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Catastrophe Lyrics. About “Sound of Confusion ”. Sound of Confusion is the debut album by British psychedelic band Spacemen 3. It was their first for Glass Records, who’d signed them on the strength of their demo to a two-album deal. SPACEMEN 3 Sound Of Confusion (Very rare original 1986 UK 7-track vinyl LP released on the Glass Records label, picture sleeve. The sleeve shows only very minor signs of shelfwear, and the vinyl is in mint condition!

  1. Sound Of Confusion Spacemen 3 Rarely

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Sonic Boom's liner notes from the 1994 reissue in many ways capture the whole point of Spacemen 3's full-length debut: '[It] was basically an exorcism for us of our early material..we began our discography with an equal nod to our influences and our inspirations.' Indeed, calling Sound of Confusion derivative misses the point entirely, where calling it anything but a clear and specific homage to a sound and style would be a complete mistake. Three of its seven songs are cover versions -- 'Rollercoaster' by the 13th Floor Elevators, 'Mary Anne' by Juicy Lucy, and the Stooges' 'Little Doll' -- while the originals are at once very much Spacemen 3 songs and clear distillations of everything the band members were tripping out on at the time. Though Sonic and Pierce later expressed a preference for the takes included on the Taking Drugs to Make Music bootleg, the rough garage energy throughout still makes Sound of Confusion a fine listen, if nowhere near as stunning as where the band would later go. As was the case throughout the band's early days, Pierce handled all the vocals with the right amount of diffidence and low-key intensity, while he and Sonic cranked up the amps for minimal, bluntly entrancing riffs and the Brooker/Bain rhythm section chugged along. Of the originals, leadoff cut 'Losing Touch With My Mind' is the strongest of the bunch, a perfect fusion of the psych/proto-punk/drone influences of its creators sent into the outer void. Meanwhile, 'Hey Man,' the title audibly playing off the rhythm and sound of the word 'amen,' is the first of many overt references to gospel music that Pierce would incorporate for years to come. Some later CD versions included the Walking With Jesus EP for bonus tracks, along with one of the many demo takes on '2:35.' ~ Ned Raggett
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  2. 1Loosing Touch With Your MindSpacemen 3null:null
  3. 22.35Spacemen 3null:null
  4. 3Little DollSpacemen 3null:null
  5. 4MaryAnneSpacemen 3null:null
  6. 5Roller CoasterSpacemen 3null:null
  7. 6Hey ManSpacemen 3null:null
  8. 7OD CatastopheSpacemen 3null:null

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Spacemen 3 sound of confusion

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Sound Of Confusion Spacemen 3 Rarely

The 1986 debut album by Spacemen 3 (the band formed by Jason Pierce, later of Spiritualized and Peter Kember of Sonic Boom fame), gets a reissue at a time when there seems to be a resurgence of interest in the space-rock of the eighties and nineties. Of late the Loop discography has been expanded and fully revisited, prompting inevitable parallels with the Spacemen 3 output from around the era. Sound Of Confusion was released in the same year of Loop's formation, and surely represents the spearhead of a particular movement in British music of the time, calling upon the influence of the Velvet Underground, the Silver Apples and classic krautrock bands to inform their highly original brand of minimalist psychedelia.

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