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Hail Mary Mallon D-Up lyrics. Featuring Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz. How it works. Highlight lyrics you want to quote as your Facebook status then click the ‘Post’ button. Click the blue lyrics to see the meaning of Hail Mary Mallon ‘D-Up’ lyrics. Hail Mary Mallon - D-Up Lyrics. [AESOP ROCK] D-Up the way to walk is how a bayonet is catered to the palest of horse And if I haze greenhorns collaterally to cavalry skir.


Hail Mary Mallon is a hip-hop group formed in 2009 by Definitive Jux rapper/producers Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic and formerly DJ Big Wiz. Their first officially released track, 'D-Up', was featured on the 2009 compilation Def Jux Presents… Vol. 4. Their debut album 'Are You Going To Eat That', was released on the 3rd of May 2011.

Their name refers to Mary Mallon or 'Typhoid Mary', the first known healthy carrier of typhoid fever in the United States, who infected 53 people with the disease as she continued to work as a cook while denying she had it.

In April 2011 a teaser was released on Rhymesayers Entertainment's Youtube channel entitled 'Are You Gonna Eat That?'. The video had no further description and was in actuality a teaser for Hail Mary Mallon featuring the 3 members seated around a table. While Rob Sonic is stirring some noodles, Aesop exclaims 'Are You Going To Eat That?', after which the 3 artists names are mentioned and the name of the group itself.

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Rob Sonic performing in 2012
Background information
Birth nameRobert Smith
Also known asBobby Freedom, Bananas Foster, Chang Sauce 11
BornWashington, D.C., U.S.
OriginNew York City, New York, U.S.
GenresHip hop
Occupation(s)Rapper, producer, hip hop artist
InstrumentsVocals, Soundpad, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer
Years active1998–present
LabelsDefinitive Jux, Rhymesayers Entertainment
Associated actsSonic Sum, Hail Mary Mallon

Robert Smith, better known by his stage name Rob SonicPes 17 pc bundesliga patch. , is a hip hop artist from The Bronx. He is a former member of hip-hop groups Sonic Sum and Hail Mary Mallon.

  • 2Discography
    • 2.3Additional credits


Robert Smith was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in the Bronx.[1] As a child, he devoted himself to music of various genres. He was a follower of artists such as The Beatles, Run DMC, Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, Public Enemy, Muddy Waters, Ultramagnetic MC's, and The Clash.

Hail Mary Mallon Tour

In 2000, Smith gained critical acclaim as the front man of the hip hop group Sonic Sum, whose first album The Sanity Annex won rave reviews in the United States, Europe and Japan, with Spin voting it the '2nd Best Album of the Year that No One Heard'. Word got around and soon came offers from artists like DJ Krush and Funkstörung to work with them on their albums, a collaboration with Slug and Mike Ladd, as well as shout outs from Radiohead, Bobbito Garcia, Autechre and others.

In 2003, Smith signed to Definitive Jux after he and label head El-P realised they shared the same management. He released his first solo album Telicatessen on the label in 2004, and his second, Sabotage Gigante, in 2007. The song 'Sniper Picnic' from Telicatessen was featured in the game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. Additionally, the song 'Brand New Vandals' was featured in Skate 3. Smith appears on the tracks 'Dark Heart News' and 'The Harbor Is Yours' from Aesop Rock's 2007 album None Shall Pass.

In 2011, Smith released the album Are You Gonna Eat That? on Rhymesayers Entertainment with Aesop Rock and DJ Big Wiz under the alias Hail Mary Mallon. The group's second album, Bestiary, was released in 2014 on the same label.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Telicatessen (Definitive Jux, 2004)
  • Sabotage Gigante (Definitive Jux, 2007)
  • Alice In Thunderdome (Creamskl Records, 2014)[2]
  • Defriender (Skypimps Music/SESAC , 2018)[3]

Hail Mary Mallon Merch


  • 'Death Vendor / Dylsexia' (Definitive Jux, 2004)
  • 'Shoplift' (Definitive Jux, 2004)
  • 'Fatman and Littleboy / The Over Under' (Definitive Jux, 2006)
  • 'Rock the Convoy' (Definitive Jux, 2007)
  • 'JJ Sad' (Skypimps, 2018)

Additional credits[edit]


Hail Mary Mallon Money

  • Aesop Rock - 'Winners Take All' from Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives (2005)
  • Aesop Rock - 'Dark Heart News' from None Shall Pass (2007)

Guest appearances

  • The Infesticons - 'Chase Theme' from Gun Hill Road (2000)
  • El-P - 'Truancy' from Fantastic Damage (2002)
  • Funkstörung - 'Mr. Important' from Disconnected (2004)
  • Hangar 18 - 'One Night At The Bar' from The Barhoppin Single (2004)
  • C-Rayz Walz - 'Walk Through' from Year of the Beast (2005)
  • Blue Sky Black Death - 'Long Division' from A Heap of Broken Images (2006)
  • El-P - 'Flyentology' from I'll Sleep When You're Dead (2007)
  • Aesop Rock - 'Dark Heart News' from None Shall Pass (2007)
  • Tobacco - 'Lick The Witch' from LA UTI (2010)
  • Aesop Rock - 'Dokken Rules' & 'BMX' from Skelethon (2012)
  • Onry Ozzborn - 'Not Really' from Duo

Hail Mary Mallon Whales

Featured tracks

  • 'F.U. for Failure Ugly' on Def Jux Presents 2 (2002)
  • 'Dylsexia' on Def Jux Presents 3 (2004)
  • 'Shoplift (El-P Remix)' on Def Jux Teaser 2005 (2005)
  • 'Brand New Vandals' on Definitive Swim (2007)
  • 'Domestic Animals' on Definitive Jux Presents IV (2009)

Hail Mary Mallon Jonathan Lyrics


  1. ^Bobby Freedom [@Rob_Sonic] (24 September 2015). 'ROB FACTS: While most of my life was spent in the Bronx but I was born in Washington D.C. therefore I know more about politics than anyone' (Tweet) – via Twitter.
  2. ^https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=505950209521997&id=308643799252640
  3. ^https://skypimps.bandcamp.com/album/defriender

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