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Control your ZigBee devices from your Vera

  • Installation and configuration of VERA Edge and the RFXtrx433E is straightforward: • Connect the RFXtrx433E transceiver to the VERA controller via USB cable • Upload device files to VERA that enable it to communicate with the RFXtrx433E • Create a master device which VERA uses to control the RFXtrx433E • Configure the serial (USB) port.
  • Integrated Lights-Out Virtual Serial Port configuration and operation HOWTO. Serial Port (VSP) feature is one iLO method of accessing a remote server. The VSP provides a bi. This configuration will stop the flow of serial data from an operating system that supports.
  • The features supported by the single-port serial module on Cisco 800M Series ISR is given as follows. Router(config)# interface serial wic/slot/port Router# interface serial 0/0/0. Specifies the serial interface and enters interface configuration mode.

Luup Somfy Walkthrough. From MiCasaVerde. Jump to: navigation. Setup the port. Vera talks to serial devices using a serial port proxy that turns the serial port into a network port. This way the serial port can reside anywhere on the network. You can go back to the 'serial port configuration' and remove the 'Somfy blind' device from the.

Select Printer. Click on Next and follow the on-screen instructions. Could not print to pdf mindmanager.

Designed for Vera Control, Ltd. Home Controllers (UI7) and openLuup.


This plugin is a gateway to ZiGate, and brings compatibility with the ZigBee network.

The plugin creates new devices (switches, dimmers, sensors, ..) in your Vera corresponding to your ZigBee network.These devices appear in the User Interface as the others (e.g. Z-wave devices) and can be used in scenes.

For specific manipulations (settings, association), the plugin has its own User Interface.


Plug the ZiGate USB dongle into an Vera's USB port.

Installation on legacy Vera

Get the plugin

  • Mios Marketplace

    This plugin is not available on the Mios Marketplace for the moment. This could change if Vera Control, Ltd. makes it more 'developper friendly'.

  • Alternate App Store on ALTUI

  • Upload the files in 'luup files' in the Vera (by the standard UI in 'Apps-->Develop Apps-->Luup files').

    Create a new device in 'Apps-->Develop Apps-->Create device', and set 'Upnp Device Filename' to 'D_ZiGateGateway1.xml'.

Set the serial connection

Assign the serial port of the dongle to the plugin : go to 'Apps/Develop Apps/Serial Port Configuration' and select from 'Used by device' drop down list the 'ZiGate Gateway'.Set the following parameters :

Installation on openLuup

Get the plugin

  • Alternate App Store on ALTUI

  • Github repository

Install dependencies

Set the serial connection

  1. Retrieve the usb device

With the command 'dmesg', you will find the mounted point.

In this example, the USB device is reachable on /dev/ttyUSB0

  1. Install Serial to Network Proxy

Install ser2net

  1. Configuration

Edit the file 'ser2net.conf'

Add this line (it depends on your device)

  1. Restart the deamon
  1. Declare the serial connection

Set the attribut 'ip' to '', on the plugin instance.

Add your ZigBee devices

Com Port Configuration

  1. In the 'Discovered devices' tab, click on the button 'Inclusion' (this mode will be activated during 30 seconds).
  2. Associate your ZigBee devices with the ZiGate (usually by physically pressing a button on your device)
  3. The ZigBee devices should appear in the tab.
4. Select the devices you want to create on your Vera, by selecting them and choosing the device type if needed.

ZigBee devices

The ZigBee devices, known by the ZiGate and learned by the Vera, behave themselves as standard devices on the Vera.

You will find all the learned ZigBee devices in the 'Managed devices' tab.

Device settings

  1. In the 'Managed devices' tab, click on the button 'Action' of the ZigBee device.
2. You can change the behavior of your device (e.g., change the timeout of a motion sensor).

Serial Port Configuration Options


You can define a link between your ZigBee device and another device in your Vera. It allows you to bind devices without having to use scenes.

From the tab 'Devices' in the plugin, click on the action 'Associate' of the device you wish to link.Then select the compatible devices and validate.

Association means that changes on the ZigBee device will be passed on the associated device (e.g. if the ZigBee device is switched on, the associated device is switched on too).

Known working equipements

XiaomiAqara smart cube
XiaomiAqara smart wireless switch
XiaomiAqara motion sensor
XiaomiAqara weather sensor
XiaomiAqara door/window sensor
XiaomiAqara vibration sensorOnly vibrations for the moment


You can control your rules execution in the logs. Just set the variable 'DebugMode' to 1.

  • on legacy Vera (ssh terminal):
  • on legacy Vera (http):

Serial Port Configuration Disappears Vera

  • on openLuup (ssh terminal):
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