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After a recent update, ttf-mscorefonts-installer prompted me to accept its license agreement.

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  • The accompanying executable code version of Mozilla Firefox and related documentation (the 'Product') is made available to you under the terms of this MOZILLA FIREFOX END-USER SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT (THE 'AGREEMENT').


For some reason my terminal will not allow me to accept, or for some reason I am pressing the wrong hotkey.. I've tried every letter on the keyboard and Enter among others.. I'm sure there is a very simple and obvious solution to this.

I've also just tried to remove the package completely however the terminal states that due to the package not being correctly installed, I should reinstall the package before removing it. Very frustrating! Essentially, because I cannot successfully install this package, I can't really ever upgrade my system because I always have to end up terminating the terminal with the license agreement (thus the upgrade fails).

Provides: webclient libaccessibility.so libaccessibility.so(EXPORTED) libappcomps.so libappcomps.so(EXPORTED) libautoconfig.so libautoconfig.so(EXPORTED). Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive discounts about IT products & services. I don't know where the EULA file is but I can't see it in the I386 folder. The only time I installed from a hdd, I copied the entire cd and ran setup.exe from the folder I copied them to. It installed fine. If you've accidentally said you don't agree to the EULA. Trying to install firefox on Linux on Crouton but cannot bypass user agreement. How Do I Accept the.

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5 Answers

It's ⇆ TAB , then return ↵.


In general, to navigate ncurses-style menus:

  • Use the Tab key to move from one element (e.g., button, text box) to the next. Use Shift+Tab to move in reverse.
  • Use Spacebar to 'click' the selected button.
  • Use Enter to click the default button (or currently selected button, if there is no default).
  • You can move up and down in a textbox with the arrow keys, and with Page Up and Page Down. If that doesn't work, press Tab until the text box you want to navigate in is selected.

If you've accidentally said you don't agree to the EULA, and you want a chance to review it again and agree, you can reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer, purging its global configuration files:

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Normal install, deploying or in scripts

Use debconf to preset the selection. This will not prompt to accept the license:

With Kickstart

Add this to your Kickstart.cfg file:

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You can also accept the license with a single command like this:

This will avoid creating the conf file.

If your using puppet, here is a recipe for installing the package:

Casey WatsonCasey Watson

Some people may find this question when searching for help installing ubuntu-restricted-extras (or when their questions accepting a EULA for ubuntu-restricted-extras are closed as a duplicate of this question).

ubuntu-restricted-extras is a metapackage that exists solely to install other packages.

One of those packages is ttf-mscorefonts-installer. That's the one you must agree to a EULA to finish installing. It fetches Microsoft fonts and installs them on your system.

  • To agree to the EULA, use the Tab key to switch from 'button' to 'button' in the non-graphical 'window', and either the Spacebar ('clicks' the selected 'button') or the Enter key ('clicks' the 'default' button). You can move up and down in the EULA with the arrow keys and with Page Up and Page Down.

  • If you've accidentally said you don't agree to the EULA, and you want a chance to review it again and agree, you can reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer, purging its global configuration files:

    Webm player for windows xp Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.

  • If you decide you don't want those fonts at all (or are unwilling to accept the EULA for them), but you do want the other packages provided by ubuntu-restricted-extras, then remove ttf-mscorefonts-installer and make sure you have the other packages and that they're set to manually installed (so they don't go away in an autoremove after ubuntu-restricted-extras is removed with ttf-mscorefonts-installer):

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Try hitting (The right arrow key). Then use the arrow keys to navigate and enter (That's return) for selecting an option.

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I've written some Ruby code to inspect ZIP-files as part of an internal company process. The way we usually launch this code is from a web browser. When you click to download the file, you select 'open with' and specify the full path to a small batch file. This one-line batch file looks like this:

As far as I know, this technique is the only easy way to launch my Ruby code on a Windows machine which doesn't have Ruby installed, but does have access to the company internal filesystem.

I'm having a problem when the filename of the ZIP file contains an ampersand.

This works fine on IE and Chrome, where the above line gets 'expanded' out to the following:

On Firefox, however, everything after the ampersand in the filename gets dropped on the floor:

I've tried putting the %1 in quotes in the batch file, but that has no effect.

I suspect this is a bug in Firefox. I've searched the Firefox bug list, but didn't find anything.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is this a Firefox bug? If so, is there a way I can work around it? Is there a more robust way to launch my Ruby code from a web browser?

Update: I filed a bug report with Bugzilla@Mozilla, but there hasn't been a response yet.

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4 Answers

Since you apparently have no control over the zip filenames, you could do the following in the Ruby code..

If the filename passed does not exist, look in the same folder for any file with the base passed filename followed by '&*.zip'.

This will work for 'park&park.zip' as long as there isn't also a zip file already in the folder named, say, 'park&foo.zip'.

If there is a real potential for filename collision (i.e., the zips aren't being cleaned off the user's machine and ampersands are common), the only other solution might be using a download manager plug-in in Firefox that has filename re-writing capability to fix any ampersands on the way down.

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I've just tested something similar with Firefox 3.5.2 on Linux and it works well (i.e. shell script gets the correct path).

You should first try to use a script like that:

(hope that's the right syntax, I didn't use cmd for a long time)

…and see if you get right path in that file. If the ampersand is stripped in that file too, and you're using the latest version of Firefox, that means you found bug specific to Windows platform and you should report it.

Michał Górny

I386 Eula Txt Download Firefox For Mac

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Use %24 for the & character. See the URL Encoding Table for other such problematic characters: http://webdesign.about.com/library/bl_url_encoding_table.htm


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