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Heating System Expansion Tank Location. The tyype of exansion tank installed on a building heating boiler. Extrol tank upside down reduce the life of the tank. Is it better to have an expansion tank right side up or upside down? Or does it even matter. I've seen them both ways. As long as the drain valve is in position to drain the tank. Bladderless expansion tanks must be installed above the pipe. Tanks with bladders (diaphragms) can be installed in any position. Installation Instructions Thermal Expansion Tanks Description. Installed in the water heater. A pressure reducing valve may also be required if the incoming water pressure exceeds 80 PSI. The expansion tank, piping, and your connections may in time leak. Select a loca. Replacing a Potable Hot Water Expansion Tank. Generally, you should replace the old expansion tank with a new one of the same size. Going bigger is fine — going smaller is not. Most water heaters that are 50 gallons or smaller should use a 2 gallon expansion tank, such as an Amtrol ST-5 or a Watts PLT-5.

Pressure Tank Installed Upright or On its Side? Posted By DenaliChuck, Sep 1, 2008 at 6:27 PM. Forums Home. (fitting up and shrader down), will the expansion tank with a burst bladder keep introducing air into the system and require continuous make up water until replaced? Should a boiler's expansion tank be mounted upside down? That is, on my boiler, the pipe fitting is on the bottom of the expansion tank and the air valve (looks like a tire air valve is on the top. Some websites say that this ncorrect. Picture too small, I assume you are showing the tank orientation. I read about this recently somewhere, it all depends on the manuf instructions for the tank, some actually can be installed horizontal, straight up or upside down.

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Does it matter whether a thermal expansion tank (for water heaters) is installed above the pipe it tees from (tank's threaded port pointing downwards) or if it's installed below so that it hangs from it (tank's threaded port pointing upwards)?

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In general, the tank can be installed vertically above or below the plumbing, or horizontally. Typically, the tank is only required to be supported when installed in the horizontal position. Most smaller tanks are designed to be supported by the plumbing, when installed in the vertical orientation. Alte schriften kostenlos. The most common recommendation seems to be, to install the tank vertically below the plumbing.

You'll want to check the manufacturer's installation instructions, to determine how to properly install the specific tank you're using.

Here's example installation instructions, from a Watts® Potable Hot Water Expansion Tank.

5. Install the expansion tank in the system (refer to Figure 1).
a. The weight of the expansion tank filled with water is supported by the system piping. Therefore, it is important that, where appropriate, the piping has suitable bracing (strapping, hanger, brackets).
b. The expansion tank may be installed vertically (preferred method) or horizontally. Caution: The tank must be properly supported in horizontal applications.
c. This expansion tank, as all expansion tanks, may eventually leak. Do not install without adequate drainage provisions.

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My recommendation is that you find a way to support the tank either attaching it to the wall or arrange some hanger support from above or legs support from below. It is generally a very bad idea to hang or set the tank in such way that the connecting pipes support the weight of the tank and the water within it.

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How To Install A Thermal Expansion Tank

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