call of Duty: Ghosts?20171 you could have any guns or perks that you enjoyed from any previous Call of Duty game show up in Ghosts, what would they be?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1fivlp
1369161229.015youtube.com1es2f6Call of duty Ghost: XBOX one presentation.2168
1368300829.015self.CallOfDuty1e566hI just tried Black Ops 2 on the PC free weekend, and I want to ask something2498 it just me or is there an inordinate amount of lag compensation or something? It's to the point where whenever I round a corner I feel like I'm being pre-fired but on their killcam I've rounded the corner for a good half a second.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1e566h
1366063423.015self.CallOfDuty1cf2ifCurrently most popular CoD game?19411'm in the Aus/NZ region, I only play on PCs, I like to play casually on pubbie servers, and if at all possible, I like to play hardcore game mode.I played the *crap* of of CoD4 when it was released, and did the same thing with MW2. Then I got busy.. Now I'm looking to start playing again, but I'm not sure where all the players are these days. I started MW2 up and it seems to be a ghost town; only 2k players online, only really playing TDM, and seemingly no one in the Aus/NZ region.CoD4 seems pretty lifeless too, or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places for servers. I don't mind buying MW3 or Blackops 2 or whatever, but given that Blackops 2 on Steam is US$100(!) I'd rather not do that just to find the servers are all deserted.So..what game do I need to buy to find some public Aussie/NZ servers with people on them, ideally running hardcore (although not required), and hopefully with gameplay pretty similar to MW2 (or failing that, CoD4, both of which I loved)?Falset5_2rcq2FalsepcTruet3_1cf2if
1363483210.016self.CallOfDuty1afv3qWe Need to Go Back.23710, I've been been listening to the soundtracks of all the *Call of Duty* games, starting from *Black Ops II*, working my way down. When I got to *Call of Duty 2*, I was floored with nostalgia, mainly due to [this song]( (*CoD 2* was the first game I ever really played. So it really kind of defined my childhood).Naturally, I rooted around my room until I found the disc, and started playing. It made me so happy to be taking Point-du-Hoc, and to be assaulting El Alamein once more.During a break to the little men's room, I compared the game I was playing to the newest games in the franchise. And I was surprised that they were under the same name! The games have a totally different feel to them. So, I thought that it'd be awesome for Infinity Ward or whoever-the-fuck it is now to make a game with that sort of feel again. I would play the absolute shit out of it if they made it.Honestly, the best I can think of would be a blend between *CoD 2* and *CoD WaW*. The settings of *Cod 2* were fantastic: it truly portrayed WWII as a *global* conflict. If they combined that with the serious and somber mood of *WaW*, (and got a new *fucking* engine) it would be amazing. I'd also love to see something like *Halo 4's* Spartan Ops. A co-op story separate from the campaign would be extremely fun. Perhaps it could be about a USMC squad in the Pacific theater (this setting was noticeably lacking from most of the games). As for multiplayer (because you can't make a game nowadays without it), I'd love to see the bigger maps of *WaW*. Perhaps even some vehicles. Tanks are *always* fun to play around with. Some might look at that description, and think,'You're posting this in the wrong spot. That sounds like a *Battlefield* spinoff.' Perhaps they're right. *Battlefield* titles with vehicles have always fared better than *CoD* games with them. But I'd much prefer the fast paced gameplay that *CoD* has. I find the gameplay of *Battlefield* to be sluggish, slow. But hey, I don't know of every game out there! If you happen to know of a game like this already made, please let me know. Anything is better than nothing, right?tl;drI want a game with the feel of *CoD 2*. It'd be awesome, like, fo'reals. Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1afv3q
1363218264.018youtube.com1a90u1Sandy Ravage anyone?30129
1362019212.017self.CallOfDuty19dd8vHas anyone thought about creating a Redditor-only clan? 23616 you think about it, less likely you will get 8 year olds, more likely you will get a good community. You are a redditor, so is the person you are playing with, so laughs will ensue and inside jokes will arise. Also, we know that for teams, you must have a good relationship in order to work together well, so reddit will already have done that for us. Good Idea? Bad Idea?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_19dd8v
1361992251.018valleycentral.com19cdemReal life diamond camo!2465
1361981474.018self.CallOfDuty19bzq4Tip on how to improve your aim.281038 you keep getting frustrated on hitting people far off with your AR or keep getting nailed close quarters with a sub, then i suggest taking aim assist OFF. Yea, you heard me, you might be wondering why this is, but it makes sense. Your reflexes will begin to train themselves while your hand-eye coordination grows better. After maybe 2-3 weeks of this continual pain and temptation to change back. You will get better at aiming. You can turn it back on, and your quickscoping and everything else will be improved. Or you can keep it off and enjoy a good challenge.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_19bzq4
1359735854.019self.CallOfDuty17p7qiBlops infected?22325 Treyarch allowed/going to put the infected game type in their party playlist.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_17p7qi
1358868840.019imgur.com1723x1Finally beat Tower of Babble and got this in the process!2457
1358309770.017self.CallOfDuty16nz09Call of Duty skill based matchmaking.20328 heard that there was suposed to be skill based matchmaking in the multiplayer of black ops 2. But whenever i join a game it places me in a lobby with people who are 3rd, 6th, and even max prestige, who are obiously way better than me. I usually play hardpoint if that makes a difference. Also im pretty new to COD, the only other COD i had before was world at war, but i only played it for the zombies, I only got to like rank 3 or 4 in multiplayer. So i'm kind of happy i heard they introduced this to the game but yet im pretty sure im being placed in lobbies with people that have way more skills so some games i end up like 5-20. Any comments? Is there really skill based matchmaking? And if so, what does it go by, K/D?, points per minute? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_16nz09
1357580008.019charlieintel.com164n3vNew Revolution DLC info from Amazon!2013
1354540749.018self.CallOfDuty1475s3Cheat Detected?20218 just gotten past the Localization.txt error thanks to you guys but now im having a different problem. Whenever i start up the game it does this Its just saying cheat detected and i never cheated or used hacks before. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1475s3
1353638901.017youtube.com13ndmgAny body else have problems knifing in black ops 2?25821
1353479636.017self.CallOfDuty13jzeqPick-10 versus Regular Create-a-Class19220've been thinking about this for the past week:Should Pick-10 be a permenent part of Call of Duty from this point on, or should it just be a Treyarch game element?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13jzeq
1353083091.016imgur.com13ay5hSome Screens I Took on map Yemen30148
1353021678.019self.CallOfDuty139mhw[Black Ops II]Zombies Leveling system question *Please Help*22311 someone please explain the leveling system in Black Ops II?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_139mhw
1352862568.015self.CallOfDuty135t8vSo far, what would you consider the best and worst weapon(s) in Black Ops 2?23843, my favorite guns so far are the [M27](, [AN-94](, and the [LSAT]( think shotguns are pretty good this time around, and are defiantly an improvement over Black Ops' shotguns.Haven't used the snipers that much, but they seem pretty good.There are only two weapons I would consider to be shit.~~The [Chicom]( It's terrible. You almost never kill in one burst, and at medium range it takes about 3 bursts to kill somebody.~~This weapon is amazing. I obviously didn't have enough experience with this weapon when I wrote this. Disregard.Also, the [Executioner]( is pretty shitty too. It generally takes 3-4 shots to kill somebody, which is pretty bad considering it only hold 5 shells, and has a limited range like a shotgun. The other pistols are much better.What guns do you consider the best/worst?Falset5_2rcq21355875069.0360Truet3_135t8v
1352755617.017self.CallOfDuty1330puBlack ops II for PC thoughts?19224, Blackops 2 is out for Australians and I am not sure about the rest of the world. Has anyone played it on PC yet? What's it like. How does it play. Is their a FoV slider. How are zombies?What are the visuals like?If any one could reply that would be great. Want some feedback before I buy it. All my friends play console, so I can't completely take their word for itFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1330pu
1349989404.019self.CallOfDuty11bvsiSomething a lot of posters on here need to know.1905 have noticed a lot of people posting youtube clips and these links are getting downvoted straight away. Just want to let you know that [/r/CODYoutube]( may give your links a little more interaction if you collectively started posting there.EDIT: 'Need to consider' would probably be a more appropriate title.Falset5_2rcq21349989617.0Truet3_11bvsi
1349040266.016i.imgur.com10q7hgI got this exclusive wallpaper for pre-ordering Hardened edition of Black Ops 2. FUCK YEAH2379
1348693901.018self.CallOfDuty10izvqNew to call of duty.19114 girlfriend gave me my 360 last christmas, and I bought mw3 and skyrim to go with it. About a month after getting the console, I subscribed to xbox live and started playing multiplayer. I was pretty shit then, and now I'm still only like a 0.793 k/d. I was wondering, having never owned/played other cod games online, what is so bad/different about mw3?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_10izvq
1346112718.017self.CallOfDutyyxldiUnder-used weapons?18169 am one who likes to use the weapons that don't see much use on the virtual battlefield. I always loved the Skorpion in Cod 4 and BLOPS, the Vector and F2000. And I am at the moment hooked upon the CM901 and the G36C. I was just curious as to whether anybody else liked weapons like these.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_yxldi
1342756898.018youtube.comwuujoThis is the most insane montage ever created.25711
1335049297.017youtube.comslvisFootage of a canceled call of duty game22510
1321108217.016self.CallOfDutym9s5oThey keep telling us we are supposed to hate Call of Duty, but we keep buying every game. Are we just bad at following directions?291323've been telling us for years that we are supposed to be hating COD, but we insist on liking it. Why? They tell us that every title is almost exactly the same game. I see huge important differences between COD4, World at War, MW2, Black Ops and MW3. Each one feels like a unique game, while retaining the core aspects of COD that I like. Why can't I admit that all the games are the same? They tell us we should be tired of playing new iterations of the same game every year, and instead we should just keep playing Counterstrike or TF2. They tell us we should enjoy Battlefield more. I don't like Battlefield because I find it too slow, and the controls are not as responsive as COD. I also fucking hate vehicles, but they tell me I should prefer BF because it has vehicles. Battlfield has three basic game modes. COD has TDM, FFA, SnD, Kill Confirmed, Team Defender, Gun Game, one in the Chamber, Sticks and Stones, Hardcore variants, Demolition, HQ, Sabotage, CTF, etc. Why am I unable to prefer a game with just three game modes, over a game with many more? Should I get a mental evaluation because I am unable to appreciate the obvious superiority of the Battlefield franchise? They tell me my eyes can't tell a difference between 30 and 60 frames per second, yet I *clearly* can tell a difference, especially in a faster paced game. Should I get my eyes examined? They tell me that every match in COD is packed full of 12 year old racists yelling N-word and faggot on the mic. Yet when I play, 99% of the time it's just regular people trying to have fun, and most of the chat is just normal conversation. Should I get my ears checked because I'm not hearing the constant stream of 12 year old profanity? They tell me I should hate MW3 because it is just a map pack of MW2. No. MW3 feel like a new game to me- Kill Confirmed and Team Defender are two refreshingly new game modes. Gun proficiencies are neat concept as well. The amount of class customization is so vast. Why do I insist on like a game that I've been told to hate?They tell me I should be mad that COD doesn't have a 'new engine'. Yet no other shooter offers the same super fast responsive gameplay as COD. On console, where the *vast* majority of fps players reside, absolutely no other shooter is as smooth and fast as COD. So why do I like the 'tired old engine' of COD?They tell me it is impossible to have fun in COD, yet I have fun in it every day. I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong with me.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_m9s5o
1320530136.017youtube.comm1rzsBusting the last few boosters on MW224717
1315950101.015quickmeme.comkenmcHappens all the time when I play. Fuck noob tubers.291417
1315265448.018lo-ping.orgk5totEvery Single Feature of Call Of Duty Elite Detailed - Free and Premium1807
1314836430.017xbox360.ign.comk0rmgLeaked: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition Details1709
1314380627.016self.CallOfDutyjvbh3New ownership of r/CallofDuty18223 founder was kind enough to give us the subreddit. As you can see, we've undergone a redesign and we'll be linking all of the game-specific COD subreddits to this central hub of all things Call of Duty.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_jvbh3
1376569491.017self.CallOfDuty1kexanDoes Activision allow hackers on older CoD titles in a bid to get everyone onto the newest one?23618 uncle threw this at me recently and made me think. Thoughts? Tinfoilly?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1kexan
1375940888.018self.CallOfDuty1jxtxaHow many of you regular CoD players use a headset of some sort on a regular basis?19139 Clarifying headset as Tritons or TurtleBeaches and the like rather than just for chat.Falset5_2rcq21375943387.0Truet3_1jxtxa
1375906288.015self.CallOfDuty1jwndcMost Annoying Killstreak in any COD?19444 I've seen a lot of posts about which killstreaks in COD are overpowered, underpowered, or overused, but I want to hear some opinions on which are the most annoying to deal with. Not the hardest to deal with, the most annoying. The Recon Drone from MW3 comes to mind for myself. You?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1jwndc
1375281639.018self.CallOfDuty1jf8pgI wrote and recorded an original acoustic song about Black Ops 2. Thought you guys might enjoy it!301210
1374528507.014self.CallOfDuty1iu9gqScams.261211 out for scams. On Xbox last night i got a message saying you have been chose the beta test cod ghosts go to ( ) to verify! i go on the sight knowing its a scam or something and yes i concluded its a scam just be careful for people like this! Message was from user Testers GhostFalset5_2rcq21374615411.0360Truet3_1iu9gq
1373783497.016self.CallOfDuty1i9iucThe biggest thing that I'd love to see in Call of Duty: Ghosts on Console.18220 an avid Promod player, I'm in love with the 90 fov view. Is this possible to incorporate in the console versions of the game?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1i9iuc
1373130160.015self.CallOfDuty1hr7daI want to step up my game21669 there! I am Rjazz64, and I am tired of getting the crap kicked out of me every time I play Call of Duty. I can *occasionally* get a K/D over 1:1, but its not satisfying. I am looking for a sort of 'teacher' to help me improve my game. I've heard this is a great way to meet people and raise my K/D. If you could help me with my problem, it would be greatly appreciated.Sincerely,Rjazz64P.S. I am currently trying to get diamond shotguns. The only problem I am having so far is getting the bloodthirsty's needed. I can get everything else, I just need help with the bloodthirsty's. Thank you. (BTW I already have a KSG gold, my Remington needs the bloodthirsty's and I can't use the other two guns at all)Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hr7da
1373071711.016self.CallOfDuty1hq1s2Does the Executioner in BO2 really suck?18222 is it just that people don't really know how to use it? I find it very powerful at close range, especially with akimbo on an assault shield class.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hq1s2
1372972555.017self.CallOfDuty1hnmdiWhat Made CoD 3 Generally Disliked?22546 have never played CoD 3 (I intend to), but I have heard quite a few players that disliked the game compared to the people who liked it.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hnmdi
1372028070.015self.CallOfDuty1gxm77Ways to judge the last 6 Call of Duty games (multiplayer only)22735 just watched [a video]( arguing that Black Ops 2 is the best CoD so far and it got me thinking, there is one subjective way and one objective way to judge the last six Call of Duty games.The subjective way is, What game did I have the most fun in? This is usually the first CoD game that you played, which for most people was MW2, but there are also a lot of CoD4 people and a lot of Black Ops people in there as well.The objective way (or at least an attempt at being objective) is, Pretend you are the median/average CoD player before ever playing CoD, and someone presented you with all six games side by side to try out. Which one would you find the most fun?Now obviously even that won't be completely objective because it's a hypothetical, but that's the way to think about it. And given that criteria I think BO2 would be the most fun for the average player if lined up right beside all of the others (further and even more controversial, I think MW3 would be a close 2nd). If you played COD4 and BO2 side by side for the first time I think most people would find CoD4 to be a little boring. If you played MW2 and MW3 side by side you would find MW3 has more variety and is more fair than MW2.I don't expect many people to agree with me, just wanted to put it out there.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1gxm77
1367702276.015flickr.com1dp50hLego Black Ops 2 Characters2163
1366770435.014self.CallOfDuty1cze1vWhat is the best map of all time?241065 say Black Ops 1 Firing RangeFalset5_2rcq21366771013.0Truet3_1cze1v
1366733902.017self.CallOfDuty1cxyvvUniversity project25811 everyone. Firstly, I hope it is ok for me to post this here. Secondly, I was wondering if I could get your help. I need a survey filled out for a university project I am working on. the project is to set up a fictional business model, and I wanted to try and base it on online streaming. It kinda needs to be filled out before Wednesday the 24th. If anyone would be so kind as to take 2 minutes to fill it out I would be very grateful. Thank you.
