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Watch Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy - 2017 Free movie Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy - 2017 with English Subtitles. Watch Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy - 2017 in HD quality online for free, putlocker Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy - 2017, 123movies,xmovies8,fmovies Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy. Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy: Zarina, a smart and ambitious dust-keeper fairy who’s captivated by Blue Pixie Dust and its endless possibilities, flees Pixie Hollow and joins forces with the scheming pirates of Skull Rock, who make her captain of their ship. Watch Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy - 2017 Free movie Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy - 2017 with English Subtitles. Watch Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy - 2017 in HD quality online for free, putlocker Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy - 2017, 123movies,xmovies8,fmovies Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy - 2017. When a misunderstood dust-keeper fairy named Zarina steals Pixie Hollow's all-important Blue Pixie Dust, and flies away to join forces with the pirates of Skull Rock, Tinker Bell and her fairy friends must embark on the adventure of a lifetime to return it to its rightful place. Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy 2014 – Full Movie FREE DOWNLOAD TORRENT HD 1080p x264 WEB-DL DD5.1 H264 MP4 720p DVD Bluray. Zarina, a smart and ambitious dust-keeper fairy who’s captivated by Blue Pixie Dust and its endless possibilities, flees Pixie Hollow and joins forces with the scheming pirates of Skull Rock.

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Adventure beyond Pixie HollowSep. 03, 2009USA81 Min.G


Tinkerbell And The Pirate Fairy

A blue harvest moon will rise, allowing the fairies to use a precious moonstone to restore the Pixie Dust Tree, the source of all their magic. But when Tinker Bell accidentally puts all of Pixie Hollow in jeopardy, she must venture out across the sea on a secret quest to set things right.

Original titleTinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
TMDb Rating6.5 401 votes




Tinker Bell (voice)
Terence (voice)
Fairy Mary (voice)
Silvermist (voice)
Iridessa (voice)
Rosetta (voice)
Fawn (voice)
Queen Clarion (voice)
Vidia (voice)
Bobble / Tall Troll / Owl (voice)
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Great movie for young children - a positive addition to the Tinker Bell universe
Lebech5 March 2014
I have been a fan of the Tinker Bell franchise, since I started watching them with my children a few years ago. There are relatively few high-quality animated movies that, like this one, are appropriate for very young children, so we look forward to each new installment. The Tinker Bell universe adds a little Pixar magic to the original Disney Peter Pan universe story and brings it up to date. Compare it to the original Disney Peter Pan movie, and it is striking how aged and inappropriate for young children that one feels.
I watched the movie in the cinema during the winter holiday with my daughter (4 1/2 years) and son (3 years). They were glued to the silver screen the hole time and loved it just as much as the other installments. My daughter now wants to be a fairy pirate like Zarina. I enjoyed it, too. I have watched the other four Tinker Bell movies, and it actually manages to renew the universe and bring in new three-dimensional characters like Zarina who tests the limits of Pixie Hollow even more than Tinker Bell.
One of the interesting things in the movie is how they have started to bring in a little more of the original Peter Pan universe in an unexpected way. I would not be surprised to see even more of this in the next installment. I also liked the score, where they added a few pirate songs to the always beautiful fairy songs (I should mention that I watched the Danish-language version of the movie). Summing up, a great movie for young children that adds positively to the charming Tinker Bell universe.
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A little gem of a film that deserves more publicity than it seems to be getting.
geoffgee24 February 2014
I'm sure anyone who is a dyed-in-the-wool follower of the Tinkerbell series of movies (like me) will be more than delighted with the latest instalment - Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. A year ago, Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings totally blew me away. (So much so that I was extolling that film's praises for several months afterwards.) Well, I'm delighted to say that the same thing (extolling of praises) is pretty much certain to happen with me about this film too! Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy simply brims with delightful characters old and new. The plot is superb. Original, intelligent, witty and well constructed (ie there are no discrepancies in the narrative and all loose ends are satisfyingly tied up by the end of the movie). Zarina, the new fairy, is a wonderful addition to the cast. In many ways Zarina's particular 'talent' drives her to behave in ways we have become used to associating with Tinkerbell herself - ie she is inquisitive, takes risks and feels herself impelled to go beyond Pixie Hollow's previously established (and generally accepted) boundaries. I liked that there was plenty of good natured interaction this time among Tinkerbell's regular cohort of friends (Vidia, Iridessa, Silvermist and Rosetta) and many times something one or another of them said would cause me to chuckle with mirth. The action of the skirmishes between the fairies and the pirates is thrillingly animated. Finally, I thought the artwork throughout was top notch and the music, whether sung or instrumental, was both subtle and fitted well with the visuals. There is vastly more that I found enjoyable in this film (told you I'd be extolling the film's praises didn't I!) but I think you've probably heard enough from me by now. Whatever your age or gender (I'm a sixty something male), give yourself a treat .. go see Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. My bet is you won't be disappointed. (Go with a little 'faith, trust and pixie dust' and you'll enjoy it even more!) 10/10.
