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Lately, it seem the new owners of Redmi Note 3 are getting lost and eventually frustrated without a proper guidance to how to unlock their bootloader. Hopefully, this guide will make the situation more transparent and give a better understanding on how to go about doing it.

NOTICE: This works for both Stable and Developer ROM.

First, register a Mi Account on your device or using your PC / Lappie, I would recommend, that you register using your phone number which will be quicker, but you could also register by email. As shown below:-

A-0 wm.jpg(901.01 KB, Downloads: 746)

A-0a wm.jpg(616.5 KB, Downloads: 279)Aisa des hai mera serial episode 1.

Next, download the Millet Tool or Mi Flash Unlock Tool and launch it accordingly.

UPDATED (Nov. 23, 2016)Mi
One of these situations may happen:-

SCENARIO 1. Either you are accepted on your first trial run, and able to complete the progress of unlocking or;

SCENARIO 2. You just need to make an application and wait for a confirmation / permission to unlock via SMS.

You will encounter, as shown on the illustrations below:-

T-00 wm.jpg(199.34 KB, Downloads: 278)

T-01 wm.jpg(128.01 KB, Downloads: 94)

T-02 wm.jpg(93.43 KB, Downloads: 71)

While validating your account for unlock support, you might encounter as shown below, but be sure to retry once or twice (the validity server might be congested):-

T-02r wm.jpg(81.91 KB, Downloads: 77)

You will then see one of two screens to decide, whether you are going forward with the unlocking of the bootloader or to make an application for permission to Unlock the Bootloader, as the following:-

SCENARIO 1. When you see the following screen, you can go ahead to unlock the bootloader. As shown below:-

T-03 wm.jpg(114.6 KB, Downloads: 189)

For Unlocking the bootloader, go to this thread:-


Observation on the BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED privilege

SCENARIO 2. Should you see the following screen, don’t be alarm or discouraged but to positively, click “Go” and follow the instructions and fill out the necessary application, as shown below:-

T-03e wm.jpg(100.05 KB, Downloads: 63)

To apply use this link: To Apply for Unlocking Permission

Unlock page 2.JPG(128.68 KB, Downloads: 89)

T-05e wm.jpg(59.49 KB, Downloads: 72)

In the following illustration, you have to READ CAREFULLY, the Unlocking Risk on the right side of the page, before embarking to accept the “Millet Phone Unlock Agreement” which may result in your warranty to be 'Null & Void”, make a wise decision. Here, you need to fill your name in the first column box, followed with your phone number / email, and finally you have to “State the reason of unlocking” in the big column box, as shown below:-
Note:Strongly advise you to state the real reason for unlocking, if you copy and paste the unlocking reasons of others found on website, your unlocking request will be likely to be rejected or your Xiaomi account will be blacklisted!

T-06e wm.jpg(162.15 KB, Downloads: 91)

In the following screen, is an example of my OTP SMS, which you will receive almost immediately, after “Accepting the Agreement” on the previous screen, and follow thru, as shown below:-

T-07e wm.png(408.59 KB, Downloads: 44)

Key-in the OTP code from the SMS, and hit enter, as shown below:-

T-08e wm.jpg(156.84 KB, Downloads: 44)

You will get the following imagery, which informs you that your application is successfully done and you need to wait for a week or so, and if you do not get any notification, file in a Complaint accordingly, as follows:-

T-09e wm.jpg(164.28 KB, Downloads: 42)

FOLLOW-UP: Normally the waiting period is within 2 weeks.

Should you be waiting longer than the stipulated waiting period, please make a Complaint accordingly, at the following links:

For those who have waited more than 12 days, please reply to the following thread with your Xiaomi account number:-

If you have received SMS to unlock but the bootloader is still having problems to unlock due to the following errors:-
  • Couldn't verify device' error when trying to unlock
  • Unlocking process stuck at 50%, '
  • Current account is different from the account info on the device

Please report it on the following link:-
MiFlash Unlock Tool error bugs (Please report attached with your error log) as shown below:-

Bugs.JPG(137.38 KB, Downloads: 56)

Report Your Unlocking Error Here ! (Updated on 15/3/2016)

Mi Account - FAQ - Xiaomi
Once you have received the permission via SMS or email, go thru’ the steps from the beginning once again, to double check that everything is ready and the image below will give you an indication to proceed with the actual Unlocking the bootloader, as shown below:-

T-010e wm.jpg(153.88 KB, Downloads: 86)

Quick link, to Unlocking your bootloader:-


This should answer or at least give you’re the awareness of the situation.

DISCLAIMER: DO IT AT YOUR RISK. Tampering and flashing can potentially bricked or bootloop your device and may face the risk of Warranty Null & Void.

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Se x10 unlocking tool descargar gratis

Here we will be sharing a direct link to Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool (Latest Mi Flash Unlock Tool V2.2.406.5). It is a utility tool to Unlock the bootloader of new generation Xiaomi devices like Xiaomi Download and Install Lineage OS 15.1 On Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro (Android 8.1 Oreo)Redmi Note 6 Pro, Note 5 Pro, Mi Note Pro, Mi 5 and other upcoming Xiaomi devices.

  1. Enter the IMEI number in our tool and enter the model number of your iPhone; The next step will ask for your contact details where we can send you a confirmation that your phone has been unlocked. Why unlock iPhone SE using Unlock Authority? We can unlock 99% of the networks.
  2. Unlocking tool free download - iCloud Remover Tool, Unlocking Bible, Unlocking the Bible, and many more programs.

The new generation Xiaomi devices come with a locked bootloader that means you have to unlock the bootloader of the device first to make some changes in your system or install any custom recovery / ROM / Kernel.T hanks to Mi Flash Unlock Tool, now you can easily Unlock Bootloader From Xiaomi Devices.

Mi Flash Unlock Tool is a one-click tool which will help you to unlock the bootloader of new generation Xiaomi devices. Don’t worry we will be sharing a direct link to download the latest Mi Flash Unlock Tool. We are also sharing full step by step guide to Unlock the Bootloader Of Xiaomi Devices using Mi Flash Unlock Tool

UpdateDownload Latest Mi Flash Tool 7.4.25 For Xiaomi Devices


Unlocking Tool Descargar should not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your Xiaomi Device while following this tutorial. Do it at your own risk.

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How To Unlock Bootloader of Redmi Note 3, Mi 4c, Mi Note Pro, Mi5 and Other Xiaomi devices using Mi Flash Unlock Tool

Se X10 Unlocking Tool Descargar

Se X10 Unlocking Tool Descargar Gratis

  • If you don’t have a Mi account then create one.(Create with your phone number)
  • Download the Mi Flash Unlock Tool application and extract the folder on your desktop.
  • Next, run the MiFlashUnlock.exe file on your desktop
  • Now ogin with your MI account user ID and password. (You just have created step -1)
  • After that, the validation process will automatically start on your phone and you will get a pop up that “You don’t have the permission to Unlock the device”
  • Click on the “Go” button or use Go to this link to get the unlocking permission.
  • From hereclick on the Unlock button and log in with your MI account details. (Provide the reason of unlocking)
  • Now wait for your application to be approved, you will receive the OTP password on your phone number once it is approved.
  • Use that OTP number on the Unlocking screen. (it may take up to 20 days to receive the SMS)
  • Open the Mi FLasht tool application on your desktop and, this time, you should have the permission to unlock the phone
  • Done!!! Now you can easily unlock any Xiaomi phone using Mi Flash Unlock Tool.

If you have any question related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section below.

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