1365621139.017self.CallOfDuty1c2y8zBummed about this mornings update (XBOX).26931 noticed when getting on this morning that the game-mode I play most regularly, Hardcore: Capture The Flag, was replaced with Hardcore: Domination. I understand that there have been a lot of complaints about spawn campers / killers in CTF, but why not leave it in the playlist?The replacement of Domination is just fine (it's a solid game-mode), but I feel that putting it into the Hardcore playlist as a new addition and leaving CTF in as well would've been ideal.If someone is really having that much of an issue with spawn campers / killers, then perhaps they should just play something else.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1c2y8z
1362923881.017self.CallOfDuty1a0ue3What black ops map should they reacreate for black ops 222554
1361811741.016self.CallOfDuty19777jBlack ops 2 lagging even with 4 bars [ps3]25931 I hav experienced very laggy games in black ops 2,well laggy and glitchy. Most of the time 9/10 games, ill be having 4bars. But it seems as though the game is lagging bad. Eg: running with an smg and when I stop and aim it shifts my aim sideways randomly, no relating to the sway, random left and right aim lag. Also while running it lags and the player seems to strafe sideways randomly. One more problem was that if I press the PS button during a match I get kicked, after numerous amounts of these kicking out bs, I got put into probation.Things I have tried :Reinstalled the 1.07 patchTried a different controllerThought it might be hardware problem so tried with other games (dead space 3, mw 3, assassins creed 3) but thet hadno such issueBlew air into vents of ps3Looked in theater and my gameplay seemes fine, no lagAll this happened after the 1.07 patch. And now, I get kicked out just before a match ends. The message will read 'disconnected from black ops 2 servers'. And when i connect back in I lose all the xp I had earned during the match and also get put into probation. I have paid hard earned money for this and will not resolve with just letting the problem go. If nothing can be done I will have to resort to selling this game. As of now, im playing dead space 3 online coop with no issues.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_19777j
1359216785.016self.CallOfDuty17bhn5Revolution up for download20411 says that revolution is up for download but I don't see it in the store.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_17bhn5
1356411456.016self.CallOfDuty15epdvAnyone still play Mike Myers?23711 still play mike Myers on cod4 ps3?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_15epdv
1356122980.017i.imgur.com158vbwI think I'll just rest here. 1920
1355666612.018self.CallOfDuty14xwdzPS3 Multiplayer Down?2024 else not able to get online on playstation? It says a few of my friends are on, so i don't know if it's just me.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_14xwdz
1355152529.017self.CallOfDuty14lu7yDoes BO2 have multiplayer bots to play against? How about any older CODs?23630,I have MW3, it's the only one I've ever played, and I really wish there were offline bots to play against. Because I suck, and my girlfriend sucks, and I'd like to be on her team vs some sucky bots. It sucks that we can only play offline 1v1 against each other in MW3. Does BO2 have any AI bots to play against? How about any older versions of COD?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_14lu7y
1354340129.014self.CallOfDuty143bxaAnyone interested in starting a group where we just mess around? [Black Ops 2]271334**PS3 ONLY**I mean of course we'll play the game and take it seriously, but not *too* seriously. I was in a lobby with a bunch of nice guys and we didn't win a lot but everyone was just making jokes, funny reactions, trapping each other, and it was pretty hilarious. You could say I'm mimicking KYR SP33DY and I probably am, but I really liked actually laughing out loud when playing Black Ops instead of stressing over my K/D and shit and rage quitting.This group *probably* isn't for you if you get mad way too easily, report people often, and/or seriously curse someone out for killing you with the SMAW. This probably won't be a very popular post, but just putting it out there.Also if you have a mic, that would be lovely. And my gamertag is gje_1811Falset5_2rcq21354410526.0Truet3_143bxa
1353862019.017self.CallOfDuty13rigeHow bad is WaW on ps3 hacked ?1814
1352993361.018self.CallOfDuty138qmrWhat do veterans think of Call of Duty?24619 was just curious as to see what veterans, or people currently deployed in war think of fps games such as call of duty. If your a veteran leave a comment about how you feel about these games!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_138qmr
1352967005.016self.CallOfDuty138cbnHaving problems with lag comp in Black Ops 2?19314 you're experiencing a loss every time you get into a fair fight, losing fights you should've won, or getting killed when on your screen you've gotten past a wall; then you are experiencing lag compensation problems. to fix this, when going to select a match click x (idk on ps3) an change preference to BEST. most probably knew this, but I'm just trying to help. good luck!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_138cbn
1351361063.015self.CallOfDuty126jb5Attention to CoD players that get bored playing alone!21616 RaidCall channel 5159246!Hosted by iP, our RaidCall channel is home to Starcraft II, CoD, Tekken, and Halo players alike. The point of making this channel was to create a community between all levels of players of many games.You may talk strategy, guns, or just yell about that noob who shot you with a grenade launcher attachment! :DCheck it out! :)Also, note that this raidcall channel has not been around for very long, so expect members to increase as time goes on (:Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_126jb5
1350621765.018self.CallOfDuty11qdu9CoD on PC23530, I used to play cod MW2 back in the day on the ps3 but I quit after it cuz of school and shit. I'm thinking of buying BO2 when it comes out but I might get it on the PC. However, I've never played an FPS on the PC.. is it harder than the PS3 or will I be able to get adjusted easily?ThanksFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_11qdu9
1348853818.014codblackopsblog.com10mmdrCall of Duty: Black Ops 2 Prestige Emblems1738
1347890585.016xbox360achievements.org100t89Black Ops II's Multiplayer Maps Leaked?1930
1345327586.018i.imgur.comyg1zeIt's not the popular opinion, but it's my opinion.2245
1345149010.016self.CallOfDutyyc7srCod Black Ops 2 zombies idea.22621 map takes place in NYC. So there is a typical starting room, 4 windows etc. There are 2 doors to open. One goes down to the subway system. One goes out to the streets of NYC surrounding the empire state building. Once you open the door to the Empire State Building, you can call an elevator to the top (I know with no power). On the top there is the perk PHD flopper (on one side), with the mystery box. On the other side there is the power button . When you press the button a bolt of lightning hits the empire state building, and power is restored to the map, and the rest of the city lights up as well. Now the twist is that when you use PHD flopper you take no fall damage, so if you have the perk and you get over-run on top, you can jump off the edge of the building to escape. In the metro system under ground, the main trap is you can call a subway which drives through running over the zombies. A special grenade could be a Molotov cocktail. To get pack a punch, you call all the elevators, and a special elevator comes containing pack a punch.So tell me what you think of the idea, and share yours?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_yc7sr
1339008900.017memerush.comuodj5Tactical Insertion Win2470
1337238797.017self.CallOfDutytrc4pJust letting you guys knew there are new free maps for Modern Warfare 3..19221 go into multiplayer, then into community and on the bottom there are 2 maps you can downloadFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_trc4p
1335627695.016i.imgur.comswv06Fifth clue. Looks like a Spy Plane to me..26106
1335565195.015thatsyogarbage.comsvz6vCall of Duty: Black Ops 2′s release date gets leaked2498
1331299996.015alteriw.netqoujtActivision is trying to get down the popular MW2 PC server emulator AlterIWnet22720
1329970577.014forgifs.comq20y1Me every time a new MW3 map comes out.32181
1320683043.017youtube.comm3mbhI suck at Call of Duty - Miracle of Sound2031
1318751922.018youtube.comldxnbAn actually good montage. (clan matches, PC, etc)24623
1317242095.016i.imgur.comkugv6Inspired by the level 'Little Resistance' (WaW), I made this for my room.2370
1314752059.016self.CallOfDutyjznhoIt's a damn shame what happened to Cod 4 and 518226 360 - Hacked to shitPS3 - Hacked to shitWii - Hacked to shitI'm left with the PC versions which I'm not terribly good at. I wish they would fix this crap.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_jznho
1314730431.015youtube.comjzbn6XboxAhoy Weapon Guide: Galil2053
1314669262.017rockpapershotgun.comjylapConfirmed: Valve says MW3 on PC will use full Steamworks integration2031
1376579665.015self.CallOfDuty1kf7s4So further to my comment in the Reveal thread..20516 comment - 'i was very pleased overall. but as with all the COD's i would have liked to have seen better body destruction. Yes you can blow a wall to dust, but what about the players. I want to be able to Gib someone, or blast an arm clean off with a shotgun blast. Think Gears of war crossed with soldier of fortune.' The game is rated 18+ or M - Mature, so why not use the certification to its max. Does anyone else agree, or am i just more bloodthristy than the average COD player?Thanks, LouisFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1kf7s4
1376508415.015self.CallOfDuty1kd9i4Official CoD: Ghosts reveal thread271222[Here](
1376270628.016self.CallOfDuty1k6eyfWhich is easier?20429 is easier on veteran?MW2 or MW3?BO1 or BO2?Just beat MW2 on veteran and I want to know if that was the tough one. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1k6eyf
1376149782.017self.CallOfDuty1k3cobwill Ghosts have the same misrepresentation of camera that's inherent in the quake engine?2589 notable is blops2. where there's as much as 500ms difference between what a stationary player sees, and what the runner jumping around the corner sees. it's always in the moving character's favor. and it's one of the biggest game breakers for me in blops2.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1k3cob
1375496423.016self.CallOfDuty1jlrysWhat are your opinions on 'trickshotters'261045 are in every COD game who go in teams of 6 and try and kill the opposing team while leaving the last person alive to repeatedly stun them and try and trickshot them. These groups of people discourage other players of the game by saying they are bad because they arent sniping. They are a very hateful community and i want to here your views and opinions on them. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1jlrys
1375070874.015self.CallOfDuty1j98jeFavorite Call of Duty? (don't upvote)533884 would really just like to know what you guys think is the best cod of all time. You can be as elaborate as you want.Falset5_2rcq21375135132.0Truet3_1j98je
1374259216.016self.CallOfDuty1inc3fBlack Ops 1 community19317 does the Black Ops 1 PC community look like? Are there a lot of tactical crouch servers? Are they easy to avoid? Are there a variety of maps (not just nuketown and firing range)? I'm from America and only want to hear about American servers. Also please don't convince me to buy a different game, I just want to hear about this one. Thank you to everyone who can help me.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1inc3f
1373575146.014self.CallOfDuty1i3u26How do you guys get headshots for the BO2 camo unlocks?18436 just can't seem to get them. Except for the MK48. I breezed through the headshots on it, but the other weapons I just can't seem to get the aim high enough before I kill them or they kill me. I play on the Wii U, and my main mode is either Ground War, normal TDM, or Free For All. Thanks in advance everyone! Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1i3u26
1372216958.016self.CallOfDuty1h323qFree Call of Duty Ghost Camo for Black Ops 219312 preordered COD Ghosts for PS3 and got the camo, i cancelled that order and preordered it for PS4 and got a new code. If anybody wants the camo. First come first serve. 4QQK-PWLNZ-3631. to redeem the code.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1h323q
1367456327.013self.CallOfDuty1dir0fHow would you guys like first-person deaths?19613 instance, a grenade explodes, I go flying, shows it in first person, I die. They would have to be careful not to make it repetitive like battlefield but to make it random depending on how you got killed. Just an idea.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1dir0f
1365488974.013self.CallOfDuty1bz4k9Question about Black Ops 2.20753 those of you who love this game/believe it is the best in the series so far: Why?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1bz4k9
1364588468.015self.CallOfDuty1b9gpjWhat do you think the next call of duty's setting will be like?20542
1363413721.015self.CallOfDuty1aec2sYou know what I would pay 160 Microsoft points for?2051 extra bar of connection.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1aec2s
1362891148.014self.CallOfDuty1a0d18What makes a map good or bad for you?20647 the games starting with CoD 4, why do you consider good maps good and bad maps bad? Examples would be appreciated.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1a0d18
1360824786.013youtube.com18i2vdCapturing the flag with style.1743
1360002459.015self.CallOfDuty17vn7kI miss Robert Bowling.281326 friend of mine made this statement while we were playin Lag Ops 2 today. I agree. Thoughts?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_17vn7k
1354513633.014self.CallOfDuty146rbaIs ghost f**ked up?22812 seem to be able to know where I am when I walk around with my adjustable stock attachment. I am moving around as per the requirements for the new (and de-improved) ghost perk. Anybody else having this problem?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_146rba
1354474958.017self.CallOfDuty145sk1Symbol in zombies?22512 my friend has this little thing next to his money in TranZit. I don't remember what it is called, but I had it once (still havent figured out how). My friend has it permanently. I've only ever seen one other player have it, but I would like to know what it is and what it is for.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_145sk1
1353575269.014steamcommunity.com13m3ztI never would have thought they'd put kony in black ops 21952
1353197753.015i.imgur.com13dixsDamn thing was hard to make!26112
1352754658.015self.CallOfDuty132zixFor those who've gotten BO2 already or played it, how does it compare to BO1 and Modern Warfare?16130
1351906484.016self.CallOfDuty12jn3uAm I the only one who misses MW2?291334 was my first call of duty,and every once in a while i just watch the trailers for nostalgia. Anyone else miss this game..Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_12jn3u
1350274317.013spirithalloween.com11hvwrSo I'm working at a Halloween store for extra money, and see this. Totally legit.1965
1346671591.016youtube.comz9y6pAll my wat1933
1345500147.016self.CallOfDutyyjoejDeciding to buy a CoD..17139 plan on saving some money and getting some CoD games. I have Black Ops, and I want to know if I should buy MW3 or just preorder BO2?EDIT: if any of you fine folks are on Xbox, add me- AtomicCharlieFalset5_2rcq21345526947.0Truet3_yjoej
1345112441.016i.imgur.comybb8lFavela in real life1717
1340161505.017picshd.comvb60nMy black ops achievement hunter emblem2033
1339681186.016youtube.comv1md8The Black Ops Curse-It's basically Murphy's law, in COD form.1820
1339458073.014youtube.comuwzkpWhat I miss about BLOPS: Pro Dolphin Dives1955
1336978695.015self.CallOfDutytm520PC player adjusting to Xbox COD MW3/MW219417 everyone , I will qualify myself here first. I am usually a PC player for FPS , so usually mouse keyboard , I play a fuck ton of TF2 , used to play a lot of CS 1.6 and S , and a modest amount of COD MW2/3 on the PC. I am just wondering if anyone has any hits or suggestions on how to help adjust to using a controller. I know I wont get the same kind of accuracy , I am just looking to play with more of my friends who don't play on pc. Any tips thanks :D TL;DR : I suck on a xbox controller because I am a pc gamer playing fps on xbox , suggestions to adjust pleaseFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_tm520
1333670624.015self.CallOfDutyrvh7iNazi Zombies Story Line17224 reading the story line for Call Of Duty: Zombies, which can be found on the Call Of Duty wiki page, made me realize that the Zombies Mode is over. This deeply saddens me and I wish there was some way they would continue it.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_rvh7i
1325242133.013youtube.comnw5d3Two.Five A MW3 PC Community Montage by rechyyy -- Freaking incredible editing here1966
1319984060.016self.CallOfDutylu304Everyone can now instantly add or edit the gamertag beside their username.1718 Just a note. If you're getting MW3 and haven't subscribed to r/mw3 yet, you should probably give it a look-see.As you probably already know, we've been using the flair feature to append gamertags/platforms to Reddit usernames for the past few months now.Unfortunately, when the flair system was first introduced, only the mods could add flair to usernames. This was a pretty slow and tedious task, so in an effort to speed things up a little, we created a bot that would take names from and upload them in batches. While the bot was a much better and faster option, it still relied on some manual tweaking each time it had to be run.Recently, the admins added a new feature that allows regular users to edit their own flair themselves.###How to add/edit your gamertag:**Step One**:If you look over at the side bar on the right, you should see an edit button beside your username. Click on it. [Screenshot]( **Step Two**:You'll be given a list of platforms to choose from. Click on the platform that you play on. [Screenshot](**Step Three**:A textfield will appear. Enter your GT/PSN ID/STEAM ID into that field and click on save. [Screenshot]( That's it.Btw, if you abuse this flair system, the mods will probably come down hard on you. i.e. this flair system is for gamertags only, so no messing about. We reserve the right to remove your flair if we think that you're being an ass. Repeated abuse will most likely result in a ban.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_lu304
1317190925.014imdb.comktualWhen they spend so much money behind Voice Actors I can't really say that they don't care about Single Player.1847
1315332257.015self.CallOfDutyk6mu6'Last Stand, Martyrdom, Noob Tubes, Death Streaks.' They stay in games, yet the majority of us hate them. What's your opinion on them?19429 you can make a case for noob tubes; Martyrdom, Last Stand, overpowered knifes and other perks only add frustration and pain to the game. These god forsaken turds stay in the game, yet we all complain about them every..single..time. I want a final community opinion once and for all. Who likes these items, who is indifferent and who has hated them since the first time they ever appeared.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_k6mu6
1375674044.013self.CallOfDuty1jpwmbShould we get capture assist points?16312 I am playing domination, and capturing a flag with a teamate, but I die before we capture it, but he still captures it; shouldn't I get some kind of assist points? I have been in TONS of situations where I am the first to the flag and start capturing and a teamate joins me and I die a millisecond before we finish and it's aggrivating that I get no points for my work. Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_1jpwmb
1372299156.015self.CallOfDuty1h5h03I'm still fairly new to this game. What is going on here?1838
1372195014.013self.CallOfDuty1h2bddI just want one thing.20716 left the CoD franchise after MW2, but the only thing I want is a Zombies Game or something. Zombies is just pure fun to me and my friends, but paying $50 for a used copy of Black Ops 2 and buying all the DLC is ridiculous. If they just put a $30 or $40 game out that had all the maps from WaW and Black Ops they'd get so much money. Hell, they could make the Black Ops 2 zombie maps a DLC when the next CoD comes out! Seriously though, I don't see how this could be a bad move at all.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1h2bdd
1369869894.015i.imgur.com1fav00What spawn trapping boils down to and why it's not impressive.26114
1366668548.014self.CallOfDuty1cw5htWhat do you think makes a skilled player so good?19546 my opinion there are three major things: map knowledge, gun choice, and aim. Map knowledge involves running routes, where to take cover, capture spots, and knowing where people will come from. Gun choice involves not only choosing the right gun for your play style, but also for the map. Choosing a shotgun on a huge open map is generally a bad idea, for example. Aim, while it seems simple, is a huge factor especially in public matches. If you can lock onto a target in milliseconds out to a good distance, you will win almost every gunfight. Sensitivity is a part of this as well.Reddit, tell me what you think makes some people so good at this game. I'd love to hear your opinions.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1cw5ht
1366158494.015self.CallOfDuty1chzgkGive me some reviews of uprising!20540 your thoughts on the new map pack. Rate it out of 10?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1chzgk
1364692804.015self.CallOfDuty1bc1apHi /r/CallofDuty, I would like to start playing COD on my XBOX 360, but I have heard that all of the games except for BLOPS2 are hacked. Is it possible to still play MW1, MW2, and MW3 multiplayer without dealing with hacking?19422
1364342658.013self.CallOfDuty1b2sjrOur own brackets 17411 already posted this at /r/blackops2, but I wanted to post it here as well: With all the hype over basketball, why not have as much for the Call of Duty championship in Hollywood. I was thinking that we could make a bracket for the competition. Nothing would go to the winner except pride. (If you have something to give the winner PM me.) Lets show these people how true gamers show pride. If this is a terrible idea, don't hurt me, please. Falset5_2rcq21364437156.0360Truet3_1b2sjr
1363473918.014i.imgur.com1afljmI'll take lag over hacks any day.2392
1363036609.013self.CallOfDuty1a3s7aSick of playing solo..16325, so here goes. I'm an average-good player and I can't deal with playing on my own because you always get terrible teammates or you just can never win. So I'm looking for people to do some public and win. If you are interested then add me on xbox. (GT: NoviCrux). But I also must ask that you are decent at the game as there is no point playing with people who are not very good because we will just lose. ThanksFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1a3s7a
1362888412.015self.CallOfDuty1a0agqYou're getting shot. Do you turn and return fire or run?16118've played for years and am pretty good but I usually gamble when it comes to this decision.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1a0agq
1360440253.014youtube.com187hcoNovember Cod4 edit want critique!18412
1358744656.015self.CallOfDuty16z0o3COD4 help/warning20525 today me and my friend decided to play some COD4. And what do you know, the first lobby we get into is hacked. After backing out wee notice we're level 1, which we shouldn't be. I then notice what actually happened. The hacker turned my xp negative. So previously it was x, not it's -x. That means I can't play online, since you have to be level 1 to do so, and I'm technically not even level 1. So if you're playing COD4, you could lose your ability to play on that account really easily. Is there any way to fix it without getting a new gamertag?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_16z0o3
1358632197.012self.CallOfDuty16w9drCrossbow Bloodthirsty..1649 else had ridiculous amounts of difficulty trying to get this? I have been trying for five hours now..Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_16w9dr
1358269215.012youtube.com16mj9e69-1 CRYOGENIC freeze killer lag switcher15310
1357674109.013self.CallOfDuty1677b3Do copies of black ops 2 still have a valid nuketown 2025 code?14111 saw this version of the game for ps3 on amazon and i am eager to buy as i really want the game and nuketown 2025 and have no friends with the map to gameshare. Will this copy have a legit code in it?
