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Do you own a satnav TomTom navigator?

Aug 30, 2016  We have the latest maps for every version of TomTom! Please check this video wit the latest maps! Thanks, and have a great day! LINK: Tomtom map free download - TomTom Home, Tomtom, TomTom Home, and many more programs. Tomtom Maps Uk Rapidshare Downloads. Choose from a huge library of free content, and make your TomTom device unique using start-up images, Points of. Lifetime Maps. Some TomTom devices and smartphone apps come with Lifetime Maps or other Lifetime services, like TomTom Traffic and Safety Cameras. If you purchase a product that has Lifetime Maps, you’ll be able to update it for free at least four times a year for the lifetime of your unit.

These devices have proven their functionality throughout time. The maps are constantly updated and many professional and amateur drivers plan their trips using such a navigation system.

From 28 June, all TomTom Start, Via and GO customers will be able to receive free daily map changes from the TomTom Map Share Community via a simple, free software update. TomTom Maps TomTom Automotive Back Bridge Traffic News Leasing and Rental Autonomous Driving. Map of United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland. Details Map of Europe. Details Map of the World. Details Maps. Africa & Middle East.

If we purchase a brand new TomTom navigator from the store we will also have the newest maps installed on the device. But how to get free updates for our TomTom ? Or at least get some free maps ?

On the newly purchased devices we must examine the benefits of the different models available on the market. In order to make sure we have free maps on the TomTom navigator all the time it is important to purchase a model which has the Free LifeTime Maps feature. We can spare ourselves the expenses of new updates and we have a device which is ready for the road whenever we want to use it.

We can also get free maps for TomTom if we follow the sales available in their shops or the Internet. Every once in a while there is a sale available on certain navigator models bought when such an important bonus was offered.

If we have owned such a navigator for a long time the maps become old and cannot be used efficiently. Not having an updated map database, a TomTom navigator with old maps becomes useless and may have a lot of errors.

TomTom START 50M 5-Inch GPS Navigator w/ Lifetime Maps

So how to update TomTom ?

Bela bartok romanian folk dances. Of course we can also update the maps by accessing the official TomTom website, and then download TomTom Home app in your Pc which will recognize the data on your navigator and will offer you the latest maps available. These maps must be paid for but they are also the most carefully reviewed and updated.

If you are not willing to invest more money for updates on the TomTom navigator, I’m going to show you some methods which will allow you to get the free maps or free map updates that you need.

The first way to get free updates for the TomTom maps is offered by the developer and it is called MapShare.

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MapShare is a facility by means of which the users can make changes to TomTom maps by correcting or modifying street names, blocked roads, turn restrictions, changes in traffic direction or in speed limits.

All these changes are uploaded by TomTom owners following the steps here. These are then grouped into a single package that becomes available for download to navigator owners which register on the developer website and have the Home app installed on the PC. By connecting the device to the PC and activating TomTom Home it will prompt us when we can download the available updates from the MapShare package.

These updates bring fast and accurate adjustments and to a high percentage as many benefits as a brand new set of maps but cost-free.

Another great advantage is that compared to paid maps which come out only several times a year, the free updates for TomTom included in MapShare are updated monthly or even daily. Taking into account that TomTom has a huge user database then the adjustments brought by MapShare will most likely cover most regions of the world.

Second method for getting updated maps on your Tomtom for free

Except MapShare, there are several other independent projects which are try to provide free maps for TomTom using Open Street Maps that we have talked about here . Open Street Maps are free maps which are constantly updated by supporters, more on this project you can read here.

A project which offers free updated Raster maps (using OSM) for TomTom, is ttMaps.

This app offers raster maps, route creation, route adjustments and warns us if the route isn’t being followed. Moreover, with this software’s help you can import and use Google Earth’s (Maps) registered routes in GPS format. Unfortunately there is no turn-by-turn guide or other complex features. It can be installed on an SD card and run alongside the original software on the TomTom device.

Finally, the last option to get free TomTom maps is the Android or iPhone smartphone app. If we own a good smartphone or an iPhone then maybe it is time we give up the outdated classic navigator and purchase the TomTom app for phones .

TomTom for Windows Phone 8.1 is not yet available .but you still have HERE Maps in exchange .

We tested TomTom navigation app for Android and wrote about it here .

The Android and iPhone navigation app from TomTom is offered with a price but has huge benefits: free maps for life and Free Daily Map Change which upload the adjustments made by their users immediately.

Free Tomtom Maps Downloads

Therefore, we have two free update sources available for the TomTom app, which ensures accurate routing and a carefree trip, and what’s more we don’t need to use the classical navigator but only our phone that we have with us at all times anyway.

These are the most popular methods to have the latest maps or free updates for TomTom.

I hope this helps for your safe and uneventful travels.

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