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  2. Software Serial Esp8266 Lua Tutorial For Beginners
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Programming the ESP8266-12E Using Arduino Software/IDE: The ESP8266 is like an Arduino with a builtin WiFi, the MCU and WiFi circuitry are in the same chip. For the purpose of this instructable you only need the NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 ESP-12E WIFI Development Board. There are several benefits of using this development board rather than the. LUA Programming Using ESPlorer IDE Tutorial LUA Programming Using ESPlorer IDE Tutorial ESP8266 tutorial: Step by step instructions on acquiring parts and getting started with the ESP8266 - the easy way! ESP8266 Plus Software Serial Debugged. Arduino Programming, Programming Languages, Hobby Electronics.

Serial-to-WiFi Tutorial using ESP8266. The ESP8266 is a low cost Serial-to-WiFi module that interfaces nicely to any microcontroller. However, a word of caution -- it is highly undocumented (primary reason for writing this document), and more importantly, it is frequently updated and not backward compatible. This is literally the best article I’ve ever seen written on Hackaday. Check out the Lua interpreter for ESP8266. If all you’re doing is reading/writing some pins and then making some web. Software Serial Esp8266 Lua Tutorial. 1/4/2018 0 Comments The first thing you need is a board with an ESP8266 chip. The MicroPython software supports the ESP8266 chip itself and any board should work. The main characteristic of a board is how much flash it has, how the GPIO pins are connected to the outside world, and whether it includes a. In deph ESP8266 Arduino tutorial and review. ESP8266 Arduino tutorial – WiFi module complete review. (AT / LUA / Arduino) ESP8266-01 gives you many methods.

  1. ESP 8266-01 module
  • Using Esp01 programmer adapter

This is the best way for flashing the esp01 buy this module and get free from messy wires in future .

Its very handy and very quick .

Note:The module do not enter the programming board directly .For this you need to solder the jumper on it .Please refer the photo for this .The jumper is solder between gpio 0 and gnd pin.when not using in programming mode shift the jumper to the empty pin.

  • Using BreadBoard Power module

With this module you can separately give 5v to arduino and 3.3 v to esp8266 at the same time .This is the beauty of this module .

Esp rx pin also need 3.3v .If you try to put arduino tx to esp rx .The esp module can get damage .To prevent this from happening you can do two things .

  1. Use Voltage divider

1. Voltage divider

use 20k and 10k resistor to achive this . Please check the connection in photo

vcc & chpd of esp is connected to 3.3v

Gpio 0 & gnd of esp is conencted to gnd

Rx of esp is connected TX arduino directly

Tx of esp is connected to arduino rx via voltage divider

2. Level shifter

Please check the connection in photo

  • connect 5v of breadboard power supply to hv pin of logic level
  • connect 3.3v of breadboard power supply to Lv pin of logic level
  • connect tx of arduino to any other hv pins out of 4 pins ,corresponding to the pin you have connected tx ,connect rx of esp to that which will be Lv pin

2. Esp 8266-12 module

I found daflabs instructables best for this module so far

I used Arduino instead of cp2102 module, and I had no issue in communication.

The connection will remain mostly same for esp8266-12 to run it in flash mode.




Software UART / Software Serial / SoftUart for ESP8266 to connect more than one UART

This library is very similar to the Arduino SoftSerial. Jumpstart reading program. It can be used to connect multiple GPIO's of the ESP8266 to UARTs.

Does this work with eps8266 Arudino?

No: If you want to use a library for Arduino with ESP8266 (, consider

This library is just a plain C library, which you can include in your esp8266 sdk code (or with some modifications even in your Arduino code).

If there are any problems, please add issues and pull requests!

How to use this example

Software Serial Esp8266 Lua Tutorial
  1. Download this code
  2. Edit Makefile and change the Paths to your location of the sdk and compiler
  1. run make clean && make
  2. connect your esp8266 in flash mode to your computer
  3. run make flash
  4. connect UART (e.g. of computer) to rx and tx of the esp at 9600 baud, you shoud see some dots '..'
  5. connect UART (e.g. of computer) like this: rx -> PIN 12, tx -> PIN 14 and you should see some output like 'oneoneone'
  6. connect UART (e.g. of computer) like this: rx -> PIN 5, tx -> PIN 4 and you shoudl see some output like '2222'
  7. start changing the example code

Esp8266 Lua Examples

(Self-) Loopback is not supported!

When you connect a software tx with a software rx (wire from pin tx to pin rx), the rx will not receive the data because of timing issues.

If you use an external tx source, e.g. your computer, then rx will work (at least up to 38400 reliable).

Software Serial Esp8266 Lua Tutorial

How to use this code in your project

Software Serial Esp8266 Lua Tutorial For Beginners

Downlaod code and include folder 'softuart' in your project

Minimal example of how to setup one Softuart and send and receive some data:

How to use multiple softuart

How to use RS485 support

This library can be used to send data over a RS485 interface. To convert the signla, e.g. a MAX485 can be used. The rx and tx of the MAX485 are connected to the rx and tx of the esp8266 softuart pins. The additional pin to enable tx on the MAX485 chip will be connected to another GPIO of the esp82666, e.g. 13.

Software Serial Esp8266 Lua Tutorial Pdf

Just add this code after the normal initialization: Softuart_EnableRs485(&softuart, 13);

Then every time when the softuart wants to send some characters, it first enables the rs485 send (control pin HIGH) and after the character it will disable it again (control pin LOW).

Example code:

Problems / Pull request

Esp8266 Lua Ide

Please contribute to this project and add issues / pull requests when you find any problems :)

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