1357298850.011i.imgur.com15y2opDon't want to brag, but I think I did pretty good. Probably my best Black Ops 2 game, so far.382718
1355851603.016self.CallOfDuty1525iq(Xpost from r/mw3). For those on Xbox Live, ALL DLC Collections are half price for TODAY ONLY.18210 the title says, ALL Collections are half price as part of Xbox's 'countdown to 2013 deals'. Its for today only so for those looking to pick them up on the cheap, now is your chance. Information [here]( Other Xbox deals [here]( Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1525iq
1354418114.014self.CallOfDuty144uf1Any other knife users here? I have a problem..19530 feels like whenever I use the combat knife I 'miss' like 85% of the strikes. It either won't register or I'll actually just lunge in another direction. It's really frustrating Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_144uf1
1354125030.014self.CallOfDuty13xyxiWould like to get some Redditers into a group on Call of Duty. I started clan ZombieByte on Elite. Would be more than glad to have you guys!241027 don't have very many people on my friends list, and was hoping to get a community together. My PSN tag is Moldypizzabagel. Search ZombieByte in Call of Duty Elite, and hit apply. I will accept almost anyone, as long as they are good sports and are not racist. This is also an opportunity to get more involved with the Reddit Community.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13xyxi
1353287205.013self.CallOfDuty13fbfoAre there still a good amount of people play Cod4?15219 there?edit: on pc that isFalset5_2rcq21353289282.0Truet3_13fbfo
1353087935.013self.CallOfDuty13b3kaFirst time with CoD - which title should I pick up?14128 so it's not really the first time. I've been playing MW3 at my friends a bit, and there was also a free weekend on Steam. Now that Blops2 is out and I see all that stuff, I want to get into one of the games myself.Since I haven't really played any of the series yet and I don't want to spend 60€ on a game right now, I'm thinking I might as well start with one of the earlier games, because they're only half the price now.So the decision is between MW1 and MW2. I know that MW1 had dedicated servers and leaning sideways - it was a PC game. MW2 had none of those and I hear a lot of bad talk about grenadelaunchers aka noobtubes, although such talk is often way exaggerated.Does MW2 have substantially more interesting things in it, like weapon customization?Which one would you recommend?Edit: You people all recommending to buy Blops2 sure aren't making this easier on me. In the end, I'll probably buy the newest one (some part of my brain has already decided to do so, although others are reluctant. They'll take a while to be convinced that '60€ isn't that much anyways' and 'If you're gonna spend 100+ hours having fun it's a good investment!', things like that. Guess I'm gonna buy it tomorrow. >.<)Falset5_2rcq21353104591.0Truet3_13b3ka
1352970581.014self.CallOfDuty138dtiSound-whoring, since when is this a thing?18423 when is using your senses to play CoD a game breaking tactic? Just looking at a couple of forums to see if there was a fix for the lack of footsteps in BO2 and have just rediscovered that magic, accepting side of the CoD community.So my question, is this legit a real thing people don't like? Is it a widespread feeling? Or is it just another thing people complain about and blame their losses on?Personally I find it incredibly hard to play without it, I've spent my CoD career using Ninja perks and developing my tactics around sound and suddenly it's no longer viable.Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_138dti
1352910044.012self.CallOfDuty136przSo should I get it?21919 I first heard that Black Ops 2 was coming out, I was skeptical, being a Battlefield-convert (I still play the COD games and love them, but I think BF is a bit more of my playstyle). After watching a couple of youtube videos however, the game doesn't look that bad. So, bugs and glitches aside, what are the things you like about BO2 and what are some of the things that aren't so great about it?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_136prz
1352846531.013self.CallOfDuty135bqbAnyone else getting servers unavailable?16315 got bops 2 and it will not connect to the servers. I have tried mw3 and found a game right away so it's not my connection.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_135bqb
1352842679.012self.CallOfDuty1357b0Hit detection20814 it just me or is the hit detection horrendous and spawns terrible??Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1357b0
1352749271.014i.imgur.com132t4wCommander David Mason (Rich McDonald) stopped by my work today.1731
1352572213.016self.CallOfDuty12z0kyStores in Denmark selling Black ops 2 early.20419 the title says, today almost every gamestore in Denmark is selling the game early. No one really knows why, but i got my copy as one of the first. I only got a picture of the manual because my friend borrowed the disk while i was at work. the game is really really fun! Especially Tranzit is really well done.If you have more Questions about the game ask below, i will try to reply to everything.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_12z0ky
1349581109.013self.CallOfDuty112nvoHello all I'm new to the community and would like to get to know you15219 come on tell me what call of duty is you're favorite, what your favorite moment was in it and maybe a video link.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_112nvo
1348575741.015i.imgur.com10g2p7New Elite login page looks pretty nice30154
1348010702.015self.CallOfDuty103uikHow do you guys feel about the K/D ratio being in the game?21632 have been wondering for a while if it is just me that thinks it should not be an in-game feature. With the ratio being in the game I find myself getting annoyed when it goes down and not having as much fun with the game as I would like to. For example, I suck at shotguns and I always have. I find myself not progressing with them as I am not learning how to use them because when I try my K/D goes down significantly so I just give up.Personally, I wouldn't mind if the ratio was only available on the Elite application and not in a lobby.Just my opinion. Where do you guys stand? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_103uik
1347003442.012i.imgur.comzhw6yGoogle translate is blocked at work. I assume this is a hater, can any hombres (!) help?17513
1346441699.012youtube.comz5frkI Don't Like Call Of Duty (Chief Keef Parody)1866
1344521264.013self.CallOfDutyxxtnaBest COD game?21867 my personal opinion, out of the COD games from COD4 to MW3, I think World at War and Black Ops tie for best. I love world at war because there are no noob toobs, and I love the simple killstreaks, and the bolt action rifles. Nobody likes all the MP40 users, but I somehow look past that and dominate with the DP-28(Pizza Gun) and the Thompson.I love Black Ops because of how balanced it is. You see EVERYBODY using EVERYTHING. Some definitely more than others, but it's not like all the other COD games where everyone uses only a select few guns. Black Ops also has zombies. I never got into zombies in world at war, but zombies is just such a big and fun part of black ops.What is your favorite COD game?Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_xxtna
1344153474.014youtube.comxphxdXBoxAhoy - Black Ops Multiplayer Weapons - Python2061
1343582554.015i.imgur.comxcj73I love trapping Japanese players in the corner41262
1339111522.015imgur.comuqmryThe only good thing to come out of E3.39247
1338542300.014youtube.comufe7xWoods' voice actor explains his character's sruvival2284
1337798206.013self.CallOfDutyu1dsdSo I consider myself a good COD player. But does anyone else feel like their teammates suck?261368 I consider myself decent. I have a 1.9 k/d and I play SnD almost exclusively. I've made numerous clans rage quit from lobbies, I can use most guns well and I love playing but fir some reason I lose more often than I'd like. Contrary to what I tell mysekf I AM NOT A ONE MAN TEAM. It infuriates me when I go positive and lose. Sorry for the rant but this seemed the best place for sympathy. Here are SOME of the games I've lost.;DR I'm surrounded by n00bs. Please tell me I not alone..Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_u1dsd
1332369087.015memegenerator.netr7ftha lot of people on this subreddit can be applied to this - SS2386
1320852733.014self.CallOfDutym65lmWhy in the world did they remove the ability to climb/jump over things? 20612, it's almost been a deal breaker for me and I'm not one to hate on Call of Duty. In BOps you could literally climb over anything or jump up on anything that was a certain height. Now you can only jump over things that are around ankle high. Why would you go backwards like that? I know it's a different development house but.. It really kind of sucks. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_m65lm
1320134534.015self.CallOfDutylw8crMW3 is now just one week away20517 am ecstatic. I bought MW2 and Black Ops around the time of release but this is the first time I've truly anticipated and preordered a COD game. I can't wait to get my hands on Hardened MW3 at midnight.Seven days!Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_lw8cr
1319907851.014self.CallOfDutyltbhnSo after all these games have been hacked an modified, why don't we know the exact formula for 'Match Bonus' yet?1843've always wonder what gives you 435 XP or 583 XP or 302 XP at the end of the match. Has no one went into the game files yet to find out?Obviously it's proportional to your level and how long the game goes on. But there is weird things that happen. Like if I join a game in the last minute and never encounter anyone or get a hit on anyone, and even die once, I'll get like a 7 XP match bonus. Does anyone have insight?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_ltbhn
1316246485.014self.CallOfDutykiirrWhy is Black Ops still $60?15110 there any place that I can get this game for less than the same price as MW3? I really cannot justify myself spending $60 for a game that is almost a year old. I checked it out on the steam free weekend and it was fun and would like to own it. I know it was on sale at the time too, I just didnt have the extra cash at that time to buy it.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_kiirr
1314986365.014callofduty.comk2ot7COD XP Livestream starting when this post is 30 minutes old.1511
1376063776.013self.CallOfDuty1k15lwTrade in Xbox 360 version of COD Ghosts for Xbox One version for only $10.1855 this sub doesn't allow link posts) Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1k15lw
1375709512.012self.CallOfDuty1jqlfdWhat's the best killstreak in any CoD?16465 Obviously taking into account how many kills/points it takes to get it.My vote goes for the harrier.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1jqlfd
1373995516.014self.CallOfDuty1ifbt8New Personalization Packs Announced: Yes or No?21726 all of you without a life know (#foreveralone), the new Personalization Packs have been announced. The packs will release on July 23 and feature these brand-new camos:Aqua PackPack-A-Punch PackRouge PackBreach PackDesert Coyote PackGlam PackAlso note that these all cost 160 MS Points.So, what do you think? Will you buy them immedately when they come out? Do you have a PS3 and have to wait a month? Which camo packs are you going to buy? Does your pet gerbil need to be fed? Let me know in the comments below! Rjazz64, The IntrovertBTW a big shoutout to N7 at the Call of Duty Wiki for getting this information. Make sure you head over to the wiki and contribute as much as you can!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1ifbt8
1373248084.014self.CallOfDuty1hu4amIs the foregrip in Black ops 2 a placebo?17322 foregrip seems ineffective to me. Does it have any sort of effect?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hu4am
1373156274.012self.CallOfDuty1hrylwDoes anyone still play COD 1 on PC?1537 got a cd copy at goodwill for a buck and I was wondering if people still play it onlineFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hrylw
1371662737.012self.CallOfDuty1go0u0Is there still a good community for Modern Warfare 2?17518 me, MW2 was the perfect online experience. I played it for days straight when I had it. I'm thinking about buying it again, but I want to make sure that the online play isn't infested with hacked lobbies or a shitty community. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1go0u0
1369074254.013self.CallOfDuty1epil8Thoughts after my first week on PS3241131 posted last week on getting tips on aiming with a controller. After some practice I've gotten decent at it. Not like I am with a m+kb but good enough to typically get MVP on tdm pretty regularly and occasionally get the hind. Anyways here are some of my thoughts on it. *The servers stink. It probably comes with the territory being p2p connections but being in the Midwest connecting to servers in Mexico or even on servers in America with spotty connection alot of the time does not make for a good experience. There really should be a filter game by region option. *I tended to mute anyone who spoke up on the mic. I have a mic but I didn't use it much. Most players just played annoying music, tried to troll or where jerkholes who thought they were the best players ever and would trash talk their own team. *The knife. I already hated knife melee but when you have the extra lag and less precision on console it makes it even more infuriating. Its not balanced and just lazy excuse of a melee solution. I hope that CoD Ghosts either takes out the knife melee altogether or emplements a buttstock melee (like CoD1,UO,2) or makes it more of a last resort option (like bc2) *The graphics were so bad. Maybe its because I play on my computer monitor so I'm closer and on a smaller screen so I notice more but the lines are so jagged, the textures fuzzy, and the details and shadows flat. I remember people thinking the graphics were really good at the time. I'd probably vomit if I saw bf3's graphics on PS3. So there I am, not trying to propagate the PC master race circlejerk because I will continue to play ps3 with my gf's brothers and I enjoy it, just thought I would bring out some points I gathered after my first week Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1epil8
1367490812.011imgur.com1djkvfMaybe linked with COD ghosts (on dog tags from MW3)22117
1366127841.014self.CallOfDuty1cgttbNew Maps.17313 downloaded the new maps this morning and can only seem to find them on Core maps. I play on Hardcore, they fixin this or am I just imagining things?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1cgttb trailer22109
1363552596.014self.CallOfDuty1ahdfvWhat is your favorite small map of all time and why?19542 I mean is: Which is your favorite and why?Shipment,Dome (Waw),Rust,Nuketown,Dome(MW3)Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1ahdfv
1362748960.012self.CallOfDuty19wrjhHow is cod4 on pc nowadays?17516
1361594469.014self.CallOfDuty192cu3What happens when a player is reported to Treyarch?18411 understand why they wouldnt want to go into detail, but I'm wondering if the system accomplishes anything other than making people feel like they have a voice. I have yet to hear of a case of someone actually being punished, something that is odd when you consider that the internet exists.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_192cu3
1361149713.013self.CallOfDuty18q0dwAnyone else want this map re-released?19623 we're talking about bringing back old content, I thought I would bring in my 2 cents. I want Summit back, I know revolution has a map like it included, but I just loved that map to death, also the FAMAS from the original BLOPSAnyone else miss that map?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_18q0dw
1360963749.011self.CallOfDuty18lp06What are your favourite custom game settings?16516 any of the games, what are some 'fun' game settings you sometimes use?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_18lp06
1357139004.012youtube.com15tsw8I found a bug that lets you rapid fire any semi-auto/burst fire gun1754
1356536254.011self.CallOfDuty15gy2oSo I just got a WiiU for Christmas, and black ops 2 is for sale everywhere, buy it?20912
1356144815.013self.CallOfDuty159gdlShotguns out of order??1748 so I just got diamond camo for the shotguns and I have to say they are out of order! The ksg is my favorite to use but the 870 is the best by far. Here is my order 870, s12, ksg, m1216. I ha the hardest time getting the m1216 done with! Does anyone's else feel this way? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_159gdl
1355647321.013self.CallOfDuty14xp0iearliest COD memory?19634 is in COD4 I had followed a sniper on pipeline thinking he was a teammate until he turned around and killed me. I did not know how to tell the difference between a teammate and an enemy sniper.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_14xp0i
1354374294.012self.CallOfDuty143rj2Anyone know how to get unlimited perks on transit zombies?19726 know the revive a person one around 20 times and get quick revive but I heard others saying theres deadshot dickery?(headshot perk from call of dead) that you also unlock and staminup without buying the actual perksFalset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_143rj2
1353809468.013self.CallOfDuty13qoswHit Registration16313 that happens is my gun sights are on people and i don't even get hitmarkers. Also, this is the only call of duty where i can't go positive and it just feels different from all the others. Help?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_13qosw
1353460140.011self.CallOfDuty13jhiwCool idea for Zombies?19813 just finished the Black Ops 2 campaign and watched the Avenged Sevenfold music video for 'Carry On', with the band members (Matt Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zackie Vengeance, and Johnny Christ) animated as models in the game. I got a crazy idea: These guys are more or less the official band for COD Zombies at this point. How cool would it be for Treyarch to make a map where you play as them? I personally would be hyped for that.[Video for anyone who hasn't seen it. *Spoiler Free*] (
1353295398.012self.CallOfDuty13fjpnBlack Ops II. Anyone else use the Chicom CQB SMG. Thoughts?19730 Ops II. Anyone else use the Chicom CQB SMG. Thoughts?My favorite gun thus far. I normally don't like burst weapons because my trigger finger can't press the button fast enough, but this gun is amazing so far IMO.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13fjpn
1353182649.013self.CallOfDuty13d4nqCan't accumulate prestige rewards, found out the hard way. [BO2]1306 to second prestige last night, went to go unlock what I thought would be 2 extra classes since I didn't unlock anything from first prestige. Turns out if you don't use your reward, its gone if you prestige again.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13d4nq
1353062357.013self.CallOfDuty13akgpWho are the characters in zombies?1526 of them reminds me of flanders lolFalset5_2rcq21353064847.0Truet3_13akgp
1352922539.014self.CallOfDuty1373jtBlack ops 2 problems?15125 it me or is it glitchy as fuck? My ps3 has frozen about 11 times already and ive been kicked from about 8 matches. Anyone else having this issue?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1373jt