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Loved it
nomad-7327 March 2014
Not even sure why I ended up watching this movie but as I like animated movies I gave it a try. Yep, it's meant to be for kids but .. but I just loved it. It's one of those feel good movies. It's funny, witty and just cute ;) Characters are excellent (even those mean pirates), animation and music is top notch as well with kind of old-school feeling. And voice casting is just lovely :) I will probably even check out some other stories from the 'fairy' universe. As I am from Czech Republic I do not know much about Peter Pan and Tinker Bell as those characters aren't so famous in my country. Anyway I am giving 10/10 and I recommend this movie to anyone who is 2+ or just in mood for little bit of childish fun ;)
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An underwhelming sequel with the wrong message
pthread6 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Pirate Fairy is the fifth in the series of 75 minute computer-animated films from the Disney Fairies franchise. Featuring Tinker Bell as the main protagonist, the films are based on the children's books by Gail Levine. In the opening film we were introduced to the beautiful, enchanted world of Never fairies called Pixie Hollow. With their distinctive Celtic-themed musical score and spellbinding visuals the films were a delight to watch, a major departure from the usual direct to video fare. The redesigned Tinker Bell's character retained her wide emotional range and feisty personality, lost the jealous part, and was upgraded to a brilliant, somewhat rebellious, builder and inventor - an excellent role model for the target audience (children 5-12). I really liked the message, which was this: you don't need glamorous looks or extraordinary powers to make a difference, if you have creativity, determination, and heart. Time and again Tink's contraptions achieved what other fairies could not with all their magic. Because of their positive message and wonderful new reinvention of Tink's character, the first three movies were a treat for the whole family. Five years since the first one was released, my two younger kids and I still enjoy watching them over and over again.
With the fourth film (Secret of the Wings) things started to break down. No longer a family feature, the movie targeted the more profitable teenager market. A multitude of new characters was introduced, almost none with a memorable enough personality, but sporting pop star outfits and hair, in contrast to the original cast whose clothing was inspired by nature. The use of cartoon physics made the film seem disconnected from reality. The musical score became heavy on pop, borrowing the rest from the first movie. Tink's idealistic desire to help others was replaced by a selfish wish to be with her sister. Her emotional response was toned down (she does not become angry and turn red anymore). Still, 'Secret' was not a bad movie, featuring at least one successful new character in Lord Milori and revealing the romantic side of Queen Clarion's personality.
I was hoping the fifth film would reverse the downward trend, but that did not happen. From the start, it feels unoriginal by including scenes and ideas from earlier films: Opening from Peter Pan, blue dust from The Lost Treasure, stadium from Pixie Hollow Games, fairy teaching human to fly from The Great Fairy Rescue, fairy trapped in a lantern (Peter Pan), and somebody saying 'Ironic, ain't it' yet again. The main character (Zarina) is a modest and inquisitive young fairy-scientist who quits her job to become an aggressive and glamorous pirate fairy, again with a pop star outfit and hair. The story of her eventual redemption is predictable and shallow. There are no moral choices to make, no time for reflection, no thinking required from the viewer. The film encourages the young viewers to choose the glamorous Zarina over the scientist Zarina, which is the opposite of the message from the original Tinker Bell series.
The story line is unpredictable only to the extent that the viewer would not expect so many holes and inconsistencies in the plot, which I considered an insult to my intelligence. The story called for the fairies to operate the pirate ship (turn the wheel, open doors, tie the ropes, etc), which they are clearly not capable of doing. The filmmakers' solution, which is as dumb as it is unimaginative, was to make them ten, sometimes a hundred times stronger than a normal fairy (without any explanation), in an episode that calls for it, then go back to normal in the next episode. This kind of constant tampering with the laws of physics made the scenes on the pirate ship feel cheesy and cartoonish. The pursuit, escape, and fighting sequences are repetitive - I actually lost count of how many time the blue dust phial was stolen and retrieved. The film feels hastily put together and poorly edited. At first I liked the idea of talent switching, and it did generate some amusing story twists, but upon some reflection I realized that it destroys the original message of the series that talents (which are much more than magical powers) are unique and at the core the character's very identity. Being true to yourself seems no longer in fashion.
