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Buy a barometer.
  1. View and Download Oregon Scientific BAR338PA user manual online. RF Projection Barometer With Remote Thermo Sensor. Other features of BAR338PA include: weather forecast display. Electronic weather clock with weather forecast indication and temperature reading (2 pages) Summary of Contents for Oregon Scientific BAR338PA.
  2. The Weather Experiment Kit is a perfect new study unit or a science fair project. You can learn about and measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed, and wind direction.
  3. NOTE Please keep this manual handy as you use your new product. It contains practical step-by-step. The main unit and used to provide weather forecast. To select barometer measurement unit. Shorter electronic life span, damaged battery and distorted parts.

Available From: Projection Clock Weather Forecaster This and 600+ other cool items @ (UK) Forecaster Digital Weather Station Kit - Creative educational toys for children. Learn & explore through play. Award Winning Toys, STEM Science Kits & Electronic Toys. Below is a staff roster for the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Norman, Oklahoma. Currently, we have 27 employees. If a link is available next to an individual name, you can e-mail that staff member, or view a brief biography. Clock with projection and basic weather station with nice color display for $12 shipping included from Deal Extreme website. 7 Amazing Science Gadgets! - Duration: 7:02. Brusspup 4,794,670 views.


High Sierra Electronic Weather Forecaster

There are 3 types of barometers that can be purchased. If you own an antique barometer, then is most likely mercury or aneroid. Aneroid or electronic barometers are more commonly available for purchase. Before purchasing a barometer, check its altitude usage. Not all barometers function properly at high altitudes so buy one that can specifically be used at altitude if you live high above sea level. Here are some brief descriptions of each type of barometer:[2]
  • Mercury: The mercury barometer, sometimes called a stick barometer, was the first to be invented. It uses an open tube system with a pool of mercury that rises and falls with pressure changes. They only work at an altitude up to 1,000 feet.[3]
  • Aneroid: The aneroid barometer doesn’t use any liquids. It uses a small box made from beryllium and copper that expands or contracts based on pressure changes. These motions cause mechanical hands to move pointing towards the current air pressure.
  • Electronic: Electronic barometers are a little more complicated to understand, but they employ sensors and strain gauges that cause changes in voltage that can be converted to a display of pressure for the user.

Electronic Weather Forecaster

By Nick Miles

The Taylor 1434 Wireless Weather Station is an indoor/outdoor thermometer with a wireless remote sensor. The sensor allows the device to display the outdoor temperature from inside a building. The unit also functions as a calendar, alarm clock and alert system if temperature readings are too high or low for a given range. The weather station also can save past weather recordings.

Science Museum Electronic Weather Forecaster Manual Free

    Open the battery slot cover on the back of the main unit and insert the two AA batteries into the battery bay.

    Unscrew the four screws on the remote sensor to open the battery slot and insert the two AAA batteries into the battery bay. Banglalion wimax modem driver for windows 8. Secure the battery cover back on the sensor with the four screws.

    Place the remote sensor outdoors within 100 feet of the main unit, outside of direct sunlight and rain. The best spot for the remote sensor is under the eve of your home’s roof. The sensor has an attached table stand to place on a table or mounting brackets to mount on screws.

    Press and hold the “-” button on the back of the main unit for three seconds until the antenna icon appears on the LCD screen to set the time. The unit will connect to the National Institute of Standard and Technology’s 60 kHz AM radio signal to set the time. The time will be updated automatically at 1 a.m. every day.

    Hold the “Clear” button on the main unit to change the alarm settings. Press the “+” and “-” buttons to set the hour and minutes for the alarm and press “Clear” again to confirm the alarm.

    Press the “Max/Min” button to view the maximum recorded temperature value. Press the button again to view minimum value. Hold the “Clear” button while viewing either temperature to clear the memory.

    Press and hold the “Alert” for three seconds to set a temperature alert. Press the “+” and “-” buttons to change the temperature value and set and upper and lower temperature limit. Press “Alert” again to confirm the settings.

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