1352704436.013self.CallOfDuty131xh4So who is going to the midnight launch for Black Ops 2?16317 the title says. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_131xh4
1351846326.011self.CallOfDuty12i90a4 Player Split Screen Zombies1434've looked everywhere for an answer to this and have checked back week after week. Can you play 4 player split screen on zombies ? I heard they are using the multiplayer engine for zombies this time around and that might allow 4 player split screen. Anyone have better google-fu than me? It's incredibly frustrating that i've gotten no answer to this after months of searching.I'd like to know this before I preorder.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_12i90a
1346825183.013self.CallOfDutyzdqd5Why do people dislike ACOGs (and ACOG users?)15239 way I see it, ironsights are better than any 1x vision attachment. The ACOG is one of the few weapon attachments with a distinct effect: zoom on target. I think that in MW3, the ACOG is fantastic, especially on some of the lower recoil, weaker assault rifles, like the M4 and ACR. I get that it's hard to run and gun with an ACOG, but for patient shooters, at medium range, why isn't it appreciated a bit more? Am I missing something? I get that it may have added some inaccuracy in MW2 and maybe even CoD 4, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't hurt your bullet hit location at all in MW3.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_zdqd5
1345617758.012imgur.comymjwkDAE always get trapped on terminal?23116
1345155332.013self.CallOfDutyyce32Does the Youtube commentary scene help or hurt the COD community?17434 watched [onlyusemeblade's new video]( and it got me thinking. What are the benefits and drawbacks of having such an enormous amount of info and youtube videos devoted to call of duty?Information about game exploits and overpowered classes is disseminated almost instantly. Is it really a good idea to allow every single Black Ops 2 player to [stream live]( It seems like we are nearing COD info overload.What does everyone think about this?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_yce32
1344994314.012youtube.comy8jf7Black Ops 2 TDM gameplay18615
1342386327.012youtube.comwlwyzXboxAhoy - Black Ops - FN FAL2197
1338503280.014latimes.comuem4jLA Times: Activision settles Call of Duty Lawsuit.1953,0,2012126.story
1337185415.012youtube.comtq4wyHey Reddit, I attempted an OCE today, how did I do?1758
1336593442.014anythinggeek.nettf7kqIs Treyarch stepping into Infinity Ward's Territory?18411
1336393037.011self.CallOfDutytb26wWould making a sub-reddit specifically for youtube commentators benefit this and other CoD sub-reddits at all?1325 think it'd be good for all of the sub-reddits because it would provide a place for people to post their commentaries other than here. It would also be good for commentators to form a kind of community. Would this be a good idea? Does one already exist? Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_tb26w
1326043316.013self.CallOfDutyo83ctAfter 2 1/2 years of Call of Duty and countless hours, I finally hit my first triple!2079 damage OR extended mags!I'm so happy right now, I can finally rest in peace knowing that I at least once got a 1 shot 3 kills.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_o83ct
1323404640.013self.CallOfDutyn5u8rWhy did PS3 get perma-double XP for CoD 4 and nobody else?2182 still go back to CoD 4, and plan on playing MW2 pretty regularly also after I get bored of MW3. I still have grand plans of reaching the 10th prestige. It's so hard now to find a game on Xbox though, especially one that isn't modded, and I'm sure those of us still playing would appreciate if IW made permanent double XP for these older games. I mean, why would they care by this point? If I had a twitter I'd ask Bowling myself.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_n5u8r
1320868698.013self.CallOfDutym6gskDamage21817 anyone else feel that you die WAY too fast in this game?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_m6gsk
1319058796.013youtube.comlhx53COD4 PC..How have I not played this until now?16312
1315744535.013youtube.comkc07aMy first ever playthrough of MW2 Spec Ops1965
1315340579.013self.CallOfDutyk6rg3So a friend gifted me blops so I'd stop bitching about refusing to pay a dime for CoD..21828, I know I'm probably going to get downvotes for hating CoD yet posting in r/cod, so go ahead and downvote, but hear me out.I've never been a fan of the series due to lack of depth, it's not a bad thing, it's just not for me. The series has always felt 'arcade-y' for me. I'm more of a Battlefield player (inb4 BF vs CoD battle, that's not what this is.) CoD has always been jump-in-and-play with quick matches and not much incentive for non-voice-based teamwork (I understand with voice teamwork gets really strong in blops, I just can't stand using voice, and the game has no built-in incentive for 'natural synergy' like what Battlefield does with stuff like Suppression points, Squad Operation points, multi-man vehicles, etc.) which causes anyone not using voice to have their own agenda and it not feel very team-friendly.I love Battlefield, but not because I just think it's better than CoD or anything, but because I prefer 'Grand-FPS' to standard FPS. Kind of how I prefer 'Grand-Strategy' to traditional RTS and TBS.None of that is the point of this post, though, I'm getting to that.I have found a new found love for Blops FFA, really blew my mind how much fun FFA is, and I hate FFA in any game ever, but when I first set foot in Nuketown with my M16 and 17 enemies, I was stuck. Ended up playing for a solid 8-10 hours the first day I recieved it.Then I decided to try out some Zombies, which, to my surprise, has the most depth I've ever seen in a Call of Duty title. The sheer lengths the devs went through to make Zombies not feel like an after thought really blew my mind, and that was after I already had my mind blown by the awesome singleplayer main;dr I'm a CoD hating Battlefield player who has a new found love for Call of Duty: Black Ops through FFA and Zombies, and I might buy Modern Warfare 3, spending money for my first time on a series I've been so adamantly against. Thanks for showing me the light, CoD.Falset5_2rcq2TrueTruet3_k6rg3
1315040693.015i.imgur.comk3e1nWent to Call of Duty XP and had a lot of fun :D This was our favorite picture1614
1315004018.013youtube.comk2za3What CoDXP Wants to be..14115
1376204791.013self.CallOfDuty1k4u2oAll-Time Favourites17451 so, as my first post on reddit i wanted to do something that hopefully a lot of people can get involved in, i want to know your All-Time CoD Favorite:1.) Game2.) Map3.) Gun4.) Equipment5.) Anything Else------------These are out of any Call Of DutyPlease don't thumbs down if there are other posts like this, like i said, it is my first post and i want other people involved.Thanks!(My Picks)1.) CoD 42.) WetWork / Downpour3.) Mw3 ACR / CoD 4 MP54.) Camera Spike (cuz it was cool)5.) hmm, i liked how CoD 4 grenade mechanics were, throwing them for miles and knowing the spots and the deadliness of itFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1k4u2o
1375660587.012self.CallOfDuty1jpi8mMy Personal best in sharpshooter. Not quite 1000, but I'm getting there.1972
1375214252.010self.CallOfDuty1jdcx1Major Nelson posts the date for COD: Ghosts multiplayer reveal 8/14/1321110[here](
1373857256.011self.CallOfDuty1ibcsdLooking for players to play with (PS3)13218 friends forgot what fun call of duty was so I'm trying to find some players instead of playing alone. Don't care about kd or anything as long as you play the game. I usually play black ops 2.I play a ton of game modes and I'm usually on a lot. I live in the west coast.Mic would be cool. I'll add you with a message that says reddit in it.Also up vote so other people who have this problem can see your gamertags.Thanks and I look forward to playing with you.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1ibcsd
1372292151.013self.CallOfDuty1h589kMy all time favorite Call of Duty commercial.1741
1371986798.012self.CallOfDuty1gwkdyGhosts Wallpaper [1920x1080]22101 found a nice wallpaper of the new Call of Duty Ghosts:[wallpaper]( Hope you guys like it! :)Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1gwkdy
1369924334.011self.CallOfDuty1fc68zLeveling The Field15423 upon a time, both IW and Treyarch mentioned adding a 'filter' of sorts in the multiplayer platform that would make it so games were more evenly matched. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if they ever did this? Nothing more frustrating than tryin to play online and going 5-27 match after match against what is most likely a 12 year old in Texas. Look, I know I suck at the game. Just think it would be more enjoyable for all if all the sucky players had to play the other sucky players rather than the tournament ready, hard-core gamers. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1fc68z
1369712308.010self.CallOfDuty1f6gb9Ideas for the next Black Ops 2 zombies map?13314 think zombies in Atlantis would be cool.What do you think?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1f6gb9
1369232145.012self.CallOfDuty1eu24uI just got finished play testing GHOSTS campaign for a month, AMAA!7260117 guys! For a month straight i was given the honor to play test strenuously the campaign of GHOSTS and find bugs, features that i thought should be there, exc. You guys can ask me anything, but somethings are classified and i won't be able to release that info. EDIT: OK guys, im sorry i have to cut it so short, but I have to work today. If you have any other questions, leave them here and i may or may not get to them later. Be sure to pre-order ghosts [here]( and play it when it comes out! Falset5_2rcq21369239255.0Truet3_1eu24u
1368503200.012self.CallOfDuty1eakv5Console Players! How do you aim?12027 for all the help guys. I'll get to practicing and see if your tips help outFalset5_2rcq21368720454.0Truet3_1eakv5
1366831859.014self.CallOfDuty1d12qsRepost from /r/gaming. Thought maybe you guys would appriciate it more :) How I would like the singleplayer campaign in COD: Modern Warfare 4 to be.1847 this.You have the point of view of a unknown man. You Wake up, sit up straight in bed and looks down on your hands and they are old, wrinkly and full of scars. You`ve lived a though life. You get out of bed, moan a bit and walks over to the bedroom sink to freshen up. You look in to the mirror and realise that you are playing as Captain Price. But you look old. Realy old. At least 65. And he says something like : 'I better get a move on. To day is the day.' And the screen fades to black.You meet up with a guy in a weelchair. He is even older than you are. More wrinkles and more scars. When you get over to him a green caption with the name 'Macmillan' floats in front of him. He says: 'It`s been 10 years already? You still look like shit.' Price: “Right back at you old man.'They enter a special forces cemetery (I dont know if it exists, but I know theres a special forces pub in Britain somewhere, so why not) And as they stroll past some of the graves they stop at the first one. It bears the name of Gaz.The first mission with Gaz is a brief one. A hostage rescue in a Lebanon/Bosnia or Kosovo. In and out with a bang. Nothing more easy in the world. As they are extracted by Chinook, Captain Price says: “You`re alright kid.” To Gaz. The screen fades to black and the title “MODERN WARFARE 4: The Price legacy” shows in big letters.And from there on we are constantly switching between present day, and the past as we participate in the events that introduced Price for the different people in the modern warfare trilogy.Kamorov in Lebanon, Sandman in dessert storm when he was only a Ranger/AirCav/Green Beret/10th mountain/82nd Airborne or in some other badass branch of the US Military, When Price met Ghost while Ghost was still in the SAS, Walcroft, Nikolai, First mission with Macmillan, and all the other characters who Price has made friends or enemies with. And what action and/or what mission he did to get promoted from Lieutenant to Captain.The last mission is a long one with some sneaking in the beginning and a lot of explosions in the end as usual. Gaz is also there. And you realize that Price and Gaz are starting to become really close. They know each other’s moves, reads each other’s body language and are extremely mission efficient together. You get extracted just barely as normal. And heads back to Hereford. As you land On the airfield in Hereford, Walcroft comes running towards you.“We got a situation, sir. And you are the highest field commander on base.” You start running towards a hangar and when you get in you stand in front of some screens while Walcroft tells you about a situation in the Bering strait with a ship that`s containing nuclear missiles. Gaz starts to run the Kill-house obstacle course.The hangar doors opens, Gaz says: “It`s the FNG, sir. They call him soap.” Price: “What the hell kind of name is Soap, eh? How'd a muppet like you pass selection?”With a BANG the screen turns black and in big letters it says “THE END” which morphs into “THE BEGINNING” and the credits roll.**TLDR: The Story of Captain Price and how he ended up in the SAS, the game ends where Modern Warfare 1 begins.**Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1d12qs
1366815059.011videogamer.com1d0fy5Call of Duty: Ghosts outed by Tesco - box art appears online1546
1366232168.014onlysp.com1ck4ktGhost’s Backstory Could Make a Great Call of Duty Campaign2170
1365798889.011self.CallOfDuty1c89uzWho thinks we should have the ability to make custom camos?1549 think we should be able to make custom color schemes. Any one else?Falset5_2rcq2FalsepcTruet3_1c89uz
1364902759.010callofduty.wikia.com1bickyPoster for Black Ops II UPRISING DLC leaked?1996
1364114869.011self.CallOfDuty1awnbtBlack ops 1 or mw3?15478 guys. I will be planning on purchasing a call of duty game this week. However i am split between black ops and mw3 I mainly want to get black ops because of the massive customizability, diverse weapon selection, awesome looking codpoints system and all my friends have it. I want to get mw3 pretty much because of it being newer then blops. What games do you preferand why?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1awnbt
1362850957.012youtube.com19z8jfA new update on the Peacekeeper in Mw21533
1362540101.012self.CallOfDuty19r3x8Opinions on the Scar-H? 13184 seems quite under used and I was wondering if any of you guys like it. Do you think its the worst Assault Rifle? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_19r3x8
1362354556.012self.CallOfDuty19lrygI purchased the season pass but i didn't get nuketown zombies.1868 friday i bought the season pass for my ps3 and i didn't get nuketown zombies. do i have to go on some special menu to download or and i screwed?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_19lryg
1361650835.013i.imgur.com193eyuHad a pretty bad 3-bar connection yesterday, when suddenly I respawned with this in hand. No ammo, either. Does Reddit know what happened? A glitch maybe?23109
1361485729.013self.CallOfDuty18zdehCrossbow lovers unite251235 as I started using a 'Daryl' class.(For those of you who don't watch the walking dead, he uses a crossbow) and I've come to notice the blast radius of the explosion is literally right next to it.. Now I understand that it's a cross bow, but it needs to be more accurate and maybe get that explosion radius bigger and more damage, say equal to that if a grenade?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_18zdeh
1360686672.012self.CallOfDuty18dtouWhich games to skip?18646 just beat the original single player campaign of CoD last night, and enjoyed it so much that I immediately bought its expansion and sequel. Now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and try to play each entry in the series from the beginning, but I've read that some of the later ones are reskins/ripoffs of their priors.Which ones should I avoid and which should I absolutely play – for single player or multiplayer – on any system?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_18dtou
1359008725.013self.CallOfDuty176e46Second-to-last Kill in Final Killcam16313 else experiencing this? Half the time the 'Final' Killcam comes up to be the kill right *before* the final kill. And it really annoys me because I WANT MY GLORY, DAMMIT. Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_176e46
1356775527.011self.CallOfDuty15mbrdI'm new to COD15441 just got COD (Black Ops) What are your top tips for a new player?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_15mbrd
1356213849.011self.CallOfDuty15aqhgJust hit the level cap in BO2, is it worth prestiging?20915 I have a terrible k/d (this is the first cod game I've played and I'm pretty bad at first-person-shooters to begin with) and I could reset that, but I also have to go through the levelling process again, which I really don't want to have to do.. so my question is, should I prestige? Is it worth it if I'm just playing for fun and not stats?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_15aqhg
1355961679.014self.CallOfDuty154z19Need help!!15114 so after 8 days of waiting, MW3 finally finished downloading on Steam. I try to start it up, asks safe mode Yes-No, and! it says 'Error during initialization:Couldn't load fileSysCheck.cfg. Make sure Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 is run from the correct folder.'I have never used PC as a gaming platform so I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know what to do, anyone willing to contribute information to help would be MUCH obliged, please help.EDIT: I am using a laptop, if that changes anythingEDIT#2: I put in disc 2, again if that even matters Falset5_2rcq21356011806.0pcTruet3_154z19
1354056807.014self.CallOfDuty13wdw4Are CoD2 Xbox 360 servers still populated?17315 know it's a stretch but I was wondering if it was still playable online.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13wdw4
1353869472.012self.CallOfDuty13roz7Do you get any rewards for completing the BO2 campaign?17512 the past two Treyarch games, World at War and Black Ops, you got a reward for beating the campaign. In World at War, you unlock Nazi Zombies, and in Black Ops, you get the zombies map 'Five.' So, do you get anything from completing Black Ops 2 campaign?Falset5_2rcq2FalsepcTruet3_13roz7
1353806379.010self.CallOfDuty13qm82My opinion on Tranzit easter egg.17716's total bullshit. It's way too complicated and by the time you finish it, the 75g isn't even worth it?Anybody else agree?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13qm82
1353312863.010self.CallOfDuty13fxv1Accidental betrayals.1559, all the time, when you accidentally kill your teammate, he/she comes back and kills you on purpose. Extremely childish.. Do you do this reddit? Or do i happen to play with 9 yearolds all the time?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13fxv1
1353022123.011imgur.com139n10Juggernaut Cola [Sorry for terrible quality]21105
1352928302.013i.imgur.com137a4vWhat I was hoping to do on BLOPS 2 for PS31744
1350680676.011self.CallOfDuty11rnifGaming for charity. All info in video posted below. 1430 support any way you can. Donations, coming out to the stream spreading the word. Anything else.