Tinker Bell's performance here is even less inspired than in the 'Secret'. She is no longer a 'very special fairy', but a generic water talent. Her emotional response was narrowed even more, no joy and laughter this time. The pirates are 100% cliché. The soundtrack is again not up to the standard of the Tinker Bell movies. The songs are good, but apart from the theme played during Zarina's chemistry experiment (lifted from The Great Fairy Rescue), the score is mostly unmemorable pop and generic pirate tunes. The Pirate Fairy just doesn't have the magic and the heart of the earlier films in the series.
To be fair, there are a few positive things to say about the film. The animation is vivid and colorful, on par with a modern theatrical feature. The opening song is very good. There are several genuinely funny episodes, like when Vidia realizes she became a tinker fairy. And I enjoyed the heartfelt scene when Tink returned the stolen blue dust to the pirates to save her enemy's life. The young James Hook is amiable, and the cook does some acceptable comedy. But the lack of imagination and originality throughout most of the movie relegates it to the list of underwhelming sequels. Kids will like this movie (mine did, although not enough to ask for a second viewing). As a parent, however, I recommend avoiding this release - go buy your kids one of the first three Tinker Bell movies on BD, or better yet, a book from the Disney Fairies series.
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Pretty fun
PatrickRijnders17 January 2015
Once again the people at DisneyToon create a girlie fairy movie, and again I find myself enjoying it. How is this possible? I'm a serious, adult animation buff! I'm supposed to snort and say: Bah, this straight to DVD drivel is beyond me! Oh well, credit where credit is due, the people at DisneyToon sure know how to craft an entertaining bit of fluff. The animation looks good, the plot twists keep the story chugging along nicely, and how can you not like Tinkerbell and her adorable friends? Plus, there are some cool nods to Disney's original Peter Pan movie.
Bring on the sixth Tinkerbell movie I guess..
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Bright, Warm and Interesting
emmajonesemmajones1 March 2014
I went to see this at the cinema and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think out of all the TinkerBell movies that I have seen (I have watched all of them apart from 'Secret of The Wings') this is possibly the most interesting as the plot happens outside Pixie Hollow and it also has a bit of a mystical feel to it. Most young girls will like this film, but also, people like me who like fantasy, fairies, animations and bright cheerful things. It is very neat and tidy. The only slight let down is that this movie would have been a good opportunity to feature Captain Hook, but then again, perhaps that would have got it too mixed up with the Peter Pan franchise. All in all, a wonderful movie to brighten up anyone's day. I gave this an 8/10 because it was so great!
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Tinker Bell Saves the Pixie Dust
rannynm28 March 2014
The fairies are coming, the fairies are coming. That's right Disney's The Pirate Fairy is a phenomenal film. This movie is full of excitement the entire family should enjoy. There are fairies for the girls, pirates and adventure for the boys and great comedy for the parents.
Disney's The Pirate Fairy is about a pixie dust fairy name Zarina (Christina Hendricks) who has a lot of great ideas. Zarina wants to use some of her creativity to make new things for the town of Pixie Hallow. She makes a few mistakes and runs off and becomes a Pirate Fairy. Zarina partners up with a pirate named James (Tom Hiddleston) who is actually the younger Captain Hook. Once again Zarina finds herself in a lot of trouble. Now it is up to Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) and her friends to help save the day.
The message of this film is that you should not turn your back on your friends when you do something wrong. In the film, Zarina turns her back on her friends and then later regrets her actions and her friends continue to be there when she is in need. Zarina does not expect the other fairies to be nice to her after what she did to them. The voice actors, Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Tom Hiddleston deliver spectacular performances and really bring their characters to life.
My favorite character is Tinker Bell because she is very determined to help her friend Zarina even though Zarina left and was the best friend at the time.
My other favorite character is Zarina because she likes to take charge and is really determined to accomplish her personal goals and ambitions. That's what I like about her.
My favorite part of the film is when they play the Pixie Hallow games. I really enjoyed the figure skaters and all their cool tricks. I was awed by their performances.
We recommend Disney's Pirate Fairy for ages 4 to 10. We give this movie 5 out of 5 SHINING STARS!!!!!!
Reviewed by Kendyl and Kayla P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critics. For more reviews, go to kidsfirst dot org.
