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VBScript to install fonts silently on Windows 7 machine. That's what I get for tinkering with someone else's script without analyzing the whole thing and testing it. There were a number of items that needed fixing. One drawback I did see about this script is that it checks to see if a Font is installed on your computer simply by seeing. Windows: install fonts from cmd/.bat file. Ask Question 6. If you are a python fan, following script does the job. This script generates a vbscript for font installation. Searches all the sub-folders for ttf fonts and installs it. Browse other questions tagged windows batch-file fonts install cmd or ask your own question. The script will then install and register each Font by using the Windows Font viewer. This keeps us from manually having to edit the registry. Finally, our script runs a Test-Path check to ensure we are overwriting existing fonts.


A window will appear where you will get to see a preview of all the numbers and letters for that font. It will also show you a sample sentence in different font sizes. To install the font on your system, click the Install button at the top. Dec 23, 2018  How to deploy fonts using Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Normally if you want to install a font the easiest way is to double-click on a font file to open the font preview and select ‘Install‘. But if you want to deploy the same font on multiple computers, we have to make use of script. Why are you trying to install this type of Font, and is any download a reliable source, or is it infected with possible malware? If the Font download is a.exe type file have you tried right-clicking on the actual Setup.exe and selecting the 'Run As Administrator' option? Do so even if your user is an Admin. How do I add a font in Windows 7. There is no add font button. Thanks for your help. I just bought a new computer with Windows 7 and and using a trail offer of Microsoft office that came with the computer. Windows Fonts which will install it for the system to use. The other method is to click on the font file at its current.

Whether you download fonts from a website or have a CD full of typefaces, before you can to use them in your word processor or other software programs you must install TrueType or OpenType fonts in Windows.

There are two ways to install a font in Windows: via the Fonts folder or from the font file.

Instructions in this article apply to Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

How to Install Fonts in the Fonts folder

If you downloaded a font as a ZIP file, extract it before you access the Fonts folder.

  1. Find the location font(s)you want to install. Open the folder containing the font, but do not open the font file.

    TrueType fonts have the extension.TTF and an icon that is a dog-eared page with two overlapping Ts. They require only this one file for installation and use. OpenType fonts have the extension.TTF or .OTF and a little icon with an O. They also require only this one file for installation and use.

  2. Type fonts into the Search box and select the font folder option that appears in the results. The Fonts folder will open.

  3. Alternatively, open the Control Panel and make sure it is in Large Icon, Small Icon or Classic View.

  4. Go back to the folder containing the font you want to install. Select the font file and drag it to the Fonts folder. Drop it anywhere in the main area of the folder window.

  5. Close the folders. The font will now be available to use on your computer.

How to Install a Font from the Font File

How To Install Fonts Windows 8

Another way to install a font in Windows is to do so directly from the unzipped font file.

Install New Fonts Windows 8

  1. Navigate to the unzipped font file on your computer.

  2. When the font is installed, you can begin using it.

Install Fonts Windows 7 Professional

In Windows 10, you can also double-click the font file to open it and select the Install button to install it automatically.

If you have programs running while you install fonts in Windows, they may require that you exit the application and restart for the new fonts to be available in the font menu.

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