1350420737.013self.CallOfDuty11l93hDAE take special joy from killing dogs . . . 241116 CODBO zombies considering how OP they are MP?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_11l93h
1350188811.012self.CallOfDuty11g4h1EGL8 Tournament for MW31314 there, just want to throw this out there for any people who are perhaps interested into the competitive side of Call of Duty, or would at least want to check it out, and make you aware of a huge tournament going on. It is called EGL8, and it is being held in Manchester, UK, and it is the final and biggest LAN tournament being held for MW3. Since it is being held in the United Kingdom there are mostly European teams competing, but there are four North American teams there. They are OpTic Gaming (who are currently undefeated on LAN, and are back to back EGL champions winning ELG5 and EGL7), Leverage, apeX.TKO, and Team EnVyUs. Tomorrow is the 2nd and final day of the tournament and the competition will be great. You can check out the stream here and also the VOD of the bracket link: is a website that provides great coverage of the event, has information on basically everything you need to know from the rules, to the teams, the streams, and etc: believe the tournament starts at around 9-10AM BST time, so you can google the time and figure out the difference wherever you live. Cheers!Falset5_2rcq21350189026.0Truet3_11g4h1
1350116833.012self.CallOfDuty11epb7the importance of connection15335 been playing cod since the beginning on xbox and ps3. until recently ive not been able to get fibre optic broadband because of where i live. on most games but on mw3 especially, i get mowed down unfairly ALL the time. my kd was terrible and enemies seemed to run through my bullets. i was instadeath and they were dl speed was 6 meg and my upload speed was .3 meg...2 months ago i got fibre optic. 52 dl 7.2 upload. last night i was in a game on seatown with 2 people you may know, fear crads and i temp. although they didnt stay till the end i was actually beating them both kill wise and score wise. the difference a good connection makes is ridiculous. my kd is probably nearer 2 now than the 1.18 it has been for the 36 days game time i have played. i now feel the game has swung unfairly in my favour.the host compensation thing sucks, i can now tell immediatly if i am host (just cant kill any one.)so to sum up..infinity ward have made a game that is 10% skill 90 % connection.lets hope the BO2 guys do a better job. (locale only would be a good start).Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_11epb7
1350099945.012self.CallOfDuty11efx4Any ps3 players awake? I've almost done everything in this game. Just one trophy and I'm finished. Sacrificial lamb. Any helpers?1203 really want to finish this up and cross it off the list. Because it's all I have left, and I want to finish before the release of black ops II any takers?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_11efx4
1350073764.013self.CallOfDuty11dsv8Playing against major youtubers.20740 night I played a FFA lobby with Hutch. The guy didn't say a single word but it was fun to play against him. Has anyone else played against major youtubers? What was your experience? Can we not turn this into a 'this youtuber sucks' thread?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_11dsv8
1349476196.010community.callofduty.com110l2tDon't Miss the Zombie Bus1330
1348679543.011youtube.com10ijzoZombies Reveal Trailer - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video - YouTube1874
1347818908.010self.CallOfDutyzzafiDo you guys know anything about the new zombies? 211122've herd there will be team death match with zombies but I don't follow how that would work. Perhaps if you get killed by a zombie your team loses a point. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_zzafi
1347816649.012self.CallOfDutyzz8caDoes anyone else really miss the bolt action rifles?12010 WaW I got up a full prestige using only bolt action. I was really disapointed in how few bolt action or even just semi auto rifles were in MW3. I still like the series, but IMO I'll never really love it again until we get more bolt action.Falset5_2rcq2FalsepcTruet3_zz8ca
1347151007.011self.CallOfDutyzkwdyAm I the only one who thinks that Black Ops 2 is horribly overpriced? 231245 a long time gamer I am frustrated to see the industry become what it is, Games like Mass Effect, and COD releasing Add On content from day 1 that should be Standard in the original game. 1. Modern warfare 2 had the Night vision goggles, those where cool but felt cheap. 2. Halo 3 had a big plastic helmet. again. felt cheap. 3. Skyrim had the dragon and the leather feeling art book, So far the only collectors edition I have been impressed with , the dragon looks cool artbook is full size and great quality. Here is a link to what is included in the $180 Black Ops II Prestige. >> Ignore all of the Digital content, the Maps, the skins. WHICH SHOULD ALREADY COME WITH YOUR $60 DOLLAR GAME! what are you physically paying for????Plastic Case that holds items 15$ (they mass produce these)The Game Itself $60Metallic art case for the game $10Remote Controlled helicopter $30 (plastic helicopters go for 15-30$ Amazon)2 Metal coins $2 (Guessing since they can mass produce)_____________So that is $117WHY are they charging $180 for this??? Because people will pay for it. Any opinions? I do not mean to offend, if you are looking forward to getting this good for you, I just am just worried where this road is going 5-10 years from now. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_zkwdy
1344971718.011youtube.comy7ut7Black Ops2 TDM gameplay15411
1344780281.011youtube.comy3d4xXBoxAhoy - Black Ops - Strela-3 Launcher1650 of Duty Free-to-Play Explained2394
1339482542.011youtube.comuxk76[MW3] Modern Warfare Meets Monty Python1762
1335807985.010self.CallOfDutyt01fvFairly new to COD, so I have a question . . . 15515 anybody else massively frustrated by the lack of coordination in CTF? I mean rambo isn't gonna with that game . . . period. I mean a few simple tactics could *immensely* improve your chances. the best killers shouldn't roam the map trying to improve their k/d ratio, they should clear the enemy's base, so the runner can grab and hold. If a teammate grabs the flag *gasp* try to converge on them and make sure they get back. discuss.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_t01fv
1335695128.010youtube.comsy0weGalil - Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide17716
1335071482.010imgur.comsman0The best tactical in my opinion [x-post from /r/gaming]1991
1331600826.011youtube.comqtszvCoD4 12byte by .4cid [Frag Movie] 1549
1330184990.014self.CallOfDutyq5ij1Are any other PS3 users disappointed with MW3 and the ELITE rollout of DLC to us?21744 I the only one that feels slightly mislead about the whole ELITE service? I dropped $50 to become a premium member on the basis that I would receive DLC drops the same time as premium members on other consoles. 360 has had 3 new maps dropped while PS3 users are still waiting for their first. No chance in hell I'm renewing this service next year. Sorry for the rant!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_q5ij1
1315320917.012self.CallOfDutyk6gb2Offical Reddit CallOfDuty Clan Tag?13115 people can recognize each other in-game and have a friendly 'Hello'.1. Is There One?2.(if There isnt) Anyone else think this would be a good idea3. Suggestions for it?something like /r/ or Rdit maybe?(X Posted To /r/gaming)Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_k6gb2
1315034145.012youtube.comk3c9cCall of Duty: Operation Kingfish (Awesome short movie made by fans)1533
1314992949.012youtube.comk2sw7MW3 multiplayer gameplay15314
1314903635.011store.steampowered.comk1legCall of Duty franchise sale on Steam1324
1314734607.012self.CallOfDutyjzdz4Call of Duty Elite: Community questions for Elite Devs [Answered]12012 everyone! I'm II F0XH0UND II, Chief Forum Moderator of Call of Duty's official forums. I was given the task of collecting some community questions from various sources and submitting them to the team. Well, I finally got the answers back yesterday and they are ready for consumption.___EDIT - I've taken the liberty to weed through the answers and provide what I consider the best questions and answers set. There are a lot of TBA/TBD statements to some highly requested questions. You can find the original text and question set in the pastebin link below. I'll be editing that as well to streamline the reading.[]( last note before we continue. A lot of information is going to be discussed and released this weekend during CODXP. Platform Specific > **Are any planned ELITE features incompatible with a privately rented dedicated server model for the PC platform? ** >Since the PC is an open platform, our goal is to optimize the experience for PC fans while also protecting the need for secure data and statistics. We are committed to supporting the PC community and look forward to sharing more information soon. >**What about wii players? Is Elite available for us?**> >The Wii community is definitely one that we love because of their dedication. With the technical challenges that come with the online component of the Wii, we will not be able to include them at launch, but we are always looking for a good way to provide a great ELITE experience for Call of Duty players on every platform. Downloadable Content>**Will ELITE paid subscribers gain access to DLC on all platforms or just on the one registered with the service?**> Right now, you will get the DLC on the platform that you purchased your premium membership with. >**How long does someone have to be subscribed to elite to get the maps for free?**> >While we haven’t yet announced specifics about how to people will receive DLC, you can expect that as a subscriber, no matter when you signed up, you will receive DLC content the moment it is made available. Services >**I would like to know exactly what kinds of new stats (if any) will be provided by the Elite service. For instance, I'd like to know my weapon and performance stats on specific maps. Perhaps KD and WL with specific perk combinations. Will similar stats be available?**> >We’ve provided some initial demonstrations of our stat services in some of our early press coverage including the ability to review detailed information on all of your recent matches and recently played maps. Hopefully, you have seen the level of depth we are providing in the beta with Black Ops. We are an ever evolving system and are always looking to the community to find out what our players want to know about. When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches on November 8, we will have a whole new area of stats and leaderboards. A lot of that information will be revealed at Call of Duty XP on September 2.> >**Will the Call of Duty games (Black Ops, MW3, etc.) have any Elite-related functionality built-in such that players will be able to view & interact with Elite directly from the game? From what I've seen so far, it looks like Elite integrates & aggregates data from multiple sources (from Call of Duty matches, from users entering & uploading data, etc.). For example, when I fire up a CoD game in my Xbox 360 console, will there be something like an Elite 'tab/blade/dashboard/etc.' in the game's menus/interface that provides some kind of view & interaction with Elite? Or will players need to keep some separate web-enabled device running side-by-side to view & interact with Elite while gaming?**> > We are working on a console application for Elite and we are looking forward to showing it to everyone soon. Call of Duty Elite is dedicated to being where ever you are, on the web, on mobile, in the game and with your console.> > >**I'm a casual gamer, so stats and heat maps don't really mean much to me. How will CoD Elite help me to become a better player and/or become more involved in the game? What can CoD Elite do to help a casual 'weekend warrior' become a better gamer?**> >Call of Duty Elite’s goal is to provide something for everyone in the Call of Duty community. If you are a hardcore competitive gamer and want to analyze where on heat maps you can improve that is just as important as the players that want to get better and watch the videos about the different weapons or people that are looking to connect with other players who share the same interests. Call of Duty Elite is dedicated to bringing something to all of our Call of Duty players.> >**Can you create private groups?**> >Groups is a key function of Call of Duty and the ability to share things in a public domain. At Call of Duty XP we will talk more about what Clans will be and what they will offer to people looking for a key group of friends to play with. >**Will there be competitions (either the beta or the full service in Nov) that cater to the gamer that has limited ability to play on certain days/times? For example, I usually only play from apx 10:00pm – 1:00am on any given night. Have you guys taken this into consideration and will there be events for guys like me?**> >Yes, as a matter of fact we will soon be launching shorter Operations and competitions in the beta based on community input. It’s important that we appeal to a wide range of gamers, including players with just evenings or weekends to play Call of Duty. Additionally, for those people who are really pressed for time, Events are also available. You can enter a screenshot or video contest event where you only need to upload an in game screenshot or video clip. We will also have Operations for best Kill/Death Ration and for highest Score Per Minute. There will be something for everyone in our Compete section.> >** Will there be a separate place for zombie tracking?**> >Great question. The Zombies community is really dedicated. While we were working closely with Treyarch to capture a deep level of mp stats, we didn’t do the same for Zombies. We know how important co-op play was to people, so we have some of great things we are doing with Spec Ops for Modern Warfare 3. You should hear more about that at Call of Duty XP. Privacy >**Will there be an option to turn off the stat tracking abilities of elite if I decide I would not like my information tracked and I don't want it interacting with my matches?**> >We haven’t made any announcements yet regarding the privacy of your stats and gameplay. That said, we’ve had a number of similar inquiries. We are working with first parties to see what is feasible.> >**As Elite could potentially hold a lot of detailed information about us via crossovers with facebook, twitter etc. What kind of privacy options and security will there be? For example; it seems apparent that there will be crossover leader boards between platforms so (forgive me if i'm being naive here) if PSN was hacked again could xbox users details be compromised as a result of this through Elite?**> >All excellent questions. Platform stats will not be intermingled with one another for a variety of reasons at this time. However, we have a lot of hopes and plans for the future. In terms of hacking and security, we recognize that this is an industry wide issue and one which is of the highest importance to us. Miscellaneous >**As elite directly ties into the game, and its obvious you can access game features whilst playing on elite (using phone to change classes for example) can we have absolute proof this wont impact on normal game traffic and cause undue stress on peoples connections?**> >Great question. You can expect all features of Elite that integrate directly into MW3 to be thoroughly tested. Our goal is to provide the best service possible. Doing anything to impact the gameplay runs 100% counter to our goal. >**How will elite allow us to enhance an existing community, such as the Call of Duty fansites?**> >There will always be a place for the Call of Duty fansites and we’re incredibly thankful for the enormous Call of Duty community that has been out there gathering on their own for years. For those people loyal to their existing fansites, we hope that the services we provide on Elite, will help to enhance their current experience. For example, a fansite can create a Group within Elite, and people who love that site can now congregate within Elite, compare stats, message each other, and set up games to play. > >**Will all aspects of COD Elite be available through a browser and in game or are certain elements of elite only available through the cod elite website or only available through in game interface?**>>Elite will be available on the web, smartphones, iphone, ipad, tablets and console (via a title app) this fall day-in-date with Modern Warfare 3. Each one of these is customized to the capabilities of the platform, so we will endeavor to provide the features that make the most sense with each. >**Will there be an API for COD Elite?**> >We will not have an API for Call of Duty Elite at launch. We want to service the community directly and want to be in constant communication with those using the service and playing the games. ___History:Original questions were posted in r/MW3 and r/CODBO.CODBO - []( MW3 - [](
1314512567.013self.CallOfDutyjwtmxCoD3.13010's the deal with this game? I never heard too much about it and gameplay videos seem sort of rare. Can anyone explain to me its premise and why it failed?Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_jwtmx
1305588981.011kotaku.comhcxu5Everything you need to know about COD: Modern Warfare 31436
1375772610.010self.CallOfDuty1jsqioDo you think Call of Duty is better with or w/o Pro Perks in Multiplayer?13318 personally enjoyed working for the upgraded perks and it was sorta a bummer how in Black Ops 2 you were just given the perk in only one 'stage'. What do you guys think?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1jsqio
1373975457.013self.CallOfDuty1ieou0What is your FAVORITE Weapon from ANY COD?13057 and MSR are my personal favorites.Also loved the MP5 from cod 4Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1ieou0
1373936247.011self.CallOfDuty1idonzNeed some people to play with (PS3)12112 have both of the black ops games. Just need people to play with since I made my first account. I don't have a mic but plan to get one. So if you don't mind playing some matches or zombies with someone who cant communicate send a request. LemmyWinks93. Call me lunchbox. Get it? Ok.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1idonz
1372979183.010self.CallOfDuty1hnsxeRemake of Jungle in the 4th map pack?19928 Trey-arch remake Jungle in the next map pack? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hnsxe
1371168200.09self.CallOfDuty1gazphWould you consider mouse and keyboard adapters cheating on consoles?15616'm getting one and just wanted to know what the community thought.Falset5_2rcq2FalsepcTruet3_1gazph
1369082061.010youtu.be1ept4v[BO1] Line it up - Tomahawk1990
1368889775.012self.CallOfDuty1ekum7CoD Pistol clan?15326 there any notable Call of Duty pistol only clans? I'd love to see some FaZe level video edits with a pistol.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1ekum7
1367152563.08self.CallOfDuty1d9p5cTesco listing with description of Call of Duty: Ghosts is back up. Game will have a brand new engine, story and setting.13521 listing- My thoughts if anyone is interested -
1366644205.011self.CallOfDuty1cv8dwWhat can i do with a Call of Duty Elite Founder code?1107 bought the mw3 hardcore edition a long time ago then i stopped playing. Is this thing actually worth something and maybe i could trade it for a gold membership?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1cv8dw
1365620310.09self.CallOfDuty1c2x2jNew Weapon Idea.17821 idea is a Compound Bow, the Crossbow and the Ballistic Knife are alright and they're good in their own right and both show you on radar coupled with the fact that you can't put a silencer on the crossbow or ballistic knife I want to have a weapon that will not put me on radar.I have no clue what the attachments should be. What do you think?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1c2x2j
1364043185.012self.CallOfDuty1auua9So apparently, people still play CoD 2 online..19729 checked the Player matches for shits and giggles, but there were actually people playing.It was pretty fun, I didn't think there would be anyone still playing.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1auua9
1363047172.011self.CallOfDuty1a4666Do people still play mw2 on the pc?1328 just switched to pc gaming recently from the xbox and i was wondering if anyone still plays Mw2 on the pc beacause i want to get into the community again but i only like mw2!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1a4666
1362539652.012youtube.com19r3beRemember this?1425
1361559982.010amazon.com191b68[PC] COD4, MW2, and MW3 Bundle for $40 at Amazon1001
1361449064.011self.CallOfDuty18y80wGrenade idea221112't you hate it when you run away from an objective because a frag grenade lands there, but it turns out to be a friendly grenade? I think turning the friendly grenades green would fix this.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_18y80w
1360714812.010self.CallOfDuty18etaaTips on a faster Trigger finger?17723 just got an xbox after playing CoD on my ps3 for years. I'm now trying to get a gold Five-Seven in Black Ops 2, but I'm having trouble with getting 10 blood-thirstys, as it's much easier to spam semi-autos on ps3 than Xbox. Does anyone have any tips (not involving buying a new controller, I'm on a VERY tight budget) on ways to fire faster?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_18etaa
1360533606.010youtube.com189o2qA slightly outdated but entertaining video on the history of COD1330
1360251240.010self.CallOfDuty182groCall Of Duty Marathon for Charity tonight 2/7 at 6pm EST throughout the weekend22123 group of us will be streaming most of the Call Of Duty campaigns from COD 1 to Black OPS 2 on Our charity is [Child's Play](, which gives games to needy children. We would appreciate it if you could stop by our Twitch page; will be streaming all weekend so come by and spend some time with us! Thanks!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_182gro
1360064127.013self.CallOfDuty17xfanAny ps3 players want revolution for free?17418 I have a deal for you. My wife and I love playing zombies which is awesome because until now she has shown no interest in my games. She's been playing the shit out of blops2 zombies but now she's getting bored of the maps. Yesterday I bought blops1 for new maps and realized that I didn't have my map packs anymore. I will game share the revolution dlc when we get it at the end of the month if someone will game share their blops1 dlc with me, preferably rezurrection. If anyone is interested hit me up. I live on the east coast and get out of work around 3 pm. ThanksFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_17xfan