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This how animated movies should not be
imdb-478823 March 2014
Yes, I get it: this movie is intended for little children. Sadly it seems to be appropriate these days to underestimate children's minds really bad. One other reviewer posted 'Compare it to the original Disney Peter Pan movie, and it is striking how aged and inappropriate for young children that one feels.' No, it's striking how less confidence we have these times when it comes to children. They are far more observant, intelligent and bright than this movie would suggest. The old Peter Pan story surely had it's flaws but it was challenging children and their minds in a good way. This movie is the equivalent to so many sketchy and shallow-brained movies that are made for adult that do not want to think, but just be entertained with their brains shut down.
The animations are poor, but would be OK if the movie had depth. The soundtrack is really bad, consisting of sub level pop songs with no charm at all. The characters are super slim beautiful young fairies, that seem to be more obsessed with their look than anything else. Most males are ugly and stupid or at least vengeful and too proud to let the girl fairies to be more than wage slaves. The story is flat and it's clear from the beginning what will happen.
If you need to dampen then brain of your kind to prepare it for shallow talk shows and sketchy movies please go on. Otherwise please please appreciate your child more than to feed him/her this fast food movie.
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My kind of light entertainment
viceroy_888 April 2014
This early 2014, the Tinker Bell Universe got another good addition. This DisneyToon children movie did not make me regret taking 78 minutes of my sleeping time, even after struggling through two hours of traffic from office to my home. The Pirate Fairy was a good choice when I feel like in need of light entertainment.
With pretty animation, beautiful colors, and fairies with 'superpowers', I could certainly enjoy this movie. It's a good thing the duration is not that long too.
You can see the young Captain Hook here. And remember the ticking crocodile that Captain Hook is so afraid of in Peter Pan movie? You can find it here how come the crocodile ticks, and how come Captain Hook is so traumatized by it.
I think this movie deserves a 7 among other direct-to-video movies, because it gave me a positive mood after I finished watching.
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Quite possibly the best of the Tinker Bell films
TheLittleSongbird16 August 2014
All of the Tinker Bell films personally were surprisingly enjoyable films, not perfect but great for its main target audience but sadly falling victim to 'target audience stereotyping'. Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy is the fifth film and quite possibly the best one, though all five are ranked very close together in terms of ratings. Maybe a few parts are a tad rushed and the dialogue is ropey at times, but what was good about the previous Tinker Bell films are evident also in Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy. The animation is not quite as beautiful as The Secret of the Wings but it is still very smooth moving and the colours are so warm and elegant, a far cry from 'all gloss, no depth' quality. The action is thrillingly animated with no jerky editing in sight really. The music score has a Celtic touch but also have rousing and ethereal qualities too, that is sympathetically used, doesn't detract from the storytelling and match the visuals remarkably well. The songs are not the best in the world but for both the pirates and the fairies are cute and surprisingly hummable, with plenty of rouse and charm. The dialogue does have good-natured and suspenseful parts as well as the at times ropey ones, and of all the five films it's Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy that has the most eventful story that is bright, breezy and mostly solidly paced if rushed in spots. It has bags of charm and not only has parts that are genuinely funny like with Zarina but also some heartfelt ones too like Tinker Bell's return of the blue dust. Predictable? Yes. Charmless? Certainly not. The characters carry the film very nicely, James is an interesting villain, Zarina is a amusing addition and Tinker Bell is still a good identifiable role model. The voice acting is wonderful, especially from Christina Hendricks who makes a sassy contribution and Tom Hiddleston who shows with his suave yet subtly menacing delivery how he is born to play villains. Mae Whitman is very emotive though too, and the pirates and fairies are voiced with no obvious problems. To conclude, a pleasant and good film that is my personal favourite of the five and should be given a chance without prejudice. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Light Entertainment for the family
Terryfan31 January 2015
I watched The Pirate Fairy with my nieces and it actually was quite interesting and entertaining.
Now I enjoy animation movies from hand drawn to Computer animation and this one is enjoyable for fans of Disney and families to enjoy.
The Pirate Fairy centers on Tinkerbell (Voiced by Mae Whitman) and her friends trying to stop a rouge fairy named Zarina (Voiced by Christian Hendricks) from stealing the Blue Pixie dust to help her crew along with James (Voiced by Tom Hiddleston).
The plot of the movie is one of the strong points for the movie which is what make my nieces interested through out the film. I do say it is a very good plot that we don't see too often these days in animated films. I like how they have a rouge fairly in the role of a villain.
Disney always been known for their art work and this one is no different it is one of their brightest films.
The animation is very well done with great backgrounds and the character designs are very well done so the animators really took their time to make sure each picture of animation is top notch.
