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Rain and recession take fizz out of champagne sales - but single malts cheered by Mad Men effect

Curtis Mayfield - 'New World Order' (Official Music Video) 127,525 views. No One Knows About A Good Thing (You Don't Have To Cry) 201,589 views. Curtis Mayfield - Here but I'm Gone. 72,031 views. Top Songs By Curtis Mayfield. It's a brand new day A new world order, a brand new day A change of mind for the human race A new world order, a. Curtis Mayfield (June 3, 1942 – December 26. To his home in Atlanta to create tracks for Mayfield's 'New World Order' album. Due to his disability, Mayfield's vocals were painstakingly recorded, usually line-by-line while lying on his back. In February, 1998, Mayfield had to have his right leg amputated due to diabetes. Curtis Mayfield - Pandora. If problems continue, try clearing browser cache and storage by clicking here.This will cause a logout. New World Order is a touching, moving comeback from Curtis Mayfield. As the first new music Mayfield recorded since he was paralyzed in 1990, the album engenders a lot of goodwill -- it's undeniably affecting to hear him sing again, especially with the knowledge that his performances had to be recorded line by line, due to his paralysis. The joy of hearing him sing makes the inconsistency of the album forgivable, especially since he is in good voice.

Bad weather and economic uncertainty combined to take the sparkle off champagne sales this summer, a report reveals.

Off-trade sales of £331 million reflected a slump of 13 per cent from the previous quarter, according to the Wine & Spirits Trade Association.

Stewart Blunt of market analysts Nielsen told trade magazine The Grocer that the decline was largely due to a lack of promotions.

While champagne sales held steady over the year, recession and wet weather are blamed for a 13 per cent drop over the summer


TV's Mad Men, starring Jon Hamm, above, is responsible for a surge of interest in single malt whiskies, say business analysts.


A growing number of young people are copying the drama's hard-drinking Madison Avenue advertising executives by taking to the luxury drink.

Curtis Mayfield Songs

UK sales have rocketed by 13.4 per cent, according to analysts Kantar Worldpanel.

A report in the Grocer said: 'More and more of us are emulating the Mad Men characters by developing a taste for high-end spirits - particularly fine Scotch.

But trade body Champagne Bureau UK said that it was not surprised by the result, given the economic backdrop.

Among the labels hit by the summer slump was Etienne Dumont, a brand exclusive to Sainsbury's.

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Curtis Mayfield New World Order Zip Zipfizz

It enjoyed strong 52-week sales - up 58 per cent - but they fell 31 per cent over the quarter, according to analysts Symphony IRI.

Moet & Chandon was down 12 per cent over the summer period although sales of Lanson, the top brand in supermarkets, fared better - up 25 per cent.


Tesco told The Grocer magazine that its sales of champagne had been strong over the past year but admitted that they had slowed in the last 12 weeks.

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Increased purchases during the Royal Wedding and the double bank holiday in the spring had made for challenging comparisons, according to Tesco category manager Claire Lorains.

Ms Lorains added that price had also been a factor.

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She said: 'While customers are still celebrating key occasions with champagne, they are also keen to ensure they get a bargain, so are either switching within the wine category or waiting for deals.'

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