1359570307.010i.imgur.com17koclSo ps3 gets the leaderboards but not the dlc?1445
1356548960.012self.CallOfDuty15h98dI missed BO2 this year after buying every CoD on release day since MW2, should I get BO2?17531 H:4 and FarCry and what not coming out this season I decided against getting Bo2 due to the lacklustre performances of BO and MW3. I also decided against getting it as I feel like half of the game is Zombies, which I hate with a passion.Is the campaign in BO2 annoyingly difficult on veteran? Is the multiplayer (once again) a disappointment.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_15h98d
1355790429.012self.CallOfDuty150uox[BO2]Will they release Nuketown Zombies for non-season pass holders?13117
1355540364.010self.CallOfDuty14vlf1What was your first Gold Weapon?16671 just got my first gold weapon in Black Ops 2, and it was the SMAW. What was yours?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_14vlf1
1354866836.013ebay.com14fo7cThe price is about right1963
1354830140.010self.CallOfDuty14emijHas anyone put a 'science' to ranking up in zombies?(Black ops II)1666 have heard it is about being and 'All around better player', but that doesn't satisfy me.EDIT:I have found that doing well in one round will move you up a tally mark or two. To get blue eyes on a skull you need all 5 tally marks. I wish we could get some hard number though.Falset5_2rcq21354840567.0Truet3_14emij
1354829382.012self.CallOfDuty14elmhAbout to get BO2 any tips for multiplayer?20853
1354357390.011self.CallOfDuty143kmtBlack Ops II: What is overpowered and what isn't?17656, perks, killstreaks, attachments. Anything that makes you want to sentence it's user to hell.There are no wrong answers.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_143kmt
1354164697.011codplayercards.com13z7qjAn emblem tutorial database for Black Ops 1 & 2 (x-post from r/gaming)1323
1354055059.011listnerd.com13wbvmBest Game in The Call of Duty Franchise?18736
1353411702.010self.CallOfDuty13i70nDo all of the Call of Duty campaigns exist within the same continuity? 12214 the Modern Warfare series and the WaW/Black Ops series are their own thing, but I'm just wondering if they share the same fictional universe? Or do Infinity Ward's Call of Duty games exist in a separate continuity than Treyarch's Call of Duty games? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13i70n
1353337469.010self.CallOfDuty13gaifAnyone else switched from Xbox/PS3 to PC for this one?12221've played all of the previous CoDs on Xbox, but I decided to buy this one on PC. When I played the original Black Ops on Xbox I was racking up killstreaks like it was nobody's business, I was always the top player on the team and I even had a game where I went 72-1. Since I've switched to the PC version, I can't even get over a 1.00 KD ratio. Without the slight auto-aim from the consoles, the game seems entirely different. People barely use assault rifles, opting instead for SMGs and shotguns, and it seems impossible to stay alive for more than a minute without somebody coming in from behind.My question is, has the game changed that much since Black Ops 1 or has the series always just been completely different on PC?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13gaif
1353094092.013imgur.com13bag1Guess I'm Jumping On This Black Ops 2 Emblem Bandwagon! How'd I Do? 33200
1352919963.011imgur.com1370ptThis makes me sad :(1542
1352855760.011self.CallOfDuty135ligLittle brother didn't get his pre-ordered maps.1324, so he put the code in for the game, and there wasn't enough room on the Xbox, so it said to remove some stuff. He removed some stuff, and now the code says it has been 'Already Used'..any way around this? Could I like figure out the problem?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_135lig
1352842549.012self.CallOfDuty135757Any tips for a newbie?13133 Ops II is my first COD and I am having a little trouble, I enjoy the map NukeTown but everyone else just seems quicker on the draw. Any help/tips for a new player?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_135757
1352398358.011self.CallOfDuty12v8p8Is there a Split Screen Coop coming in Black Ops 2?1767 father's Birthday is coming up and he loves playing Call Of Duty WaW, MW2, and MW3. Due to the fact that they have a split screen coop feature. Spec Ops or Campaign. I/He will only be getting Black Ops 2 if something like this exists, because $60 bucks for something that cannot be played with a minimum of 2 player split screen isn't worth his time or my money. Does Black Ops 2 have something like this?Edit: SpellingFalset5_2rcq21352402500.0Truet3_12v8p8
1350777908.09self.CallOfDuty11tkmdShould I buy a physical copy of Call of duty 4 that was used191018'm thinking of buying it because I don't have a credit card and EB Games Canada doesn't have it available for download. I was wondering if I should get from Amazon or Eb games. The reason I'm asking is because if the game is pre used wouldn't the product key be re-used. So why would EB games be selling itFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_11tkmd
1348889513.012gameranx.com10njfjBlack Ops II explained by some of the biggest names in Call of Duty.1752
1348235788.012reddit.com108xiyMy theory about Zombies in Black Ops 2. (Xpost from /r/blackops2)1310
1347949834.010charlieintel.com102gq4Activision No Longer Selling New Elite Premium Memberships for MW31337
1347218018.010self.CallOfDutyzm3klPC players, is the community more mature on PC?12219 haven't ever owned a CoD game, and I like the singleplayer, spec ops, and survival modes, but the multiplayer is ruined for me by people who camp. I'm thinking about getting BO2 on PC, but before I do I want to make sure the multiplayer experience isn't as horrible as I think it is on console. My main concerns are campers and people who abuse the overpowered guns (duel FMG-9s/MP7 in MW3). How common are these things?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_zm3kl
1346969280.011self.CallOfDutyzh0j5Help with WaW14312 friend and I have clocked in a lot of time into trying to prestige for WaW. Can anyone help us do so. I'm level 37 and he's 55. Were on ps3 btwFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_zh0j5
1346176698.012self.CallOfDutyyz0foCan we go back to conventional infantry units already?14212 seems every CoD in recent memory has you playing as a Delta Force Army operator, or an Army Ranger, or the British SAS..that's all good and fun, but I really wish we would see a return of conventional forces like a U.S. Army Stryker brigade, or the 10th Mountain Division, or the 101st Air Assault, 82nd Airborne, 173rd Airborne..etc. It seems like the conventional soldiers don't get enough recognition, and I think playing as an average Joe would be a refreshing and compelling experience. Especially in a World War scenario.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_yz0fo
1346118542.012self.CallOfDutyyxrh4Black Ops 2 Prestige edition1310
1345839190.09reddit.comyrsnelolpancakeslol points out some of r/gaming's pc hypocricy with COD hate and CS fandom.1341
1344981023.09i.imgur.comy85moShowing my CoD: Zombies pride over at TF2!20115
1344456229.013imgur.comxwdfdBetter be worth it.. 1855
1344273157.012self.CallOfDutyxrvb7Reddit I need your help!14212 just recently started playing CoD4 again after a long hiatus playing the newer Call of Duties. I immediately fell in love all over again. Just as I was getting back into the swing of things I ended up in a infected lobby. Now I'm back to level 1, can't unlock anything, and can only use an M9 without any perks. Anything I can do? Or can anyone help me?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_xrvb7
1343243351.012self.CallOfDutyx59fjSo is World at War worth getting on PC1539's the community, hackers, and who mostly plays.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_x59fj
1342629270.011youtu.bewrl8l177 Kill QUAD MOAB - The most kills in domination!1878
1342571228.013i.imgur.comwqd0lEvery fucking time I play infection24113
1341328963.013mmobomb.comvzcmuCall Of Duty Online Free To Play Is Coming! (Sort Of)1527
1340616795.010youtube.comvkcy6woods has a youtube account.. pretty cool1771
1340480575.09self.CallOfDutyvhsj3Rage Reasons 14518 do you rage at people?I had one guy tell me to burn in hell and die because I killed him while he was camping Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_vhsj3
1340430138.013youtu.bevh1klGotta love the classics 1525
1339461182.011self.CallOfDutyux297whats the most offensive emblem you've seen in Black Ops?16531 seen a swastika.there's worse though i guess.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_ux297
1337612322.010self.CallOfDutytxkfaWorld at War15510 was thinking of picking up WaW again after watching some game play of it. Does anyone know how active it is for Xbox 360? Also, how bad is the modding scene?If it's really bad I could just pick it up on Steam, but I'd prefer it on the console.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_txkfa
1337458387.012blackops2nation.comtv36fNew Black Ops 2 UEFA Trailer1862
1337276739.011codmodernwarfare123.blogspot.comtry71Face Off Map Size Comparison1323
1337082132.09self.CallOfDutyto2hkLet's play WAW1568 to host a party on xbox live this afternoon at 6 oclock central time. I will have MW3 by tomorrow, so we can play that too.Gamertag: xXFudgeMasterXxSend me a message saying that you are from reddit!Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_to2hk
1336504567.011self.CallOfDutytddelQuestion for PC Call of Duty Players.11011 of my time spent playing video games has been on Xbox until I recently got a really nice PC. I was wondering if I want a COD game just for the zombies and the zombie mods, should I get WaW or Black Ops?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_tddel
1336092807.013youtube.comt61zuA great analysis of the Black Ops 2 Trailer1741
1330644196.011self.CallOfDutyqdmx3This Is Why Quickscoping in Call of Duty Is Rediculous251413 Vonderhaar isn't afraid of making fun of his own games:
1325462456.012self.CallOfDutynz3hnWhat is everyone's favorite and least favorite Call of Duty game?15359 to see what peoples opinions are of the franchise thus far, with all the games and horde of DLC that's been released.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_nz3hn
1322746683.012youtube.commw3oaSo my friend just got a FLAWLESS MOAB with the Spas in FFA.. (x-post from /r/mw3)1646
1321044796.011i.imgur.comm93hbHELLP 'ERROR'1652
1320798569.09i.imgur.comm5gk7One GIFt to come of the down time brought on by Elite's massive surge1451
1320425427.011youtube.comm0g7vCOD 4: Talking About MW3 Game Modes and Prestige Tokens1650
1319673737.012self.CallOfDutylqc6dWhy do I keep seeing stuff about BF3 in CoD subreddits?21920'm not hating on BF3 but these are CoD subreddits. They're for links and discussions about CoD. Falset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_lqc6d
1316537159.011i.imgur.comklqccDoes anyone know how I can fix my CoD 2 icons to look modern and less small?1322
1315710352.011self.CallOfDutykbpyzDoes anyone know if you can customize your character's looks in MW3 multiplayer?1435's my favorite thing about playing video games. I wanted to see if anyone could point me in right direction. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_kbpyz
1315011986.010self.CallOfDutyk331cCall of duty 4 PC still worth getting?11115 Cod4 for the pc still worth getting? it is on sale this weekend for pc, and I am not a fan of mw2 or blackops. Are there enough players? How is the community?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_k331c
1314996078.012vgrevolution.comk2uswCall of Duty Elite: Premium Membership Details1427
1314977167.011self.CallOfDutyk2j79What's your greatest COD accomplishment. I'll start.15422 has to be either going 19-1 in a match of Search and Destroy on MW2, or beating the Mile High Club on Veteran.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_k2j79
1376009229.011self.CallOfDuty1jzu3uSomething I think that should be changed1436 don't like when you're searching/queing for an online game on Black Ops 2, and it shows all of the connection code/text on the lower part of the screen. I'd rather see a completely different screen or popup listing maybe the estimated time or a bar telling you the progress its making. I think it'd make the waiting less boring and more rewarding while watching that bar make it's progress. Not really nessesary, but might be an improvment. What do you guys think?Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1jzu3u
1374871566.07self.CallOfDuty1j4cuiTeam up to get Shangri-La's 'Time Travel Will Tell' Trophy? (PS3)14714've got almost 100% on Black Ops 1 trophies, and it's really bugging me that I can't seem to find players that want to go for surviving a long time and doing the easter egg/trophy on Shangri-La. If anyone would like to help me out, or get the trophy as well with me (since we can do the e.egg multiple times in a single game), I'd love to party up with some people. My PS3 ID is KeeBlaydMastr. I only accept friend requests from people I have played with online or know IRL, so send me a personalized message on PS3 or here on Reddit to lemme know you're friend requesting me. Thanks in advance!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1j4cui
1374713055.010self.CallOfDuty1izuecCOD ViPs is being a douchebag a requirement?1666 on twitter and look up @Mrjon92 can someone tell me why he is a cod vip . Seems to me if Actvision want to hand out all expenses paid trips to events they really don't care who they invite.He sent this to me then blocked me when I tweeted him asking why if he hated esports did he go to an esports event last week as he has been bitching all day as fwiz and some esport people are going to IW tomorrow. Falset5_2rcq21374713339.0Truet3_1izuec
1374597859.09self.CallOfDuty1iw64oAnybody else's BO 2 slow?14519 ive noticed that Black Ops 2 is running really slow. In my case, it freezes whenever i go to multiplayer. There was a patch today and the new camos were released so that prolly has something to do with it. Just wondering if anybody else was experiencing this??Edit: Its working all good now :)Falset5_2rcq21374621494.0Truet3_1iw64o
1372189135.011self.CallOfDuty1h2338If a Zombie acopalypse would break out, which weapons, attachments and perks would you choose?241320 a typo ;) Falset5_2rcq21372191799.0Truet3_1h2338
1370042529.09self.CallOfDuty1ffnxpWhat are you all hoping for from COD: Ghosts?14553 out the fairy tale stuff like good map design and whatnot, what is everyone hoping for from this game?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1ffnxp
1369755302.012self.CallOfDuty1f7carMob of the dead questions (spoilers)1316 recently got the new mob of the dead map and needless to say I love it. So I started watching the Easter egg videos online and at the end of pop goes the weasel the audio recordings made me confused. I thought I had an idea of how the story was working with the cycles and whatnot but after the video I didn't get it. What does them dying for killing Al have anything to do with zombies? Not the franchise or main story but zombies in general. Is it supposed to be a metaphor for their guilt? I'm just looking for answers or thoughts.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1f7car
1369220048.010self.CallOfDuty1etsdnCall of duty ghosts may be in Black ops 2 time.1554 was watching the behind the scenes of the game and they were mentioning higher tech weaponry. I saw a clip where it showed how you could customize gear and there was a soldier with a screen on his arm (I don't know what it's called) like the one that's in Black Ops 2.
1369186782.011i.imgur.com1et0ddThis is someone you care about.1982
1369144297.012joystiq.com1erhniCall of Duty: Black Ops 2 community votes for next personalization DLC1754
1366795645.010self.CallOfDuty1d00qsWhat rule does boosting break?16613 saw someone mention in another post that boosting was breaking the rules. What rule is it breaking?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1d00qs
1365006561.012self.CallOfDuty1blgl2I want to start COD again13113 guys, haven't played since i was counting nukes in MW2. would i be worth it to get MW3 or BOPS2? Which game nowadays is the fun one to play? I have a 360 btw.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1blgl2
1364949705.08youtube.com1bjzedCoD2 Kar98k Montage [PC]1350
1364693260.011self.CallOfDuty1bc1t7IW and Treyarch12112 if Treyarch and Infinity Ward both worked on the same cod game? I know a lot of people either like IW games or Treyarch games, so do you think everyone would like it if they both worked on the same game? Just a thought.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1bc1t7
1363880161.09self.CallOfDuty1aqj2aPaintball Explosion's facebook page revealed this teaser image for a new paintball field.1010 I don't expect an exact visual copy of the map Nuketown, if this place has the layout down it'll be awesome! Paintball Explosion is in East Dundee, IL.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1aqj2a
1362896506.09self.CallOfDuty1a0heoSmall question1234 IS NIKOLAI'S REAL NAME?!?All we know him as is Codename: Nikolai. We know almost everyone else's name, but Nikolai, who has been in the game since day 2 (see what I did there?) but we never learned his real name. Everyone called him Nikolai, but it was a Codename given to him, similar to OBL's Codename during the raid on his compound being Gernomino. Maybe we will play as him in MW4. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1a0heo
1361604061.010self.CallOfDuty192kesCome check out /r/CoDCompetitive - Under new management and looking to grow1330've been wanting a place for fellow Redditors to have friendly discussions about the competitive aspects of Call of Duty, but wasn't able to find a subreddit that caters to what I was looking for. I requested and received mod privileges from the founder and I got it so here I am. If you're interested please come sub and participate in
1361505501.010joystiq.com1901yfCall of Duty: Black Ops II is free on Steam this weekend and on sale for 33% off in the Steam Store1001
1360790979.09self.CallOfDuty18gwu5Tritton Headset Help.1457 this would be the best place to ask about this.Recently I accidentally stepped on the inline cable (with the volume controls) and now I do not receive sound. The microphone works. From what I've found out, you can't buy a replacement cable. It doesn't look like you can order a replacement from the website, and the madcatz one price is TBD.Does anyone know if the AX 720 inline cable works with the AX Pro, or if there is a way to order a replacement cable in Canada?EDIT: I have a Tritton AX Pro, and was wondering if the cable from the 720 would work with it. I've checked to see if the cable works with both my PC and PS3, so it's for sure the cable.Falset5_2rcq21360797575.0Truet3_18gwu5
1360353806.010twitch.tv185ep4There are a couple of really cool Redditors Live streaming all of the COD campaigns for charity and chatting with the people watching, so whether you like call of Duty or just want to chat with some fellow Redditors come check it out, it makes it alot funner for them and shows support !1442
1359318543.010self.CallOfDuty17duujIs WaW still riddled with hackers on Xbox?12212 playing WW2 Shooters. World at War was awesome but the last time I played it it had so many hackers that it was unplayable so I took it back. Thinking about buying it again but not sure. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_17duuj
1359295284.08self.CallOfDuty17d9pyIs it worth buying the COD4 DLC now?11312 are going to be like 'no the game is dead'. However I heard that if you own the DLC there are a lot more people on (it splits the people with DLC and people without it). Is it worth buying to get epic maps like chinatown and broadcast?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_17d9py
1358516786.08self.CallOfDuty16td9hCould I get some help, think I accidentally used my permanent unlock, but don't know how/what on.13510 everyone. I prestiged once, and accidentally unlocked chicom permanently, Ive never used the gun before, so I prestiged again so I could perma-unlock C4 or AN94, or FAL, but I cant see the bit which says '1 permanent unlock' next to my unlock tokens, so I assume i either need to go somewhere to activate the unlock, or I have already spent it. Im level 12, so its possible Ive used it on something I wouldve unlocked by now, but Im going to list everything I have unlocked so far so you guys can tell me if its obvious (or if i just need to actiavte the unlock somewhere) so yeah, ime prestige 2, level 12, and ive unlocked: ***PRIMARY***: **Assaults rifles** MTAR TYPE 25 SWAT 556 **SMG's** MP7 PDW-57 (Chicom from previous prestige unlock) **LMG's** MK 48 D88 LSW **Snipers** SVU AS DSR-50 **Shotguns** Remington? SV2 ***SECONDARY*** **pistols** Five seven tac 45 **Launchers** SMAW FHJ **Perks** Lightweight hardline blind eye toughness cold blooded fast hands dexterity extreme conditiong **Lethals** grenade semtex **Tacticals** concussion smoke sensor EMP **Scorestreaks** UAV Hunter Killer Care Package Lightning Strike Sentry Gun Dragonfire Lodestar Warship **Wildcards**PERK 1 greed PERK 2 greed If anyone has any idea what ive done thatd be great. I also wondered, if i use the prestige award 'refund', will it refund permanent unlocks? thanks.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_16td9h
1358477523.09self.CallOfDuty16skwdCannot access initial weapons or perks or anything in Modern Warfare?1343 don't know what happened. I had recently picked up MW again on Xbox 360 and I started leveling up and got to about 30 and then I turned it on one day and I was back to level 1. A minor annoyance but I could live with leveling up again, whatever.. But once I was able to create a class, I was unable to use any of the initial weapons (M16, MP5, etc.) or any of the initial perks (stopping power, etc.) Does anyone have any idea how or why this happened? I haven't been hacking or modding or cheating or anything and I would really just like to be able to play again with classes.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_16skwd
1357566592.011self.CallOfDuty164az9Call od Duty Black Ops 2. Would these simple changes make it a better game? (semi rant)271661 quitting COD after the original Black Ops. I got bored and picked up Black Ops 2. I've had a lot of fun playing it, but there are 2 things that generally upset me.1. Drop shotting. Really?! why is this even a thing? Nothing more frustrating than a guy running around a corner flying into prone and shooting your knee caps out. I can deal with the guys that lay in corners prone and such, but to have it that in your face and aggressive is annoying. When a player wants to go prone, make it that its a much longer process to stop drop shots.2. Quick scopes. I know this is a unique skill and takes some work, but am I the only one that feels like this takes away the whole aspect of sniping? Snipers find a good position and hold it down, shooting from a distance..they dont run around a map and shoot guys for 5 feet away.I feel that if you took just these 2 aspects away BO2 would be much more enjoyableFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_164az9