The animation is clearly made for High Definition it is the only way to give the animation for the film justice.
The voice acting is very good as well I was quite surprise that Tom Hiddleston was in this film but again he did well as James hope he can do more animated films in his career.
But every did well for the film as you can normally expect nothing less but well done voice work in Disney films.
I just can't find anything that would not make you want to enjoy watching this with your family. My nieces and I enjoy it very much so with great animation, amazing voice talents and beautiful animation there is nothing to make you turn away from this movie.
I give The Pirate Fairy an 8 out of 10
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Pirates and the fairies makes the story different. And also the half beginning of Peter Pan.
silvermistvio25 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Tinkerbell films are basically great animations and highly enjoyable. I really love it. This one is also a great one too. But it's very different from the rest. Different how? You'll see.
I must admit that what we normally see is all the same. Water fairies do what water fairies do. Light fairies also do what they always do. In every film, it's always the same. One film or two, it's nothing. But more than two, it becomes a bit boring. But in this film, it's totally different. The abilities are switched and it's kind of cute. The way they don't get used to it is the sweetest part for me. And also the end credit song. I totally love that song. And hence, these are the reasons why I love this animation.
All in all, this animation gives something different. A different taste and hence, it becomes great animation.
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nogodnomasters19 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers

Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy Movies

While the film doesn't give you a date, it apparently takes when Captain Hook still had hands and Peter Pan was not a round. Zarina tinkers with pixie dust and becomes a master alchemist to the dismay of her boss. She runs off with a group of pirates (that explains the hair) and robs the community of all of their dust. Our brave group of fairies, lead by Ms. T. Bell go after the dust..but wait! Zarina has swapped their powers which creates some fun confusion.
This was an enjoyable film, one you will have fun sitting through with the kids/grandkids. The fairies provide a positive role model for girls as they are assertive and perform typical male tasks, but do so in a fashion as to still be girls
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Very sweet Disney film! 7 Stars from me!
huggibear22 July 2017
The only thing wrong with this film is the title. It is a story about 'pirates', but it's actually a 'Tinker Bell' movie and she should have been included in this title..Such as 'Tinker Bell's, The Pirate Fairy'. We watched this last night (07/21/2017), me, my mom, and my aunt and we are all beyond 50 years old. Then again, we love Disney! And we all thought this film should get more exposure. It is a gem indeed! If we all had pixie dust and believed in it, we wouldn't be so cruel to each other in this world. Why is the world so mean? Maybe we all need to spend more time watching Disney movies instead of focusing on each other's problems! Way to go Disney!! Keep the movies coming please!
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Cute and funny
Angels_Review16 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This was actually pretty interesting in the aspect that they added pirates into it. As you might not have gotten from the title, this is a Tinkerbell movie and it surprises me that it does not have the name Tinkerbell in it. It's about one of her friends, a small dust-keeper in fact that is much like herself. I love how this character was the same as Tinkerbell because it shows that Tinkerbell wasn't the only fairy to think outside the box. Sadly, Zarina wasn't seen in the same light as Tinkerbell. She was seen as an outcast, even losing her spot being a dust fairy at a point. So she went off to find a place she belonged… and ended up with the wrong crowd. In this aspect, I feel it's much like humans when we have no idea where to go. We keep looking around for a place to be and end up with the wrong crowd ourselves.
The designs are really nicely done, making the pirates look very different then any other. In fact, you can pretty much figure out who is actually who from Peter Pan. Let's just say that We have hook showing up for a bit making me believe that we will be having Peter showing up soon. I really look forward to that. Anyway, the rest of the characters look very much like the other movies.
The voices were really well done and sometimes I didn't even get who one of the pirates was exactly. I kept re-guessing myself till his name was said. My question is how he understood Zarina in the first place since all we heard when she was talking to him was jingles. It made me wonder if she was 'his fairy' in a way like Tinkerbell was Peter Pan's.
Over all, I thought this was a rather well done movie and look forward to getting to learn how Tinkerbell met Peter if they ever show it.
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Missing a moral center and inconsistent with the other movies
adjsadsa1 May 2018
Warning: SpoilersI have enjoyed watching all the other Tinkerbell movies that came before this one, and I was expecting the 'Pirate Fairy' to be another excellent piece of entertainment, because I have a soft spot for the 'pirate' theme as such. It came as a surprise how the movie managed to be riddled with logical flaws and have the most unsettling moral message of any Tinkerbell movie, though. Let's start:
  • We know from the 'Lost Treasure' movie how the creation of the blue pixie dust works: A 'moonstone' must be held into the moonlight, at a particular date, which is only once every 8 years. The reflected moonlight then turns into blue dust. The generated amount of dust has to suffice for the following 8 years. We also know that Tinkerbell managed to generate several times the usual amount at the last date; it was at least enough to fill several huge bowls. More than one fairy can carry.

