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Posted byPEACH4 years ago

Download Game ISO: 181 MB Download Game CSO: 145 MB Tested in: Firmware 5.00 M33-6 For those of you have are serious Nanatama Chronicle of Dungeon Maker addict like myself, and are into video games, have probably seen or heard of the new Nanatama Chronicle of Dungeon Maker free video game. Do you even know how to use Google? Took me one simple search and I got a page full of good info and tutorials. Ask yourself, what is it that you want to do? You want to rip PS2 games with ISOBuster right? I can see three extremely good Google keywords right there. So pick your answer apart, put that into Google, and see what comes up.

Just want to make note that I too use Dolphin on a Mac, but that Netplay ISO builder resulted in a buggy game for me. Wasn't until I borrowed a PC to create the Fullset ISO from this thread that I got a stable 3.5 setup. Anyway, just a head's up if you run into problems. My Mac functions way better with the Fullset non-Netplay ISO maker. Title: [PSP] Valkyria Chronicles 2 [戦場のヴァルキュリア2:ガリア王立士官学校] (JPN) ISO Download Game Information Japanese Title: 戦場のヴァルキュリア2:ガリア王立士官.


I've been noticing a lot of people having trouble making a fullset 3.5 iso, so i decided to put all the things you need to make it into a single download, THE BRAWL ISO IS NOT INCLUDED, you'll need to rip your own iso.

• Turn off one or more of the following settings: • Enable Protected Mode at startup • Protected View • Enable Enhanced Security Warning: Changing the above security settings could pose security risks. See the Adobe Help documentation for more information. Turn off protected mode: • In Adobe Reader/Acrobat, click Preferences under the Edit menu. To fix a damaged AutoCAD drawing file that is producing a faulty PDF: Isolate the problem element in AutoCAD by saving a copy of the file and then deleting items from the drawing (layouts, changing page setups, text styles, fonts, layers, etc.), plotting a PDF and testing it each time, until the data corruption is found (see also ). • Click the 'Security (Enhanced)' tab. Pdf could not print.



  1. Download the rar file, pretty simple

2.Extract the files into a folder

3.Put your brawl iso into the same folder you extracted the files

Ps2 Iso Maker Download

4.Open Build_ISO.bat

Myself yourself ps2 iso maker download

Myself Yourself Ps2 Iso Maker

4.Follow the onscreen instructions (always press 1)

5.Wait a while, make tea


Myself Yourself Ps2 Iso Maker Free

Hope this helps.

Myself Yourself Ps2 Iso Maker Download

Right – this is my first attempt at a music patch, thought I’d give it a go. A big thanks to Mumpleaser’s great guide to putting music on to the game, and to 999mizta999 for a good guide to what file is what music.
I basically created this for myself, but thought I might as well have a go sharing it with others. The music not particularly football related, just a load of songs I like!
It’s a DKZ patch, and you’ll more than likely have to rebuild your ISO once you’ve applied it as a lot of the files in the 0_SOUND file have had to be increased in size.
Any problems let me know and I’ll try to sort them – however remember I’m a newbie to this so more than likely the answer will be elsewhere in the forums!
Here’s what songs are in the patch:
44 – CREDITS Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros
45 - ENTRANCE 1 Beautiful Day – 3 Colours Red
46 - ENTRANCE 2 Seven Nation Army – White Stripes
47 - HIGHLIGHTS 1 Gangster Tripping – Fat Boy Slim
48 - HIGHLIGHTS 2 Basketcase – Green Day
49 - HIGHLIGHTS 3 Mountains - Institute
50 - HIGHLIGHTS 4 My Lucky Day – Jason Faulkner
51 - OVATION 1 Keep What Ya Got – Ian Brown
52 - OVATION 2 Gravity - Embrace
53 - OVATION 3 It Hurts – Angels and Airwaves
54 - MAIN MENU Processed Beats - Kasabian
55 - MAIN MENU My Sacrifice - Creed
56 - MAIN MENU Feeling A Moment - Feeder
57 - MAIN MENU Like a Stone - Audioslave
58 - MAIN MENU 1 Don’t Give In – New Radicals
59 - MAIN MENU 2 You’re All I Have – Snow Patrol
60 - MAIN MENU 2 REMIXED Rooftops – Lost Prophets
62 - MASTER LEAGUE Breathe Again – Hundred Reasons
63 - LEAGUE/CUP Pieces – Sum 41
65 – MUSEUM Numb – Linkin Park
66 – TRAINING Gone Away - Cold
68 – FORMATION The End – My Chemical Romance
69 – FORMATION Up In Arms – Foo Fighters
70 - REPLAY PLAYBACK Drinking In L.A. – Bran Van 3000
71 - ONLINE 1 The Reason - Hoobastank
72 - ONLINE 2 Science of Silence – Richard Ashcroft
I’m not sure which parts of the game these fit into, but these files have also been changed.
unknow_00064 – Tear Drops – Massive Attack
unknow_00067 – In The Meantime – Spacehog
unknow_00093 – Kick Some Ass – Stroke 9
unknow_00102 – Don’t Wait – Dashboard Confessional
unknow_00103 – Tellin’ Stories – The Charlatans
unknow_00104 – Into The Fire – 13 Senses
Here’s the link to the patch – feel free to spread it around, mirror it, or whatever!
I’ll be making a more dance/football type one soon as well and will post that once complete – although if this one doesn’t work properly I may hold back.
P.S. Here’s a guide to rebuilding a new ISO – this was created by Jayz123 as used on his (PS2)PES 6 BUNDESLIGA & UNLICENSED KITS PATCH V1. It’s really clear and has helped me no end. Cheers Jayz123.
Rebuilding a new iso file with CD/DVD Generator
-Open CD/DVD generator
-Select 'Create New project' option
-Select 'DVD-ROM Master disc' option
-Click on the 'VOLUME' tab. Enter Disc Name as 'SLES_XXXXX' & License Area as 'Europe'
('SLES_XXXXX' = your region number of the 'SLES' file)
-SLES_54360 = FRANCE
-SLES_54204 = ITALY
-SLES_54362 = SPAIN
-Click on the 'DIRECTORY' tab. Now drag & drop the files from the folder u extracted patched with DKZ earlier. You must drag the files 1 by 1 or file order will be messed up not correct order.
File Order must be 'EXACTLY' like this:
-Now goto 'FILE' tab 'Export iml file'. Remember where you save this. Name the file pes6.
-Exit the program
Make an iso file with DKZ Studio
-Open Dkz Studio
-Goto 'tools' tab at the top of the screen
-Select the 'ISO Maker' tool from the list.
-Now all you do is load your pes6.iml file that you exported with cd/dvd gen
-Choose a save locaton for you new iso to be made
-Wait for changes to happen (5-8mins)
-Exit program and burn the iso with chosen software
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