1355696765.08self.CallOfDuty14ylm2When you feel like taking a break from CoD, what games do you play? 211362 I love playing Halo. I have been playing Halo ever since CE, and am living proof that there are people out there who love CoD and Halo. I also like to relax with some NHL13 and just about every game from the Splinter Cell series. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_14ylm2
1354425845.09myextralife.com1450w3The more things change…21120
1353714259.010self.CallOfDuty13ouf0Hey guys I have a problem. 14423 bought MW3 around when it came out and enjoyed it, but then things came up and I didn't play it for a few months. One day I decided I wanted to play it but I looked at my shelf and it has disappeared. After a few hours of scavenging the house looking for it, I gave up. I asked my sister about it and appearently she let one of her friends 'borrow' it. Judging that I'm 16 and my sisters 20 and has very shady friends, this pissed me off. Appearently this guy lives an hour away from me. I came to the realization, that I'm never seeing this game again. So I thought if anyone wants to make a trade here for MW3 I'd be happy to see if we could come to a deal. PM me if your interested in a game for game trade. If no ones interested I completely understand, I just thought it was worth a shot. I also haven't had the money to get BO2. TL,DR: my sisters friend stole my MW3 and I was wondering someone wanted to exchange. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13ouf0
1353222114.010self.CallOfDuty13e264If I prestige at level 55, do I lose gun camos? [Black Ops 2]1449 unlocked gold on my knife and RPG and I don't want to lose it, but I want to prestige.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13e264
1352870992.010self.CallOfDuty1361owBlack Ops 2 Easter eggs?1224 know its early, but has anyone found any yet? How can they top blowing up earth?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1361ow
1352857203.010self.CallOfDuty135n77Strike Force missions1116 Strike Force missions in Single Player affect the main storyline of the game? I'm a little confused by this.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_135n77
1352586863.011self.CallOfDuty12zduuWhat crazy excuse are you gonna use to take off of work on November 13th (Black ops 2 release)?16520 co-worker claimed he was going to jail for 1 week for tax evasion and he actually got away with it. How about you?Btw. I posted this in the AskReddit section by mistake and Im now having this argument with a guy about how Call of Duty is for losers and such. If you guys wanna read or join in, here's the link
1352214697.012dsogaming.com12qcejCall of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC – FOV Is Locked At 80, Ranked Matches Capped at 120fps DSOGaming The Dark Side Of Gaming15315
1351547521.09youtube.com12atq4'Surprise' - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Live-Action Trailer - YouTube [1:09]1017
1351311390.010own3d.tv125sq6Livestreaming Black Ops if anyone is interested in watching and/or joining.1445
1351188608.08fpsgeneral.com122sq95 Seconds of Nuketown 2025 in Action, a Megaton of Fun1680
1347446609.011youtu.bezrdaqIs COD4 Dead? - The Future of Call of Duty 4 on PC 1101
1347073035.011computerandvideogames.comzjfvtPS Vita News: Treyarch not consulting on Black Ops Declassified gameplay - ComputerAndVideoGames.com1321
1344459770.012self.CallOfDutyxwhl2Anyone still play World at War on Xbox 360?17513 wondering if anyone still plays World at War on the Xbox 360? I know there are hackers but I really miss this game. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_xwhl2
1343668759.010gamespot.comxeejpCall of Duty court case settlement could be 'tens of millions' says analyst - GameSpot.com1660
1340727428.012self.CallOfDutyvmvcbIs the Call of Duty 4 PC community active?15310 just bought a PC and I was wondering if I should even purchase Call of Duty 4. I love it on console, and I know Promod is active, but I was wondering if vanilla cod4 mp is active at all.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_vmvcb
1340434049.010youtube.comvh3tmIf anyone needs inspiration to come back to MW2, here's some action from the last two weeks1666
1337294132.010today.msnbc.msn.comtsd5fMSNBC: Drunken Call of Duty hacker jailed for selling gamer info1220
1336715093.010youtube.comthsdwCheck out this video between 8-9 seconds. Notice anything..?1333
1336683266.011self.CallOfDutyth2jjGame mode contest?1216 remember in Black Ops you could create your own Game mode? Tough this was pretty cool. Now what I think it's each month the community need to vote for the best game mode the user created and then the devloppers put this game mode in the playlist so you can play ranked match. But in order to do this they should put more customization into the rule s to create your mode. For example placing a flag anywhere on the map. Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_th2jj
1336312104.09self.CallOfDutyt9nzxAm I on crack or did woods die in black ops. 18911 the hell did he survive a fall through bulletproof glass and an explosion. He is a badass motherfucker but to pull of shit like that u need to be master chief. How did he survive?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_t9nzx
1335827026.09i.imgur.comt0k38Today's clue.1560
1335197566.012self.CallOfDutysobr7I'm not the first person to discover this, but just thought I would put it out there so everyone knows.1532 image in this article: the quadrotor from FPS Russia's video: saw it in the comments, but I figured not everyone would see it.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_sobr7
1334516259.09self.CallOfDutysb44rWhat are some fun player made custom games in modern warfare 3?1236'm not talking about just doing infection with different guns, I mean game types like modern warfare 2's michael myers, cops and robbers, and james bond. I've been looking for a while and I can't find any.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_sb44r
1330022354.09self.CallOfDutyq2ttcWill they ever make the map packs free for older CoDs?11220 I've been playing a little World at War because I enjoyed the hell out of that game. The map packs are still 800 microsoft points. Will they ever become free?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_q2ttc
1325962585.010self.CallOfDutyo6z19THIS happened to me playing BO awhile ago..1662 Thanks for the Front page of /r/CallofDuty. I know it probably isn't much too some people but I really appreciate it=)Falset5_2rcq2TrueTruet3_o6z19
1322492525.010youtu.bems185I love the Javelin!1553’s football coach blames team's lack of focus on Call of Duty1462
1320268442.010youtube.comly5alDat luck :01555
1318882628.09youtube.comlfhp4Life as a Claymore - Call of Duty Machinima29203
1315553801.08self.CallOfDutyk9tl1I think MW2's level up system is similar to that of Pokemon, which is why it's so popular. Here's why:1689'm going to compare it to Pokemon. Forget the semi-random fights and the turn based system, I'm talking about the level up system.In MW2, fighting gets you XP if you get a kill or if you assist. You can also get XP by doing objectives. All this adds to your overall level, and as you level up you can unlock perks and weapons. In Pokemon, your specific pokemon are like your weapons and perks. The more you use them, the more they level up. In pokemon they evolve and learn new attacks and in MW2, you unlock weapon attachments and pro level for perks, which is kind of like evolution. You can also get XP by doing objectives and stuff. Now of course Pokemon had a story and it was mostly single player, but that didn't have much to do with the level up system. In Pokemon you got more pokemon as you explored more and in MW2, you get new guns as you level up.I think that this is why it works and this is why people it's addictive. Pokemon was very addictive and so is this.What do you think?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_k9tl1
1314388726.08self.CallOfDutyjvg4hSuggestions for /r/CallofDuty features1133'd like to suggest an idea for a /r/CallofDuty feature, and I thought everyone else might like to throw their hat in the ring too.Here's my suggestion:* Weapon of choice tag next to your name.Anyone else have any bright ideas?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_jvg4h
1376508487.08self.CallOfDuty1kd9lvGhosts Multiplayer Reveal. What are your impressions?13534 I just finished watching the live stream!! My mind has been completely blown by the amount of changes to the multiplayer experience. The new game modes, new kill streaks and new perk distribution system. What did everyone else think of the stream? Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1kd9lv
1375929991.07self.CallOfDuty1jxi3jSomething that desperately needs to be changed..1258 would ~~like~~ **love** to stop being put in games where my team is losing 168-27 and being spawntrapped by a lodestar. It's extremely frustrating being put in games like this and constantly having to back out and try to find a new game because it's not worth the time and effort to even attempt to bring the team back. I don't know how possible it is to do this but I'd love having the option to limit my matchmaking to only put me in games in the lobby. Players could choose whether they don't care what type of game they get put in, or lobby-only games. Sorry if I sound whiny but it's seriously becoming an issue of how many games like this I've been put into recently.Falset5_2rcq2False360Truet3_1jxi3j
1375842348.09self.CallOfDuty1juu5gAnyone want to play some Galactic Warfare?1231 guys we've got a few people playing the cod 4 galactic warfare mod but could use some more players. IP address is
1375428586.08self.CallOfDuty1jjw5fWhich is more annoying, getting killed by Quickscopers, Shotguns, or Knifers?2113100 want peoples opinion! Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1jjw5f
1375242397.09self.CallOfDuty1jed9hLooking for World at War players1126 was directed here from /r/gaming and I want to play world at war again, but the hackers are pretty bad so if you want to play leave a comment on this and hopefully we can get enough for 6v6 private match so no hackers, also this will be on xbox Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1jed9h
1375116323.09self.CallOfDuty1jaab6CoD Ghosts CaC sub-category idea: WoMD16715 Ward is well known for putting in a 'special' killstreak (be it Nuke, or MOAB) as a special reward for skilled players who can get 20 (or 25 for the nuke) kills without dying. For some players though, that was just a bit to easy. What I am proposing is a WoMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) sub-category in the Create a Class menu. The WoMD sub-category would take the place of the generic Nuke that would be received after a 25 killstreak. In this subcategory, you could choose what WoMD you would like to be able to obtain after a long killstreak. For example, lets say that there were three WoMD to choose from (there could be more in the real game): a Nuke (kills everybody on the enemy team and ends the game), a set of heatseaking missiles (kills everybody on the enemy team, but does not end the game), and an Ion Cannon (kills everybody on the enemy team, rids them of any killstreak in their pocket, and EMP's them).As you might tell, some WoMD are more powerfull than the other. Because of this, some WoMD's might require a higher killstreak to obtain. Maybe the WoMD sub-category would look like this:Heatseakers (description): 20 gun killsNuke (description): EDIT: 38 gun killsIon Cannon (description): 35 gun killsMaybe your not the best player, and you ask: what do I get out of this? Well, you will probably get hit by WoMD's less often, because the skilled players will be going for the higher WoMD's.This is just an idea that randomly popped into my head and I thought it would be interesting to share. Be sure to tell me what you think about it. Also, if you have any good ideas for WoMD, share it in the comments!Falset5_2rcq21375287113.0Truet3_1jaab6
1374084812.08self.CallOfDuty1ii203If someone from Infinity Ward were to see this, what would you ask for in the next CoD?181061 feel like you developers are on this subreddit somewhere.. And it would behoove you to field ideas from the masses.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1ii203
1373987547.08self.CallOfDuty1if0ytQuestion about World at War on Xbox16827 after watching some gameplay of WaW multiplayer on YouTube it made me want to pick it up, but I want to know how bad it is on Xbox. (Hacks, mods, so on.)I previously had it on PS3 and as far as hacks go it was pretty bad, (got perma deranked in first match), so I wanted to see if it's worse, same, or better on Xbox. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1if0yt
1373687003.09self.CallOfDuty1i77ctNot sure if it's just me.909 bought Black Ops 2 on steam and I noticed it takes a long time to load into games. Does that happen only on PC? It didn't happen on Xbox.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1i77ct
1373686499.09self.CallOfDuty1i76vcWhat is this?14517've been playing zombies for awhile and have yet to figure out what this is.. Could anyone give me some insight? Thanks.
1373415209.08self.CallOfDuty1hz0r5Want to play more COD but under certain conditions?1355 really enjoy this series. I love the shooting mechanics a lot, but I don't really like having to modify my class just to avoid other players' kill streak rewards like attack choppers and such. I really enjoy how cod 1 on pc was balanced with no kill streaks, perks, attachments, etc and the only mode I've heard of that is similar to this is pure team death match in BO1. Will black ops 2 ever have a playlist like this, or do any of the other games have playlists like this? Thank youFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hz0r5
1373312434.08self.CallOfDuty1hvu6tFrom July 26-28th, HardWired Gaming will be holding an open Black Ops II tournament, with a 5k prize pool.1464 the weekend of July 26, 27, and 28th, Hardwired Gaming is taking over the entire floor of the Microsoft store at Santa Clara for its $5K Black Ops II Tournament Challenge!This is an open bracket invitation to all professional, semi, and amateur 4v4 teams to compete for the grand prize and enjoy the competitive nature of the Call of Duty franchise.Check-in will be on Friday, the 26th at 5:00pm, and the first rounds of the tournament will start at 6:00 pm sharp.Food, drinks and free raffles will be available throughout the event.LOCATIONMicrosoft Store at Santa ClaraWestfield Valley Fair Mall2855 Stevens Creek BlvdSanta Clara, CA 95050DATE & TIMEJuly 26 – 5:00 pm to 11:00 pmJuly 27 – 9:00 am to 9:00 pmJuly 28 – 9:00 am to 9:00 pmCOST TO ENTER$200 Per TeamIncludes 4v4 Tourney and 4 free raffle tickets.FORMAT4V4Best of 3Double EliminationFinals – Best of 5GAME MODEMLG Variant, [link to the rules page here]( (100% Cash Payout)First Place: $3,000 (or 60%) + 4 Microsoft Products + 4 12-Month XBox Live CardsSecond Place: $1,500 (or 30%) + 4 Microsoft Products + 4 12-Month XBox Live CardsThird Place: $500 (or 10%) + 4 Microsoft Products + 4 12-Month XBox Live CardsOther prizes added to the pool will be announced before game day.Free Raffle Giveaways will be provided by Microsoft throughout the event.EQUIPMENTAll equipment are provided.This includes XBox 360s, Gaems Vanguards (19″ Monitors), Black Ops II video games, wired controllers, and headsets.What Could You Bring?Players may bring their own wired, MLG Tournament-legal controllers and/or KontrolFreeks, or SquidGrips accessories.Controllers will be examined at Check-In and at the start of each match by a Referee or by a designated official.I work for HardWired Gaming, and will be casting the stream at with, OpTic Di3seL co-casting it with me. If you're in the Bay Area, and you've got a solid team that would like to compete, sign ups are $200 per team, click [THIS TEXT RIGHT HERE]( to jump to the registration and purchase page. This tournament is open to anyone, and if you don't have a team, you can try your hand at finding one in the area [here]( We wish everyone the best of luck, and any and all feedback is more than welcome, feel welcome to ask questions down in the comments section below.And one last plug, if you'd like to keep up with all our events, be them Call of Duty, Halo, LoL, Starcraft, etc, like us on [facebook](
1373197017.09self.CallOfDuty1hsqzcDo you Think We'll Ever see an Open Beta for a CoD Title again?12318 last open beta I remember was CoD5. There was 'First Strike', the closed beta for Black Ops 1, but I'm curious to hear what you guys think. I feel as if Open Betas are a lot better for the community because every type of player can leave feedback toward the game and its faults. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hsqzc
1373148730.09self.CallOfDuty1hrr42Can the Reddit Community help out fellow COD gamers at COD Questions by answering unanswered questions?1128 All! I created this site over a year ago, and due to a new job I picked up, I wasn't able to keep up with the site. Alas, a year later, there are many unanswered questions, that could really benefit from the insight of the Reddit Community. Thanks!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hrr42
1372538541.09self.CallOfDuty1hbttzWhat I want in COD: Ghosts1013 final killcams, I think it would be pretty cool if (when using a sniper rifle) the camera followed the bullet and it went in the enemy and killed them and showed a detailed kill with like blood and all that jazz. I apologize for that long sentence. I'm in a car for 16 hours going to Florida, I don't know how to grammar.Thoughts? What are some things you would like to see in COD: Ghosts?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1hbttz
1372116243.07self.CallOfDuty1h02neQuestion about Prestige in Black Ops 2.9217 just picked up the game and I've never liked prestige mode. With all the unlock tokens I've earned in my first play through, is it possible to unlock all weapons, perks, and score streaks? Or at least how many things could I unlock.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1h02ne
1371143895.09self.CallOfDuty1ga2biCall of Duty World at War 1.6 patch not installing1785 just tried installing the 1.6 patch for CoD WaW and it just stuck after 2 seconds. Any help would be appreciated!Falset5_2rcq2FalsepcTruet3_1ga2bi
1369367640.08self.CallOfDuty1ey998Anyone ever met any 'famous' COD Players?14650 met an old Dare tR1ksH0tInG guy in a MW2 FFA match. I have to say, those guys are in those clans for a reason..he was miles ahead of anyone else in terms of skill. I saw myself in one of his videos.Anyone here ever met a well-known player? Could be YouTube, Competitions, whatever.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1ey998
1369019555.08i.imgur.com1eo7poBad Luck Black Ops Brian26185
1367628472.09self.CallOfDuty1dnjf6COD: Ghosts Campaign1567 back during the MW2 days IW released a comic book called Ghost.Any chance that storyline could be the campaign?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1dnjf6
1367438178.010self.CallOfDuty1di34nWouldn't it be nice if on call of duty in the final killcam it starts with the view of the guy who died and then switches to the guy that killed him half way through.1226
1365487398.09youtube.com1bz3dd[Unlisted] I submitted a video to TSG a while ago and was curious what reddit thought in terms of criticism and what you disliked most.1014
1365323853.010youtube.com1buezoSo I've started learning how to edit, and after a few failiures this is one of my better ones, any feedback appreciated (FOB - Phoenix)1998
1365053616.07d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net1bn7i9'Uprising' trailer soon? Vonderhaar just tweeted this pic1253
1364811782.010callofduty.wikia.com1bexd6PSA: The Call of Duty Wiki got a cease and desist letter from activision.1995
1363880262.010vvv-gaming.com1aqj67Teams that qualified for the Call of Duty Championships1223
1360813661.07youtube.com18hqdaSo I thought the Call of Duty Community Would like this - Call of Duty Reality Show - [6:52]1144
1360629356.010cloud.steampowered.com18cebeFirst time i've ever legitimately prestieged in any Call of Duty332318
1359504513.08self.CallOfDuty17j19nBlack ops 2 servers are not available at the moment. 911'd think they'd make server space for season pass holders to play.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_17j19n
1359492403.09self.CallOfDuty17ilrtTreyarch f*cked me.. again.. i need help10116 play BO2 all the time, and have gotten my fair share of bragging rights, but around 7pm pacific time.. most of those rights were taken awaybefore this time, i had Diamond SMGsDiamond SpecialsGold SVU-AS,Remington,Tac-45,MTAR,Type 95, and M27And Finally all 10 CaC SlotsBut after this time, i was left with Diamond SMGsa Gold Tac-45And Finally 6 CaC SlotsSo my question is.. WTF happend.. was i hacked? did treyarch think i hacked? was it a bug in the servers (This HAS happend [on a much more minor scale] before to me AND my mother's profile)Can someone tell whats going on, and if it can be fixed; aswell as get me contact information of treyarch so i can ask them.. something. ANYTHINGand, is this happening to anyone else?[](/dashmad) PS I WAS NOT PLAYING LOCAL I ONLY PLAY CUSTOM GAMES [](/dashiewubwoo)Falset5_2rcq21359493038.0360Truet3_17ilrt
1359357231.011imgur.com17f1uhI think there's something wrong with my Black Ops 2 account.. (x-post from /r/gaming)1327
1358701260.09self.CallOfDuty16xok3An idea for CoD maps13417 have recently been playing some World at War. The game includes the maps 'Makin' and 'Makin Day.' You can probably tell they're just night and day, but it was still cool playing both of them, as the features of the map would change (example: the river that filled the village was dried up during the day) it's not much to ask for, and it would change some things up and give more map selectionFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_16xok3
1357334490.08youtube.com15yyvxHellstorm mid air collision O.O1353
1356559639.010self.CallOfDuty15hiy7Vector class preferences?14428've been trying to gold the Vector haven't had the luck to get the rest of my bloodthirsty medals yet (mostly because of a bad connection recently). I'm just wondering what attachments, perks, wildcards etc. People prefer.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_15hiy7
1353736574.09self.CallOfDuty13pcj6I'm here to post my emblems.1672 only have 3 at the moment but I'm proud of them. Who here has love for Squidbillies?