Then comes along the 'Pirate Fairy' movie and tells us that all the blue dust is generated continuously from a never-ending source, a small blue orb that can be carried in a pocket. And Zarina steals it, leaving nothing behind.
I really can't understand why they did this change in continuity, because all it managed to do was to make Zarina look like a psychopath. She is aware that by stealing the ONLY source of pixie dust, she is making it impossible for the fairies to fly to the mainland and do their job of changing the seasons (as established in 'The Great Fairy Rescue'). She is knowingly tolerating the mass suffering and/or death of animals, humans and fairies alike, by upsetting the seasons. Quite unbelievably, this monster of a person is easily re-integrated into fairy society by the end of the movie; all sins forgiven. What the hell is going on here?
Why, oh why, did they have to artificially raise the stakes like this? If Zarina had just stolen SOME amount of the blue dust, plus the moonstone pieces to generate more dust at the next date, the story could have stayed exactly the same. Zarina would eventually have been tricked by the pirates, who decided to keep the moonstone pieces indefinitely, while it would have been Zarina's original plan to return them to Pixie Hollow. Because, you know, that would be the decent thing to do if you're not a psychopath. But apparently, she is.
  • We know from the 'Secret of the Wings' movie that the winter fairies will permanently damage their wings if they stay in the Summer region for too long. It was kind of the main point of that movie. But in the 'Pirate Fairy' movie, the winter fairies are put into a deep sleep, lasting several days, while being in the summer region. Doesn't Zarina know that this will cripple the winter fairies for life?

Again, this could easily have been avoided, by NOT showing winter fairies among the group that was put to sleep.
Now, please don't tell me that (a) these breaks with established facts from the earlier movies were necessary in any way, or that children won't notice them. I am not talking about minor details here; I am talking about the core points from earlier movies, which were dismissed here. And (b) don't tell me that the light-hearted way in which the consequences of Zarina's actions are glossed over is okay. I felt very uneasy about the whole affair and imagine that children, if they have a certain intelligence, will be grossed out by Zarina's immoral behavior as well.
Maybe the most disappointing thing is how easily these points could've been fixed. There wasn't much missing to make this a great movie and Peter Pan prequel. If the movie had been all bad, I wouldn't have cared to write such a long review.
Another reviewer called 'pthread' is right in observing that the Tinkerbell movies have begun to become more shallow, ever since 'Secret of the Wings'. To put it in simple terms, the 'Pirate Fairy' is too much of a mindless action flick, doesn't deal with the underlying moral questions appropriately, and thus overall just doesn't feel as wholesome as the earlier Tinkerbell movies. (Luckily, the 'Everbeast' movie will be a return to form, telling a really heartwarming story.)
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Delightful Disney Movie
paulcrustad3 February 2016
A few weeks back my 2 year old niece came to visit and immediately turned on Netflix and said 'Pirates!' Not really sure what she wanted she ended up showing me the tile on the iPad in the Netflix app. Okay.
It was a delightful, entertaining movie with wonderful animation, sound and voice actors. A fairly simple plot, but was still engaging for an adult.
And what could be better than Pirates?
Give it a shot, a chance, and you might be surprised. I was. And the 'Neverbeast' movie..well, that made my wife cry.
And now when my niece is over we are beginning to watch all the Tinkerbell movies that we can. They are fun, delightful and definitely a step up for straight to DVD's movies.
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Not really for adults! 3/10
leonblackwood12 July 2014
Review: This movie is definitely for kids. When I first heard the singing at the beginning, I was really tempted to switch it off, but it does pick up once the pirates get involved. There are a couple of amusing moments, but it's your typical fairy Disney movie, which the kids will always love. The whole fairy dust thing does become a bit tedious after a while, but if your into the Tinker Bell franchise, then you will know what to expect. I was surprised that this was the 5th instalment of Tinker Bell, so I'm completely new to this whole world. Anyway, the kids will love it and I'm sure some adults wouldn't mind it either. Not For Me!
Round-Up: No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get to grips with this film. I totally understand that it is not made for us older male folk, but I thought that I would give it a go for my younger nephews sake. Anyway, the audiences must have loved this movie, judging by the takings, so for family fun, I'm sure that it works in many aspects.