1353431495.011self.CallOfDuty13im0zDefusing bombs.1329 I was doing some league play and it was a search and destroy game in which I was the last left in the current round. I was on Express and prone in the little hut-thingy right beside B. The enemy managed to defuse the bomb without making a single sound. I didn't hear the briefcase open or the beeps.Did they take away the sound of bombs being defused or reduce the range you can hear it from? Is there some sort of perk for this? I'm confused because that was embarrassing lolFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13im0z
1353280274.010youtu.be13f4e3Nuketown vs. Nuketown 2025 Head to Head Comparison [Exterior] 1001
1353257390.010self.CallOfDuty13eineOne Thing That Bugged Me in BO1 That's Better in BO2 That a Lot of People Didn't Notice?14411 they recorded the sounds. BO1 was clearly recorded at an indoor gun range, and it annoyed the hell out of me since you could just about hear the bullet hitting the metal plate when you shot..this was especially annoying coming after an IW game (MW2), where it was clearly recorded outdoors, so you heard smoother echos, not ones that were bouncing around in a room.Anybody else notice this?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13eine
1353244835.011self.CallOfDuty13eb8jWhy do we unlock Skulls, Cherry Blossom and Rhonin camos after the head shot camos? It makes no sense.1218 you get 100 head shots with an assault rifle and you get all head shot camos, and now if you want gold you have to get 100 kills with no attachments, 100 with no perks, 20 double kills and 10 Bloodthirsty streaks.Why can't we unlock the last 4 camos parallel to the head shot ones?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13eb8j
1353221294.09i.imgur.com13e1nzEver since the last ps3 update, I've been getting this message while trying to get into multiplayer and zombies. HELP PLEASE1454
1353101290.08self.CallOfDuty13bikbReactions to Black Ops 2 campaign end? [SPOILERS]9115 got the one where Mendez escapes from his cell and kills Woods, and then kills himself. I was quite confused at first..Which ending did you get and what did you think of the campaign overall?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_13bikb
1353026165.010youtube.com139rbhStuff you didn't know about the Black Hat PDA1222
1353022111.09self.CallOfDuty139n0oProblems with PC Black Ops 2.12325 y'all, I'm having a problem with it, I downloaded the Multiplayer, Campaign, and Zombies.It will load just dandy, but when i'm loading the map, it seems to take AGES. around 5-8 minutes for just loading it, and then when it is done it will say the server has disconnected. I can't even play/start one match. Any other people know how i could fix this/ anybody else who also has this problem?Computer spec's GeForce 650M 2GB8GB rami5 3210MThese are well over the specs needed to run the game, My internet is working great.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_139n0o
1352986155.010self.CallOfDuty138l19Fix for PS3: Error occurred while trying to find a session, please try again.1002 for PS3 users, there have been issues with some accounts not being able to connect to public games as evidenced in this growing thread: Well, I had issues with it since yesterday morning. I am now able to play public games by doing the following:DELETE CALL OF DUTY ELITE if it is installed on your PS3. There is an issue with the syncing I believe. All I did was delete Elite and was able to join public games.HOPE THIS HELPS!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_138l19
1352753767.010self.CallOfDuty132ygvShould I get the Hardened Edition or Regular copy?12222 For Black Ops 2. Just realized I never even mentioned that.I've had my heart set on getting the HE for a couple of months now but it never really crossed my mind that I would have to pre-order for it. After looking online and in person, everywhere I look the HE is sold out. My brother will also be getting the HE or Care Package Edition since he 'will not settle for less.' So I was thinking that if I buy the regular copy, I'll just go on his account on my PS3 and download all the DLC that he'll get with his copy and save myself some money. I haven't been this excited for a Call of Duty in a long time and I really just want to get it already, but at the same time I really would love to have the HE and add that Steelbook with my BO1 steelbook. What do you guys think? Should I just save myself a little money and get a regular copy or go for what I originally planned on getting, even if that means I might have to wait a bit longer to buy it since it's currently sold out? I hear they always make extra copies after the game releases so right now I'm just a bit hesitant.Falset5_2rcq21352754197.0Truet3_132ygv
1352658001.011self.CallOfDuty130o35Black Ops 2 Cut or UnCut in Europe?1109 it's been around since yesterday, that the EU/GER-Version is CUT.Is it really true because it would really suck..Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_130o35
1352643821.010youtube.com130d1wNew 2 Hour-Long MP Footage (Including Nuketown 2025 From 55 Minutes)1331
1352427076.010self.CallOfDuty12w442To everyone who already has Black Ops 2, How did you get it?17717've never been able to get a copy of a game early, so how do you guys go about it?Falset5_2rcq21352445366.0Truet3_12w442
1352349559.011self.CallOfDuty12uaycDoes anyone have a screenshot of Black Ops 2 free for all? Making a live action Black Ops video for Machinima1546 guys, currently finishing up a Black Ops 2 live action video for Machinima and I just want to see what Black Ops 2 Free For all H.U.D is like, for accuracy.I would really appreciate the help.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_12uayc
1352170689.09self.CallOfDuty12ph1wIs there still anyone playing COD2?12311'm interested in buying Call of Duty 2, since i'm a fan of the whole WWII theme, but i would like to know if there are still any servers active.Thank you in advance!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_12ph1w
1352000826.09self.CallOfDuty12liz2Can't connect to CoD3 or 412312 I tried to play a nice game of Call of Duty 3 on my PS3 today, and it couldn't connect to the network. It says there's an error when trying to do so.. I can't remember what exactly it said.. but I play Call of Duty 3 quite often so this is new to me. I asked my friend who also plays 3 a lot and he said he also couldn't connect to 4 either. Anyone having these problems? I hope to GOD they didn't shut down the servers..TL;DR Me and friend can't connect to CoD3 or 4 servers.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_12liz2
1351810996.09youtube.com12hfpnElders React to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (Trailer & Gameplay)1124
1350952601.010self.CallOfDuty11wxwxThe most genuine message I have received in CoD.22126 know you guys don't like us posting youtube URLs to promote content, but I thought this deserved a view.
1350070467.08self.CallOfDuty11dpgqThis is why I dislike new cod maps(mw2+)12412 new map is this big and are all catered to 5 minute games. (cod1/uo) (cod1/uo) (cod1/uo) (cod1/uo)Falset5_2rcq21350074290.0pcTruet3_11dpgq
1349934988.09self.CallOfDuty11apheElite?12315, I finally decided what the hell, I'll sign up for Elite. I know its bad, but I a question, because I want to get a free account anyway. what exactly is included in the free version of Elite? Falset5_2rcq21349935566.0360Truet3_11aphe
1349322276.08self.CallOfDuty10x1wqDoes anybody know if Call of Duty 4 Promod Servers are still running?13510 was thinking about buying COD4 on the PC and ProMod looked reall cool. Can anybody help me out?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_10x1wq
1348440154.09self.CallOfDuty10d23zHelp with Demotion!1129 was playing CoD MW1 a while back and got into a hacked lobby. i didnt notice it at the time but for everytime i got a kill it gave me -10000000exp. i played till the end of the match unknowing of the consequences. when the matched ended and i tryed to get into a different match all of the match types were black i couldnt choose any of them and i was back down to lvl1. i check the match progress and my exp was at -9031234 and it was continuing to increase. from what ive heard the only way to fix this is to get into a 10th prestige lobby. can anyone help me out with this? i play on xbox and my gamertag is (Numb Sh0ts). please help!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_10d23z
1346518218.08youtube.comz6u9tAmazing Call of Duty Animation1682
1345076696.09self.CallOfDutyyaj2dPS3 MW2 unhacked game10115 for players to play mw2 with no hacking or anything, add me on psn if you wanna playFalset5_2rcq2FalsepsnTruet3_yaj2d
1344112004.08youtube.comxon2tRawinstinct doesn't want this story getting out! PROOF - YouTube21136
1343169788.09self.CallOfDutyx3kbhCod 4 on ps312313 I get a status report on cod 4 for ps3? I'm considering buying it, i'd just like to know what the hacking situation is.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_x3kbh
1342174593.010self.CallOfDutywhravI'm not big on COD, but watching my little bro cry when he's spawn trapped on all-or-nothing is fucking hilarious. What annoys you on any COD/FPS Game?17742
1340547118.07self.CallOfDutyviw3kFirst post in this subreddit. Giving away a code for collection 2 DLC (PS3!) to you, loyal COD redditors!16918 everyone!This weekend, i won a code for DLC Collection 2 pack for MW3. Though i don't have it on PS3, i though maybe someone of you would like it.I'm NOT sure if it is area-bound, the PSN codes (i'm from europe) so maybe it could not work for american redditors (can someone confirm this?)Anyhow if you want to win it - Post here why you should get it (be creative!). Checking back tomorrow (+24h) at the same time so you all have a good time to think!Cheers and i'll announce the winner here and send code via pm!!Stay classy!Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_viw3k
1340505536.011youtube.comvibx0Remembering the fun I used to have Dolphin Diving1543
1339541512.010twitter.comuyru6CoD Zombies Info to come..? [x-post: r/gaming]1442
1338769572.09imgur.comujcf0MW3 Forever Alone1341
1332513739.09self.CallOfDutyra05wLet's discuss new perks13432's face it: CoD's perk system has gotten kind of stale. While I honestly don't expect Treyarch to rock the boat too much in BLOPs 2, a guy can dream, can't he? Let's discuss some possible new perks, different from the usual crap.Some random ideas I was thinking of:* Alternate Melee perk (when this is selected, your character will smack people with the butt of his rifle instead of knifing. Doesn't insta-kill, like knifing, but will temporarily stun them)* Long range bullet avoidance perk (when selected, other players have a harder time hitting you at long range..not sure how it'll work exactly - wouldn't want it to be OP - but the idea is that shotgun-users could equip this to let them close the distance easier on larger maps. Maybe it'd work by deactivating aim-assist for other players when they're ADSing on you)* Grenade throwing perk (lets you throw grenades faster and/or farther..alternately, gives you the option of specifying throw strength i.e. longer button hold corresponds to farther throw, while tapping the button will just drop the grenade right where you are, etc)* Anti-knife perk (at full health, this would let you survive a knife melee that would normally instakill)* Higher jump perk (would be paired with certain spots on maps where you could pull yourself up onto ledges other players couldn't reach..there'd always be alternate ways around, so it wouldn't be OP or anything, but it'd give you a tactical advantage since you could take shortcuts essentially)What else?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_ra05w
1331156077.010youtube.comqmaqdThis is why I hate CoD. (Grenade kills me from under ground)1554
1326239395.09self.CallOfDutyobjclMytake on the zombies story line1127 guys this is my first post and its taken me all night to do what i think is about a fifth of a unfinished story however i think it has some good points and helps explain the mind-fuck that is the call of duty zombie story line i will finish it hopefully within the next few days and post the whole thing up to the end of black ops and might even do some possibilities for the next game.. anyway enjoy.Our story begins with a dream a simple dream to improve the human condition to make us live longer better lives to heighten our senses to a near super level to make our lives as best and easy as possible. This is the dream of one Dr.Maxis, a German scientist who was the founder of group 935. 935 was a research group created to achieve the dream of improving the human condition it was independent, it wasn’t tied by any political ties it was unbiased diverse and above all home to some of the most intelligent minds in the world. Group 935 didn’t just hire you if you were German no they had German, British, America, Russian, Japanese, French members. Including one Dr.Edward Richtofen. Edward was the apprentice of Dr.Maxis and shadowed him for many years, aspiring to one day be head of group 935 and to be as intelligent as Maxis.One of group 935’s projects was teleportation the scientists wanted to see if it was possible to transfer matter from one location to another. Up to the second world war this goal seemed impossible due to lack of funding and technology. 935 had bases all over the globe including the base in shi-no-numa, Area 51 and the der riece facility in Germany, but 935’s reach was further than any other organisation of its time, Griffon station was one of 935’s most acclaimed achievements a research facility on the moon.A meteor crash landed just outside the perimeter of the shi-no-numa facility and was quickly brought in for samples and readings to be taken to 935’s amazement the rock code name 115 was giving off some kind of electromagnetic radiation 935 predicted that if harnessed correctly could control electrical bonds between atoms and help reach their goal of teleportation. Shi-no-numa was now used as a ware house to share out the element with other bases including griffon station.Soon war broke out and the entire world was at each other’s throats, even group 935 was effected with members arguing about politics and who was right and wrong to be fighting and soon members stole planes equipment and knowledge and returned to their home countries those who stayed loyal however didn’t realise the depth of the problem, 935 was no short on everything funding equipment time and manpower in desperation Dr.Maxis turned to the richest power of the time, The Nazis.Maxis had several secret meetings with the Reich command and came to an agreement 935 would be provided with everything it needed as long as it put all its research into weapons and ways to win the war although Maxis did not agree he had no choice he appointed Dr.Porter to create a weapon of supreme power. Porter was one of 935’s top weapon designers and using 115 created the ray gun the Nazi party were happy with the creation but desired more, Maxis then appointed Richtofen to alter the design and function of the ray gun to create something even more powerful. Despite he’s best efforts he could not do it nothing he done could make it any more powerful or deadly. It had seemed, he failed.Richtofen approached Maxis several times on the sudden change of research being conducted. Maxis explained because he trusted Richtofen, although Richtofen didn’t like the idea of war he had no choice but to agree for keeping the secret he was allowed to continue in secret the teleportation research but was not allowed to produce results as the Nazi party would cut funding. After many failed experiments with and without element 155 Richtofen was able to transport a walnut 5 feet through a steel block using the teleportation devices on griffon station, he immediately informed Dr.Maxis begging to produce results. Maxis shunned the results and made a mockery of the experiments, this annoyed Richtofen and left him aiming for more he wanted to transport human.Richtofen spent weeks re-calibrating the teleportation devices and when he thought it was ready for human test subject he offered himself as a lab rat. He powered up the machine, vanished, but didn’t re-appear for days. When he finally re-appeared he simply said ‘we have much work to do’.He spoke stories of a cave were he found a black pyramid that spoke to him it had remarkable ancient symbols engraved around it and he wanted to open it everything he done was to open that pyramid. Soon the pyramid was brought to griffon station and upon someone touching it activated. A clear tube rose up from the corner and by mere coincidence a rat was found on the base because of contamination Richtofen order it to be killed and when it was something happened. Reports say ‘its soul left the body and was trapped in the tube’… Richtofen finally knew how to open it.Meanwhile Maxis had recently been ordered to by the Nazi party to create spies so good no one would ever suspect them. At first Maxis tried normal German spy’s but found them to be ‘incompetent’ he then went on to use brainwashing on POW’s although it worked better the effects wore off quickly. He then turnt to brainwashing with help off 115. Maxis was given 3 test subjects an American a Russian and a Japanese when the results were reported back to the German high command the Nazis no longer wanted spy’s they wanted super solders the reports said that the test subjects physical condition had improved greatly and there ability in the field would be immense. The Nazi’s wanted every soldier to be like this because it was to be done on such a large scale the process had to be shortened and because the subjects did not need to be brainwashed the results were different each test subject showed heightened aggression and lack of cognitive functions and recognition basically it was angry didn’t know what it was doing and didn’t know who anyone was.Early test subjects had to be ‘relieved of duty’ and the brainwashing was brought back into the formula in the verruct facility. The test subjects were given the dosage of 115 then ‘taught’ basic skills using shock therapyFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_objcl
1326227645.09self.CallOfDutyob9mdAn idea for a future CoD - any thoughts?13429 think it's time CoD revisited WW2. The only problem is that that's been done maybe too often, so how about alternate history? Germany invades Britain in 1940, UK government/armed forces keep a perimeter to the North. Germany then launches Barbarossa early and over stretches, fighting on two fronts. Britain pushes back, and from early '41 to '43 pushes German forces back over the Channel, as the Eastern front really gets going. British/Commonwealth/Resistance forces then launch an assault on Occupied Europe, pushing German forces back to the Reich, ending up just short of Berlin, 'cus the Soviets got there first. Meanwhile, seeing Germany's conquests, the USA stays out of Europe, but is drawn into conflict with Japan. Due to only having to fight on one front, the USA is able to quickly beat back the Japanese forces to the Japanese home islands, then invade before the A-bomb is developed, massive bloodshed, Tokyo, yadda-yadda. It gives a chance for the CoD hallmarks (urban combat as the UK is cleared, a couple of beach landings, possible aircraft/vehicle missions, large scale mass engagements, chance to ponder the nature/scale of war, etc.) and given the way graphics and physics have advanced since WaW, should show off the environments and conflict pretty well.Then of course, there'd be multiplayer (using Brit vs. German and US vs. Japanese teams) with the various weapon classes (could have a nice spread across the '40s, maybe getting later-war guns as you level up), killstreaks (using period and faction specific air support, ground vehicles, equipment and so on), nice scope for variety of maps (urban UK, Japanese beaches, northern European plains) and perks/attachments relevant to the era (gas mask, bayonette etc.). Just a half thought that popped up, it'll likely never happen. What do you guys think of it?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_ob9md
1324565733.011i.imgur.comnmni2Xbox Live now adding 30 days free ELITE premium for ELITE subscribers who experienced problems! 1764
1320317731.09youtube.comlyupfAn old, but disgusting kill from CoD21896
1315632307.09self.CallOfDutykavprStopping Power or No Stopping Power, and other Loadout discussion.1016 off, I'm only a level 27 in MW2. I used to play CoD 4 before but only for about a week. I am relatively new to consoles, have had one for only about a year, and I can't get kills without stopping power.What do you think of Stopping power? Now the only other tier two perk I can think of that will be nearly as useful would be Hardline, but I swear I can't *yet* get even a 3 killstreak with it. I need more practice, a lot more. So what do you guys do? What is your favorite Loadout, and why?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_kavpr
1314826748.07youtube.comk0mmhManaged to go 13-0 in the first three rounds of a Search and Destroy game on Trailer Park922
1376087827.08self.CallOfDuty1k214bWhich older game should I buy?15719 was looking for an older game to play on PC as a bit of nostalgia and to kill time. I'm trying to decide between COD 4, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops. Which has the best community still?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1k214b
1375631457.010self.CallOfDuty1jomq0Your favourite sniper rifle?14454 guys, I'm just curious as to what everyone's favourite sniper is and from which CoD? I know that the new patch has a lot of people comparing BO2 snipers to previous CoDsFalset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1jomq0
1374783576.07self.CallOfDuty1j1tygList of players active on older CoD titles?13623 there a list anywhere currently? If not I think there should be....Any ideas people?Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1j1tyg
1374044547.010self.CallOfDuty1ih00oWhat weapon do you want to see in the next game that hasn't been used in a previous COD game?12242, I'd like to see a compound bow. Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1ih00o
1373920475.010self.CallOfDuty1id3wyLooking for people to play with (ps3)1223 usually play Black ops 1 & 2. i play both zombies and multiplayer, and i rarely play mw3. my name is Digitalkiwi09, just send a message that says reddit. mic is mandatory.Falset5_2rcq2FalseTruet3_1id3wy

Fix Mw3 Zone Errors

Mw3 Localized_code_pre_gfx_mp.ff download Mw3 Localized_code_post_gfx_mp.ff download Mw3 Localization.txt download Mw3 code_post_gfx.ff download Mw3 code_pre_gf. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zone files download free Fashion Home decor Tattoos Beauty Pictures. Zone File, Fashion Quotes, Filing, Modern Warfare, Home Decor, Homes. Call of Duty World at War. Added a server check to make sure there are no.IWD files inside the mod folder that don't belong to the mod.

Call Of Duty Mw3 Zone Folder Download Redesign Pc

  • Download Call of Duty High-end Compressed compactile file load free game. Modern Warfare 3 (also know as 'Cod Mw3' and MW3') Based on first person shooting or FPS game. This Call of Duty published modern war-fare sometimes got mixed-up with Advanced Warfare or World at War but both are independent Call of duty games.
  • Personally I think cod4 is the best call of duty game and I would be extremely ecstatic if they decided to re-release it because that would mean more people would be playing it. False t5_2rcq2.
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