Budget: N/A Worldwide Gross: $42million
I recommend this movie to people who are into the Tinker Bell series, which is full of fairies and magical fairy dust. 3/10
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Pretty Boring
gavin69421 March 2015
When Zarina (Christina Hendricks) steals Pixie Hollow's Blue Pixie Dust and flies away, Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) and her friends sets on a journey to get them back.
Maybe if you happen to be a kid this movie is a lot of fun, but it just really did not appeal to me. I liked the use of 'Fairy Gary', which seemed like a not-so-subtle joke. And a Captain Hook story from before he was Hook.. that is okay, I guess. But overall, this just seems like another forgettable Disney film.
And I say maybe this is fun if you are a kid, but I actually watched it with a kid. She got up and walked out of the room. So, maybe it is just not all that entertaining to begin with.
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plot predictable, OK graphic, with redeeming a few good elements
abby_of_firefly11 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The plot is OK. It simple and predictable since it is kid film. I love their Novel Element of the idea in which the protagonist's fairy friends got their power all switched. That was exciting to see how they deal with it and lead to most or all humorous moment in the film.
humor and joke were lame, maybe cuz I am twenty year old woman. I skip through some part of the movie. I was watching solely cuz i want to heard Tom Hiddleston's suaving voice.
2nd Fav part was James (voice by Tom hiddleston) having child-like thrilling moment from fear of falling to amazement of actually able to fly. I really like the Zafina and James friendship till James betray her (of course! I saw it coming since James is Future Captain Hook)
Graphic and animation wasn't great, bad course to Pixar Car, Toy story 3, and Frozen. but it was WAAAAY better than Food Fight (Dont watch unless watch as parody)
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'Tinkerbell: The Pirate Fairy' My modest review
lopezmaggivonkarma22 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Due to its Spin-Off nature, 'Tinker Bell' film products have been relegated to the status of DVD products; and 'The Pirate Fairy' is no exception to this bureaucracy. It's really very easy to see the low quality of a movie for DVD, even if this is attempted also sell to large romos
'Tinkerbell: The Pirate Fairy' is essentially an exercise in committee. Well, it's true that 'Maleficent' (the latest A-Class release by Disney) is a film made with eyes on market rules, but ultimately despite its mediocrity works as a less polished but equally charming haven that 'Despicable Me'. Here is true that the idea of ​​Tinkerbell could make people think this is a movie for a girl, but the truth is that the flying yellow bell is not very charismatic to carry the weight of a premiere, so creatives have designed a film that operates through a wash of images. That is, to capture the viewer through the visual surface. For the rest, 'The Pirate Fairy' works like a theme park, with alarming situations that do not maintain a consistent connection to the next. For example, from the background of Zarina (the first 10 minutes of the film) to pass without much diplomacy a packed stadium where fairy Zarina makes everyone sleep, and then spent a few scenes on the coast, and then spent the skull world. It's not that other films have characters wandering about many places, but the progression is more natural while here walking giant portions of geography at short times. This is because the goal is to create situations, regardless of the core. One can notice this in scenes such as waterfalls where the protagonists discuss their lack of powers all culminating in a scene where they slip and fall into a kind of slide made ​​from plants
But if the movie has this feeling (at least for the first half hour, then stabilizes a bit), the argument does not make much sense. Here Zarina played with elements that should not, but that element is the fairy dust, which is supposed to be the raison d' être of Tinkerbell world, so not much of prohibited. Also, if the fairy dust is as dangerous in the wrong hands, not explained about the ease with which Zarina steals the blue powder; No security guards? And the possibility that Zarina can create her own fairy dust tree has not much sense, because it will eliminate the solemnity of forbidden treasures in adventure films (including this one). It's like Lord Voldemort (to give an example) had the ability to manufacture his own sorcerer's stone with minimal elements instead of pursue the stone
This review continues on my personal Tumblr (Reviews and the city tumblr), which has no commercial purpose now
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A Great Film for All Ages
meirnaiman28 May 2014
When I first heard about The Pirate Fairy I had my doubts about how riveting the movie would be, and to some extent I was right. However, nevertheless the movie is a great way to enjoy a few hours of wholesome entertainment for all ages.
This movie was obviously intended for children and for that demographic it is a grand slam. From the beautiful scenery to the magical setting The Pirate Fairy draws children right into the story and keeps them enraptured throughout the movie. Additionally parents can rest at ease knowing that not only are their children NOT being subjected to profanity, violence, and other inappropriate content, their are actually wholesome and positive messages and lessons that the movie highlights and promotes. From the lessons of friendship and camaraderie of the four dust fairies and Tinker Bell to lessons of the movies ending (I don't want to spoil it), parents can expect a positive influence from this movie. (Including being begged by their children to be turned into fairies.) However, unlike the typical children animated movies which are so often spoiled for adults by their simplicity of the storyline and screen-writing, and by the overall childishness of the film, The Pirate Fairy still can be enjoyable for older audiences. I think that in this case the simplicity and wholesomeness prove to be an enjoyable respite from the violent more complex and more 'MATURE' adult films we are used.
I(a 20 year old male college kid) found The Pirate Fairy to be simple and boring at times and without the slapstick humor usually found in these types of animated films but nevertheless the overall sweetness of the story and lessons sprinkled throughout made the film a movie to be enjoyed, not just tolerated for a few minutes.
The acting(voicing) was outstanding. Mae Whitman knocked it out of the park with the irresistible Tinker Bell. Christina Hendricks did a phenomenal job voicing the intrepid Zarina. And what would the movie have been without the infallible Tom Hiddleston as the rascally pirate, James.
All in all a great film for the kids which the parents can enjoy along with them(and even alone). Despite the sometimes simplistic script and boring scenes if you power through those moments you wont regret it.
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Tinker Bell's all new adventures.
Reno-Rangan15 April 2014
The fifth movie of the 'Tinkerbell' movie series. Probably the weakest one only in a slight margin, but the entertainment was assured. For each sequel DisneyToon brought a new director to direct it. With vast change in stories from each other to the addition of new characters in every new movie. These frequent modifications had a significant task to the movie's stronghold, especially for young kids under 8 as well the most of the grown ups.
I have been watching this movie series since the first one came out. As a movie buff, I love to watch all kinds of movie so I did not leave this children's movie as well. In todays world you don't have to hesitate to peek into a movie like this because, for the record, effortlessly millions of bucks making movies are the animations.
Like I said the new addition was the character Zarina, a dust- keeper fairy who is another version of Tinkerbell. She is very skilled and curious in nature about everything she sees who love to modify and invent new things. In a such experiment she conducts something goes wrong and the whole fairy community will be held in a dangerous situation. As usual, our smart Tinkerbell and Co makes their effort to break free from the evil course. How it has been done is the story in the remains.
There's a thing in the story where powers of each other fairies are switched. Because of that, all the fairies engaged in adventures are equally unveiled. So if you are a Tinkerbell fan, you will be slightly disappointed. Also the story was tried to connect with Peter Pan's Neverland with characters like croc with clock ticking noise from his belly and of course the Hook, the pirate captain. If you are a intelligent enough, you will find other stuffs as well. A good movie in a series that is not too awesome or too awful, but can be enjoyable for its short run.
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I did not enjoy this kids fare.
paulclaassen18 September 2018

Download Film Tinkerbell And The Pirate Fairy Full

Peggy Holmes is in the director's chair once again, and once again I'm not impressed with the film. This was one of my least enjoyable Tinker Bell films. Where does Zarina come from all of a sudden? Not only has she simply been entered into the film, but steals the show and Tinker Bell is driving back seat in this installment.
The animation and (silly) humor reminded me of a Looney Tunes cartoon - just with better animation. This installment is definitely more for kids. The plot itself did not really interest me, let alone the execution thereof.
Maybe they're running out of ideas for the Tinker Bell franchise..
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A disgrace too Tinkerbell
kalelsword25 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a disgrace to the master piece franchise known as Tinkerbell. Until this horrible horrible movie came out, Tinkerbell was perfect. Ugh words can't describe how bad it, but i shall attempt to anyways. Let's start off with the animation. Still looks great, but not enough to save it. Plot is horrible, i mean, SWITCHING TALENTS?!?!? This just raises questions in the Tinkerbell lore. If this was capable to happen, why didn't Tinkerbell's friends suggest this option to her in the first movie when she wanted to go the mainland? She could've just swapped to a water fairy or something and went to the mainland. Even if she didn't go through with it, it would've been nice if it was brought up as an option. A better choice would've been body swap. At least then we would have some logic in the lore and have some fun body swap shenanigans. And the pirates are lame. Overall terrible movie. I would give it a -10/10 if I could. Hopefully this was just one bad apple in a tree of delicious apples.

Tinker Bell The Pirate Fairy Full Movie

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